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It's a Zinger! 3 Rnd Mock w/FA & Trades (Fun read)

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  • It's a Zinger! 3 Rnd Mock w/FA & Trades (Fun read)

    Round 1

    Zinger!: It's nearly a lock that Vincent Jackson is gone from San Diego next season and while his antics may have stirred many of the contending teams away, the Panthers still consider him a piece that can be apart of their rebuilding process, so they unlock the vault and give him a fair deal. With that signing, they feel they can pass on AJ Green.
    1. Carolina Panthers
    Nick Fairley, DL, Auburn
    The Panthers have to take the best player in the draft and that is now universally thought of as Nick Fairley who absolutely dominated in the National Championship game capping off a brilliant junior season. His character is in question and there is some risk to this pick, but the Panthers saw what millions else saw... a DOMINANT player.

    Zinger!: Cowboys trade up to the #2 spot! Give up 1st, 2nd, 4th and next year's 2nd rounder. The Broncos aren't infatuated with anybody at this pick and are ok moving down 10 spots in order to pick up more picks. The Cowboys have also picked up Jared Gaither in FA so they are not interested in OL at #9.
    2. Dallas Cowboys via Denver Broncos
    Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU
    The Dallas Cowboys have already been linked to having strong interest in Peterson. Newman is 33 years old and is expected to make $9M next season. That isn't gonna happen. Expect Newman to restructure his deal or move on. With those savings the Cowboys can afford to pay the difference between the cost of the 9th pick and the 1st pick of the draft. The Ryan brothers love taking CBs in Round 1... See Joe Haden, Kyle Wilson, Darrelle Revis.

    Zinger!: The Titans trade up to #3 for Cam Newton! The Titans owner, Bud Adams has fired Jeff Fisher and boy what a telling sign that was. This is how I pictured this thing went down… Adams approached Fisher adamantly about wanting Cam Newton and Fisher who was finally over the Vince Young fiasco, flat out refused to do this dance again. The timing of the firing shows that this wasn't a decision based off Fisher's performance, but rather a difference in how the future of the franchise should go. Ownership always wins. ...and in this case, Adams is NOT going to fire Fisher and NOT end up with Newton, so expect the Titans to be VERY aggressive in making this happen. Buffalo gets 2 1st rounders and this year's 3rd.
    3. Tennessee Titans via Buffalo Bills
    Cam Newton, QB, Auburn
    As much as Blaine Gabbert is hogging up the hype for being the premier QB prospect in this draft, I think that once the spotlight shines on Newton, he will ace all his interviews, charm the media and wow them in workouts enough to be the most desirable QB prospect in the draft. Titans fans can say good bye to Vince Young but roll out the welcome mat for Cam Newton!

    Zinger!: The Bengals cancel all future episodes of the T-Ocho Show. TO is not brought back... Chad Ocho Cinco is traded (for a 3rd to Chicago… and Palmer gets traded too (for a 5th to Miami). The rebuilding process is official. Even QB Alex Smith is brought in in FA. Now that they are looking for a fresh start, they decide to sign Mike Sims Walker to a big money deal because they think he can be a permanent fixture. With Marvin wanting a heavy running game MSW is also great because he's a good physical blocker.
    4. Cincinnati Bengals
    Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson
    AJ Green will get some consideration here, but WR is simply not the most important position in football. There may be some who disagree, but I think the frustration at DE for the Bengals has reached boiling point. Bowers makes a lot of sense here and at 6'4", 280 has a chance to be the best DE that the Bengals have ever had.

