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    *1/16 Declared Underclassmen Updated*

    1 Carolina Panthers - Nick Fairley DT Auburn*
    I see a new staff in Carolina going with the most talented "sure" thing available. No matter what they do they most likely have a top 10 pick next year so they can afford to give Clausen another year of development, in the off chance he's legit, but most likely find a franchise QB next year. Fairley = Warren Sapp with long arms.

    2 Denver Broncos - Patrick Peterson CB LSU*
    End of the Champ era and the beginning of the Pat Peterson one. Joins a promising group with Cox, and Thompson-one of my favorite prospects last year and who I can envision moving to S. Likely also the beginning of the Tebow era so a QB is not happening. Peterson is like a Charles Woodson vII.

    3 Buffalo Bills - Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri*
    Definitely not my choice if I was GM but I can see the Bills taking a chance on Gabbert and bringing him along slowly like A.Rodgers or Pennington. Gabbert reminds me now of Alex Smith and needs time to learn a pro system. In a year or two could take over for the Professor. Still envision Lee Evans cut but Gabbert looks like an ideal fit for the offense down the road.
    Prev: AJ Green WR Georgia*

    4 Cincinnati Bengals - AJ Green WR Georgia*
    Figure now the Bengals will not want to roll into the season with Simpson and Caldwell outside and only Ship and Cosby behind them. Simpson looked like a #1 imo but it was only for two games. Ship could perhaps be a starter on the outside but looks more suited to stay in the slot. Even with Simpson's mini break out the Bengals might still be interested in bringing in a WR like they showed at the start of the season with TO, Bryant and M.Jones and go with Green, who looks like a tall Ocho to me.
    Prev: Nick Fairley DE Auburn*

    5 Arizona Cardinals - Robert Quinn DE/OLB UNC*
    After acquiring two promising rookie QBs in 09 and Whis’ known impatience with young passers I find it hard to believe the Cards will go QB here, even with a high pick. Skelton physically looks the part and once he learns to read defenses I think he’ll be a solid starter. Quinn could be a quick study behind Haggans. I see a lot of mocks with Prince here but I got the impression Toler played well this past season and it might be too early to give up on DRC. Quinn looks like a lighter Ray Edwards to me.

    6 Cleveland Browns - Cameron Newton QB Auburn*
    Mangini’s firing is an indication that Holmgren had a plan already in place. That plan might also include drafting a big time QB prospect this year and bringing in guys who would not have fit into Mangini’s squeaky clean good guy roster. McCoy wasn't necessarily drafted to be a franchise QB and there wasn't consensus on taking him. I think it's conceivable he might be looked at still as a guy who could be a serviceable starter but not much more. If things had gone to plan he would not have even seen the field and drafting a QB #1 wouldn’t be much of a debate. Shurmur was brought in to mold the new franchise QB and I doubt Holmgren is ready to declare McCoy as that guy. Newton is something like a raw Roethlisberger.
    Prev: Prince Amukumara CB Nebraska

    7 San Francisco 49ers - Jake Locker QB Washington
    Harbaugh might still like Locker as a prospect and feel he can continue his development as a pro QB. Imo Harbaugh would prefer an ideal game manager over the type that carries the team and that suits Locker as of now. Locker still reminds me of David Garrard but maby Harbaugh can coach out the turnovers.
    Prev: Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA*

    8 Tennessee Titans - Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas*
    Fisher seems like the right coach to bring Mallet into the pro game. Mallett reminds me of Kerry Collins and could do essentially what Collins does for the offense-stretch the field with arm strength and lob it up for Britt.

