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2011 NFL Mock Draft [With Explanations]

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  • 2011 NFL Mock Draft [With Explanations]

    2011 NFL Mock Draft

    This is my first attempt at a mock draft. I'm a long time reader, first time poster. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks for looking.

    Carolina: Nick Fairley, DT Auburn
    With a new, defensive-minded head coach now in Carolina, Ron Rivera opts for the best interior defender in the draft class. Fairley was nothing short of dominant in the best college conference, totaling 24 TFL and 11.5 Sacks. A great defense can always stop the run, and this is the first step to rebuilding the Pantherís defense. Along with Fairleyís ability in the run game, his explosiveness and pass rush ability will help other defenders around him, and jumpstart a defense that is preparing to rebuild. Bowers is another possible pick here, but the combination of Bowers as a one-year wonder and Fairley ability as a pass-rusher makes him the better selection.

    Denver Broncos: Marcel Dareus, DT Alabama
    The Broncos offense appears to be getting going with Tim Tebow at the helm, but the defense needs to be addressed, as it has inhibited their progress as a winning team for a few years now. Denver recently changed to the 34 Defense, and while it isnít out of the question that they will switch back to the 43, Dareus fits very well into both defenses. As an UT in the 43 like he played at ĎBama, or as a 5-Technique in the 34, Dareus has the ability to dominate the line of scrimmage in both the running and passing game. Bowers or Quinn are other projected picks here, but Bowers doesnít fit well into the 34, and Quinn is similar to Elvis Dumervil, and while the Broncos have the under-achieving Robert Ayers opposite Dumervil, I donít think they will give up on him quite yet. Patrick Peterson is another popular pick here, but their secondary isnít their weakpoint, it is their front 7, more specifically the D-Line. The Broncos have to stop the run first, and Dareus will have the most impact here.

    Buffalo Bills: Robert Quinn, DE/OLB North Carolina
    The Buffalo Bills new 34 defense wasnít all that successful in 2010, and their lack of pass rush was a key component to it. Robert Quinn only played two seasons, but as a true sophomore showed that he can dominate a game with elite pass-rushing ability, almost in the mold of DeMarcus Ware or Clay Matthews. 11.5 Sacks from a sophomore is close to unheard of, and Quinn should be able to add an instant pass rush to a defense that didnít have a true one last year. Bowers is another option, but he doesnít fit well into the 34 defense. QB is a possibility, but Fitzpatrick showed enough to warrant at least another season at the helm. AJ Green could be a good target across from Steve Johnson, but the defense was abysmal last season, and Quinn would be a great bookend for a long time.

    Cincinnati Bengals: DaíQuan Bowers, DE Clemson
    The Bengalsí offense has some question marks at this point, but what will happen is yet to be determined. There is no question however, that their defense could use some upgrades. The pass rush last season was lacking opposite Carlos Dunlap, and DaíQuan Bowers would be a great compliment to Dunlap, and could provide both the pass rushing ability and run anchoring that the Bengals have been lacking. Antwan Odom looked like a good pickup, but he hasnít been healthy and with all the injuries he has had over the years, his 30 year old body is taking the wear and tear of somebody who is nearing retirement. Bowers is a great value at #4, and the pass rush he can provide will make the top-notch CBís on the Bengals get back to pro-bowl levels. AJ Green is a possibility, but with 85 still a member of the team, accompanied with the late-season emergence of Jerome Simpson, I donít think they would use this pick to take a WR.

    Arizona Cardinals: Patrick Peterson, CB Louisiana State
    I myself am a Cardinals fan, and while I understand that the pass rush makes the secondary better, I think Peterson is too good to pass up at this point. DRC is a great corner, and opposite him we have Greg Toler who isnít bad, but isnít a playmaker. Peterson appears to have Revis-like ability, and his talent at this point is too good to pass up. Teams frequently pick on the cardinals corners with short passes, and when they arenít targeted at DRC, they work with great success. Patrick Peterson has the playmaking ability and physicality that the Cardinals need to resurrect the defense. I do believe though, that if Robert Quinn is available at #5, he should be the pick regardless despite who is on the board, because we do need a pass rusher, but I donít see Von Miller as worthy of the #5 pick. Other than that, QB is obviously a glaring hole, but the front office will most likely bring in a veteran QB, and John Skelton showed enough in my opinion to not be given up on yet. At this point, the cardinals need to take the BPA, which is Patrick Peterson. A player who wins as many awards as he has can play and dominate from the CB position.

