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RaiderNations Pre Playoffs Mock Draft(2Rounds)

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  • RaiderNations Pre Playoffs Mock Draft(2Rounds)

    Round 1

    1 Carolina Panthers- Andrew Luck QB Stanford*
    There is no explanation for passing up Luck at this point. Clausen has struggled and with a new coach coming in, Luck should be the pick. Solid pieces around him already at LT, RB and some good defensive players. I can see Luck leading the Panthers back to .500 his rookie season similar to what Ryan and Bradford did.

    2 Denver Broncos- Da’Quan Bowers DE Clemson*
    Regardless of who gets brought in, the Broncos must add talent on defense. I am assuming they go back to the 4-3 here, and Bowers will be a very good starting piece. Bowers isn’t going to be a sack master, but he will be productive and give the defense some stability.

    3 Buffalo Bills- Cam Newton QB Auburn*
    The hype is built for Newton, but I think his performance in the National Championship game is going to put him as a top 5 lock. Fitzpatrick has shown flashes of being a starting QB, but I think the Bills take the risk. Newton fit’s the mobility they like in QB’s and will get time to learn.

    4 Cincinnati Bengals- AJ Green WR Georgia*
    This team will/should get blown up and start things over. Ochocinco and/or Owens will be gone giving them next to no talent at WR. AJ Green is a legit top 8 pick in my mind, even though I don’t see him as a Randy Moss type prospect like others do. Green, Gresham and Shipley are a nice 3 man combo receiving threat

    5 Arizona Cardinals- Patrick Peterson DB LSU*
    I just cant see the Cardinals going to rookie QB route again. McNabb or Palmer seem like fits through F/A or trade so I think Arizona goes defense here. Peterson is a legit top 5 DB and I see him as a pro bowler as a CB or FS. Besides Rodgers-Cromartie and Wilson there isn’t a lot to look forward too and Peterson will give them a true playmaker on D

    6 Cleveland Browns- Robert Quinn DE/OLB UNC*
    With Green not falling and any other WR a reach, I see the Browns going with a DL or pass rusher. They lack a true threat from the outside so Quinn fits here. Quinn is the best pure pass rusher in this draft and I can see him producing early in Rob Ryan defense (if he stays). Questions about Quinn will come up though so we will see what happens.

    7 San Francisco 49ers- Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas*
    Maybe they trade/sign a veteran QB like Carson Palmer, but regardless they should draft a QB early in this draft. Mallett has a lot of potential in my opinion, he just will need to have a good oline in front of him. The 9ers oline is young and improving and with some other solid young weapons, Mallett can thrive with the right coaching.

    8 Tennessee Titans- Nick Fairley DT Auburn*
    My prediction: Young stays, Fisher fired. They already have a lot of good players on offence, things just didn’t click this year due to injuries. They decide to upgrade their defense and hopefully add their new Haynesworth here with Fairley. Fairley has put up #’s similar to Ndamukong Suh last year, who was the 2nd overall pick.

    9 Dallas Cowboys- Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
    I always felt the Cowboys defense was overrated(outside of Ware and Ratliff), so they add some real talent here at 9. Prince is the real deal in my opinion at CB, grading out higher there than PP. He has the size, speed and film to show he is worth this high of a pick. Prince could start from day 1 opposite Newman and make an impact.

    10 Washington Redskins- Marcell Dareus DL Alabama*
    The defense struggled this year outside of a few players, and they need to add some talent to the dline. Dareus could take over for what they thought Haynesworth would do and help this 26th ranked run defense. Darues would get a lot of playing time early in their rotation and his 3-4 experience will help him a lot

    11 Houston Texans- Aldon Smith DE Missouri*
    The NFL draft is full of surprises, and here is one. The Texans defense could change with a new DC coming in. Aldon Smith fits as a DE in a 4-3 and OLB in a 3-4. Smith will likely put on a show at the combine, changing his draft status from a late 1st, to top 20 pick. They really do lack any other pass rusher besides Mario Williams, and Smith can help

    12 Minnesota Vikings- Jake Locker QB Washington
    Things just didn’t click at all this year for the Vikings. Favre wasn’t the same and the whole team hurt from his play. I expect the Vikings move some of their older players, and draft Locker her. Rebuilding this team could be quick, by having young pro bowl players on offence if Locker can get his act together in the NFL

    13 Detroit Lions- Janoris Jenkins CB Florida*
    I know exactly what Lions fans are feeling about having a season where they actually win games and show promise. Who cares if you miss out of a prospect, your seeing your team succeed. And look, Jenkins isn’t that far from PP and Prince IMO. Jenkins will give the Lions the #1 CB they lack on defense.

    14 St. Louis Rams- Julio Jones WR Alabama*
    Bradford surprised me this year, having early success after having a injury and playing in a spread offence. The oline play was solid and they are young, so they need to give Bradford weapons now. Julio Jones has T.O potential IMO, both being physical and quick players.

    15 Miami Dolphins- Mark Ingram RB Alabama*
    Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams really fell off this year. The wild-cat didn’t work at all, and the whole Dolphin offence struggled. Insert a young, proven SEC RB in Ingram and this offence could return. Ingram has wild-cat experience and has showed his ability, being the only other RB to win the Heisman since Reggie Bush.