    9 Dallas Cowboys - Prince Amukamara CB
    Cowboys struggled defensively to keep up with the high flying offenses in their division. I think Prince will show up shorter than expected-5’11 and maby a little slower too but still gives the Cowboys an upgrade. Prince actually reminds me of a 2009 Mike Jenkins but hopefully he won’t fall off like Mikey.
    Prev: Marcell Dareus DE Alabama*

    10 Washington Redskins – Julio Jones WR Alabama*
    Unbelievably, Kyle Shanahan has gotten Grossman to look like a competent QB-still not a long term solution but decent enough to not have to make a desperate move in the first for a QB-or maby not. Would love to see the skins take a chance on Tyrod Taylor in the mid to late rounds. Julio is an intimidating WR and plays like a Detroit Roy Williams to me. Prev: Cameron Newton QB Auburn*

    11 Houston Texans – J.J. Watt DT/DE Wisconsin*
    I’m betting Watt will come out if he’s assured of being the first 34 DE taken. Given his season I think that’s a good possibility. He offers versatility depending on what scheme Wade chooses to run with.
    Prev: Julio Jones WR Alabama*

    12 Minnesota Vikings – Tyron Smith OT USC*
    With Frazier staying on it’s safe to assume most of the staff stays as well. In that case I see the Vikings bringing in Kevin Kolb as their franchise starter and continue to develop Webb as the back up. Mckinnie is almost done and Smith could reserve for a year and take over in 12.
    Prev: Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa

    13 Detroit Lions - Da’Quan Bowers DE Clemson*.
    Bowers has issues with his get off but is active, playing on the edge or inside and has closing speed-on the Lions he could become a big time finisher with the pressure Suh & company generate.

    14 St. Louis Rams – Cameron Jordan DE/DT California
    Sgag's Giants teams routinely drafted pass rushers and I see his Ram's doing the same. Jordan is capable of playing in either scheme and being dominant.
    Prev:Aldon Smith DE Missouri

    15 Miami Dolphins - Mark Ingram RB Alabama*
    Dolphins are in a difficult state. No question they've lost confidence in Henne long term but are not in position to draft a franchise guy especially in this hit or miss draft for QBs. The next best option is to add playmakers on offense. Ingram had a down season but is everything a team would want in a franchise back.
    Prev: Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State*

    16 Jacksonville Jaguars - Brandon Harris CB Miami*
    Congrats to Del Rio-Jags becoming relevant again but sorely lack talent on the backend of the defense. Haven't seen a ton of Harris but I'll throw out Richard Marshall as comparison.

    17 New England Patriots(f/OAK)- Aldon Smith OLB/DE Missouri*
    Smith should end up being the top 34 OLB prospect and is the kind of long hybrid type the Patriots prefer. Probably going to light up the combine.
    Prev:Riley Reiff OT Iowa*

    18 San Diego Chargers – Marcell Dareus DE Alabama*
    Dareus has been regarded as a top ten for a while now but I don’t see it. Chargers have little weaknesses other than special teams. I see Floyd being resigned and maby Steve Smith acquired, but they could use more talent/depth upfront. Dareus reminds me of an overweight 2010 Jay Ratliff.
    Prev: Anthony Costanzo OT Boston College.

    19 New York Giants – Nate Solder OT Colorado
    Solder is a potential LT and a strong run blocker-seemingly a good fit for the Giants. Mayock has him right now as his #1 OT.
    Prev: Ben Ijalana OT Villanova

    20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin
    Although the Bucs need a standout DE I’m not sure one will be on the board at this range. They also struggle up front to protect Freeman and open up things for the RB. Carimi is the top RT prospect and could seriously upgrade the Bucs Oline.
    Prev: Nate Solder OT Colorado

    21 Kansas City Chiefs – Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA*
    KC fans I'm sure would prefer Kerrigan but I'm not convinced he could make a good conversion to OLB. Ayers should put on a show at the combine and become the #2 34 OLB prospect.
    Prev: Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue

    22 Indianapolis Colts – Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi State*
    Colts in need of a LT and Sherrod is experienced enough to start there as a rookie.
    Prev: Tyron Smith OT USC*

