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The Mock. Postseason draft spots.

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  • The Mock. Postseason draft spots.

    1.[CAR] Robert Quinn DE- *This pick depends on where the new head coach decides to go on the offensive side of the ball. However I do not think that the new coach will draft a new QB in the first round because of multiple needs on both sides of the trenches. A Dominant DE would help stabilize a Defense which was not as bad as its Offense. I believe that a Greg McElroy type game manager QB would be more appropriate because of the ability to run that the Panthers already have. I believe if Luck is not picked the Panthers will trade down.

    2.[DEN] Andrew Luck- *Still depends on who is coaching next year but John Elway believes in this guy and has recently been hired by the Broncos as a an executive so if they can the Broncos will try to get him.

    3.[CIN] Ryan Mallet QB- Either here or Arizona with both teams struggling to function without a true franchise QB which Palmer is not. Both also have a strong receiving core and truly enjoy the long passes and spread offense which suits Mallet.

    4.[BUF] - Marcell Dareus DE The Bills need help against any offense. Dareus will immediately provide assistance to this struggling defense if not depth.

    5-[CLE] A.J. Green WR-* He might go farther down in the Draft depending on who is coaching this team. Watch out for a trade down here to pick up a later round pass rusher or a higher up pick for the cream of the crop pass rusher like Robert Quinn or Marcell Dareus. Rob Ryan needs an elite pass rusher to suit his style of Defense.

    6.[ARI] Ricky Stanzi- With the loss of their defense this year the Cardinals have not been competitive on Offense like they did prior years. A QB with an arm to match their offense style that can develop to make good decisions would help them tremendously. I think Mallet is the better fit however he will probably taken before the Cardinals pick.

    7- [WAS] Jon Baldwin WR- I am sorry this is a perfect fit for Shanahan, another tall, athletic, and talented WR like he had in Denver with Brandon Marshall.

    8- [TEN] Christian Ponder QB- *Depends on who wins the power struggle between Jeff Fisher and Vince Young. If Fisher wins look for a QB like Ponder or Stanzi. If not look DT here.

    9-[SF] Jake Locker QB- *Again it depends who is making decisions for this team. Its most likely a QB pick with the bust Alex Smith, however Troy Smith has not played horrible and can still be a viable quarterback moving forward. The biggest need for this team is leadership, lacking in SF but endless in Jake Locker.

    10-[MIN] Adrian Clayborn DE- With Free Agents leaving this year from the Viking's fallout DE is a spot that needs fresh blood to fill gaps. DT would not be a surprise here either with the Williams' getting up in age.
    11- [HOU] Stephen Paea DT- Houston needs a new defensive lineman to solidify their Defensive line, which has struggled. Look for Amukamara here or a trade down for a Ras-I Dowling.

    12.[DET] Prince Amukamara CB- No question here this is what the lions want. Suh wants his teammate from Nebraska and the team needs a shut down corner to compliment their pass rush. If the Lions get Amukamara watch out for this team next year.

    13.[DAL] DaQuan Bowers DE- Cowboys need a better D-Line to help out BJ Raji. Whether this pick is on the D-Line or not the offense is jam-packed with talent and lacking on Defense.

    14.[STL] Julio Jones WR- A Developing Quarterback needs someone to throw to, and with no receiving talent to speak of the Rams fell apart and failed to win their division because of it. Julio Jones attracts double-digits catches per game, which all but hurts Sam Bradford.

    15.[MIA] Akeem Ayers OLB- If the Dolphins could stage a 2-headed pass rush with Cameron Wake and Ayers the Dolphins might actually win at home.

    16.[NE from Oakland] Nick Fairley DT- NE is in the stage of replenishing and a desperate need is its trenches, which will be taken care of with their first two picks.

    17.[JAC] Patrick Peterson CB- With Jack del Rio on the hot seat the most immediate need for this team is a corner to help bring stability to this Defense.

    18.[SD] Justin Blackmon WR- With Vincent Jackson causing trouble on the field, off the field, and in the checkbook its important to remember that the Chargers can be one pick away from ridding themselves of him.

    19.[TB] Von Miller OLB- The Bucís need a pass rusher to make this Defense scary to opposing teams if the Bucs want to go the playoffs next year.

    20.[NYG] Nate Solder OT- The Giants Offensive line has been a mess and it would be wise for an upgrade.

    21.[SEA] Anthony Castonzo RT-* Perfect fit for this team with Russel Okung on one side and Castonzo on the other. As is anything for the NFL, a good line almost always equals a good team. This includes defense, which could also use an overhaul.

    22.[PHI] JJ Watt DE- The Eagles need help on Defense however its in the air where exactly they will go. It is in their best interest to make it in the heart of their Defense.

    23.[KC] Aaron Williams CB- A friend opposite Flowers will make this Defense more potent to stop the pass and cause some turnovers.

    24.[IND] Gabe Carimi OT- The Colts aging Offensive line is beginning to show its weaknesses and Manning is paying for it.