    16 Jacksonville Jaguars- JJ Watt DE Wisconsin*
    The Jaguars defensive line really was hurt with Kampman being injured. Even if he can come back at 100%, they still lack a consistent pass rusher and JJ Watt is that. He is a high motor player, and plays until the whistle. He played well against the run and also had 7 sacks this year for Wisconsin.

    17 New England Patriots(f/OAK)- Ryan Kerrigan DE/OLB Purdue
    The defense is young, but has improved enough to make this team the best in the NFL. As always they have a ton of early picks, where I’m sure they draft some defenders. Kerrigan is maybe the prototypical OLB they look for. Kerrigan is widely compared to former Patriot Mike Vrabel and would play his spot.

    18 San Diego Chargers- Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State*
    Vincent Jackson will be gone I think in the off season. They might try to trade him again, but maybe they both come to agreement to part ways. If this happens, adding Blackmon to replace him would be all that bad. They are both physical WR’s who have size and enough speed to get open.

    19 New York Giants- Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College
    One of the reasons why Eli didn’t have a good season was the oline play wasn’t the same as years past. A upgrade can be done at RT and I think Castonzo can be a instant fit. At 6’7 300lbs, he has the room to add weight and still be effective. He could even be the future LT of this franchise

    20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Justin Houston DE Georgia*
    Tampa was one of the most improved teams last year, and their draft class really helped. They gave Freeman weapons and he looked like a stud. The defense though is still lacking play makers and here is where they need to add one. Houston is a great athlete and would be a QB’s nightmare next to McCoy and company.

    21 Seattle Seahawks- Brandon Harris CB Miami*
    Congratulations, Seattle is the winner of the NFC West, where they will get eliminated in the first round. But to the pick, the secondary very bad, and a starting CB is needed for this defense. Harris has shown signs of being a NFL caliber CB at Miami and I think he is a legit top 25 pick. At 5’11 195lbs, and good speed, Harris will be a major upgrade

    22 Kansas City Chiefs- Jon Baldwin WR Pittsburgh*
    Cassel and the rest of the offence became alive this year, having one of the best running attacks and a conservative passing attack. Bowe really improved as the year went on, but other than him there is no threat at WR. Jon Baldwin has a lot of upside and at 6’5 230lbs, he will give them a go to redzone target.

    23 Indianapolis Colts- Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi State
    At times this year, Peyton and the offence really struggled. One of the main reasons was the oline play was bad. Peyton needs to stay upright and the organization knows this, so they will go with Sherrod here. Sherrod is not a great pass or run blocker, but he gets the job done and can be played from day 1

    24 Philadelphia Eagles- Marcus Cannon OL TCU
    The Eagles have shown glimpses of being the most explosive offence in the league, but not as of late. Reason because of this is the oline play and regressed and Vick is getting hit a lot more often than usual. Add Cannon, who can play OG or RT, and the problem will be helped. Cannon did very well against JJ Watt in the bowl game

    25 Green Bay Packers- Aaron Williams CB Texas*
    Breaking News: The Packers had…. Injuries! But hey look they still made the playoffs, and are real contenders IMO. But after the recent releasing of Al Harris, Woodson not getting any younger and no depth, CB has became a real need. Williams is a experienced player who teams will fear.

    26 New Orleans Saints- Cameron Jordan DE Cal
    The Saints just don’t have any impact players on the dline except for Ellis. Adding a guy who can cause pressure and helps make turnovers is exactly what they need. Jordan is a interesting prospect who probably fits better in the 3-4, but fit’s the Saints defense still. He can play DE and DT and can be similar to Justin Tuck

    27 Chicago Bears- Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame*
    Some say oline, but Cutler does need to have a #1 WR. OL in the 2nd and/or 3rd have decent value and adding Floyd here will really open things up. Floyd is a top 20 prospect IMO, who’s only problem is he just can’t stay healthy. He reminds be of a lite Larry Fitzgerald, having great body control and jumping ability.

    28 New York Jets- Allen Bailey DL Miami
    The dline play just isn’t as good as last year IMO, and young depth is needed. Bailey is a versatile player who fit’s the Jets many scheme looks. Bailey hasn’t played up to what his athleticism shows, but I think Rex Ryan get him going. Bailey seems like a perfect fit in this defense.

    29 Baltimore Ravens- Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa
    I don’t see any good value for CB right here, so adding some youth to the DL could be addressed here. Clayborn hasn’t performed to what most thought he would, but still played average this year. His JR year he was a stud, probably would be a top 25 pick last year. Clayborn has NFL ready size at 6’3 285lbs.

    30 Pittsburgh Steelers- Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin
    Big Ben went through a stretch in the season where he just couldn’t stay healthy. This was because the oline play was really bad. Adding a legit RT to help protect Big Ben and open holes for Mendenhall. Carimi impressed me in the bowl game and I think he is a lock for a 1st round pick. Teams always need RT’s.

