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  • Originally posted by wicket View Post
    1 Defensive end
    2 Weakside linebacker
    3 Defensive Tackle (nose)
    4 Strongside linebacker

    5 Interior OLine depth
    6 Tight End depth
    7 Safety depth

    8 Running back
    9 kick returner
    Bump for the constant flow of tackles and running backs in mocks.

    Saints 2014 draft wish list:
    - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
    - Corner or Wideout in the first
    - No reaching
    - No Kelvin Benjamin


    • Cowboys

      1. OT
      2. S
      3. DE
      4. OG
      5. CB
      6. ILB
      7. K
      8. OLB


      • Originally posted by bullg8rdaddy View Post
        Team needs:

        1. Pass rushing 4-3 DE - Stylez White is average and getting old. Crowder is meh. Kyle Moore is a bum. Michael Bennett is a high motor back up. Alex Magee is more of a LE IMO. We are 31st in the NFL in sacks and 3rd down conversion % allowed. Simply put, we are horrible at putting pressure on the opposing team's QB.

        Bowers (2 year starter, All ACC 1st team)
        Quinn (2 year starter, 2009 All ACC 1st team)
        Kerrigan (Co-Captain, 3 year starter, 2 time All BIG 10 1st team)
        Aldon Smith (2 year starter, 2009 All-BIG 12 2nd team)
        Jeremy Beal (3 year starter, 2009 All BIG 12 2nd team, 2010 1st team)
        Romeus (2 year starter, 2009 All BIG EAST 1st team)

        2.4-3 Outside Linebacker - Geno Hayes is still young, but is way too light and inconsistent. Who knows if we can count on him even if he were a better player, because of his off the field issues. Quincy Black has been on the team for awhile and is currently on IR. Not saying that he isn't supposed ot be back to 100% before the season starts, but I think we have seen enough from him to know he is average at best. Hayward is a career special teamer. Would like to see more of what Watson can do in the next 2 games, but still think we should look to upgrade here in the first 3 rounds of the draft. Our run defense is horrible, 29th in yards per game and dead last in yards per rush. UGGHH!!

        Akeem Ayers (2 year starter, All PAC 10 1st team)
        Bruce Carter (4 year starter, All ACC 2nd team)
        Martez Wilson (2 year starter, All Big 10 1st team)
        Greg Jones, MLB (4 year starter, 3 time All BIG 10 1st team)
        Zach Brown (2 year starter)

        3. Safety
        - Tanard Jackson has pro bowl talent in a junkie's body. He's supposed to come back after week 2 or 3 next year, but who knows if he can get his crap together and help this team make a playoff run in 2011. Sean Jones has been a nice addition, but he has been caught out of position this year and isn't a ball hawk. Cody Grimm was a very nice diamond in the rough and really helped to improve our run defense. Love his heart, attitude and text book tackling. Corey "Hard Knocks" Lynch is more of a ball hawk than Jones, but is a 3rd stringer and it shows. Larry Asante has yet to be activated to my knowledge so I have no opinion on him, other than what I saw from him at Nebraska. He's supposedly a thumper but brings nothing else to the table. We need a ball hawking, play making free safety to play alongside Grimm in the future Bucs secondary, IMO. Grimm could be special at Strong.

        Quenton Carter ( 2 year starter, All BIG 12 1st team)
        Rahim Moore (3 year starter, 2 time All PAC 10 1st team)
        Eric Hagg (3 year starter, All BIG 12 1st team)
        Mark Barron (2 year starter, 2 time All SEC 1st team)
        Ahmad Black (3 year starter, All SEC 1st team)

        4. Offensive Line (other than LT)
        - Lets be honest these guys have been overrated when healthy and now that they have been hit with the injury bug we get to see that we have been doing ok with their backups/rookies filling in. Joseph and Faine are supposed to be the most talented, instead they are the most overrated, IMO. Trueblood lost his spot to James Lee after an early season injury and only got it back after Lee suffered a 2nd quarter injury in the Detroit game. Trueblood looks like he should be a mauling run blocker, exactly what I would expect out of a RT, but he isn't. Larsen and Zuttah are young OL that we have that have done well filling in this year. Not sure about Lee. I could live with any highly rated OL being drafted early.