    Cleveland Browns: AJ Green, WR Georgia
    Having missed out on the top 5 defensive players in the draft, the Browns look to bolster the offense. Colt McCoy showed promise and the ability to play QB in the league, but he needs a go to target. AJ Green is arguably the best player in the draft, and is regarded as one of the best receiver prospects in recent years. McCoy threw the ball well and showed that he was a gamer like he was at Texas. AJ Green has the size and speed to be an elite receiver in the NFL such as Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald, and the Browns will jump on the opportunity to take the next great WR, and complement their young QB with somebody to work with for years to come. The Browns could obviously use help on defense, but with Fairley, Dareus, Quinn, and Bowers gone they canít get help in the front 7 that would be worthy here, and it isnít worth reaching for another defender when the top offensive player in the entire draft is available. It is plausible that Von Miller could go here, but I think that getting a 2nd year QB a go-to receiver that can change a game by himself.

    San Francisco 49ers: Von Miller, OLB Texas A&M
    The 49erís defense experiment with Mike Singletary failed, but this is a team that is still built around the defense. This past season, Manny Lawson, Parys Haralson, Travis LaBoy, and Ahmad Brooks had 2.5, 4, 5, 5 sacks, respectively. That isnít great for any of them, and shows that they need a dominant pass rusher. Von Miller is a pure pass rusher, and will be a great 34 OLB for their system. Millerís biggest downside is his run-support, but with these other veterans, they can play run downs while Miller focuses on getting on the quarterback. If the 49ers bolstered their pass rush, it would really benefit the defense, and get them closer to the project that Singletary was trying to install. Von Miller is most likely going to blow up the combine, and combined with 28.5 sacks in the past two seasons and a Butkus Award under his belt, he should be a top 10 lock, and a very productive pass rusher for whichever team that selects him. Another strong possibility here is QB, but with a new coach in Harbaugh, I believe he will want to see what he has to work with before he goes out and drops a pick on a 1st round QB. Not to mention, the QBís available donít live up to what Harbaugh had at Stanford, and that should influence him to stick with resolving the defense before moving on to a QB.

    Tennessee Titans: Blaine Gabbert, QB Missouri
    There is no team with a more desperate need for a QB in the entire NFL. The Titans plan with Vince Young has faltered, and he more than likely wonít be back next year, and if he is, isnít the franchise signal caller that the team needed. Kerry Collins is what they have going in, and while he has had success in his career, he isnít a great QB, and is getting way up there in age. Collins, however, could be a great mentor to Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert has the arm that you look for in an NFL QB, and while I personally not completely sold on him, he is the best QB option for the Titans. Cam Newton could gather interest, but the Titans will most likely be avoiding an athletic QB like Newton, because of their Vince Young pick. I think Gabbert could be the franchise signal caller that can lead the Titans back to the playoffs. There is talent available on the board, but none is more important than a signal caller. The Titans have a desperate need at the QB position that needs to be addressed this year.

    Dallas Cowboys: Prince Amukamara, CB Nebraska
    The cowboys have issues at CB, and that isnít a good think when you play in the NFC East. Between having to play DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks twice a year, they need CBís who can shut them down (or a punter that isnít a numbskullÖ). Terrence Newman is getting older and itís only a matter of time before he declines quickly, and opposite him Mike Jenkins isnít living up to the hype. Prince Amukamara is a talented CB with ideal size and speed to play the position, and should be able to make an instant impact. He showed that he can shut down top-notch receivers at the college level, and his game translates well to the NFL. The Cowboys have some holes on the O-Line and D-Line, but no O-Lineman is worthy of a selection here, and the need at CB is more glaring than the one of the defensive line. Amukamara should help instantly within the division, and allow the Cowboys defense to compete as it is in position to do.

