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    1. Carolina Panthers: Nick Fairley DT Auburn
    If a defensive tackle was ever going to be the #1 pick I would have thought it was going to be Ndamukong Suh. But in this case their might not be any other option if Andrew Luck doesn't come out. Sure they could take AJ Green, but even though Green is the best wide receiver prospect to come out since Calvin Johnson, there is a huge bust factor with drafting a receiver with the #1 overall pick. With Nick Fairley the Panthers get a dominant tackle that has done whatever he wanted in the SEC this past season. You can plug him in the middle of the Panthers defense and have him start from day one.

    2. Denver Broncos: Marcel Dareus DE Alabama
    Everybody knows that there will be a new head coach in Denver this year. What we donít know is who it will be. And what defense will that coach run. A 4-3 or a 3-4. Regardless of what defense they run they have to address the defensive line that is horrible against the run. Last year they brought in some veterans to patch up the leaks, but those players were cut for a reason. The Broncos have to get young impact players to make a difference. A good prospect to target is Marcel Dareus. Dareus has a wealth of experience playing in Nick Sabanís 3-4 defense. He knows how to use leverage and play a two gap system. But Dareus also fits well into a 4-3 where he can use his speed and quickness to penetrate and wreck havoc in opponents backfield.

    3. Buffalo Bills: Cameron Newton QB Auburn
    Ryan Fitzpatrickís performance this year has surpassed everybodyís expectations. However the Bills won't rely on him to be their future and will target somebody in the draft. If you remember last off season the Bills were rumored to be one of the teams that was really interested in Michael Vick. Chan Gailey likes to have quarterbacks that are mobile. Newton stock is extremely high and he is often compared to Vince Young. However Newton is a much better pro prospect than Young, but still should go high. The Bills will hope that Newton can bring his leadership and winning ways to a franchise that hasn't done much since the days of Jim Kelly.

    4. Cincinnati Bengals: DaQuan Bowers DE Clemson
    AJ Green would be a great pick here and could very well be their pick, but their young receivers have really played well the last two games and they could choose to give them a chance and look for an impact player for their defense. DaQuan Bowers had a great season this year leading the nation in sacks and tackles for loss. Bowers would give the Bengals another young end to pair with Carlos Dunlap who has come on strong at the end of the season.

    5. Arizona Cardinals: Robert Quinn DE North Carolina
    When you look at the Cardinals you see a team that has some major issues at quarterback. They very well could go with one here, but I have a sneaking suspension that they will pass. The Cardinals are transitioning to a power running team and would like to have a quarterback that has a cannon for an arm and works well in the play action game. They are really high on John Skelton who has shown a lot of promise in his limited opportunities. I can see them signing a veteran quarterback to help bridge the gap. For this pick they could go cornerback with Peterson or Amukamara here or they could go with Quinn who would give them a pass rushing presence they haven't had in a while.

    6. Cleveland Browns: AJ Green WR Georgia
    With Eric Mangini officially out as the head coach of the Browns this makes the Browns draft plans a little fuzzy until they hire a new coach. Whoever the new head coach is (rumored favorite is Marty Mornhinweg) we know that they will run a West Coast Offense, but what about defense? Mike Holmgrenís teams have always ran a 4-3. Will his new head coach hire a defensive coordinator to run a 4-3 or stick with the 3-4 that they have been running? But no matter what they do on defense, I would find it very hard to believe they would pass up AJ Green in this situation. Green is arguably the best wide receiver prospect to come out since Calvin Johnson and would give the Browns a legitimate #1 caliber receiver to an offense that could use some weapons.

    7. San Francisco 49ers: Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas
    The 49ers quarterback position is a mess. Both Alex Smith and Troy Smith have had chances to win the job and prove to be the starter and both have failed. No matter who the coach is next year they have to find somebody to be the future. Mallett has all the tools to be a franchise quarterback, but needs some time to develop.

