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  • Noondog's First Round Mock #1

    As a result of Luck staying in school and leaving no clear-cut #1 this year, I believe that there will be a LOT of movement trading picks in the first round. A rookie salary cap would only further the potential of this. Having said that, this is a no-trade mock. Have at it.

    1. Carolina Panthers: Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn: With the Panthers hiring of former DC Ron Rivera, I have to think that beefing up the D will be a priority. Fairley gives the Panthers a disruptive force in the middle of their D-line. This immediately upgrades the D-line as a whole and allows Beason to be more productive behind them. Second coming of Kris Jenkins.

    2. Denver Broncos: Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU: Champ's successor. D-line could definitely use an upgrade, but PP is the BPA on the defensive side of the ball imo.

    3. Buffalo Bills: Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson: Bills are desperate for D-line help and Bowers fits the bill (no pun intended). The need for this position is what seperates him from Green for the Bills. Newton is a possibility, but I don't see it happening here.

    4. Cincinnati Bengals: AJ Green, WR, Georgia: Everyone knows that the return of T.O. and Ocho is in question, and the Bengals young receivers fared well in their absence. Having said that, Green provides a game-changing threat that is not on the roster and is the BPA at this point. Hard to pass on.

    5. Arizona Cardinals: Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska: Cards opt for a shutdown corner to play opposite DRC and gives them one of the best young CB duos in the League. I think that Arizona is sold on Skelton's abilities enough to pass on the QB talent available here.

    6. Cleveland Browns: Robert Quinn, DE, UNC: I think that the Browns will eventually revert back to a 4-3 D, if not this year than next. Quinn projects well as a 4-3 DE and gives the Brownies a defensive building block. I think McCoy has done enough as a rookie to warrant them passing on available QB's (similar to Skelton in Ari).

    7. San Francisco 49ers: Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri: Agonizing pick to predict. Ideally, I think Harbaugh would like Kolb as he is experienced enough to fourish immediately under Harbaugh and a team that is otherwise ready to win now imo, especially considering the division they play in. Having said that, I don't see Kolb as an option unless the 9ers part with their 2012 1st. Gabbert is the most Harbaugh-friendly QB in the draft and the 9ers go with him.

    8. Tennessee Titans: Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas: With VY hittin the pavement, the Titans definitely need a QB and I don't see them landing one via trade or FA (of note anyways). Mallett is a more traditional pocket passer which I think gives him the edge over Cam Newton and Jake Locker.

    9. Dallas Cowboys: Marcell Dareus, 3-4 DE, Alabama: The 'Boys draft a stud DE for their 3-4. DeMarcus Ware dances a little dance thinking about all the attention Dareus will command.

    10. Washington Redskins: Julio Jones, WR, Alabama: 'Skins get a playmaking WR here with good value at the pick. Going QB would be preferable, but there's no one worth taking who would fit the Shanahan mould imo.

    11. Houston Texans: Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa: Texans land a blue chip prospect to play opposite Super Mario and take a big step towards having a huge 4 man pass rush. Cornerback could be an option here as well, but can be had in round 2.

    12. Minnesota Vikings: Cam Newton, QB, Auburn: An obvious need, but also seems fitting in the sense that he's built like Daunte Culpepper, except for the fact that he has man hands and can run like crazy. Bit of a gamble here imo, but the upside of Newton is simply too great to pass on at #12, especially considering the need fact.

    13. Detroit Lions: Brandon Harris, CB, Miami: The value may not quite be there for Harris at #13, but the need for a CB makes up for the potential of any lost value. Instant upgrade to the secondary.

    14. St Louis Rams: Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland: Gives the Rams a legit receiver to play opposite Mark Clayton. With Amendola in the slot, Bradford has a trio of good weapons to throw to and should have a great soph season with them. Von Miller and Akeem Ayers are possibilities here as well to solidify the OLB positions.

    15. Miami Dolphins: Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama: I was leaning towards Jake Locker here for quite a while, but I just don't see why the 'Phins would draft him when they have a QB with a similar skill set on the roster (Pat White). I think Miami gets a QB via FA or via trade. Ingram will take the place of Ricky Williams (who is gone imo) and continue the 2-headed monster running attack.

    16. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jake Locker, QB, Washington: The Jags pick what they hope is their QB of the future. He will be afforded the luxury of sitting on the bench for a year and getting coached up to be a more prototypical NFL QB, and the opportunity for him to step in and take over the reigns in 2012 is there for him to take. Risk-reward pick imo.

    17. New England Patriots (via Al Davis): Ryan Kerrigan, DE/OLB, Purdue: Pats continue to add blue chippers to their D with a bulky pass-rushing OLB. He will thrive under the Hoody and brings the necessary character the Pats love with him.

    18. San Diego Chargers: Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State: Chargers pick up arguably the best tackle on the board and plug him in at RT. They need to revive the run game and afford Matthews every chance to succeed.

    19. New York Giants: Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin: The tackle run has begun. Carimi will slide in at LT and stay there for years. Beattie will back up the two tackle spots and take over for Kareem McKenzie at RT when he's done with the G-Men. Good value and need filled as well.

    20. Tampa Bay Bucaneers: Aldon Smith, DE, Missouri: Bucs continue to add talent to a young, up-and-coming D-line that will soon remind us of the Super Bowl D-line they had.

    21. Kansas City Chiefs: Cameron Heyward, 3-4 DE, Ohio State: Beastly as a DE opposite Tyson Jackson in the 3-4. The D-line will take up all kinds of blockers and let the LB's make plays. LB would also be looked at here, although no one of real value at this pick is available.