    Washington Redskins: Julio Jones, WR Alabama
    The Redskins havenít had a true #1 WR for a while, and Julio Jones could be that guy. He has great size, and compliments it nicely with his speed and hands. The ĎSkins went the entire season throwing to Santana Moss, who had a good season, and Armstrong who showed big play ability. Moss showed that he can play, but is more of a possession receiver than a true #1 target. Moss and Armstrong are 5í10 and 5í11 respectively, and Jones would give Grossman/McNabb a big 6í4 receiver who can be the go-to guy they need. The speed that they have at receiver already would be a perfect compliment to a big guy like Julio Jones, and they would open the field for Jones to dominate. QB is a possibility here, but there is so much money invested into the position already, and Rex Grossman showed some promise in the end of the season. The pass game showed some flashes, but a true lack of number one wideout inhibited the offenseís progress.

    Houston Texans: Ryan Kerrigan, DE/OLB Purdue
    This may appear like a high spot for Ryan Kerrigan, but his offseason is going to be impressive. Already turning heads at the Senior Bowl and showcasing better pass rushing ability than most anticipated, he could go this high if his measurable are good at the combine. He was big his senior year with 26 TFL and 12.5 Sacks, and has elite intangibles that will entice a team to take him this early. The Texans are most likely making the switch to the 34, and they will need OLB to fill the front seven, and Kerrigan has a high motor and pass rush ability that is coveted at the 34 OLB position. Kerrigan has been going up draft boards, and his versatility will be useful for a team transitioning to a 34, as some 43 may be incorporated into the new defense. Kerrigan can hold his own in the run game, and it is difficult to turn down a guy with his production and intangibles, all combined with good showings at the Senior Bowl. The Texans will need a new NT for their scheme, and while Stephen Paea could be a good pick here, I feel there are some great pure NT that will be available in the second round, but no pass rushers of Kerriganís ability available then.

    Minnesota Vikings: Cam Newton, QB Auburn
    Along with the Titans, the Vikings are in need of a QB. Joe Webb showed some flashes, but it is very difficult to see him as a franchise signal caller. The Vikings offense is built around the ďBig PlayĒ, with guys who can change the complexion of a game in one snap. Guys like Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, and a top TE in Visanthe Shiancoe. Cam Newton fits in like that, as he can make the big runs when the field is there, and these playmakers would make the NFL transition easier for Newton. Newton would just be a manager of the game, and hand off to Adrian Peterson, and get the ball to his playmakers, and not really have the entire game on his shoulders. As you can remember, Favre was great his first year because he ďmanagedĒ, but this past season was awful when he had to carry the team. Newton could be that manager, and if the pass to his playmakers isnít there, he can take off and make the big play himself. The Vikings could use an upgrade on the offensive line or a top-flight CB, but neither are available here, and there is no denying that the Vikings need to address the QB situation before things get uglier than they did this year.

    Detroit Trades Selection to Tampa Bay: Cameron Jordan, DE California
    The Buccaneers are in need of a defensive end, and Cameron Jordan has been dominating the Senior Bowl and is going up draft boards. Jordan is a physical player that has great on-field intelligence, and is a true football player. He was looked at as a late-first round type before the Senior Bowl, but he has been impressive during the Bowl, and has been manhandling people who try to block him. He is coming up boards and with a solid Combine should solidify himself in the middle of the first round, and the Buccaneers jump on the opportunity to get a hard-nosed DE that will bolster their pass rush, and couple with Gerald McCoy to make their defensive line dominant like it was during the Warren Sapp days.

    St. Louis Rams: Stephen Paea, DT Oregon State
    The Rams defense was far improved this year, and Steve Spagnoulo will continue to reinforce the defense. Sam Bradford could use some tools around him, but with Green and Jones gone at this point, the defense takes the pick. Paea will provide an upgrade at NT in their 43, and displayed in college his explosion and pure strength. The Rams were without a dominant run-stuffing DT this season, and Paea should be that player they are looking for. Not to mention, Paea can rush the passer, which is something that is very high on Spagís notebook. Spagnoulo, having come from the giants, knows how important a D-Line is and a strong pass rush, and Paea will allow Lauranitis more freedom to roam, and allow him to display the Pro Bowl level that he has shown he can play at. An upgrade in the secondary would also make sense, but none are worthy of the #14 pick outside of PP7 and Amukamara.

