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  • Originally posted by DeepThreat

    1. Quarterback
    2a. Wide Receiver
    2b. Defensive End
    3a. Cornerback
    3b. Right tackle
    Do you really think the Browns give up on McCoy after 2 years? Also, isn't OLB a bigger need than DE? Agree with WR and RT at least. I'd put HB up there too as Hillis got crushed by the Madden curse and Hardesty stinks.
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    • Steelers 2012 Needs:

      1) OG - The revolving door at the guard position (either side) needs a HUGE upgrade. I'm thinking a first rounder like DeCastro or a second like Zeitler should do the trick.

      2. NT/DT - Casey Hampton is reaching old age and is only a two-down defender anyway. Tomlin believes in position flexibility so I think he will target a Ngata-type NT in the coming years. A guy like Devon Still or Brandon Thompson could be a target.

      3. Free Safety - Ryan Clark has been a hammer for the secondary for many years. That's also the problem. He gives himself concussions as much as anyone else. And he's old. Would be nice to get a free safety that you know, can actually catch a ball. TJ McDonald might be a good pick.

      4. Inside Linebacker - Timmons is okay with me, but Farrior is old and I'm not sure anyone on the roster is the replacement. We need a future captain on the defense. Maybe Dont'a Hightower or Manny Acho will be that answer.

      5. Wide Receiver depth - Hines Ward is losing playing time to Manny Sanders and Antonio Brown already. He'll most likely retire after this year, leaving depth an issue.

      6. Kicker - Suisham? Gimme a break.

      7. 3-4 Defensive End - Why you ask? We spent 2 first rounders in three years on defensive end? Yeah, and we STILL have no depth behind them. When Aaron Smith and Brett Keisel retire (both well over 35), We'll have Ziggy Hood, Cam Heyward, and Steve McLendon to man the ends. This doesn't inspire me with any confidence at all. Depth is needed.

      8. 3-4 OLB depth - Worilds was added two years ago and is improving respectfully. With Harrison becoming injury prone (over 35), and really having no one else besides ILBs to move outside in case of injury...depth his needed.
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      • Chiefs:

        1) QB
        2) QB
        3) QB
        4) RT
        5) ILB

        Originally posted by fenikz
        His soft D really turns me off
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        • Originally posted by vidae View Post

          1) QB
          2) QB
          3) QB
          4) RT
          5) ILB
          Sorry, Vidae, but you must include RB when listing Chiefs needs. The Chiefs were built around running the ball and using a committee of backs to do it (even a healthy Jamaal Charles is not an every down back).

          Now let's look at what they have going into next year...
          Thomas Jones is averaging 2.9 ypc with the lowest yac (yards after contact) in the league (last time I saw stats). He needs to retire.
          Jackie Battle had a good game against the 31st ranked run defense and hasn't gained over 76 yards in a game since. He is what he is, a career backup and special teamer.
          Dexter McCluster can't block and can't break tackles. He might be a good 3rd down back if he ever learns to pull in a pass cleanly.
          Le'Ron McClain was signed as FB and apparently that's all the Chiefs think he can do.
          Jamaal Charles will be back next year but the chances that the old Jamaal will be back are slim. A recent study of 33 NFL players (RB & WR) with ACL injuries found that 21 percent (7 of 33 ACL injuries) never returned to play in another regular season NFL game. "For those players who returned to NFL action following an ACL injury, performance fell by one-third." Power rating per game played decreased from 9.9 pre-injury to 6.5 post-injury. "Knee pain, stiffness, loss of strength, deconditioning and reduced proprioception (the sense of knowing where your leg is) may be factors explaining the loss of production in players after an ACL injury, the authors theorize. Further, ACL reconstruction does not perfectly recreate the complex anatomy and composition of a person's ACL before injury."

          It's time to go find another RB.


          • Patriots

            1) Safety- last week the Pats started James Ihedigbo and Sterling Moore at safety. The Patriots desperately need a coverage safety to start opposite Chung, and probably need another depth guy too.

            2) DE/OLB- This is the need that never goes away. The Pats need a young stud pass rusher in the worst way like always. The more explosive the better

            3) Center- Dan Connolly and Dan Koppen just aren't getting it done anymore. The Pats need a young centerpiece to finish off a line which should be studly for a while Solder-Mankins-Young Center-Cannon-Vollmer looks pretty good to me.

            4) Deep threat WR- This is exactly as it sounds, the Pats need someone who can run go's, deep posts, and corners. Anybody who can beat press man and go vertical.

            5) Talent on defense- Doesn't really matter where, but if there is excellent value at any position besides NT it's a pretty good pick for the Patriots.


            • Originally posted by Robcards View Post
              Ignored this thread for a while because of the title...

