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  • D-Unit
    started a topic Team Needs

    Team Needs

    Post your team needs here in order of importance.

  • markulous
    2016 Jacksonville Jaguars Needs

    1. DE/Edge - We have high hopes for Fowler coming back, but we can't rely solely on him. Unfortunately, there aren't many Edge guys in this draft.
    2. LB - Telvin is great, but we need more. Poz can't cover and Skuta is a bit of a question mark.
    3. DB - House is alright, but opposite him is Amukamura who can't stay healthy. Colvin is suspended for 4 games also.
    4. C/G - Linder is awesome and may move to Center, but we still need another interior lineman.
    5. SS? - Sample is the starter at SS most likely, but he's a bit of an unknown.

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  • Saints Dome Patrol
    JungleRock85, you seem to be the only person who has posted on this sticky thread about THIS YEAR'S draft! :-O

    That said, I will also post the position needs of the New Orleans Saints for the 2016 NFL Draft.

    1. defense
    2. defense
    3. defense

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  • JungleRock85
    2016 Cincinnati Bengals Team Needs

    1. Wide Receiver - Brandon Lafell doesn't make up for the losses of Marvin Jones and Mo Sanu in free agency. I think the Bengals look to take a Wide Receiver in the 1st or 2nd and then again later in the draft.

    2. Defensive Tackle - Beyond Geno Atkins they really have no surefire depth at this spot beyond next season. Peko, Thompson, Sims are all on the last year of their deals.

    3. Cornerback - Doesn't scream need right away with Pacman, Kirkpatrick, Dennard, and Shaw but I am not sold on Kirk and Pacman is 32 years old. Need to draft another fairly early.

    4. Safety - The Bengals are high on Shawn Williams after letting Reggie Nelson walk in Free Agency but they could use more depth at the spot and should draft someone in the mid to late rounds.

    5. Offensive Tackle - Didn't they just draft two? Yes. However, Whitworth and Winston don't have many years left in them most likely so they could use a mid to late round guy to develop.

    6. Linebacker - Had this as a much bigger need prior to signing Karlos Dansby. Even though Dansby is 34 he is still playing at a high level and they just don't have a lot of open roster spots for this season now at the postion.

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  • Monomach
    I wasn't going to post one, but I keep seeing first round Aaron Donalds to the Bears. Not gonna happen. The Bears have kept their private workouts of first rounders to safeties and corners. Their private DT workouts have all been second round and later guys. Lamarr Houston's natural position is undertackle. Ditto for Nate Collins and Jay Ratliff. I think they're actually not too bad off there. They just need a rotation guy. Now at corner and safety...they're bleeding.


    1. Big boundary CB
    2. FS
    3. LE
    4. SS
    5. NT
    6. LT/RT
    7. UT
    8. Nickel CB
    9. RB
    10. ILB

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  • PoopSandwich
    Browns - A new franchise.

    1.) QB - Hoyer is still an unknown. I am a huge fan of his personally because I actually saw some NFL quality throws when he played. The Browns have been scouting Manziel pretty hard lately and a new coach is more than likely going to be paired with a new QB.

    2.) RB - We really don't have one on the roster besides Dion Lewis who was injured this year.

    3.) WR - Besides Josh Gordon we have absolutely no one.

    4.) Guard - Greco is OK but we have a massive hole at right guard.

    5.) Linebacker - Inside linebacker will be a cause for concern with the potential release of D'Qwell Jackson and the switch to a 4-3 if we do make that switch.

    6.) Strong safey or center could be a need with regards to Ward/Mack.

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  • detroit4life
    Lions Needs:

    1) WR - Calvin is the only WR on the roster who should play consistently in the NFL. Burleson is aging and is a #3 at best, Broyles is a bust and the rest of the WRs aren't worth typing out. Way too many drops this year and it's very apparent that Stafford needs some help outside of Calvin and Bush. I wouldn't be shocked if the lions took 2 WRs in the first 4 rounds of this draft.

    2) CB - I rank this as 2nd only because they do have some young talent there with Slay and Bentley. Houston had a downyear and it was a stretch to call him a CB1 even before this year. I'd expect us to pick up a CB to push Slay for the CB2 spot.

    3) Center - Raiola could retire this year or next year, Center is really the one future need this oline needs unless Waddle fails to continue his progression at RT. I was expecting a Center to be pick last year and they didn't. I'll be shocked if they don't get one this year to hopefully play behind Raiola and then start after he reitres.

