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    1. Panthers - Nick Fairley (DT - Auburn)
    Panthers miss out on Luck, aw shucks. But Fairley is still a great player. He's not Suh and won't be pure amazing and a huge impact player, but he'll help the Panther D-Line. I wouldn't be surprised if they go for an impact player like Peterson or AJ Green though.

    2. Broncos - Patrick Peterson -(CB/FS - LSU)
    Champ Bailey is a free agent, whether he leaves or not Peterson would be a great pick. The Broncos secondary is HORRIBLE. 25th on pass D (31 on rush D). Besides Champ Bailey (who's 32) who do the Broncos have at corner: Goodman (32), Nate Jones?, & Perish Cox (he's decent). Then at safety, Dawkins who's done and 37 and Renaldo Hill (32). Patrick will be an impact player in the secondary, could play at corner or safety. Most mocks have the Broncos taking Bowers, I disagree.. DL depth is huge this year. They could pick up a solid DE or DT in the 2nd.

    3. Bills - Marcel Dareus (DT/DE - Bama)
    You're probably shocked that they didn't take Bowers. But I think Dareus is a better fit. Bowers is a monster, but in a 3-4 could he still play DE? Bills already have Merriman and Kelsay at 3-4 OLB, but at 3-4 DE Stroud and _____. Dareus would start at DE in their 3-4, and since the Bills are a hybrid and play some 4-3, he could also play DT. Bowers appears to me to be best at a 4-3 DE only. No QB, Fitz is decent.

    4. Bengals - AJ Green (WR - Georgia)
    T.O. probably will not be returning & OchoCinco is 32. Green could replace TO and eventually Ocho. There is the issue with Palmer. But, is any QB worth the 4th overall pick? Probably not. I also doubt the Bengals take a DE, the only other position really available this early.. they have Dunlap who looks good and Odom & their DTs aren't bad either. Bowers still is falling.

    5. Cardinals - Cameron Newton (QB - Auburn)
    Cardinals need a QB, bad. Cardinals had 4 different QBs play this year, all 4 struggled. They could go after Orton, McNabb, or Kolb in the off-season, but I doubt they will. With the 31st worst passing team and worst offense overall the Cardinals need help fast. Newton or Gabbert make the most sense for the Cardinals, but a reach at #5. Newton was the most impressive QB this year, and has good potential. Will he be a start day 1? Only time will tell. Cardinals have other big needs (front 7 on D), but with an early 2nd rounder, they'll be plenty of talent. They can't risk waiting until rd 2 for a QB.

    6. Browns - Cameron Jordan (DE/DT - Cal)
    The Browns need major help in their front 7. You're probably shocked that Jordan is taken this early, but his potential is crazy (may be another Cal raech, like last year with Alualu). Do you go for instant nfl ready or potential? Browns will go for potential. Plus Rob Ryan can have Jordan do some crazy things, at 6'4 285 he can do a DE or DT (4-3).

    7. 49ers - Prince Amukamara (CB -Nebraska)
    49ers need a corner, BAD. Clements isn't the player he once was and is 31, #2 CB Spencer is barely average. Prince is a great corner prospect and would fit in well for the 49ers. I could also see the 49ers going after Quinn or Von Miller.

    8. Titans - DaQuan Bowers (DE - Clemson)
    Drafting another DE, crazy I know. But Bowers is just to great to pass up. 6'4/6'5 270. Babin probably will not be returning, since Wash is gone. Bowers plus Morgan could be a dynamic duo for years.. Mathis|Freeney v2.0? Yes please. I could see the Titans thinking QB here with Gabbert, Mallett, and Locker still on the board. I'd go with Locker if I had to choose.

    9. Cowboys - Nate Solder (OT - Colo)
    Solders draft stock is rising extremely fast. His senior bowl performance, thus far has been great. He's 6'9 315. Not a very "sexy" pick for Jerry, but they could have an elite OL, to help protect Romo. Cowboys need secondary help and a 3-4 DE, but there isn't anyone available right now. Von Miller could be another possibility, but Spencer and Ware are still very effective.

    10. Redskins – Von Miller (OLB - Tex A&M)
    Orakpo + Von Miller = Scary pass rush. Imagine those two coming off the end rushing you're QB? Deadly. 'Skins also need QB and WR, Julio Jones or Locker are also possible picks here. But, I think Von will be the one to get drafted.