    23 Philadelphia Eagles – Ben Ijalana OT Villanova
    Eagles need to replace Justice and Ijalana's been touted by Mayock to have the feet to play LT. A good showing senior week might have some teams coveting him.
    Prev: Janoris Jenkins CB Florida

    24 New Orleans Saints – Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue
    Saints could look for a talented pass rusher to groom behind Smith and Brown. Kerrigan is better suited at De imo than hybrid OLB.
    Prev: Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA*

    25 Seattle Seahawks – Stefan Wisniewski C/OG Penn State
    The Hawks are undefeated this season when Lynch gets over 20 carries or something like that so improving the running game might be the top priority this off season.

    26 Baltimore Ravens – Jimmy Smith CB Colorado
    I think a 2nd or 3rd round CB prospect will help himself post season and get 1st round consideration. In this scenario it’s Smith who should get a look from the Ravens because he’s the best press CB in this class.
    Prev: Cameron Jordan DE California

    27 Atlanta Falcons – Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame
    Had Baldwin here but character concerns could make ATL pass. Rudolph is a relatively safe pick and can take over at TE when Tony moves on.
    Prev: Jonathan Baldwin WR Pittsburgh*

    28 NE TRADE to Dallas Cowboys – Marcus Cannon OT TCU
    Cowboys ought to be desperate to solve RT position and make a move for Cannon-Pats are always willing to trade down.

    29 Chicago Bears – Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College
    Bears struggle to run the ball and often protect for Mr.Cutler. Costanzo might be simply a RT in the NFL but is still an upgrade for the Bears.
    Prev: Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi State*

    30 Pittsburgh Steelers – Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State
    Heyward turns it on and off but is probably too talented for the Steelers to pass.
    Prev: Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin

    31 New York Jets –Von Miller OLB Texas A&M
    Miller has the post season now to recover his stock if fully healthy.
    Prev: J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin*

    32 Green Bay Packers – Jabaal Sheard DE/OLB Pittsburgh
    There's always a hybrid guy that blows up post season and gets 1st round consideration. If Sheard dominates senior week practices and shows the ability to stand up and play in space I think he'll be a 1st round pick despite the bar fight.


    33 New England Patriots(f/CAR) – Rodney Hudson OG/C Florida State
    Hudson is about as safe an interior line prospect as you can get and could eventually make a move to C.

    34 Denver Broncos – Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa
    Clayborn is my candidate for draft day faller. Not a superb outside rusher and not quite big or strong enough for DT. Add to that some character questions I’ve heard rumored and medical issues…and yeah.
    Prev: Allen Bailey DE Miami

    35 Buffalo Bills – Allen Bailey DE Miami
    Bailey is the type that could put it all together eventually and be a solid pro. Helps the Bills struggling front line.
    Prev: Ben Ijalana OT

    36 Cincinnati Bengals - Dan Watkins OG/T Baylor
    With Marvin and Carson returning there is a priority to improve the interior of the Oline.

    37 Arizona Cardinals – Mike Pouncey OG Florida
    A Pouncey for the Steelers west. Being compared favorably to his brother by none other than Mr Mayock.
    Prev: Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame

    38 Cleveland Browns – Greg Little WR North Carolina
    Little should recover some of his stock this post season. The best yac WR in the draft imo, fits well into a WCO. Reminds me of Miles Austin.

    39 San Francisco 49ers – Jeremy Beal OLB Oklahoma
    Singletary never found a solid OLB pass rusher. Beal hustles and plays the run well.

    40 Tennessee Titans – Jon Baldwin WR Pittsburgh*
    Titans offense routinely held in check last season. Baldwin should be a strong red zone threat if not a good field stretcher.
    Prev: DeMarcus Love OT/G Arkansas

    41 Dallas TRADE to New England Patriots – Marcus Gilbert OT Florida
    Expect the Pats to take a OT early. Gilbert is a little off radar but has had a solid season and could generate more buzz soon.
    Prev: Jeremy Beal OLB Oklahoma

    42 Washington Redskins - Justin Houston OLB Georgia*
    Skins might go bpa here-that might not be Houston but Mel Kiper likes him.
    Prev: Jason Pinkston OT/G Pittsburgh

    43 Houston Texans – Deunta Williams S North Carolina
    Texans should look to replace the aging Wilson. When he's fully healthy Williams should be the best FS in this class.