    Miami Dolphins trade Selection to New York Jets: Aldon Smith, DE Missouri
    The Dolphins trade down because while they could use an upgrade at RB, those problems wonít get fixed until they shore up the line, and several change of pace running backs will be available in the 2nd and 3rd round. The Jets trade up because they need to bolster their pass rush, and Smith wonít make it past the next 3 teams, all of whom need a pass rusher. The Jets have a great defense, but their OLB werenít as productive pass rushers as they wouldíve hoped for. Calvin Pace and Jason Taylor only managed to combine for 10.5 sacks, and the Jets are in need of somebody who can bring pressure by himself, ala Clay Matthews or LaMarr Woodley. Aldon Smith is an explosive athlete that has a ton of potential, and while it hasnít quite been achieved yet, he did produce and wreaked havoc as a pass rusher. A strong combine will most likely boost him up draft boards, similar to what we saw with Jason Pierre-Paul in last yearís draft. Smith may be too small to help out in the run game as a rookie, but there are some veterans around who can handle run game duties, and allow Smith to do what he does best, which is get after the QB.

    Jacksonville Jaguars: Jake Locker, QB Washington
    This pick may throw up some question marks, but it has legitimacy. David Garrard was never a great QB, and he is getting up there in age. He turns 33 before the season starts, and he doesnít appear to be a type of QB that will play for 4-5 more years. His end is probably with 2 or 3 years, which is a perfect amount of time to develop a guy like Jake Locker. Locker has top-notch intangibles, and could have been a top 5 pick in the 2010 draft. Locker should develop into a good QB, and his work ethic and dedication will pay dividends after sitting behind Garrard for a year or two. The Jaguars do have defensive holes that they need to fill, but there are no pass rushers here worthy of a pick, as Smith was just taken the pick before. Ultimately, Garrard was never elite, and he isnít the future signal caller of the franchise. Locker has the potential to be, and a QB is the way to go with a relatively young offense.

    New England Patriots (OAK): JJ Watt, DE Wisconsin
    The Patriots, as we know, donít have a ton of holes. Their most significant are along the defensive line, as well as OLB to pressure the QB opposite Jermaine Cunningham. At this point, they havenít replaced Richard Seymour, and need to shore up the defensive line, and opt for a Belicheck type player in JJ Watt. Watt has the high motor, the intangibles, and versatility that the Patriots like. His 21 TFL in a top-notch conference show his ability to plug the run, and he immediately upgrades the position. Watt has the experience kicking inside to DT in the 43 he played at Wisconsin, so the transition to 34 DE should be an easy one. An OLB like Justin Houston could be the selection, but I match Watt and Belicheck together very easily, his high motor and intangibles will be enough to sway the Patriots toward selecting him. His triangle numbers may not be off the charts, but the Patriots arenít too concerned with that, they look for pure football players; and Watt is the epitome of one.

    San Diego Chargers: Adrian Clayborn, DE Iowa
    The Chargers managed to pull of a good year on the defensive side of that ball, and they did so with a plethora of role-players. Adrian Clayborn would be an ideal 34 DE, and would help reinforce a defensive line that used to be dominant when Luis Castillo and Igor Olshansky were at the top of their game. Clayborn is a high motor player that is effective in the run and pass game, and will be an instant upgrade over what they have now. He had somewhat of a down senior season which dropped him out of Top 5 consideration, but there is no denying his ability, and be a great fit in the Chargerís 34 set. A Pass rusher would be another good selection as Larry English isnít panning out as they had hoped, and while Justin Houston could fit that bill, Clayborn is a great value at this point in the draft, and passing him up would be a mistake.

    New York Giants: Akeem Ayers, OLB UCLA
    The Giants have the pass rush, a respectable secondary, but their weakness lies in the linebacking core. Keith Bulluck was a stopgap player, and at 33 isnít the long-term answer. The Giants front 7 is built around speed and rushing the passer, and Ayers fits the bill perfectly. Ayers has versatility and was even thought of as a possible 34 OLB, but his fit as an OLB with the Giants will give him the ability to use his speed from sideline to sideline, while also being able to rush the passer. Ayers comes off as a newer model of Bulluck, and would be an ideal fit to what their defense likes to do. The Giants donít have a lot of holes, and while some help in the secondary would be nice, the value of Akeem Ayers far outweighs any of the second-tier cornerbacks available at this point.