        Gabe Carimi (4 year starter, 2 time All BIG 10 1st team)
        John Moffitt (4 year starter, 2 time ALL BIG 10 1st team)
        Marcus Cannon (3 year starter, 2 time ALL MWC 1st team)
        Nate Solder (3 year starter, All BIG 12 1st team)
        Derek Sherrod (3 year starter, All SEC 1st team)
        Anthony Castonzo (4 year starter, 2 time All ACC 1st team, 2008 2nd team)

        5. Run stopping DE - See above for complete DE analysis. We could very well take 2 DE's this draft, much like how we doubled up on WR and DTs in 2010. If the elite pass rushers are gone by the time our pick comes up (which is very likely) and if we choose not to trade up, I would not be upset if the BPA in the second round was a strong LE. Wouldn't want to draft one in the first, though.

        Jared Crick (2 year starter, 2 time All BIG 12 1st team)
        J.J. Watt (2 year starter, All BIG 10 1st team)
        Pernell McPhee (2 year starter, 2009 All SEC 2nd team and 2010 1st team)

        6. Change of pace RB - some speed for our Blount Force Trauma. Don't know if we don't already have that in Kareem Huggins (IR), but if the BPA in the middle to late rounds is a fast, pass catching RB then so be it.

        DeMarco Murray
        Noel Devine
        Kendal Hunter
        Shane Vereen

        7. Big bruising FB
        - Earnest Graham is not a true FB. Pretty sure Blount is bigger. lol

        Owen Marecic

        1. Check
        2. Mason Foster in the third
        3. Check
        4. Incomplete
        5. Check Clayborn in the first
        6. Not really change of pace, Bradford is similar to Blount
        7. Incomplete

        "I don't do Pro Days, we send our scouts to those. I would rather spend my time watching film. The eye in the sky never lies. Functional Strength and athletic ability are the first things we look for in a college prospect." - Mark Dominik, Buccaneers GM


        • I see.
          8-another DE
          9-backup RB


          • I see.
            8-another DE
            9-backup RB


            • oh didn't even realize this was an old thread.

              Originally posted by Scott Wright
              I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


              • Three errors prove costly in Indians’ loss

                Three errors prove costly in Indians’ loss

                The frist damaging error was a missed catch in center from rookie Ezequiel Carrera.

                With two outs and runners on first and second base in the sixth inning, Masterson forced Chicago’s Adam Dunn to send a deep fly ball to center. Carrera turned and sprinted back, but got tripped up as he hit the warning track. By the time the young center fielder gathered himself, the ball was tailing away and it glanced off his glove for a critical gaffe.

                The White Sox scored twice on the play to grab a 3-1 lead they would not relinquish.

                Carrera, who is highly regarded for his defense, had trouble recalling the last time he dropped a similar fly ball.

                Carrera said through an interpreter, "That type of ball, in a big situation like that,I can’t remember the last time. It doesn’t feel good."

                Carrera was hardly the only culprit. Sure-handed shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera and catcher Carlos Santana each made an error in the seventh that led to another run for the White Sox. Cleveland’s offense managed only two runs on five hits over six innings against Edwin Jackson (7-7) before being quieted by Chicago’s bullpen.

                The end result was another loss.

                And a growing sense that the Indians need help from the outside Need new MLB Player .

                Acta said. "It hasn’t been because of a lack of trying,We’re trying very hard to get the right guy in here, or guys for that matter."


                • PACKERS 2012 TEAM NEEDS

                  1.3-4 DE - Ryan Pickett is a solid starter but Neal has missed too much time and Wilson and Wynn aren't good enough.

                  2.3-4 OLB - Depending on how So'oto, Zombo and Walden do we could still be needing a consistent pass rush other than Clay Matthews.

                  3.OG - T.J Lang is a solid starter but we could improve on him.

                  4.ILB Depth - Bishop and Hawk are good but DJ Smith and Francois aren't worthy backups yet.

                  Thats it really and I think its a testament to Ted Thompson that I can only think of a few guys in this draft class that would come in and start.


                  • pretty cut and dry right now what the Browns need:


                    mainly those three, but to a less urgent degree:

                    DT depth


                    • Donkeys:

                      1 QB - obvious
                      2 OL - a center and either a LG or RT, depending on where o. franklin plays
                      3 DL - DE depth and a big-time DT
                      4 RB - we need a bell cow
                      5 CB - starter opposite bailey and possibly a nickel guy too
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                      WELCOME REALITY


                      • Chiefs

                        1. QB - Cassel sucks
                        2. OT - Barry Richardson sucks
                        3. RB - Thomas Jones will be done soon and Charles isn't an every down back
                        4. TE - Seems Moeaki is returning back to his injury prone ways
                        5. ILB - An upgrade at the thumper spot wouldn't hurt.
                        6. S - Could use better quality depth at both safety positions.
                        7. K - Succop seems really off.