    8. Tennessee Titans: Drake Nevis DT LSU
    I may be a little crazy for having Nevis this high, but he is a very good defensive tackle prospect whose stock is soaring. The Titans still havenít replaced Albert Haynesworth who left a couple of years ago. They like to get pressure using their just their front four and Nevis would give them a 3 technique tackle that can penetrate and collapse the pocket from the middle.

    9. Dallas Cowboys: Patrick Peterson CB LSU
    It seems like a day can't go by without hearing about the Cowboys. We always hear about how they are so talented. I don't see it that way. I see a team with huge holes in the secondary, and along the lines. With this pick I could see them going either defensive line or cornerback. With the top 5 technique defensive tackles off the board that allows them to go after the top two cornerbacks in the draft. Patrick Peterson would fit well here. The Cowboys have a big hole at the cornerback spot where they arenít happy with Jenkins and Newmanís skills are diminishing.

    10. Washington Redskins: Jake Locker QB Washington
    This pick just makes a lot of sense. Locker hasn't had a good season and has seemed to regress, but he still won't get past the Redskins or the Vikings. These teams need a quarterback badly. Locker is still raw and is going to need a year to develop. However Shanahan loves quarterback that are mobile in the pocket and has had a track record of developing quarterbacks. Locker can come in sit for a year while the Redskins can start a veteran.

    11. Houston Texans: Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue
    Texans head coach Gary Kubiak looks like he is going to keep his job and there are rumors out there that he could bring in Wade Phillips at the defensive coordinator spot. That means that the Texans could be moving to the 3-4. This would really affect the Texans draft plans. No matter what defense they run next year they need to get somebody that can rush the passer to take all the pressure off of Mario Williams. Ryan Kerrigan has gotten a lot of attention from the national media but that has more to do with Purdue being so bad. Kerrigan reminds me a lot of Brandan Graham. He is a better athlete than he looks and he has a motor that never ends. Kerrigan could play OLB in the 3-4 or DE in the 4-3.

    12. Minnesota Vikings: Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
    The Vikings would really like to get a quarterback here. However unless Andrew Luck and/or Blaine Gabbart declare I donít believe a quarterback will be available here (unless the trade up). With no quarterbacks available here look for the Vikings to address their defense with some holes. The Vikings defensive backfield has been a real weakness this year. Injuries and ineffectiveness have really hurt them. Luckily they would have an opportunity to get one of the best defensive prospects here who falls because of needs not talent. Amukamara would give the Vikings a true lock down corner that they havenít had in a while. This addition could also allow them to move one of their current corners to safety which in another area of need.

    13. Detroit Lions: Nate Solder OT Colorado
    Detroit is a much improved team this year and have an opportunistic to finish the season on a four game winning streak. However the Lions still have some holes, and primary at offensive line. This isn't a great tackle class, but Nate Solder is the best of the group. He has great size and has the quickness and footwork to play left tackle. Solder can help protect Matt Stafford's blind side and help open holes for Jahvid Best.

    14. St. Louis Rams: Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State
    St. Louis really surprised a lot of people with their strong play, but if anybody watched their game against Seattle you can see that they need to get Sam Bradford some more weapons on offense. Luckily they will have the opportunity to get a very talented receiver with this pick. Justin Blackmon came out of nowhere to dominant college football this year. He put up over 100 yards in every game, even with a sprained ankle at the end of the season. Blackmon reminds me a lot of Terrell Owens but with better hands and not mentally unstable.

    15. Miami Dolphins: Mark Ingram RB Alabama
    Iíve had the Dolphins taking a running back here for months. I really looked at giving them another position, but it just makes too much sense for Ingram here. Both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams' contracts coming up at the end of the season it looks like one of the two will be gone. Rumor has it that Brown will be the guy. But regardless of which one leaves the Dolphins need to upgrade their running game. Here they will have the opportunity to get the top running back in the draft. Mark Ingram has everything you would want out of a running back. He has good speed, runs hard, and has great balance.

