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1st 2010 Mock (Non Playoffs Teams)

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  • 1st 2010 Mock (Non Playoffs Teams)

    1. Carolina Panthers
    DE Daquan Bowers
    Get the DE to replace Peppers. Lives 2 hours from Charlotte

    2. Denver Broncos
    DT Nick Fairley
    D-Line was awful this year. DT Kevin Vickerson is a FA

    3. Buffalo Bills
    QB Jake Locker
    Wont have to play right away. Mobile which is important with Gailey

    4. Cincinnati Bengals
    WR AJ Green
    Owens will not be back. Ocho a candidate to be cut

    5. Arizona Cardinals
    DE Robert Quinn
    Best pass rusher in the draft. Can play OLB in their 3-4

    6. Cleveland Browns
    DT/DE Marcel Dareus
    The entire front seven needs to be replaced. Dareus will anchor the line for years to come

    7. San Francisco 49ers
    QB Ryan Mallett
    Pro style QB that fits Harbaugh's system. Peterson or Amukamara are also options

    8. Tennessee Titans
    QB Blaine Gabbert
    Best available pro style QB left and Titans need a QB bad

    9. Dallas Cowboys
    DE Adrian Clayborn
    Spears is a FA and youth is needed at DE. Amukamara and Peterson are tempting here

    10. Washington Redskins
    QB Cam Newton
    So many positions to choose from, but ultimately I see Dan Snyder being flashy and getting his QB of the future

    11. Houston Texans
    CB Patrick Peterson
    Their secondary was just plain awful this past year and an upgrade at CB is necessary

    12. Minnesota Vikings
    DT Stephene Paea
    Pat Williams is a free agent and Kevin Williams isn't getting any younger

    13. Detroit Lions
    CB Prince Amukamara
    Lions need a shutdown CB

    14. St. Louis Rams
    WR Julio Jones
    A new toy for Sam Bradford to help him develop into an elite QB

    15. Miami Dolphins
    RB Mark Ingram
    Ronnie really regressed this year and is a FA. Ricky made his unhappiness known to the world and is old

    16. Jacksonville Jaguars
    DE Ryan Kerrigan
    Kerrigan can fill in for an injured Kampman while he recovers from ACL surgery. After safety, probably the most glaring need is DE

    17. New England Patriots
    T Nate Solder
    Matt Lights eventual replacement

    18. San Diego Chargers
    WR Justin Blackmon
    Jackson and Floyd are gone next year, a WR is needed

    19. New York Giants
    LB Von Miller
    Bulluck is not the long term answer at LB and the position is one fo the Giants biggest needs

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    DE Cameron Heyward
    A big pass rusher is needed at DE

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    Very interesting draft there.Sad to Locker to go Bills but might be a good fit.Mallet works in SF now that we have a great coach. I'm just worried about his work ethics ( all rumors ) I'll take him or Locker at this point .


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      If we take Locker at 3 I'd no longer watch football.


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        With 2 picks in the first and two more in the 2nd I don't see the Pats taking an OL at 17. They take Heyward to shore up the DL and can source OL later down the draft.


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          With so many low 1st rd/high 2nd rd OL, I'd prefer the pats take a Heyward with their first pick and take an OL with their 2nd or 3rd pick
          -Boston Red Sox-New England Patriots-Boston Celtics-


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            Originally posted by Nalej View Post
            With so many low 1st rd/high 2nd rd OL, I'd prefer the pats take a Heyward with their first pick and take an OL with their 2nd or 3rd pick
            i agree with this statement, even though i like solder as a fit for us

            Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

            Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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              lol....we all seem to be on the same page here Pat's fans.


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                This is a terrible pick for the Vikes.


                Originally posted by JordanTaber
      's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                  WITHOUT QUESTION, give us Peterson


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                    I think the Jerry Jones would have a heart attack if Patrick Peterson fell to the Cowboys. How they pass him up for Adrian Clayborn in this scenario is truly shocking.


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                      Originally posted by redbills View Post
                      If we take Locker at 3 I'd no longer watch football.
                      ^^ this. if we take a QB at #3 (we should), it'll be Newton.
                      2015 Bills Draft:

                      This is the NFL draft, not a boyscout draft.


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                        Ingram would be a great consolation prize with all the QB's gone.

                        Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                          For the Pats I would prefer Heyward but I cant argue too much about going on either line.

                          One thing of note though, you said Ryan Mallett is a perfect fit in Harbaugh's system? Harbaugh is going to run a WCO which doesn't fit Mallett at all. Blaine Gabbert is much more likely for SF IMO.

                          BoneKrusher killing it with the sig


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                            love the cam newton pick for the skins.



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