    Zinger!: Minnesota gives up a 1st and 2nd for Arizona's 5th overall pick. There's a player that they REALLY love and consider this trade being worth it. Have the Vikings moved up for their favorite QB prospect? … NO! When the Vikings brought in Craig Johnson, the ex-Titan's QB coach, it was a sure omen that Vince Young would be dawning a Vikings jersey in 2011. Vikings give up a 5th rounder for VY. They're also looking to bounce back quickly, so they sign OG Carl Nicks away from NOR. Get ready Vikes fans!
    5. Minnesota Vikings via Arizona Cardinals
    Marcell Dareus, NT/DE, Alabama
    *** hit the fan in 2010. Pat Williams' days are behind him and Kevin Williams is not too far behind. Ray Edwards leaves for big money elsewhere. The Vikings need an infusion of talent and youth at that position. Dareus is a complete stud that fits the mold and long tradition of successful Vikings DTs. He should bring immediate reinforcement to a Defensive Line that was only a shadow of itself. If Dareus is the next Kevin Williams, then this pick is well worth the cost of trading up. Much better than drafting a bust QB and some leftover DT in Round 2.
    Added: Vince Young (mock trade), Carl Nicks (FA), Marcell Dareus
    Lost: Ray Edwards (FA)

    6. Cleveland Browns
    AJ Green, WR, Georgia
    In today's NFL, the WR position is a luxury one, but the Browns have actually done a decent job on offense in the trenches and now they need to add playmakers. Colt McCoy looks like he's going to be given a real shot to become their franchise signal caller, and I think he can do it if given the weapons. McCoy to Green could be a special one if they can quickly build some chemistry together.

    Zinger!: Jim Harbaugh thinks he's slick enough to wait for Andrew Luck next year, so he signs Matt Hassellbeck out of FA as a stop gap…a QB well versed in the WCO. Hassellbeck loves the chance to compete against his old team and make them pay by staying in the division. Coach Carroll is looking to go young at QB and has already brought in Matt Leinart to compete.
    7. San Francisco 49ers
    Von Miller, DE, Texas A&M
    Von Miller has seemingly captured the hearts of America. He's ability to rush the passer is elite and when you're evaluating a player, you look at athleticism. You simply don't worry about the weight. At 6'3, 238 Miller has the frame to be molded into Atlas if that's what the Niners want to do. Most players at his position gain "good weight" once they hit the NFL and get into pro style conditioning. Ever since transitioning to the 3-4, the Niners have failed to find an elite pass rusher. Now, they may have finally found that solution.

    Zinger!: Dropping down 5 spots and picking up a future 1st is a golden deal for the Bills. They sign Matt Moore in FA but he's just competing with Fitzpatrick for the short term. Having 2 firsts could be just enough ammo to land Andrew Luck in 2012. Don't forget Bills also get Tennessee's 3rd this year too!
    8. Buffalo Bills via Tennessee Titans (Cam Newton mock trade)
    Cameron Jordan, DE, California
    The Bills have a hole to fill at DE and Cameron Jordan is a helluva player to fill that role for them. Jordan quickly became the darling of the Senior Bowl, and with the entire Bills coaching staff on hand in Mobile, you can bet they didn't miss any of that action. If the Bills continue to make brilliant moves such as this, then their turn around could open a large window of opportunity to win once the door opens.

    Zinger!: Jon Fox tries to jump start his rebuilding project by bringing in 2 of "his guys" who he knows he can trust and insert as a team leaders as he implements his new offense. Say hello to DeAngelo Williams (FA) and Steve Smith (Denver gives up their 3rd rounder).
    9. Denver Broncos via Dallas Cowboys (Patrick Peterson mock trade)
    Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina
    The Broncos certainly don't downgrade too far in talent by moving down to the #9 spot. Robert Quinn is a violent terror on the gridiron and his versatility to play 4-3 DE and 3-4 OLB is a perfect fit for the Broncos defense opposite of Dumervil. The pressure from both ends would be overwhelming. Being out of college ball for a year might play exactly into their hands as he likely would've gone much higher if he had been able to play. Scouts still love him which says a lot considering how far from grace Marvin Austin has fallen. Broncos now have 2 picks in the 2nd and 4th and 2 picks in next year's 2nd round. A considerable coup from Jerry Jones.

    10. Washington Redskins
    Julio Jones, WR, Alabama
    Shanny had flashbacks of Brandon Marshall during his film review of Julio Jones. So at #10, there's no chance of him trading out of this spot when Jones is available here. The NFC East is loaded with talented WRs and the Redskins have been slow to catch up in talent until now. Despite some highly rated QBs being available, Shanahan has a strategy built around grabbing one in Round 1.