    25.[GB] Mark Ingram RB- Without a Running back the Packers were not the same. Even if Ingram becomes a change of pace runner for this team the Packerís offense will grow in leaps from without one.

    26.[NYJ] Allen Bailey DE, DT- The Jets love to run the Amoeba defense with only a select down lineman. Meaning the Jets need a defensive lineman who can run on his toes and with aging depth that is becoming a problem for this team. If the Jets can get him they wonít hesitate.

    27.[NO] Drake Nevis DT- The Saints need help up front to stop the run and dominate the trenches. Nevis provides depth to an aging group until he is ready to do just that.

    28.[BAL] Bruce Carter OLB- The Ravens always are willing to have a good pass rusher and Carter provides that. With a Defense getting older every year the Ravens will soon have another Pass Rusher whether it is Carter or another OLB.

    29.[CHI] Derek Sherrod OT- The Bears desperately need help on offense anywhere not Quarterback or Running back. Yes I am a believer in Cutler because he hasnít been able to prove anything in Chicago without time to make decisions and a receiver to catch his passes.

    30.[PIT] Cameron Heyward DE- If the Jets donít take Allen Bailey the Steelers will. The Steelers need a future starter behind Brett Keisel and a corner. However the Steelers have already invested draft picks at corner so I doubt the Steelers move in that direction.

    31.[ATL] Janoris Jenkins CB- A corner to compliment Dunta Robinson would make the Falcons a step better. DE here possibly also however without much talent this low in the Draft look for a trade up or down.

    32.[NE] Cam Newton QB- Before you try to kill me for saying this, Bill Belichek loves to take chances when he has multiple picks and grab the best athlete and see where he can move on their team to succeed. Whether he switches positions or backs up Brady look for the Patriots to surprise.

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    You are going to get **** on for all of these picks. Buy an extra layer of skin.


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      love heyward....but theyd seriously have to flip a coin between him and jenkins there


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        you certainly have some unique picks, especially in the top 10. I think you have confused yourself or changed up some things as your writing does not support your picks in some places.

        #13 you mention BJ Raji. he doesnt play for them.

        #17 you allude to the second Pats pick also being "in the trenches". instead you dropped me "in the toilet" with a QB that just will never happen.

        Kudos for the early effort but as stated above by another poster, some of these guys are going to get after you....


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          Wow seriously messed up draft there bud.One , Denver isn't going to give up on Tim Tebow so early.He has show great improvement in passing game and footwork.I like the 49ers pick but if Luck some how falls to them , done deal there.


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            Absolutely ZERO chance that 16 teams pass on Patrick Peterson. If he fell that far and we passed on him at 15 in favor of Ayers, I'd shank myself!

            Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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              Sweet pick for Denver, but there's no way Carolina passes on Luck.

              WELCOME REALITY


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                Mallet is a ******* terriable pick. He is no way a upgrade over and Palmer and Lewis just came out and said that Palmer is his QB. By the way the Bengals pick 4th not 3rd

                RIP themaninblack


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                  I don't think I can put my disappointment into words about this
                  R.I.P Chris 'Slim' Henry


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                    Terrible pick. Clayborn < Fairley < Bowers < Prince in that situation for the VIkings.


                    Originally posted by JordanTaber
          's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                      interesting KC pick


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                        I really hope this wasn't meant to be serious.


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                          1. The draft order is wrong. Detroit is picking at #13 and Dallas picks before them, not after.
                          2. There's no way that 5 QB's are going in the top 9 picks. Newton not being one of the 5 makes it even more improbable.
                          3. The Raji thing has been dealt with. Jay Ratliff is the Cowboys DT.
                          4. The only way the Panthers don't take Luck #1 is if he stays in school. 0 chance of them passing. 0.
                          5. Patrick Peterson dropping to #16...I have a better chance of winning the lottery.
                          6. I hope you're right about Prince going to Detroit at #12 (#13), but doubt either he or PP are thhere at that point.

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                            Originally posted by steelersfan2011 View Post
                            9-[SF] Jake Locker QB- *Again it depends who is making decisions for this team. Its most likely a QB pick with the bust Alex Smith, however Troy Smith has not played horrible and can still be a viable quarterback moving forward. The biggest need for this team is leadership, lacking in SF but endless in Jake Locker.
                            Don't believe the blind hate that fills the mouths of many 49ers' fans. Alex Smith played FAR better than Troy Smith did.


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                              31.[ATL] Janoris Jenkins CB- A corner to compliment Dunta Robinson would make the Falcons a step better. DE here possibly also however without much talent this low in the Draft look for a trade up or down.
                              HORRIBLE Falcons pick AND reasoning. 1) Atlanta has no need for a CB at all. 2) Brent Grimes is that guy across from Robinson. 5 INT's and the league lead in PD's. 3) Atlanta doesn't take guys who are arrested.

                              Atlanta's actual needs are DE, OT, WR, TE and COP RB.

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