    4) Linebacker - Tulloch and Levy are very solid but the other OLB has been a rotating player for a while now and noone has claimed it. Fortunately they are able to hide this up a bit behind the Dline and with the presence of Tulloch and Levy, but eventually they need a guy to be consistent here.

    5) Safety - Delmas has a big salary cap hit this year and his knees will always be in question. His years as an NFL are unfortunately numbered due to his injury past and the backups are nowhere near starting caliber.

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  • Jcn92
    Patriots Needs

    I feel these are their three biggest needs, not in any order.

    DT:They were starting two undrafted free agents at one point this season, had to trade for Sopoaga, and their other DT they signed off their practice squad. Armond Armstead has not worked out and his health has been a problem and Vince Wilfork and Tommy Kelly are not getting any younger.

    TE:Even when Gronk was healthy TE was a need, but his consistent health problems make it even more of a need then it was before. All three of the tight ends on the active roster are free agents after the season

    G/C:The interior offensive line play has been shoddy at times with many fans complaining about the play of Dan Connolly and Ryan Wendell. They've also lost some of their depth at the position as both Marcus Cannon and Logan Mankins have had to play tackle at some point this season due to injuries there.

    Some other positions of need could be LB and CB with Brandon Spikes and Aqib Talib both hitting free agency. Belichick let Samuel walk and I wouldn't be surprised if he did the same with Talib, Logan Ryan has played well this year and Alfonzo Dennard and Kyle Arrington are signed past next season. With Spikes gone you could have a LB core composed of Collins, Hightower, and Mayo. Another LB would be nice, especially with Mayo having suffered a season ending injury this year.

    A lot of people will say that WR is a big need for the Patriots and one they will address in the draft. I don't think that will be the case though. The first three positions I listed I consider to be far more pressing than WR. Unless Belichick falls in love with a prospect like Jordan Matthews I can't see them spending a high draft pick on a WR. Edelman has really emerged, Amendola is around too, Thompkins played well earlier this year, Dobson has improved somewhat, and Boyce has flashed some nice moves when he's played.

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  • Thecollegedropout
    JETS Needs(In my personal order)

    1) WR(We WILL cut Holmes leaving us Stephen Hill who is banged up often and has done nothing, Jeremy Kerley a nice target but not a superstar, David Nelson another useful player but nothing great, Greg Salas if he's even kept which isn't a guarantee.

    In others words folks, the Jets need a go to WR in the worst way. Don't be shocked if Idzik dips 2x for WR in the draft.)

    2) S(Was torn between placement of TE and S....its interchangeable. Reason I went with Safety is because we have gotten buried countless times with deep balls. Ed Reed may retire and he has been so sluggish since coming off, Antonio Allen is an overachiever who has done the best he could but he's still a liability in pass coverage, Dawan Landry is mediocre at best, Bush/Jarrett are backups at best. We need a big upgrade at the safety position and have needed it for a while.)

    3) TE(Cumberland is a nice player but not an every down starter....not complete enough of a blocker and doesn't always get open. Winslow even with PEDs just doesn't cut it this point, Sudfeld is just an unknown project. We need a starting Tight End in the worst way possible. Don't be afraid to draft the Jets a TE in round 1.....the Jet fans may boo it at Radio City but as long as its good value, there's no reason to complain)

    4) CB(This is taking Cromartie is cut which is a distinct possibility. Milliner and Kyle Wilson would be our 1-2 CB duo.....yeah not good. I still think Idzik brings in a veteran FA as our no.1 CB and not go to the draft for another rookie CB but it is still a need at this present time. Cromartie just is too hurt with his hip and not what he was last year to be relied upon heading into next year even if he restructures/is kept)

    5) OLB(Calvin Pace SHOULD get resigned but he had a 10+ sack season and might get his final contract with someone else so if so, OLB might take a jump past CB. Would not be terrible if we got ourselves an OLB.....just not with the 1st round pick. Maybe a middle round pick, yes but we need offense, offense, offense. We can get away with someone in FA at this spot. Antwan Barnes was our go to pass rusher along with Coples and his season was lost he might still get his job back in that regard)

    6) OT/OG(This is taking Austin Howard is kept....if he's not, put OT up to No.3 right behind WR and S. Really our O-Line could stand to use some work. Colon may leave for FA but he's said if Rex is back that he wants to be back so good shot he returns as our starting RG. The Jets O-Line isn't that amazing so a flier in the later rounds for a lineman doesn't hurt. We took Campbell and Aboushi last draft and neither have figured it out enough to get activated so take that into account when mocking)

    7) RB(As long as its an explosive RB and not a bruiser....then fine. Goodson is coming off a torn ACL and may not capture his speed but he was an Idzik signinee so I would still be lukewarm over drafting one to us unless its in the later rounds. Unless it is Dri Archer....)