    31 Atlanta Falcons- DeMarcus Love OL Arkansas
    The Falcons offense improved a lot from last year, and is now just reaching its limits. Ryan is a legit pro bowl QB caliber now, and his weapons are still young. One thing that can help keep them going is the oline. At times they struggled and drafting a versatile guy like Love is ideal. Love has see time at OT and OG in college.

    32 New England Patriots- Mike Pouncey C/OG Florida
    For the past few seasons the Patriots have drafted Florida prospects. Pouncey will be the next guy they draft from there, and he will thrive for them. He can play OG and C well and I am sure he can find a fit into this oline. Protecting Brady will only keep this great offence going and Pouncey will make a impact

    Round 2

    33 New England Patriots(f/CAR)- Cameron Heyward DL Ohio State
    34 Denver Broncos- Brandon Burton CB Utah
    35 Buffalo Bills- Von Miller OLB Texas A&M
    36 Cincinnati Bengals- Deunta Williams DB UNC
    37 Arizona Cardinals- Tyron Smith OT USC*
    38 Cleveland Browns- DeVier Posey WR Ohio State*
    39 San Francisco 49ers- Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA*
    40 Tennessee Titans- Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame*
    41 Dallas Cowboys- Nate Solder OT Colorado
    42 Washington Redskins- Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri*
    43 Houston Texans- Rahim Moore DB UCLA*
    44 Minnesota Vikings- Matt Reynolds OT BYU*
    45 Detroit Lions- Travis Lewis LB Oklahoma*
    46 St. Louis Rams- Jeremy Beal DE Oklahoma
    47 Denver Broncos(f/MIA)- Mason Foster LB Washington
    48 Jacksonville Jaguars- Jimmy Smith CB Colorado
    49 Oakland Raiders- David DeCastro OL Stanford*
    50 San Diego Chargers- Mike Adams OT Ohio State*
    51 New York Giants- Stefen Wisniewski C Penn State
    52 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Greg Jones LB Michigan State
    53 Seattle Seahawks- Jerrell Casey DT USC*
    54 Kansas City Chiefs- Jabaal Sheard DE/OLB Pittsburgh
    55 Indianapolis Colts- Stephen Paea DT Oregon State
    56 Philadelphia Eagles- Alfonzo Dennard CB Nebraska*
    57 Green Bay Packers- Ben Ijalana OL Villanova
    58 New Orleans Saints- Mark Herzlich LB Boston College
    59 Chicago Bears- Drake Nevis DT LSU
    60 New York Jets- Jerrel Powe NT Ole Miss
    61 Baltimore Ravens- Ras-I Dowling CB Virginia
    62 Pittsburgh Steelers- Jared Crick DL Nebraska*
    63 Atlanta Falcons- Jerrel Jernigan WR Troy
    64 New England Patriots- Torrey Smith WR Maryland*
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    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis

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    Give the Pats David DeCastro instead of Pouncey and I will love you forever. <3

    Originally posted by ElectricEye
    I'm a whiny little kunt. Feel sorry for me as I go masturbate to a picture of my mom dressed as a teletubby.


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      Floyd would be good value in the first, like you said, and I think Nevis would flourish in the 4-3 UT role that hasn't been an impact position for us for the past 3 years.

      That said, unless we get Mankins and Nicks or something FA's in the offseason, we really can't afford to pass on OL in the first two rounds of the draft.


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        Love the Pats draft.


        • #5
          Not a fan of WR for the pats there but still a nice mock
          -Boston Red Sox-New England Patriots-Boston Celtics-


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            Love your Bengals draft.. Palmer showed when he has trustworthy WR's he can still play this game at a high level...
            R.I.P Chris 'Slim' Henry


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              change the saints picks to clayborne in the first (who is a way better fit in the 43 than cam jordan and better value) and drake nevis in the second. im just not seeing herzlich being up to his old self as much as I would like him to be.

              Saints 2014 draft wish list:
              - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
              - Corner or Wideout in the first
              - No reaching
              - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                No chance Gabbert falls to the second round.


                • #9
                  love the lions picks. I would be thrilled if we walked away with Jenkins and Lewis filling our 2 biggest needs on defense


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                    Good picks for the 49ers. I agree we need to draft a QB early in this draft, truth is outside of Luck they all scare me. Would be just as happy with Amukamara and Gabbert if the board fell that way, but Mallet and Ayers is good.


                    • #11
                      Bengals pick 4th

                      AJ Gree is a awesome pick

                      Would rather see OL in the 2nd. Reggie Nelson has played well for us at the FS spot.

                      RIP themaninblack


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                        Like the Browns first pick......

                        2nd pick, not so much. If McCoy is our future we need a Vet #1 WR, not another rookie. Best DL or OT available with our 2nd.


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                          Originally posted by wicket View Post
                          change the saints picks to clayborne in the first (who is a way better fit in the 43 than cam jordan and better value) and drake nevis in the second. im just not seeing herzlich being up to his old self as much as I would like him to be.
                          Ya looking back I should have swapped Jordan and Clayborn.

                          "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                            Man, I absolutely love Floyd and Nevis, but if this is our draft, we'd better get two O-line starters in free agency.


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                              Solid cowboys draft.

                              P.S. Rachel Starr is the ****!



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