              JETS 2012 NEEDS

              1. LG

              2. NT

              3. OLB

              4. RT

              5. HB

              6. WR

              7. DB
              Im going to respectfully disagree with you. While obviously QB is our biggest need, Rex said he's sticking with Sanchez so these are the next needs:

              1. OLB: Losing Bryan Thomas to injury has really hurt our run defense, and he's a free agent. Plus we don't have a true outside pass rusher so Rex is forced to use all out blitzes or crazy schemes to compensate. Someone to make QBs look over their shoulder would be huuuuge for our defense.

              2. S: I like Eric Smith. I really do. But they need to get someone who can cover the tight ends and big receivers in our division. Gronk has KILLED us this year, so a lanky fast safety is a must. I wouldn't be upset if we addressed this with our first pick as long as OLB is next.

              3. RT: The Wayne Hunter experiment has completely failed. We all know Sanchez has the worst pocket presence ever so it'd be nice if our O-Line could actually protect him.

              4. TE: After Dustin Keller we have Matt Mulligan. Penalty Extraordinaire. Let's actually address the position with a guy who can block and double as another security blanket for Mark.

              5. CB: After Revis, Cro, and Wilson, the Jets have been using Strickland who is a decent depth/special teamer. Add some depth.

              6. WR: Like CB, there's not much after the first 3 guys. Unfortunately Mark can't even get the ball to our top 3 guys on a consistent basis...

              7. HB: Green, McKnight, and Powell appear to have the potential for a nice 3 headed monster, but it's always nice to add young talent to a position that doesn't really have a true number 1.
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              • Rams

                LT (Kalil is the pick)
                #1 WR
                #2 RB behind sjax with #1 potential


                • Green Bay Pakers 2012 needs

                  1. OLB
                  2. DE
                  3. CB
                  4. S
                  5. MLB
                  6. QB
                  7. DE/OLB/CB/S/MLB/RB just about anything at this point. Best value I guess


                  • Broncos update:

                    They could use help at just about every position, so BPA is probably the draft strategy in Denver. But, they do have a few specific needs.

                    1. CB - Beyond Bailey there is nothing to speak of.

                    2. RB - John Fox loves to run the ball, and McGahee needs somebody to give hima breather now and then. Moreno might be finished.

                    3. DT - Marcus Thomas, Bunkley and McBean have been solid, but we need a difference-maker that can bring pressure up the middle and stuff the run.

                    4. C - Walton is the one obvious weak-link in the O-line. He is probably best suited as a backup.

                    5. QB - It's still up in the air whether Elway is comfortable with Tebow as his QB of the future. Regardless, Quinn is a free agent, so depth is clearly needed.

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                    • Jacksonville Jaguars

                      1. WR
                      2a. CB
                      2b. DE
                      3. OL (OT if Britton can't make it back, but it seems he will, C or OG for when Meester retires)
                      4. LB
                      5. DT
                      6. TE
                      7. S
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                      • New England Patriots Team Needs

                        My projections on how the Patriots will evaluate their team needs going into the 2012 draft:

                        1. Safety

                        2. Center

                        3. Defensive End

                        4. Wide Receiver

                        5. Outside Linebacker


                        • Updated Vikings needs:

                          1. Cornerback (Cedric Griffin's knees are ground hamburger, Winfield is in his finals years of football, and our only decent CB [Chris Cook] is a thug who may or may not get back on the field.)

                          2. Safety (Tyrell Johnson, Hussain Abdullah, Jamarca Sanford, Mistral Raymond... none of them have shown anything other than special teams/backup potential.)

                          3. Left tackle (Charlie Johnson is a fine interior offensive lineman. On the outside, he's just overmatched every game. Hopefully he can be replaced, and take his natural spot at guard...)

                          4. Wide receiver (Percy Harvin has turned the corner as an every-week stud, but outside of him there are no threats in the passing game. Michael Jenkins is a decent red-zone option, but doesn't get separation often. Devin Aromoshodu should have limited snaps and only be targeted a couple of times every game. Ponder could really use a big, physical threat to pair with Harvin.)

                          5. Defensive tackle (Kevin Williams has seriously regressed since he got busted for roids and suddenly aged. Next to him is a rotation of guys who should be backups.)
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                          • PACKERS

                            pass rushing OLB
                            DE, DE, DE


                            • Lions

                              CB, OG, LB, OT, DE, RB, S, KR

                              In that order, by my estimation
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                              • A pass rusher has to be the top need for the Bills. I would not overlook wide receiver in an early round, though. I'm very much hoping for one, even under the assumption that the Stevie Johnson situation doesn't become totally bollocksed. Cornerback is an appealing choice, as well. We just took Aaron Williams rather highly and he looks promising, but McKelvin was relegated to special teams for the latter part of the year and Florence is nothing to count on. McGee is done. Offensive line could be a strong choice with the right value.



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