    11. Texans – Robert Quinn (DE/OLB - UNC)
    Texans are switching to the 3-4, that could be... interesting. My guess is Mario will play OLB, Cushing goes to ILB, and Antonio Smith will stay at DE. So who is going to play at the other OLB position? Mr. Robert Quinn that's who.

    12. Vikings – Blaine Gabbert (QB – Mizzou)
    Vikings need a QB bad, Tavaris & Joe Webb are not the answer. Maybe Favre wil return (completely kidding lol). So the question is Gabbert vs Locker.. who's the better fit? For the Vikings.. Gabbert has a strong arm and good release. Reminds me of Matt Ryan, and hey they'll have the same QB coach Musgrave.

    13. Lions – Akeem Ayers (OLB – UCLA)
    Congratulations Lions, you finished on a 4 game win streak.. and screwed yourself from landing Amukamara or Peterson. Lions need a CB very bad, Vasher and Houston aren’t anything close to good. Sadly, their isn't any QBs worth the #13 pick available, so they'll fix their next problem: OLB. Ayers is an all-around solid 4-3 OLB.

    14. Rams – Julio Jones (WR - Alabama)
    The Rams need help in two positions: OLB and WR. The Rams need a legit #1 receiver for Bradford. Since Akeem Ayers was just drafted, Julio Jones would be the BPA and best pick period for the Rams. Julio and Bradford could form an amazing duo for years to come.

    15. Dolphins – Mark Ingram (RB – Alabama)
    Ricky Williams has stated he will retire and Ronnie Brown is a free-agent. Even if Ronnie is re-signed, the ‘Fins love their RB duo. Ingram is obviously the best RB in this draft. Dolphins could also go for a QB, since Henne is struggling (Locker). But I think the 'Fins still have faith in Henne. Mark Ingram would be a great fit for the Dolphins.

    16. Jaguars – Stefen Wisniewski (OG/C)
    Seems like every year the Jaguars take a defensive linemen early. With multiple good DL still available, they could turn to that.. again. But I don't think they will thise year. Their DL looked solid this year. Alualu and Knighton are playing good ball, Mincey was surprising. Kampman can still play, and Lane looked solid. Plus they still have 1st rounder Derrick Harvey which they probably haven't gave up on. Garrard is 32, and probably had the best year of his career but has a solid 2-3 more years. I could see them taking a later QB to develop, but since Locker is still on the board.. it's possible. Instead, Wisniewski will be the pick. The starting C is 33, and is nothing amazing. It's a bit of a reach, but very needed.

    17. Patriots - (f/ Oak) – J.J. Watt (DE – WISC)
    Solid pick by the Patriots. J.J. Watt has a motor like no other, he would fit in great as a 3-4 DE in their scheme. 6'6 285, pure monster in the Patriots front 7.

    18. Chargers - Ryan Kerrigan (DE - Purdue)
    Chargers need help in their front 7 as well. Ker is a great player and fits the Chargers scheme. A LB is also needed, Martez Wilson could come off the board here, instead the Chargers opt for Kerrigan.

    19. Giants - Martez Wilson (ILB - Illini)
    Great pick by the Giants. Martez is a freakish tackling machine, at 6'4 250 he could play any LB position. Bulluck probably has another year, and Boley is decent. However, the Giants LBs need help. Golf was decent this year. Martez could help the Giants, instantly.

    20. Buccaneers – Adrian Clayborn (DE -Iowa)
    Bucs get a solid DE this late in the draft. The Bucs DEs were the weak-point to their Defense, their best DE was Stylez White with 4.5 sacks. The Bucs would have a young DL considering they drafted two DTs last year. Buccanneers could also use a safety and it wouldn’t surprise me if they reached on one.

    21. Chiefs - Aldon Smith (OLB - Mizzou)
    This pick I really couldn't decide. The Chiefs need help at OG/C and #2 WR. But, their isn't any players available at those positions worth that draft spot. So I think the Chiefs will go OLB, Vrabel is older (Studebaker looks like he could replace him) and Tamba Hali is a free agent. Tamba will probably return, but Aldon Smith would provide excellent depth is he does not. I could also see Chiefs having interest in Justin Houston or Pinkston (OG).

    22. Colts - Anthony Castonzo (OT - BC)
    Last year after the Colts lost, the GM criticized the teams OL for their lackluster play. You think he would of then drafted a legit OL last year, nope. So the problem continued this year, maybe he will try to fix the problem this year.... and Castonzo could be the answer.