    Detroit Lions (TB): Justin Houston, OLB Georgia
    The Lions traded out of position, because their needs would involve reaching for a player. The Lions pass rush was significantly better with the addition of Ndamukong Suh and the emergence of Cliff Avril. Behind them, there isnít a great talent in the linebackers, and Justin Houston would be a nice fit for a young, and upcoming defense. He also offers pass rush ability, which will bolster his value to the Lions defense. Houston is an athletic playmaker that will more than likely come up big at the combine, and boost up his draft stock. The Lions get good value at pick #20, while picking up additional picks, and filling a major need. The Lions could use help in the secondary, but with so many ex-first round picks, they will see the potential they have, and wait to see if any of them pan out.

    Kansas City: Jon Baldwin, WR Pittsburgh
    The Chiefs had a good season behind Matt Cassel, and while they have tons of playmakers like Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe, and Dexter McCluster, they could use a receiver opposite Dwayne Bowe. It was pathetic that in the playoffs, they were using a WR they had just signed a week before, and emphasizes their need for another receiver. Jon Baldwin will blow up the combine, as his Triangle numbers are in the realm of Calvin Johnson. Baldwin is a huge target with well-above average speed, and while this may be a reach, his combine numbers will be too impressive to pass up, and it fills a glaring need in the offense. Another threat at WR, will force defense to either stop the pass and allow Jamaal Charles to run like crazy, or stack the box and allow Bowe and Baldwin to beat them in the passing game. The defense does have needs in several spots, but being an offensive-minded team behind Todd Haley, Baldwin will be the pick. Haley saw what could happen with numerous weapons when he took the Cardinals to the super bowl, and will bring in another big-time WR like he did with Fitzgerald and Boldin.

    Indianapolis Colts: Anthony Castanzo, OT Boston College
    This is the perfect match. eHarmony wouldnít even be able to make this one. The Colts like lineman than can pass block for Manning, and have great intangibles. Anthony Castanzo is slightly smaller than youíd prefer, but he is a great pass blocker, and has seemingly perfect intangibles. Between a great work ethic and great intelligence, the Colts wonít be able to turn him down. The Colts were exposed this season on the offensive line, and while they had injuries, there is reinforcement needed, and Costanzo is a perfect fit for the Colts style. He should be able to come in on day one, and revamp the offensive line. He may not be the next Joe Thomas, but his pass-blocking ability should be enough to get what the Colts needs; time for Manning to find Wayne, Garcon, Gonzalez, and Clark downfield.

    Philadelphia Eagles: Brandon Harris, CB Miami (FL)
    The Eagles have some defensive holes to fill, and opposite Asante Samuel there isnít a strong presence. Dimitri Patterson showed some flashes, and appears to be more a nickleback. In a passing league, it doesnít hurt to have depth at the CB position, and this pick would give them two great starting CBís, and allow Patterson to work out of the nickel. The Eagles could use a run stuffer here, but nobody warrants a selection here. Harris is a physical corner, as most from ďThe UĒ are, and he will play a nice compliment to Asante Samuel who is more of a finesse corner. Harris has the tools to get into the lineup quickly, and be a key component when the Eagles make another playoff run this season.

    New Orleans Saints: Allen Bailey, DE Miami (FL)
    The New Orleans Saints defense has playmakers in the secondary, and while the linebacker core is a bit sup-par outside of Jonathan Vilma, help on the edges of the defensive line is needed. Allen Bailey is nothing short of a freak, and the epitome of a monster. His combine numbers will blow scouts out of the water, and while his production was somewhat lacking, athletes like this donít come around often. The Saints will jump on the opportunity to lock down the DE spot opposite Will Smith. Bailey can bring a physical presence to the defensive line, and will be able to grow with Sedrick Ellis, and before we know it, this team could have a dominant front seven. The Saints donít have a lot of holes, but this pick could go towards an OLB to compliment Vilma in the middle, but considering Ayers and Houston are both gone, Bailey should be the pick.