    44 Minnesota TRADE to Philadelphia Eagles – Quan Sturdivant OLB North Carolina
    Vikings give up a 2nd rounder for Kolb. Eagles need a LB that can cover and is versatile enough to blitz on occasion.

    45 Detroit Lions – Mason Foster LB Washington
    Lions might overhaul this position and be desperate to find new starters. Foster is a fairly safe pick who can play inside or out.

    46 St. Louis Rams – Drake Nevis DT LSU
    His Giants routinely stacked pass rushers and I think the Spag’s Rams will do the same.

    47 Denver Broncos (F/MIA) – Martez Wilson ILB Illinois*
    Wilson is probably the top rated 34 ILB.
    Prev: Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State

    48 Jacksonville Jaguars – Ahmad Black S Florida
    Jags need to get a starting caliber safety out of this draft.

    49 Oakland Raiders – John Moffit C Wisconsin
    Not convinced Al would make such a mundane pick with his first but Moffitt looks well suited to play inside for the Raiders.
    Prev:Dontay Moch OLB Nevada

    50 San Diego Chargers – Brandon Burton CB Utah*
    Chargers should begin to consider a successor to Jammer. Burton has height and had an impressive season in coverage and just needs to improve his strength to be an impact player.

    51 New York Giants – Aaron Williams CB Texas*
    Down year but has the tools and post season workouts to recover a bit of his stock and the Giants need to stack quality CBs to keep up with the Eagles crew.

    52 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Pernell McPhee DE Mississippi State
    Tampa 2 needs DEs that can play the run on the way to the QB. McPhee could jump start his stock after a senior season lacking highlights with stellar post season workouts.

    53 Kansas City Chiefs – Torrey Smith WR Maryland*
    Teams will be on the look out for the next Mike Wallace and Smith is a good comparison.

    54 Indianapolis Colts – Stephen Paea DT Oregon
    Feels like the Colts have been trying to address the interior of the defense forever.
    Prev: Allen Bailey DT Miami

    55 Philadelphia Eagles – Devon House CB New Mexico State
    Even if Nandi is acquired depth is needed. House has the experience and confidence to contribute right away as a nickel.

    56 New Orleans Saints – Greg Jones LB Michigan State
    Jones is a solid prospect for the outside and the Saints are needy for a LB that can cover.

    57 Seattle Seahawks – Jason Pinkston OT/G Pittsburgh
    The Jesus will need better protection than Hasselback his first year as the starter.

    58 Baltimore Ravens – Steven Friday OLB/DE Virginia Tech
    Ravens need a replacement for Kindle already.
    Prev: Aaron Williams CB Texas*

    59 Atlanta Falcons – Christian Ballard DE Iowa
    Huge athletic developing player better suited for a 43 defense imo.

    60 New England Patriots – Len Hankerson WR Miami
    Playoff loss exposed Pats committee WR approach a bit-or maby they should stop relying on Branch.

    61 Chicago Bears – Corey Liuget*
    Undersized 3tech seems perfectly suited for the Bears scheme.

    62 Pittsburgh Steelers – Ras I Dowling CB/S Virginia
    Dowling season was cut short by injury but when healthy he looks like a Steelers type CB. Also provides depth at FS.

    63 San Diego Chargers (F/NYJ) – Muhammad Wilkerson DE Temple*
    Depth is needed upfront. As of now Wilkerson is a unheralded prospect but has dominated in Philly.