    16. Jacksonville Jaguars: Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa
    In an attempt to improve a pass rush the Jaguars brought in Aaron Kampman from Green Bay. However Kampman tore his ACL for a second straight season and questions now arise about whether he can come back. But even before the Kampman injury they were still struggling to get pressure. Clayborn would be a great value here. After a great junior season many had high hopes for Clayborn. But poor play and little help around him Clayborn struggled and his stock has taken a hit. However Clayborn is still a very good pass rusher who has some of the best hands in the draft. He has a strong punch that he uses to jolt back tackles in route to the quarterback and help him disengage in the run game.

    17. New England Patriots (From Oakland): Julio Jones WR Alabama
    When the Patriots traded away Randy Moss they did not have a receiver that poised a deep threat. They changed their offense and relied on their young tight ends and the short passing game. It has worked great, but don't think that they won't try and get somebody to help stretch the field. Jones is a very talented receiver. Jones has good size and body control and could give the Patriots that deep threat again. Also don't forget that Billicek loves to get Urban Meyer and Nick Saban coached players.

    18. San Diego Chargers: Cameron Jordan DE California
    Outside of Louis Castillo there isn't much there at defensive end in the Chargers 3-4 defense. Cameron Jordan has quietly moved himself up to the top of the second tier 5 technique defensive ends. Jordan really benefits from playing defensive end in Cal's 3-4 defense. Jordan plays with good leverage and is able to get off blockers really well.

    19. New York Giants: Janoris Jenkins CB Florida
    Terrell Thomas is developing into a very good corner and Aaron Ross is still performing at a high level. However behind them they don't have a whole lot. Jenkins is a very talented cover corner who should fit well with a team that likes to pressure the quarterback.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Brandon Harris CB Miami
    Not many people gave the Buccaneers much hope to anything this year. However their young players has really stepped up they are on the fringe of the playoffs. Their top goal is to get a pass rusher at defensive end. But with Kerrigan and Clayborn gone the only other defensive end that would be worth this pick is Allen Bailey and he isnít the ideal defensive end for the Tampa 2. Cornerback very well could be their option. Ronde Barber is nearing the end of a Hall of Fame career and the Bucs could use somebody opposite of Aqib Talib.

    21. Seattle Seahawks: Allen Bailey DE Miami
    The Seattle pass rush has been pretty non-existent this year, so finding somebody to come in and put pressure on the quarterback in very important. Bailey has enjoyed a good season despite playing on a rather forgettable team.

    22. Kansas City Chiefs: Von Miller LB Texas A&M
    The Chiefs have been a pleasant surprise this year and a lot of that has to deal with a successful draft last year. However for their defense to continue to get better they have to get pass rushers to help Tamba Hali. Von Miller had an unbelievable junior season leading the NCAA in sacks. Injuries set him back at the beginning of the season but he bounced back to have a respectable year. The Chiefs upgraded their defense by bringing in a lot of speed and that fits Miller off the edge. The negative of Miller is that his motor runs hot and cold, but Romel Crenell should be able to get him going to the level he should be at.

    23. Indianapolis Colts: Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi
    The Colts season is on a downward spiral and a lot of it has to do with all the injuries to their offense. Austin Collie, Anthony Gonzalez, Joseph Addai, Donald Brown, and Dallas Clark are all injured. A player to watch here could be Stephen Paea who would do a lot to help out their run defense. But a big issue for the team is the play of their offensive line. In an effort to improve their running game the Colts got rid of their smaller lineman to get big power blockers. Guard is their biggest weakness so they could go Mike Pouncey or Stefen Wisniewski, but its going to be hard to pass up the value of Derek Sherrod. Sherrod can come in and challenge Charlie Johnson to play right away at left tackle.

    24. Philadelphia Eagles: Aaron Williams CB Texas
    Asante Samuel and Ellis Hobbs are good starting corners, but outside of Dimitri Patterson they really isn't much there. Aaron Williams was one of the few bright spots on a Texas team that underachieved greatly. Williams is tough and physical, but is still able to man up and cover guys. Add in that he has a knack for turnovers and he fits in well with the Eagles.

