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  • Fox sports update mock

    Here is fox sports updated mock after senior bowl.I seriously hope SF doesn't take Newton.Too much of a risk at #7 IMO .

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    As a Titans fan, i'd rather have Prince Amukamara then Gabbert


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      cameron jordan listed as a DE/OLB? lmao cam jordan would be a solid fit as a 5 tech here in New England...... Solid picks...... i just cant see mallett in the top 15 or kerrigan dropping to 24

      Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

      Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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        Nothin new here for the Phins.

        Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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          I'm cool with Mallett.


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            Mike Pouncey to the Falcons? come on now...

            Sig by BK

            “They have one guy, he’s pretty short. But he can go out and play. He can be a little aggravating too.’’ -- Joe Flacco talking about Brent Grimes.


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              I agree... lol @ C.Jordan listed as DE/OLB
              I do like the pick though... he'd start by midseason.
              Costanzo would slip right in at RT. Nice.
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                Newton....hmmmmm thats a pick that tears me apart.
                San Francisco 49ers: 5 Super Bowls
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                  If Julio Jones fell to 17 as well it really would leave the Pats spoilt for choice with IMO the top 34 DEs, OLBs(minus Quinn), OTs and WRs(minus Green) left. I cant really argue who they took at 17, be it Jordan, Kerrigan, Smith etc. Castonzo I don't mind but I think the interior offensive line is more urgent to upgrade

                  BoneKrusher killing it with the sig


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                    No way DE Ryan Kerrigan falls past New England. Many people who have Kerrigan slipping did not watch any Purdue games last year. Or those people are knocking Kerrigan because he is a white football player. Trust me, the guy is a hustling machine. Similar to DE Jared Allen.
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                      Did he really say Newton had "great speed and Michael Vick-like athleticism"? Holy shyte.
                      My sig pic has now come full circle. Lucky me.

                      No offense, but your Raiders draft sucks.



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