    Seattle Seahawks: Ryan Mallett, QB Arkansas
    The Seahawks are an up and coming team with a lot of youth, but their Quarterback situation with Matt Hasselback only has a few years left before he diminishes. Hasselback did show that he still has talent and can play, but there is no doubt that he isnít the long-term answer. Behind him, Whitehurst isnít a starting QB in the league, and is more destined to be a back up. Ryan Mallett has the best arm in this draft, and can simply wow you with some of the throws he makes. Even compared to the QBís already in the NFL, Mallett has a top-notch arm. However, he needs time to develop to change his footwork, which will ultimately make him better in the short passing game. It is pretty accepted that he needs to watch for a year or two before he is ready to play QB, and that time frame should match perfectly with Matt Hasselback retiring or wearing down. He does have character concerns, but he seemed to grow up during his final season, and carry himself like a top-level quarterback. There is no denying this kidís arm, and his potential is too much to pass on for a team that is infusing the team with youth and getting ready for the future.

    Baltimore Ravens: Aaron Williams, CB Texas
    The Baltimore Ravens have a solid team as usual because of their great draft history, but they are lacking in the secondary outside of Ed Reed. The front 7 is pretty close to perfect, and besides a possible OLB, there isnít much need. The secondary however is their weak spot, specifically at CB. Aaron Williams is a top cornerback from a college conference loaded with future pro wideouts. Williams proved he can play with the best, and his physical set should go well with the Ravens. He could step in right away, and be a player that can change games with the pass rush that is already generated. In a passing league, great CB play is a necessity, and the Ravens achieve that with this selection.

    Atlanta Falcons: Kyle Rudolph, TE Notre Dame
    Tony Gonzalez is still an elite TE, but at the age of 35 he wonít be around much longer. The Falcons offense isnít overly complex, as they execute the basic plays with high efficiency. Kyle Rudolph is a great TE that will compliment Gonzalez during his tenure, with Gonzalez as his mentor, and Rudolph will be a great successor to Gonzalez when he retires. Rudolph is also a legitimate blocker, which is important to a team with a strong dedication to the running game. It is well-known that Roddy White needs another receiver to take the pressure off of him, but with none available worthy of a pick at this juncture, Rudolph will relieve some of that pressure and give Matt Ryan another reliable target. The Patriots had two great TEís this season (Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez) and they made it work very well. I think Rudolph could be the next Jason Witten, and who better of a mentor to learn from than Tony Gonzalez? Help is needed in the pass rush department, but the success of the offense could rely on another pass catcher, and Atlanta wonít pass up another stud TE.

    New England Patriots: Gabe Carimi, OT Wisconsin
    Of all the teams in the NFL, the Patriots have the least holes to fill. They could use a pass rusher, but there arenít any on the board here worthy of a selection. Between injuries and possible FAís amongst the Offensive Lines, the Patriots look to Gabe Carimi. Carimi is a physical player that along with versatility to play OT and OG, has great intangibles that the Patriots look for in players. Carimi played LT at Wisconsin, and it appears that he is more suited for the right side in the NFL. However, he showed at the Senior Bowl that he has the ability to play guard as well, and that versatility is something the Pats always like in their players. Even if he isnít a starter right away, Carimi will provide support at several positions, and be a successor to one of the lineman if they decide to walk. Not to mention, Belicheck always finds a way to incorporate players into the game, even in a similar way that the Jets used a 6th lineman in some packages this season. The Pats could use a pure running back to compliment BenJarvus Green-Ellis, but Woodhead filled that role nicely, and leave it to the Patriots to find a star running back late in the draft, or even as an UDFA.

    Miami Dolphins (NYJ): Mark Ingram, RB Alabama
    The Dolphins running game has declined as the age of their running backs has increased. Ronnie Brown will hit the dreaded 30-year-old mark in the 2011 season, and Ricky Williams is already passed it. Mark Ingram is a similar running back to both Williams and Brown, as he is a physical runner that doesnít isnít huge like Brandon Jacobs, and doesnít have the breakaway speed like Adrian Peterson, but makes up for that with great vision and the will to carry the pile and make first contact. The Dolphins line was pretty similar now compared to when Brown and Williams were dominant Running Backs, and itís a sign that its time to inject some youth into the backfield. The defense played well for the most part last season, but their offense was really lacking. Brandon Marshall was a good pickup, despite some injuries, but their QBís were really exposed when the running game wasnít as good. With a re-vitalized running game, the Dolphin offense should get better and take some pressure off of Henne/Pennington. Mark Ingram is also familiar with the Wildcat, as he and Trent Richardson ran it at ĎBama. A QB would be a possibility, but Sporano has said Henne is still his QB, and a strong running game is needed to make the offense move. Ingram can be the difference.