    8) KR/PR(Would prefer for a KR/PR with a late round pick who can contribute all around in special teams but if you give the Jets Dri knock quite a bit of birds with one stone.)

    9) QB(Yes QB is very low here.....Geno Smith was an Idzik pick and with Rex/Marty M./Lee all returning most likely, I just would be shocked if we drafted a QB with a high pick. Maybe a late round flier....sure. But look for the Jets to sign a veteran QB like a McCown type to give Geno some competition)

    10) ILB(David Harris is going to his final year......and DeMario Davis is a very nice player but not a star so if your going to go with a 7 round draft, taking an ILB with a 6th or 7th round pick makes total sense)

    So yeah if your doing the Jets in mock drafts.....go offense, offense, offense and get a safety/CB somewhere among the 1st 3 rounds. Jets have 4 picks in the 1st 3 rounds.....desirable 3 of the 4 picks go for the offensive side.
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  • WT01

    DE: Michael Bennett is a free agent after the season and his success might lead to too big of a contract for the Seahawks to agree to. Red Bryant and Chris Clemons are both expensive and both could end up being cap casualties.

    RT: Breno Giacomini is a free agent after the season and has never been very good. They've tried playing rookie Michael Bowie at the spot during Giacomini's injury but he hasn't played all that well either

    G: The Seahawks' normal starting LG, Paul McQuistan, is also a free agent after the season and isn't very good. Former first rounder James Carpenter has only been okay so far this season. Starting RG, J.R. Sweezy is also playing poorly though he appears to have the backing of OL coach Tom Cable. Likely that a guard or two will be drafted early next year.

    WR: Whether or not Harvin can return to his old form and stay healthy is still an unknown at this point. Sidney Rice is a likely cap casualty as he hasn't justified the money he's due in 2014 and 2015. Golden Tate is a free agent after the season and it's unclear how much the Seahawks will be willing to pay in order to retain him.

    DT: Starting 3-tech Tony McDaniel is a free agent after the season, as is his backup Clinton McDonald. Jesse Williams, drafted to provide depth at the spot, was put on IR in the preseason with the lingering knee problems that caused him to fall to the fifth round in the draft.

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  • Matthew Jones
    In no particular order:

    New England Patriots:

    "F" TE (Michael Hoomanawanui [FA])

    RG (Dan Connolly, Marcus Cannon)

    DT/NT (Vince Wilfork, Tommy Kelly, Armond Armstead)

    LC (Aqib Talib [FA], Logan Ryan)

    SS (Steve Gregory, Duron Harmon, Tavon Wilson)

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  • Unbiased

    1. a team

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  • Robcards
    Originally posted by TheFinisher View Post
    The Anthony Spencer Watch:

    Spencer was slapped with the Franchise Tag last off-season and has responded with a brilliant year, and arguably been our defensive MVP. I expect him to be retained, but he may want to test the market and then all bets are off. If he walks, OLB shoots up the list of needs. Just something to keep an eye on, it could drastically change our draft strategy.
    Wish the Jets had cap space, could definitely use him! Not sure about their cap situations but cardinals, colts, and texans will likely covet him as well.

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  • TheFinisher

    1st Round Worthy Needs:

    1. OT

    I really shouldn't have to expand on this because by now everyone is familiar with the abomination that is Doug Free. I don't know what happened with him but dude is done, 100% chance he's a cap casualty. Jeremy Parnell has looked pretty good in limited action, he's a young guy and the team may give him a shot at RT next year. That said, if a top tier OT is still on the board in Round 1 it should be the pick.

    2. C/G

    We're one of the worst running teams in the NFL and it has a lot to do with a lack of talent between the Tackles. Center has been a carousel for us lately and we could use stability there. Livings has been solid for us this year at LG but he's on the wrong side of 30 so you wonder when the drop off will occur, while Mackenzie has been spotty at RG. Our depth is meh and we could really use an injection of young talent along the interior. Warmack or Cooper would be great Round 1 options.