                        CB - If they can retain Carr, they should be fine at CB. If they can't, CB will be very high on the needs list.
                        NT - Gregg is washed up, so it'll depend if they think Powe can take ahold of the starting position or not.
                        Currently on IR: Rip 2011 Jamaal Charles :(


                        • For 2012:


                          1: OL: We still need Guards, Center, and a Tackle. Cutler has been sacked close to 5 times a game so far in the 2011 season and it can be downright painful to watch the line do nothing in run blocking. Even though this is the number one need, I can see JA waiting until the second or third round to address it as he's been using first round picks on tackles with Chris Williams and Gabe Carimi.

                          2: WR: My god do we have anyone who will attack the ball? Dane Sanzenbacher seems to be a keeper. But we have no one who will go up and fight for the ball. The weapons around Cutler (not including Forte who is amazing) are simply not good enough to give him any confidence. And at the WR position Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, and Earl Bennet aren't cutting it.

                          3: CB: Ugh I wish I could put this position higher on the chart. Sadly even though this position has almost no talent in it, we can't afford to address it with a first or second round pick. We have been rotating Zach Bowman, Tim Jennings, and DJ Moore next to Charles Tillman the last few years, but none of them are more than stop gaps.

                          4: S- We might have a starter is Meriweather, but Major Wright is always getting hurt, and Chris Harris is nearing the end. Chris Conte was drafted last year, but beyond him there isn't much to get hopeful about at the position.
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                          • Packers:

                            1. 3-4 DE
                            2. 3-4 OLB
                            3. G/T depending on how Sherrod develops.

                            That's really it.


                            • Eagles:

                              LB: Any spot. We're done ignoring this position early in the draft. Chaney may be the future in the middle but we're still not sure he's an every down LB. Brian Rolle seems like a player but is undersized and again, probably not an every down guy. We went all in for a Superbowl run this season and our ignorance toward the LB position in the past is what is going to end up stopping us.


                              Cullen Jenkins was brought in but is on the wrong side of 30 and Patterson has been solid but unspectacular. Behind them there's not much to speak of for the future and D-line depth here is a must. Depending on Brandon Graham's status heading into next season DL in general may be need #2 but I'm optimistic Cole/Babin/Graham will be a strong top-3 for a few years.


                              Not positive that they'd key in on G here. If Danny Watkins doesn't turn it around QUICK I don't know if they scrap that pick right away and add another guard, and they may need one even if his light does turn on. But if Mudd is still here they may look for later round gems. I know Will Rackley was a target this past draft and I'm not sure who's idea it was to just take Watkins in round one. So while guard may be one of our bigger needs I'm not sure we spend back to back first round picks on the position especially when the first one isn't working out. A long term LT may be targeted, or a RT to slide Herremans back inside. Again, not sure of the staff's thoughts here - if Herremans is our long-term RT or just necessary there for now because of our lack of talent at the position.
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                              • Ignored this thread for a while because of the title...

                                JETS 2012 NEEDS

                                1. LG: This is our biggest need, however I think the Jets go the free agent route for this one. I could see the Jets drafting Cordy Glenn though if he's available, and would love the pick.

                                2. NT: Pouha has not been producing, our run defense has been terrible, and he's in his contract year. I would be VERY surprised if they resigned him, and started him in 2012. I feel strongly that this is the Jets 1st round pick. Ta'amu, Worthy, or Chapman would work, assuming Worthy or Chapman beef up by pro day, 310 is not big enough to be an NFL 3-4 NT.

                                3. OLB: Please keep in mind that the Jets draft 4-3 DEs and convert them to OLB typically. This is the probable 2nd or 3rd round pick, so if guys like Curry or Taylor are on the board I expect they'll grab them.

                                4. RT: Ducasse has been a huge bust, and as high as the Jets usually prioritize O-Line, I'm really surprised we didn't look to improve this position in the off-season. Still missing Kareem McKenzie here. Hopefully they grab a solid veteran from free agency, if not, look for them to draft a RT in the first 3 rounds.

                                5. HB: I haven't been sold on Greene since preseason 2010, and LT is in his contract year and can retire any year now. I could see the Jets plugging this hole with free agency in 2012 as 2013 looks to be the year to draft a HB (Dyer or Lattimore would be nice!)

                                6. WR: Mason can also retire any year now and Burress only signed a 1 yr deal. Jets probably sign a WR in the off-season and also draft one 4th round or later.

                                7. DB: Strickland, Pool, and Leonhard are in their contract years. I would be EXTREMELY surprised if we let Leonhard go, but it could happen. They probably use their 6th or 7th pick on a CB, and sign another undrafted free agent DB as well.
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