    Chicago Bears: Nate Solder, OT Colorado
    The Bears played much better than anyone had anticipated, and the credit can be attributed to a great defense. The offense played well, as Cutler had arguably his best season, and the run game was solid with Matt Forte. The offenseís biggest problem was their inability to protect Cutler. Their current OT situation is poor, and there are obvious upgrades needed. Nate Solder is a great pass blocker, and while he may need some time to develop into a franchise LT, he has great potential, and his pass protection should be enough to warrant him a spot in the starting lineup. Cutler spent the year running around because of poor protection, and Solder should be a clamp that can hold down the Left side of the line for several years to come. The Bears could use a true #1 wideout, and while Torrey Smith out of Maryland could fill that void, pass protection needs to be made. Good pass protection means more time for the receiver to get open, and when there is time for the speedy Bears wideouts to get downfield and cross-field, they will make big plays.

    Green Bay Packers: Torrey Smith, WR Maryland
    The Packers have had great depth at the WR for the past few years, but Donald Driver turning 36 and James Jones possibly leaving could mean that luxury will diminish. Aaron Rodgers has been a great QB, but the play of his WRís and TEís has attributed greatly to his success. Torrey Smith could be the next receiver to help Rodgers, and his skill set will compliment very well in GB. The packers lack a true ďdeep threatĒ who can stretch the field vertically like DeSean Jackson or Mike Wallace. Not to say Jennings isnít elite or downplay Finley and Nelson, but a vertical threat who could stretch the field and make the big play, or open up the field for the other receivers would be a great addition. Smith would turn a great receiving corp into a legendary one. A pass rusher opposite Clay Matthews such as Jeremy Beal would be a nice addition, but a vertical threat for Aaron Rodgers would make a potent offense even more lethal and dangerous.

    Pittsburgh Steelers: Marcus Cannon, OG Texas Christian
    The Steelers are becoming an extremely dominant team, and they donít have any really glaring holes, outside of the offensive line. They could use an upgrade at CB over Bryant McFadden, but nobody warrants a pick here. Marcus Cannon is a Steelers-protťgť; a big, physical mauler that paves the way for a strong running game. Cannon played LT in college at TCU, but his skill set most likely will translate to either RT or OG. Either way, he is a great run blocker, and his ability to play LT shows he can pass protect too. He will be a great lineman in this league, and his size is hard to miss. Teamed with Pouncey, the Steelers would be adding more strength to what is perhaps the best team in the NFL.

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    I can dig Newton.


    Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.


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      I love the Phins pick, but what I would love more than that is to know what exactly we got for trading down all those spots.

      Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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        Descent SF pick ,however, I don't see them passing on Amukamara CB or even Jones WR for a DE . We still need to big play makers in the back field and WR .Nice work otherwise though. Welcome to the board !


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          Color me curious how the NYJ are going to move from 30 to 15 without a 2nd rounder to deal. Went to SD for A. Cromartie. Shouldn't the Jets be trading down and getting extra picks to fill the holes they are going to have thru free agency? Miami doesn't have a 2nd rounder this year. That's what they want if they trade down.


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            Originally posted by prock View Post
            I can dig Newton.
            I think it would be a great fit because he would have such a great supporting cast. Being able to hand the ball off to AP, and having Rice, Harvin, and Shiancoe would make the transition easier. He could start off as a game manager because of that supporting cast, and as he grows more comfortable making multiple reads he can become the driving force of the vikings. Also, all the attention being paid on Harvin, Rice, and AP will open up the field for Newton to scramble and makes plays like he did at Auburn.


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              Originally posted by thebow305 View Post
              I love the Phins pick, but what I would love more than that is to know what exactly we got for trading down all those spots.
              I plan on making a second round, but this was today's project. I think that because the Jets don't have a 2nd rounder this year (traded for Cromartie), they will look to deal picks in the 2012 draft. The Jets are ready to win now, and they don't value future picks because their core has been solidified, and they will look to win now. A pass rusher could be what they need to get that defense into the elite category that now only the Steelers are a part of.
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                Originally posted by Tebowfan85 View Post
                Descent SF pick ,however, I don't see them passing on Amukamara CB or even Jones WR for a DE . We still need to big play makers in the back field and WR .Nice work otherwise though. Welcome to the board !
                I am a big believer that a pass rush makes the CB's look great. Look at the Ravens. They have a bunch of no names CB's who weren't good with other teams, but they look above average because of the pass rush. Same thing with the Steelers. Bryant McFadden was an awful corner with the Cardinals but he went back to the Steelers and was average.