    64 Green Bay Packers – Chris Carter OLB/DE Fresno State
    Packers can afford to double up on potential pass rushers since they get zero production outside of Matthews and have little weaknesses elsewhere. Carter is a sleeper who projects well imo.
    Prev: Jason Pinkston OT Pittsburgh


    65 Carolina Panthers – DeMarcus Love OG Arkansas
    Surest way for Rivera to rebuild is to start upfront.

    66 Denver Broncos – D.J.Williams TE Arkansas
    New scheme might require at least one pass catching TE.

    67 Buffalo Bills - Jarvis Jenkins DE Clemson
    Beast of a run defender-might go much earlier than here in the 3rd.

    68 Cincinnati Bengals - Rahim Moore FS UCLA
    Desperately need someone to start over Nelson.

    69 Arizona Cardinals – Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin
    Solid all around TE helps out Skelton and the run game.

    70 Cleveland Browns – Rock Carmichael CB Virginia Tech
    Rock could show well in pre draft workouts and see his stock climb. Fast and plays bigger than his size but needs to wrap up consistently.

    71 San Francisco 49ers – John Patrick CB Louisville
    Absolutely brutal to watch Clements sometimes. Patrick is a raw developmental type with the skill set to be a good starter at some point.

    72 Tennessee Titans – James Carpenter OT Alabama
    Titans could use some new talent on the Oline and I'm expecting Carpenter to show well in the post season workouts.

    73 Dallas Cowboys – Robert Sands S Virginia*
    Improving the secondary should be a top priority with Ryan as the new DC.

    74 New Orleans Saints (F/WAS) – DeAndre McDaniel S Clemson
    Hard to say S is not the Saints biggest need after watching Harper struggle so mightily-either way he's a FA and McDaniel has the talent of a 1st rd. pick.

    75 Houston Texans – Sione Fua NT Stanford
    Solid Nose defender and fits into either scheme.

    76 New England Patriots (F/MINN) – Mikel Leshoure RB Illinois*
    Leshoure's all around game and game breaking speed could put him over BJGE.

    77 Detroit Lions – Clint Boiling OG/T Georgia
    Considered a thumping SS like McDaniel but the Lions need better play on the line and can't afford to leave Stafford out to dry.

    78 St. Louis Rams – Nate Irving OLB NC State
    Could recover stock after coming back from injury if he performs well in post season workouts.

    79 Miami Dolphins - Andy Dalton QB TCU
    Dalton might be a better game manger than Henne but probably still just a holdover until a big time QB is drafted.

    80 Jacksonville Jaguars – Kelvin Sheppard ILB LSU
    Jags could be looking at a inside LB prospect on the second day.

    81 Oakland Raiders – Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada
    Colin’s big time physical tools could make him an Al 2nd day pick. I don't believe the Raiders are satisfied with Campbell.

    82 San Diego TRADE to Carolina Panthers – Lawrence Guy DT Arizona State*
    Figuring Steve Smith traded to the Chargers. Guy should make a solid 43 disrupting DT.

    83 New York Giants – Kris O’Dowd C USC
    Maby still a reach in the 3rd but the Giants do not want to go through another 2010 at this position.

    84 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Bruce Carter LB North Carolina
    Bucs could take a gamble on the injured Carter here.

    85 Kansas City Chiefs – Phil Taylor NT Colorado
    Boom/bust guy who has all the ability to be a good NT-has a little Shaun Rogers in him.

    86 Indianapolis Colts – Brooks Reed DE Arizona
    Colts still looking for quality depth at DE after Hughes underperformed.

    87 Philadelphia Eagles – Jaiquawn Jarrett S Temple
    It's a all-local draft for the Eagles. Jarrett's lack of speed might make him a better fit at SS. Mikell set to be a FA.

    88 New Orleans Saints – Shane Vereen RB California*
    Underrated RB imo who will be starting for a squad in 11'. P.Thomas likely history.