    Zinger!: Jacksonville has seen the Top QB prospect fall outside of the Top 10 and are now ready to pull the trigger to jump ahead of the Cardinals. They have signed McNabb (in this mock) but they know he's just a stop gap, so the Jags want to get ahead of the Cards, who could be eyeing their man! Texans move down 5 spots and pick up a 3rd and 5th rounder.
    11. Jacksonville Jaguars via Houston Texans
    Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri
    The Jags have settled in with David Garrard as their starting QB, but there's no question that they already have an eye on upgrading that position. Gabbert may not be ready to start on Day 1, but the Jags can allow him to sit behind Garrard until they are ready to unleash him. The cost of trading up into the Top 10 was too costly, but Houston is fine with trading down here as there is another who has captured the apple of their eyes and would be a reach to grab him here.

    Zinger!: Trading down and still getting Amukamara has the Cardinals War Room in pure jubilee! They sign Donovan McNabb, so they aren't pressured into taking one of the QBs in this draft who they are underwelmed with. They are now refocusing their attention to the Patriots offer of 2 first rounders for Larry Fitzgerald… stay tuned!
    12. Arizona Cardinals via Minnesota Vikings (Marcell Dareus mock trade)
    Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska
    As much as QB is such a huge need for them, I don't see them going with any of those in the draft. I suspect trade or FA, even if it's just a 1 year stop gap. Meanwhile, expect them to shore up other needs, starting with CB with a guy like Amukamara who is a physical corner that can stick to WRs. My only concern is that he doesn't create enough turnovers.

    Zinger!: Braylon Edwards returns Michigan! The FA WR is dejected after the Jets refuse to bring him back, but he lands in a comfy spot with the revitalized Lions team trying to make something of themselves.
    13. Detroit Lions
    Aldon Smith, DE/OLB, Missouri
    When the Lions see tape of Smith, they're reminded of a young DeMarcus Ware. Like Ware, Smith release at the snap is ultra quick. He's younger than most prospects, and is more raw at this point as a result, but his upside is great and his best days are surely ahead of him. This addition is also sure to help the production they get out of last year's first rounder, Ndamukong Suh.

    Zinger!: Rams sign Plaxico Burress out of jail. Spagnola knows Plax, can trust him, and nobody has a bigger need at WR. But Spags isn't done yet! He also reels in sack artist, Mathias Kiwanuka!
    14. St. Louis Rams
    Akeem Ayers, LB, UCLA
    After signing Plax, the Rams are believing that they are starting to surround Bradford with some potent weapons, so Spags can start to focus on rebuilding that Defensive Line… something that has avoided him since his arrival, yet something that made him the great DC he was in NY that ultimately got him this job. He's going to have to start making more people believers if he wants to keep his job. Getting an guy like Smith who was moved all over the line while at Missouri is exactly what Spags needs to start being able to implement his "Aces" package on he had with Strahan - Tuck - Kiwanuka - Umenyiora.

    Zinger!: The Fins look up North to find a QB looking for a new beginning. Carson Palmer threatens retirement and the Bengals give in at the last minute. However, since they waited so long, the best they could do was get a 5th rounder for Palmer. Miami is the highest bidder and will look to Palmer to take over the reigns.
    15. Miami Dolphins
    Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama
    As they say…a good RB is your QBs best friend. Determined to help Palmer, the Dolphins select the franchise caliber RB Mark Ingram from Bama. Fans are tired of the Ronnie and Ricky act and are more than ready to shew them out the door.

    16. Houston Texans via Jacksonville Jaguars (Blaine Gabbert mock trade)
    Justin Houston, OLB, Georgia
    Houston, we have landed! Landed right in the draft range they wanted to. Pop in the tape of Justin Houston and you will see this Bulldawg flying all over the field. Wade Phillips is rebuilding his version of the 3-4 defense and will be looking for a terroristic OLB who can bring violence to the field and Justin Houston is that hitman. They considered taking him at 11, but weren't comfortable with the value, so they pulled of a ZINGER!... picked up a 3rd and 4th rounder from the Jags and STILL got their man.