    25. Green Bay Packers: Ryan Williams RB Virginia Tech
    Packer fans are going to kill me for this pick, but it makes a ton of success. Once Ryan Grant went down this year their run game disappeared. Brandon Jackson just couldnít do it and they need to find somebody to complement Grant or take over for him when he gets injured again. Now a lot of people are not high on Williams because they feel that he didnít do anything this year. Well they are sort of right. Williams didnít match his monster freshman year, but a hamstring injury really hampered him and donít forget that he had to share the backfield with Darren Evans and David Wilson who are both very good in their own right. Williams is talented back who runs hard, is tough to bring down and has better speed than many people think. Add in that he has shared carries in college and is only a redshirt sophomore and you are getting a running back without a lot of miles on his legs.

    26. New Orleans Saints: Akeem Ayers LB UCLA
    Look for the Saints to continue to invest draft picks into their defense. Tackle, end and linebacker is where theyíll focus. They could go with a 3 technique penetrator, but with Drake Nevis gone I donít think they reach for Marvin Austin and Stephen Paea is more of a run stuffer. There really isnít a pass rushing defensive end here other than JJ Watt but he is more of a run stuffer too. So look at outside linebacker where they can get a talent in Akeem Ayers. Ayers has been a do it all backer for UCLA. He can line up with his hand in the dirt and rush the passer, drop into coverage, stop the run, and blitz the quarterback. That last trait should fit this team well with Greg Williams loving to apply pressure with all kinds of blitzs.

    27. New York Jets: Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State
    There was talk last year that the Jets were looking to take Jared Odrick to be a defensive end in their 3-4 scheme. However he taken the pick before them by a Miami team that traded up. Heyward is going to be a very good fit in the 3-4 defense. There he can use his massive size and ability to use leverage to take on blockers but still make plays. His experience playing both tackle and end at Ohio State will come in handy.

    28. Baltimore Ravens: Jonathan Baldwin WR Pittsburgh
    This may be a surprise pick to some, but it makes a lot of sense. The Ravens donít have a lot of holes. They have an elite defense and have spent a lot of effort upgrading their offense to help Joe Flacco continue his development. They brought in Boldin, Housch, and Stallworth to help. Housch has done a good job in the slot, but Boldin and Stallworth havenít proven to be much of deep threats and Mason will probably be retiring. Jonathan Baldwin is the best deep threat in the draft. He has good speed and size. But what he does the best is locating the ball in the air and going up and getting it at its highest point. This selection would allow Boldin to work the middle of the field where he thrives and Baldwin can stretch the field and be the benefit of Flaccoís insanely strong arm.

    29. Chicago Bears: Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin
    Chicagoís offensive line has somewhat stabilized itself in the second half of the season and as a result the offense picked up steam. Now that should not be any reason that they donít still address the unit. Look for the Bears to go hard after Logan Mankins and hopefully Carl Nicks to fill the guard spot. But the Bears still need to come away with a guard and a left tackle in this draft. Carimi would be a great fit for the Bears. He is a huge body (what the Bears like) and a road grader. He would help the line get back to running the ball successful. Something that they havenít been able to do lately. Carimi needs some work, but he has the natural ability to play left tackle in the NFL. But at a minimum, he could take over right away at the right tackle spot from J'Marcus Webb who is still very very raw. Best case scenario is that Carimi comes in and wins the left tackle spot, they sign Mankins to play guard and Webb develops into a reliable right tackle.

    30. Pittsburgh Steelers: Anthony Castanzo OT Boston College
    The offensive line in Pittsburgh has struggled for a while. They got a great player in Maurkice Pouncey last year who has started every game at center. Look for them to go after more lineman in this draft. They could draft Maurkiceís brother Mike to play guard next to him, but it would be wise for them to get a tackle. Castanzo was once thought to be the top tackle in the draft has struggled a little bit, but he is a good pass blocker and an improving run blocker. At worse he could take over at right tackle for Flozell Adams who shouldnít be starting in the NFL.