    89 San Diego Chargers (F/SEA) – Dontay Moch OLB Nevada
    Fits the attacking 34 the Chargers run and adds depth.

    90 Baltimore Ravens – Jerrel Jernigan WR/RS Troy
    Playmaker who could really benefit from learning from the Ravens vets and contribute on ST and 3rd downs-or not. Strictly a slot guy imo and an overrated RS.

    91 Atlanta Falcons – Titus Young WR Boise State
    Small explosive playmaking type that every team is adding.

    92 New England Patriots – Jalil Brown CB/S Colrado
    Pats probably trade this pick but might look for help on ST and depth at FS and CB.

    93 Chicago Bears – Tyler Sash S Iowa*
    Bears have some how still gotten a dominating defense while starting both Harris and Bullocks. This guy gets a roster spot just based on his name in Chicago.

    94 Pittsburgh Steelers – Lee Zeimba OG/T Auburn
    Another physical swing type the Steelers seem to collect. Best suited for OG imo.

    95 San Diego Chargers (F/NYJ) - Austin Pettis WR Boise State
    Chargers might need depth at WR after the off season plus Pettis might even help out the STs.

    96 Green Bay Packers – Chris Hairston OT Clemson
    Good run blocker who might fit at the RT.
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    Originally posted by borg9
    Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?

  • #2
    Good first 2 rounds. Hughes still needs time t develop. I wouldn't mind Jerrigan. If not him CB or S.
    Sam Bradford will be a bust- 2/24/2010

    Colts Cardinals Bulls Hurricanes


    • #3
      Ehhh, I'm not personally a big Castonzo fan as I've seen him get beat too easily and his feet move too slowly for my liking, but I understand the pick. Moffit is good, seems a little high...I know he's on the rise, but I think he's a 3rd rounder at this point.

      Hightower....don't see the fit at all. Even as a blitzing SAM, we'd barely use him. We seem to like jumping to the nickel often, and we have plenty of other needs ahead of a linebacker right now.


      • #4
        Originally posted by Brown Leader View Post
        27 New Orleans Saints – Stefan Wisniewski C/G Penn State
        Saints came back to a one-dimensional offense this season and need to open things up better in the running game. Wis can play C or G and Nicks might be too costly for the Saints to keep.

        59 New Orleans Saints – Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa
        Clayborn is my candidate for big time draft day faller. Not a superb outside rusher and not quite big or strong enough for DT. Add to that some character questions I’ve heard rumored and medical issues…yeah.

        74 New Orleans Saints (F/WAS) – Mikel Leshoure RB Illinois
        Close to trading Thomas during the season and with his contract up, the only real RB is Ivory who just hurt his knee.

        91 New Orleans Saints – Steve Schilling OG Michigan
        Saints might need a replacement for Nicks next season.
        Getting Clayborn in the second (wtf???) makes up a little bit for what is otherwise a terrible draft. I doubt they will let Nicks go but even when they do, Tennant was drafted last year and is developing nicely to be able to replace him and is pretty much the same player wisnieski is, just cheaper. Saints already have like 4 running backs and have never shown any inclination to spend mid round picks on running backs. Adding a second guy also to replace Nicks just makes it crazy.

        Getting Clayborn in the second would be insanely awesome but still, the other three picks are just terrible.

        fyi, the saints top 4 draft needs (and the gap beyond it is huge)
        DE, DT, SLB, WLB, you hit one of them and the saints only have a 7th for the last one. On top of that, with the three picks that didnt fill a need you also got terrible value whilst twice the bpa would have filled a need.

        Saints 2014 draft wish list:
        - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
        - Corner or Wideout in the first
        - No reaching
        - No Kelvin Benjamin


        • #5
          1. Nate Soldier- not completely sold on him, but Mayock has been amazing at evaluating talent, Beatty vs Andrews vs Soldier for the starting LT spot.