    3. Safety

    Draftniks have been linking Safeties to Dallas since the days Darren Woodson retired, and for good reason. We still don't have stable play back there. Sensabaugh is okay, but he's nothing to write home about and not much of a playmaker. Barry Church was our starting SS before tearing his achilles early in the year. Since his injury we have learned that Danny McCray should not be seeing significant minutes. We were linked to Barron last year so the team is interested in finding an upgrade, and this year that may be Eric Reid depending on how the board falls.

    Secondary Needs:

    1. RB

    Demarco Murray is great when healthy but unfortunately the injury tag has followed him to the pros. When he's out we struggle to get much of anything out of our RBs. Felix Jones is in his contract year and he probably won't be back, I'd expect Dallas to be looking hard at RBs anywhere between Rounds 2-4.

    2. 5-Tech

    Jason Hatcher, Marcus Spears and Kenyon Coleman has been a solid rotation for us, but all those guys are on the wrong side of 30... and losing Coleman to injury has really hurt us on 1st and 2nd downs. We have some young guys the team likes, including last years 3rd Rounder Tyrone Crawford, but we should still be looking to inject more youth along the DLine. Maybe not a big enough need to use a 1st Rounder on, but still a fairly significant one.

    The Anthony Spencer Watch:

    Spencer was slapped with the Franchise Tag last off-season and has responded with a brilliant year, and arguably been our defensive MVP. I expect him to be retained, but he may want to test the market and then all bets are off. If he walks, OLB shoots up the list of needs. Just something to keep an eye on, it could drastically change our draft strategy.
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  • Robcards
    Where to begin for the Jets? Obviously OC and GM. Some scouts that can evaluate offensive talent for a change and not let guys like Alfred Morris, Daryl Richardson, and Bryce Brown go.

    As far as the draft goes:

    1. RB - Greene is in his contract year and Bilal Powell is not going to be a workhorse back. Crossing my fingers for Michael Dyer but if they passed on Bryce Brown I doubt it will happen unfortunately =(

    2. OLB - While I'm shocked Bryan Thomas has been semi-productive this year considering his age and his late season injury last year, I highly doubt that he will be re-signed. Calvin Pace is also due a hefty roster bonus and may be let go as well. This is a HUGE need and fortunately it looks like a good pass-rushing crop.

    3. OG - Slauson and Moore are both in contract years, and while I anticipate one of them (likely Slauson as he'd be cheap) will be resigned and possibly singing another in FA, if it isn't addressed it will need to be in the draft.

    4. QB - Since Sanchez is almost guaranteed to be back in 2013 because of the guaranteed 8.5 mil, I wouldn't rule out drafting a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round. A good value pick like Aaron Murray would be perfect and could likely push for the starting gig right away. Just please don't sign Vick or trade for Alex Smith ffs

    5. S - Yeremiah Bell and LaRon Landry were both given 1 year contracts and not expected back next year. Josh Bush is in the pipeline and will likely be the starting FS next year, and Antonio Allen is in line to be the sub-package safety possibly, but I haven't heard many good things about either day 3 selection thus far, so drafting a safety could be in order.

    6. TE - Dustin Keller is in his contract year and not likely to be re-signed as he's been addled with injuries and even when he has been able to play he has not been very good. After Keller there really aren't any potential starting TEs on the roster with Cumberland, Reuland, and Smith so they will likely sign a TE (maybe Graham or Casey from Houston I believe both are in contract years) or draft one.

    Depth issues: Pretty much every position, which is what happens when you trade away draft picks to move up (thanks for that legacy Tannenbaum smh)

    Positions that the Jets will almost surely not take early in the draft:

    1. DL - May take a dliner later in the draft as Devito will likely not be back next year but with Coples, Wilkerson, Ellis all drafted in the past 2 years and Pouha signed through 2014, it isn't a position they are likely to take day 1 or 2.

    2. WR - Also lack some depth at the position but the first 3 are locked up for 2-3 years so highly doubt a day 1 or 2 WR selection, barring a Holmes trade which is highly unlikely due to his enormous contract.

    3. ILB - Harris and Davis are the future at the position for the foreseeable future, and with Mauga and Bellore behind them it's a pretty safe bet they won't draft an ILB the entire draft let alone day 1 or 2.
    Last edited by Robcards; 12-06-2012, 01:59 AM.

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