    22. Indianapolis Colts: Nate Solder, OT, Colorado: Colts have to address OT and they wind up with one who may end up being the best in the draft. A good all-around tackle who should improve the Colts run game.

    23. Philadelphia Eagles: Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado: Might be a slight reach at this point, but need makes CB the choice. The Eagles need to upgrade across from Asante. Dowling and Williams could be the choices here as well.

    24. New Orleans Saints: Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M: Saints absolutely have to upgrade at OLB and take some of the pressure off of Vilma. Miller gives them a playmaker at the position and provides great value at this pick.

    25. Seattle Seahawks: JJ Watt, DE, Wisconsin: First off, congrats to the 'Hawks. I'm glad to see that considering how many spots you gave up in the draft by winning the West, you're at least making a run of it. Seahawks actually do quite well here picking up a playmaking DE with good value while addressing a pressing need. QB would be preferable, but no one worth taking.

    26. Green Bay Packers: Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College: While Clifton had a decent year, the Pack need to continue the re-building process on the O-line. Castanzo and Bulaga are solid tackles to have as bookends on a moving forward basis, especially considering the overall strength of the opposing D-lines in the NFC North.

    27. Chicago Bears: Stefan Wisniewski, C/G, Penn State: Bears pick up a versatile interior O-lineman who can eventually take over at C for Kreutz. Not the sexiest of picks, but addresses a need with good value at the spot.

    28. New York Jets: Cameron Jordan, DE/DT, California: The Jets have the luxury of being pretty well stocked throughout, and take the BPA with great value at this spot.

    29. Baltimore Ravens: Allen Bailey, DE, Miami: Ravens add youth in the form of Bailey to continue the legacy of a dominant defense. Like Jordan, tremendous value at this spot and the Ravens are happy to see him there.

    30. Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike Pouncey, OG, Florida: Steelers take Maurkice's bro and lines him up right beside him just like their Florida days. The O-line overhaul continues. The fact that Maurkice made the Pro Bowl as a rookie is not lost on Steelers management either and they are hoping for lightning to strike twice.

    31. Atlanta Falcons: Justin Houston, OLB/DE, Georgia: Dirty Birds need to inject some youth/talent at DE and go with Houston. Value is so-so here, but the need makes him the choice.

    32. New England Patriots: Marcus Cannon, OT/G, TCU: Pats take Cannon as Mankins replacement. If Mankins stays, Cannon offers depth and versatlity across the line. Oh to be the Pats...

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    ******* twice is a row **** !!

    WTH is everyone drafting Gabbert to SF all of sudden.Please stop its making me sick!Just because his has a good size body built and rumor to be good arm , I don't think he will be in SF to run the WCO system .SO stop it already.I think the only QB we take in round is one Locker at this point.If not then we go defense first two rounds maybe 3 and pick a QB in the 4th is worst case


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      Why Locker over Gabbert? He had 4 games throwing under 90 yards this season (his wr's can only account for so many drops), generally regressed across the board from last year and is not a fit for Harbaugh's system. Just my opinion though. I appreciate the criticism.

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        Really weird KC pick. Glenn Dorsey is an absolute beast in the 3-4. We don't need another 3-4 DLineman.

        Give us Houston there, or the best WR on the board.

        Originally posted by fenikz
        His soft D really turns me off
        ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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          I don't like Justin Houston to Atlanta, doesn't seem like a good fit. Honestly, I think we'd go after Ryan Kerrigan if he was available.


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            Definite position of need for the Bears, but I think he's a little overrated around these parts. Good tacticiain and such, but he just doesn't have the raw strength I'd like to see in a first round pick at center. I could see it I suppose.

            Btw, your order doesn't work for the final couple picks. The last 4 need to have 2 AFC and 2 NFC teams. The Conference Championship losers and the Superbowl contenders. Just a minor thing though...


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              In my opinion Locker and White don't have similar skill sets, Locker is a much better passer and is much more of a pure QB coming out of Washington than White was coming out of WVU. White was drafted mainly to help us run the Wildcat and he really can't even do that well, White shouldn't really be a consideration if we are thinking about a QB imo. I like the Ingram pick but if one of the top QBs is there i think we have to take him because QB is a much bigger need than RB.


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                Originally posted by Catch_23 View Post
                In my opinion Locker and White don't have similar skill sets, Locker is a much better passer and is much more of a pure QB coming out of Washington than White was coming out of WVU. White was drafted mainly to help us run the Wildcat and he really can't even do that well, White shouldn't really be a consideration if we are thinking about a QB imo. I like the Ingram pick but if one of the top QBs is there i think we have to take him because QB is a much bigger need than RB.
                Pat White doesn't play in the NFL anymore. He was waived by the Dolphins in the off season. He should not even be apart of the conversation when talking about a QB.


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                  I'm digging the Pats mock
                  -Boston Red Sox-New England Patriots-Boston Celtics-


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                    Jake Locker will not be our 1st round pick. He is not a Gene Smith type of QB
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                      Originally posted by Master Exploder View Post
                      Pat White doesn't play in the NFL anymore. He was waived by the Dolphins in the off season. He should not even be apart of the conversation when talking about a QB.
                      Yes, thank you, i'm not sure how i forgot about that but even beyond that Pat White is not similar to Jake Locker imo.


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                        Ingram is a nice pick. Jake Locker would work there too though.

                        Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                          I'd prefer Locker to Newton.


                          Originally posted by JordanTaber
                's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                            I can live with this Pats mock.


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                              Solder would not be my first choice but of the players available I guess he's probably the best option.



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