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1/26/11 draft

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  • 1/26/11 draft

    1) Carolina- Nick Fairley DT
    2) Denver- DaQuan Bowers DE
    3) Buffalo- Cam Newton QB
    4) Cincinnati- AJ Green WR
    5) Arizona- Von Miller OLB
    6) Cleveland- Marcell Dareus DT
    7) San Francisco- Patrick Peterson CB
    8) Tennessee- Blaine Gabbert QB
    9) Dallas- Prince Amukamara CB
    10) Washington- Jake Locker QB
    11) Houston- Cameron Jordan DE
    12) Minnesota- Gabe Carimi OT
    13) Detroit- Akeem Ayers OLB
    14) St Louis- Julio Jones WR
    15) Miami- Mark Ingram RB
    16) Jacksonville- Adrian Clayborn DE
    17) New England- Robert Quinn DE
    18) San Diego- J.J Watt DE
    19) New York Giants- Corey Liuget DT
    20) Tampa Bay- Ryan Kerrigan DE
    21) Kansas City- Stephen Paea DT
    22) Indianapolis- Nate Solder OT
    23) Philadelphia- Aaron Williams CB
    24) New Orleans- Cameron Heyward DE
    25) Seattle- Ryan Mallet QB
    26) Baltimore- Brandon Harris CB
    27) Atlanta- Justin Houston DE/OLB
    28) New England- DeMarco Murray RB
    29) Chicago- Anthony Costanzo LT
    30) New York Jets- Aldon Smith DE
    31) Green Bay- Jonathan Baldwin WR
    32) Pittsburgh- Mike Pouncey OG

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    I, for one, am all for drafting "Son of Iron-head" if we have the chance.
    Good N.O. pick.

    2 C 5:6-8 Jakob Murphy aka themaninblack


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      I'll **** a brick if R.Quinn OLB drop to the Pats.
      Great first pick... but a terrible 2nd one though...
      RB is down on the "needs" list and Murray isn't a 1st rd back.

      OL and DE are both much more important needs.
      Costanzo RT, Wisneiski RG, M.Pouncey C/RG would all be better picks.
      Wilkerson at 33 would be sweet as well
      -Boston Red Sox-New England Patriots-Boston Celtics-


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        murray is a first round talent, 3rd round injury liability

        i love me some pouncey


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          I'm on the side of Scott on this one.
          If you're name isn't Adrian Peterson or someone of similiar talent, then you're not a 1st rd back.
          Too much RB talent comes from every other round for you to waste a first one equivilant production.
          -Boston Red Sox-New England Patriots-Boston Celtics-


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            Ingram would probably be the pick there, but we'd have to seriously consider Mallett if he's still available.

            Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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              good SF pick . Could not pass on a good coverage person .Just means a QB in round for us in either Dalton or Stanzi .


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                If we drafted Carimi, what do we do with McKinnie/Loadholt? Neither one needs replacing right now.

                Would prefer Ryan Mallett there.



                • #9
                  Carimi is a mad reach. I would prefer Mallet or Bob Quinn.


                  Originally posted by JordanTaber
        's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                    Houston would be a much better pick for KC.

                    Originally posted by fenikz
                    His soft D really turns me off
                    ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                      Another person that thinks the Giants need to go DT 1st round over bigger needs. Good mock other than that.


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                        DAMN YOU VON MILLER GO AWAY I DON'T WANT YOU

                        signs pointing to that being the likely pick(according to jbond via mort and schefter)

                        I just don't see him being good, basically Aaron Maybin 2.0, get by on speed rush alone has no moves what so ever, maybe this has changed since his last game at A&M but from game tape he just doesn't look like a top 10 pick


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                          LOL at DeMarco Murray.

                          Mike Pouncey >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DeMarco Murray.

                          And thanks for Titus Young at 33.

                          Quinn, Pouncey, and Young would make the Patriots unbeatable.
                          **** her in da *****!


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                            Solid pick for the eagles, I would much rather Brandon Harris than Aaron Williams though.


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                              i actually like the pats pick. murray is def a first round talent, and the patriots happen to pick a lot of reaches lol but i agree with the other pats fans, QUINN IS SEX and 28 should be occupied by OL/DE. seems like a bunch of the pats fans are getting on the titus young bandwaggon. i dont see it, we have a bunch of guys like him already. we need the tall, physical type of WR. hankerson is a much better fit

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                              Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!



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