          2. Brandon Burton- no thanks, he doesn't come across as impressive, he doesn't seem aggressive or worthy of a 2nd round pick from the two games i've seen him play in. Greg Jones, Adrian Clayborn, or Stephen Paea would all be better picks for us. Jones would provide speed and aggressiveness as well as better coverage ability in our Tampa 2-esque defense. Clayborn and Paea are both very talented players, both have had some injury problems, but we have little to no depth behind Canty and Cofield(FA).

          3. Kris O'Dowd- I actually like this pick, but Bruce Carter would be a better choice if we haven't addressed that already.


          • #6
            Don't think the Phins pass on Gabbert if he's still available with their pick. If we grab him, then according to your mock we can get Leonard Hankerson at WR in the 3rd. That would be a much better combo. We could prob still get a good running back in the 4th then.

            Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


            • #7
              good ATL pick, but they can't possibly pick higher than 28th, unless NE loses in the divisional round too.

              Owner of ScarDraft
              Atlanta Falcons and NFL Draft Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report


              • #8
                heyward and aaron williams would make me lose composure of my bodily functions id be so happy


                • #9
                  RB is the worst pick you can give the Packers in the first without being completely illogical like FB or QB.

                  Justin Houston would be perfect there. If you want to give us a runningback, Leshoure or Vereen in the second or someone like Devine or Hunter later would be so much better.


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by thebow305 View Post
                    Don't think the Phins pass on Gabbert if he's still available with their pick. If we grab him, then according to your mock we can get Leonard Hankerson at WR in the 3rd. That would be a much better combo. We could prob still get a good running back in the 4th then.
                    Missed the news he was coming out. Made a big edit, so Locker again :D

                    Originally posted by borg9
                    Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?


                    • #11
                      49 Oakland Raiders – Dontay Moch OLB Nevada
                      Needs little explanation as long as Al still pulls the strings.
                      As I posted last time, Al just spent 4 draft picks on 4 LBs last offseason. He won't spend a 2nd rounder on yet another.

                      81 Oakland Raiders – Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada
                      Just a typical Al Davis style pick-Colin’s big time physical tools could make him a 2nd day pick.
                      No such thing as a typical Al Davis QB draft pick. They come rarely, and are usually several, several years apart. Besides, he's already declared Jason Campbell to be the new Jim Plunkett, so you can pretty much hand up the idea of any high round QBs being added.
                      My sig pic has now come full circle. Lucky me.

                      No offense, but your Raiders draft sucks.


                      • #12
                        I would be almost ok with that draft if SF gets Locker .He just seems more of a solid QB to me then Mallet does but I could live with Mallet if we go that route.Seeing if Harbough comes to SF he make stay west coast style QB .


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                          Originally posted by GB12 View Post
                          RB is the worst pick you can give the Packers in the first without being completely illogical like FB or QB.

                          Justin Houston would be perfect there. If you want to give us a runningback, Leshoure or Vereen in the second or someone like Devine or Hunter later would be so much better.
                          I don't think Houston is a 1st rd pick. It's interesting how down everyone is on Ingram now but I'd be surprised if the Packers don't address RB early.

                          Originally posted by borg9
                          Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?


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                            Originally posted by Abaddon View Post
                            As I posted last time, Al just spent 4 draft picks on 4 LBs last offseason. He won't spend a 2nd rounder on yet another.

                            If Moch is anywhere near reported I'll believe that when I see it.

                            No such thing as a typical Al Davis QB draft pick. They come rarely, and are usually several, several years apart. Besides, he's already declared Jason Campbell to be the new Jim Plunkett, so you can pretty much hand up the idea of any high round QBs being added.
                            Kaepernick is probably going to put on a physical show and Campbell is a question mark long term. I think because of the success of Vick there will be quite a few teams that try to copycat what the Eagles did with him.

                            Originally posted by borg9
                            Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?


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                              The Bucs running game wasn't keeping them out of the playoffs. They were a top 10 team running the ball this season.



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