    23. Eagles - Corey Liuget (DT - Illini)
    Eagles could use help at OT and CB. However, I could see him trying to develop a solid DL. They recently brought in the Titans DL Coach (Wash). Who is know as one of the best. He could develop Liuget into one of the best. Liuget would be a solid pick by the Eagles.

    24. Saints - Cameron Heyward (DE - OSU)
    Heyward is a Bailey is good fit the Saints. Saints don't have an glaring needs. DL depth is always great to have. A Runningback could also be an option, but Ivory|Bush should be able to carry the load next year. Don't be surprised if LeShoure does go #24 though.

    25. Seahawks - Jake Locker (QB - Wash)
    Seattle keeps Washington in Washington. Carrol did just trade for Whitehurst, but lets face it, he's nothing. Not sure what he was thinking with that trade. Hasselbeck is near the end of his career, could maybe sneak in a couple more years. Locker could sit and develop behind Hasselbeck and come in and shine. Perfect team for Jake Locker to land.

    26. Ravens - Brandon Harris (CB - Miami)
    Foxworth is coming off a major knee injury, Webb hasn’t shown he’s anything great, and their remaining CBs will be free agents. Another "The-U" player that Ravens hope will turn out great... like Reed and Ray Ray.

    27. Falcons - Kyle Rudolph (TE - ND)
    Gonzalez has had a great career, but it's near the end. Tony Gonzalez can teach Kyle Rudolph for the next couple of years, while Rudolph is the #2 TE. He could develop into a great TE.

    28. Patriots - Justin Houston (OLB - UGA)
    The Patriots continue to improve their D. After drafting JJ Watt earlier, they now turn to OLB. They already have Ninko and Banta-Cain at OLB, but neither are pass rushers. Cunningham is a decent backup OLB, but Houston could come in and see immediate playing time. Patriots could work up some crazy plays to use him on the blitz.

    29. Bears - Jon Baldwin (WR - Pitt)
    The Bears COULD use this pick to upgrade their OL or even target some more DL help. After the combine, Baldwins draft stock will be crazy high. He's 6'5", 225, runs a 4.45ish, and vert is amazing. Remember last time Cutler had a tall/fast target.. it was Brandon Marshall. Could Cutler turn Baldwin into Marshall 2.0, hopefully. Bears can use their 2nd round pick on a much needed offensive linemen.

    30. Jets - DeAndre McDaniel (S - Clemson)
    A reach for McDaniel, but he's probably the best safety for this draft. He's got good size, speed, and can tackle. Eric Smith played well this year, but safety depth is always good to have. Their is other players available for the Jets to take, but I don't think they go BPA.

    31. Steelers - Aaron Williams (CB - Texas)
    Steelers may draft the Pouncey brother, so they can kiss each other again. However, I think they'll address a bigger need first. CB. Ike Taylor is their #1, and is solid.. although he is 30 right now. McFadden got burnt alot this year. Aaron Williams would be a great pickup for the Steelers.

    32. Packers - Gabe Carimi (OT - Wisc)Yeah, that's right Packer won the Super Bowl. Keeping Rodgers protected is needed, and someone will need to replace Chad Clifton in the future. Carimi would be a great pick for the Packers, and will be lucky if he falls this far.
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      Good Bears pick.


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        id be cool with von or julio.


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          Nice 49ers pick !


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            Great Vikings pick.



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              Nice Phins pick! Welcome to the board!

              Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                Of course i love the Locker to Seattle pick. I think some of these picks are too high:

                Cam Jordan, 6th
                Cam Newton, 5th
                Nate Solder, 9th
                Akeem Ayers, 13th
                Stephan Wisniewski, 16th


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                  Originally posted by xpmar9x View Post
                  3. Bills - Marcel Dareus (DT/DE - Bama)
                  Bills already have Merriman and Kelsay at 3-4 OLB, but at 3-4 DE Stroud and _____.
                  Dareus is a good pick.
                  Despite having Kelsey at OLB, he is out of position, and a horrible OLB. Stroud had two decent games this year and will probably be cut (hopefully), Carrington, their 3rd round pick from last year flashed, and should get more PT with Stroud moving on. Carrington and Dareus would be a nice young DE combo moving forward for the Bills.
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                    Awesome pick for the Vikes


                    Originally posted by JordanTaber
          's rocket surgery now, folks.


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                      i like the Chiefs pick alot. It helps that i'm a MU fan as well. I think Aldon be a Pro Bowl 34 OLB during his career. His athleticism and pass rush moves will translate very well to the NFL in a 2 point stance.


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                        Awesome Bears pick



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