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roscoes 2 rounder...1/11

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  • roscoes 2 rounder...1/11

    Round 1

    1) Carolina... N. Fairly d.t. Auburn
    2) Denver... P. Peterson c.b./s LSU
    3) Buffalo... C. Newton q.b. Auburn
    4) Cincy... A.J. Green w.r. Georgia
    5) Arizona... R. Quinn 3-4 olb UNC
    6) Cleveland... M. Dareus 3-4 d.e./4-3 d.t. Alabama
    7) S.F.... R. Mallet q.b. Arkansas
    8) Tennessee... B. Gabbert q.b. Mizzou
    9) Dallas... C. Heyward 3-4 d.e. Ohio State
    10) Washington... J. Locker q.b. Washington
    11) Houston... D. Bowers d.e. Clemson
    12) Minnesota... P. Amukamara c.b. Nebraska
    13) Detriot... J. Jones w.r. Alabama
    14) S.L.... J. Blackmon w.r. Oklahoma State
    15) Miami... M. Ingram r.b. Alabama
    16) Jax... R. Kerrigan d.e. Purdue
    17) N.E. (Oak)... J. Houston 3-4 olb Georgia
    18) S.D. ... J.J. Watt 3-4 d.e. Wisconsin
    19) Giants... D. Sherrod o.t. Miss. State
    20) T.B.... A. Smith d.e. Mizzou
    21) K.C.... A. Ayers 3-4 olb UCLA
    22) Indianapolis... N. Solder o.t. Colorado
    23) Philly... G. Carimi r.t. Wisconsin
    24) N.O.... S. Paea d.t. Oregon State
    25) Seattle... A. Clayborn l.e./u.t. Iowa
    26) Jets... C. Jordan 3-4 d.e. Cal
    27) Pitt... M. Pouncy o.g. Florida
    28) Atlanta... J. Beal d.e. Oklahoma
    29) Chicago... A. Castonozo o.t. B.C.
    30) N.E.... J. Crick 3-4 d.e. Nebraska
    31).G.B. ... V. Miller 3-4 olb Texas A+M
    32) Baltimore... M. Cannon r.g./r.t. TCU

    Round 2

    33) N.E. ... R. Reif o.t. Iowa
    34) Buffalo... C. Liuget 3-4 d.e. Illini
    35) Cinci... K. Tate s Maryland
    36) Denver... A. Baily 3-4 d.e. Miami
    37) Cleveland... M. Floyd w.r. Notre Dame
    38) Arizona... J. Smith c.b. Colorado
    39) Tennessee... M. Austin d.t. UNC
    40) Dallas... B. Ijalana o.g./r.t. Villanova
    41) Washington... J. Baldwin w.r. Pitt
    42) Houston... R. Moore f.s. UCLA
    43) Minnesota... D. Decastro o.g. Stanford
    44) Detriot.... A. Williams c.b. Texas
    45) S.F.... B. Burton c.b. Utah
    46) Denver (miami)... D. Hightower 3-4 ilb Alabama
    47) S.L.... D. Nevis d.t. LSU
    48) Oakland... D. House c.b. New Mexico State
    49) Jacksonville.... D. Williams s UNC
    50) S.D.... T. Smith w.r. Maryland
    51) T.B.... D. Love o.t. Arkansas
    52) Giants... J. Moffit o.g./c Wisconsin
    53) K.C.... J. Powe n.t. Ole Miss
    54) Indianapolis... M. Barron s.s. Alabama
    55) Philly... B. Harris c.b. Miami
    56) N.O.... D. Moch 4-3 olb/r.e. Nevada
    57) Seattle... C. Brown c.b. Texas
    58) S.D. (Jets)... S. Acho 3-4 olb Texas
    59) Pitt.... K. Ellis n.t. Hampton
    60) Atlanta... K. Rudolph t.e. Notre Dame
    61) Chicago... J. Jenkins d.t. Clemson
    62) N.E.... S. Wisnieski o.g./c Penn State
    63) G.B.... T. Smith l.t. USC
    64) Baltimore... J. Jernigan w.r. Troy
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    Decent KC mock but our biggest need right now is WR. We have absolutely no one opposite Bowe worth anything.

    Originally posted by fenikz
    His soft D really turns me off
    ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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        Did Floyd declare? Say no-I'm not a big fan of his. I'm also not convinced about Dareus as the top 34 DE-I think Id have to give that to Watt.

        Originally posted by borg9
        Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?


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          You have the Lions taking a wr in the first? That was a joke right?


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            calvin johnson and julio jones would be sweet sexual magic on turf. they need DE and CB pretty bad and those put them over the edge to having an elite roster


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              First off, No way does OG Stefen Wisniewski drop to pick 62. He is a top 35 player in my book.

              For the Colts, give me OT Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin. And in the second round, CB Brandon Harris from the U. Or SS Ahmad Black from Florida.


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                If Brandon Harris is available at 48 I would hope we grab him regardless if Aso somehow comes back.
                Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
                Coples is that dude.
                Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

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                  Amazing eagles picks.


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                    i know some of us pats fans have differing opinions, but i dont think justin houston will be a patriot. he is too one dimensional, and only has one real good move, a speed rush. remember, last year the patriots drafted mccourty because he could play 4 downs and has versatility. you really think the patriots will draft a guy just for passing downs? ehhh.... i dont see it

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                    Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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                      Green + Tate = Sex
                      R.I.P Chris 'Slim' Henry


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                        Blackmon and Hightower have said they are going back to school.

                        Nice Phins pick though.

                        Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                          i think austin to tennessee would be a good pick. and i do think austin sneaks into the second round


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                            Can't fault the positions you picked for Dallas but....

                            Passing on Prince for a 3-4 dlineman? x( And dropping Wis that far (62) when he should be going easily top 40...

                            I'd be more of a fan of

                            1. Prince
                            2. Wisniewski

                            Although I like B. Ijalana A LOT. Can't fault the second round pick although with Wis / Ijalana / Moore all sitting I would hardly be disappointed. Definitely not part of the "3-4 dlineman are worth top 10 pick club" and I think the value is all wrong on Heyward.
                            Originally posted by D-Unit
                            I have no clue what Bortles is all about. Has a funny name though. Sounds like a Pokemon.

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                              Like the Paea pick for the Saints, 2nd rounder dont know much about but atleast its a OLB



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