                That being said, Amukamara would be a good pick, but I really see Von Miller having a Clay Matthews type impact his rookie season, and providing whichever team with a big boost in the pass rush department.

                Julio Jones would be a good pick, but Crabtree and Davis are two great targer for whichever QB is throwing to them. I think having already spent two first round picks on them will tie up a lot of money there, and I think that they will maybe spend a 2nd or 3rd rounder on a receiver. Jones would be a good pick, but because this team is built around the defense, I think they will look to bolster their pass rush.


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                  Originally posted by bruschis4all View Post
                  Color me curious how the NYJ are going to move from 30 to 15 without a 2nd rounder to deal. Went to SD for A. Cromartie. Shouldn't the Jets be trading down and getting extra picks to fill the holes they are going to have thru free agency? Miami doesn't have a 2nd rounder this year. That's what they want if they trade down.
                  That is true, and I didn't realize that. I do believe that a team like the Jets would be willing to give up even next year's first, but more likely next years 2nd and 4th to move up like that. That team is ready to win now, and a pass rush from Aldon Smith could be all they need to get into the Super Bowl. The Jets aren't in a rebuilding process, so they don't really need future draft to build around, as their core has been solidified. I think they would sacrifice high round picks in the 2012 Draft to get who they wanted in 2011.


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                    Locker would be a good pick for the Jags. When you haven't drafted a QB in 8 years, you have to get back in the game somehow.


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                      On the Titans pick, it makes the most sense, given that Fisher and Young are now out so a new coach may want to bring in a QB that he can mold into his franchise signal caller. Given that I think the Titans are likely into a rebuild mode, maybe a year or 2 away, I'm hoping that they hold off on the QB pick in the first round because there is no QB they can draft that can just start right away. I'm hoping for a defensive pick like Von Miller (who has shown the ability to go into coverage and has great size for a 4-3 OLB) or Alderan Smith or Akeem Ayers.

                      Originally posted by bearsfan_51
                      Show me your Wang, if you will.


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                        Agreed. I'm probably just a weeeee bit biased because I love the kid as a player, but Locker on the Jags is my dream scenario. Sit him behind David, get a couple of weapons at WR to compliment MT80 along with re-signing Lewis and we could be set for the next 6 or 7 years on offense.


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                          Originally posted by aNYtitan View Post
                          On the Titans pick, it makes the most sense, given that Fisher and Young are now out so a new coach may want to bring in a QB that he can mold into his franchise signal caller. Given that I think the Titans are likely into a rebuild mode, maybe a year or 2 away, I'm hoping that they hold off on the QB pick in the first round because there is no QB they can draft that can just start right away. I'm hoping for a defensive pick like Von Miller (who has shown the ability to go into coverage and has great size for a 4-3 OLB) or Alderan Smith or Akeem Ayers.
                          That would make sense, but the rule of thumb is that unless you have a franchise signal caller, you have to draft one. I think getting a QB now would be a good start and create a brighter future for the franchise, and not have the dark ages in a year or two. You hold off on a QB if you can win now with what you have, and I don't think the Titans could win now. Kerry Collins isn't the guy that can bring them to the super bowl. Blaine Gabbert COULD bring them there after a year or two learning the league.


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                            Solid KC pick. I'd prefer Houston, but you have him going before the Chiefs pick so I can't do too much complaining.

                            Welcome to the DC boards.

                            Originally posted by fenikz
                            His soft D really turns me off
                            ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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                              Originally posted by SilentJaguar View Post
                              Agreed. I'm probably just a weeeee bit biased because I love the kid as a player, but Locker on the Jags is my dream scenario. Sit him behind David, get a couple of weapons at WR to compliment MT80 along with re-signing Lewis and we could be set for the next 6 or 7 years on offense.
                              I really just can't see a better QB fit for the Jaguars. Two years behind Garrard, or even a year, and Locker could make a big impact, and be a great value at #15. Locker could've gone #1 overall in 2010, and the Jags pick him up in a great scenario in the middle of the first.



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