    31. Atlanta Falcons: JJ Watt DE Wisconsin
    Ryan Broyles would be a great pick here, but it looks like he will be returning to Oklahoma for his senior year. Torrey Smith from Maryland could be an option, but it could be too early for him. Another option could be Kyle Rudolph to be an eventual replacement for Tony Gonzalez. But the need for a defensive end could trump all of that. JJ Watt has had a great season at Wisconsin and can do it all. He is strong against the run and against the talented Marcus Cannon was able to get to the quarterback in the Rose Bowl. Watt would complement Abraham and Beirman well.

    32. New England Patriots: Mike Pouncey C Florida
    Has anybody else noticed how much Billicek loves to draft guys from Florida? Its not a secret that he likes to get players from his personal friend Urban Meyer. He could look to get another Gator with this pick. Pouncey is a very talented lineman that can play both guard and center. With Logan Mankins becoming an unrestricted free agent and teams like Chicago going to throw a lot of money at him it the Patriots could be looking for a new left guard.

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    Prince would be an awesome pick for the Vikings.


    Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.


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      I could live with the Mallet pick .But I would rather take Locker and him stay in the west coast side of football.It could either way for the 49ers , as long as we get a top 5 QB I"m good to go.


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        I don't know if I'd trust Carimi as a LT in our offense because he's not that great of a pass blocker...but I suppose he would be an upgrade and could easily switch over to RT, which we could also use in the long run.

        So I'd take the pick and not be upset.


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          Originally posted by BeerBaron View Post
          I don't know if I'd trust Carimi as a LT in our offense because he's not that great of a pass blocker...but I suppose he would be an upgrade and could easily switch over to RT, which we could also use in the long run.

          So I'd take the pick and not be upset.
          Yeah I go back and forth betwen Carimi and Tyron Smith. Smith is probably a better athlete, but Carimi seems to fit Chicago much better. I understand what you are saying for him at LT, but I think he can do it. But like you said he would be great RT and they could do what Green Bay is doing with Bulaga and have him play RT to start and them move him over eventually. Especially if Chris Williams and regain some form and take back the LT spot. But I'm not holding my breathe.


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            flo has been pretty lights out this year filling in for colon, especially in the run game....not sure where that comment comes from


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              I personally like JJ Watt better than Akeem Ayers personally but Ayers does make sense

              Saints 2014 draft wish list:
              - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
              - Corner or Wideout in the first
              - No reaching
              - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                id be okay with those patriots picks, as long as they target an OLB with their next pick. Pouncey will be a great pro as a G, but his G/C abilities will be attractive for a team like the pats

                Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

                Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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                  i understand the rationale for giving the skins locker but i just dont think his value right now is in the top 10. hes going to have to have a really really really impressive combine/senior bowl/private workouts to get his stock back up that high. at this point he could easily even slip out of the first round and id prefer Amukamara or Blackmon.


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                    Great Rams pick!


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                      I'd be pretty psyched with Carimi. He strikes me as the kind of guy who could make a real impact at right tackle right away...and that's good because our right tackle is rated as the second-worst in the NFL.

                      I dunno about all that talk of him eventually being a LT. With Mike Martz? Yikes.


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                        Baldwin would be a very good pick for the Ravens. A WR is almost as big of a need as it was this past off season and the offense probably won't get any better unless we add real talent to the position.


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                          Decent KC pick.

                          Originally posted by fenikz
                          His soft D really turns me off
                          ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                            The Colts OL needs talent at multiple positions so might as well start at LT with Sherrod. Good pick.


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                              DE is not top need with M Johnson and Dunlap playing very well at end of the season. #1 WR is going be number 1 need going into offseason with Ochocinco and TO leaving and not having a true #1 reciever on the roster

                              RIP themaninblack



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