    Zinger!: Donovan McNabb signs with the Cardinals. Whisenhunt isn'tinterested in drafting a future signal caller out of this draft. For now, they will roll with McNabb and continue to develop Skelton.
    17. Arizona Cardinals via New England Patriots via OAK (Larry Fitzgerald mock trade)
    Tyron Smith, OL, USC
    Trading away Larry Fitzgerald for 2 first rounders is a sign that Coach Whisenhunt is clearly ready to enter a full blown rebuilding process. 2010 was a wasted season for both Fitzgerald and the Cardinals. Now both parties will move on in separate ways hoping to for a fresh new start. Wis selected Amukamara with his first of three 1st rounders, and now he takes the ultra-athletic Tyron Smith from USC who has the ability to become the best OT in this draft.

    Zinger!: The Chargers show willingness to sign Randy Moss under a cheap 1 year deal. Moss is really happy to be in a vertical passing offense and after losing Vincent Jackson, Phillip Rivers is happy too.
    18. San Diego Chargers
    JJ Watt, DE, Wisconsin
    ZING! ZAP! ZINGO! The lights might have dimmed in San Diego during 2010, but there's a new battery charger in town now with the ability to turn up the Watts and that's no pun! JJ Watt is electrifying in name and game! With the need for a boost in engergy and production from the DE position, the Chargers can expect great things from this non-stop motor player down in the trenches.

    Zinger!: The Giants go into FA with an open mind. Center is a definite need and they are able to attract Olin Kruetz at a relative bargain because he wants to go to a team he thinks he can win with as he finishes up his career. GMen hope he can hold the fort up while a developmental player is groomed.
    19. New York Giants
    Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisonsin
    The Giants are defined by their defensive line. It's what won them their SB in '08. The pressure they put on Brady changed the entire dynamics of the game. Since then Strahan has retired, injuries have taken their toll and Chris Canty was a bust signing. Insert Heyward in the middle of that line and you're back on the right track. When motivated, he is a load to handle, but there is a lot to like as he is far from a finished product.[/color]

    20. Tampa Bay Bucs
    Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa
    The Bucs are looking to take the best DE left on the board, and it just so happens that Clayborn has slipped through the cracks. His resistence to playing in the Senior Bowl might have turned off some of the teams picking high in the draft, so falling here is a realistic scenario. Touted as a Top 10 pick going into the season Clayborn has seen his stock take a hit, but I still favor him as a player and I think he'll reward the Bucs handsomely.

    21. Kansas City Chiefs
    Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue
    The Chiefs need help at OLB and Kerrigan fits the bill. He's undersized to play DE in the 4-3, and not as athletic as some other OLBs who have gone ahead, and that has caused him to fall, despite a great display of production and technique. Polian loves to put an emphasis on the front 7 and Kerrigan is tremendous value here . The Chiefs should be excited about the direction this defense is headed.

    Zinger!: Jim Caldwell is FIRED! Wait "Time Out!" No, not this time Jimmy boy. Colts hire Jeff Fisher to take over the reigns as Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts.
    22. Indianapolis Colts
    Nate Solder, OT, Colorado
    Despite the mixed scouting reports on Nate Solder and the up and down week he had at the Senior Bowl, there's no denying that he has a rare combination of size and athleticism at the position. Peyton Manning desperately needs added protection and Solder is worth a shot here. For some reason, I can just picture Solder's name on the back of a Colt jersey too, so I'm sticking with this. You can't really fault me if Solder is a bust... the Colts have not had a kind history in recent years with their 1st round pick success, so this trend may continue.

    23. Philadelphia Eagles
    Brandon Harris, CB, Miami
    The NFC East has become one of the premier divisions for spectacular WR play and the Redskins have just added Julio Jones to the mix. For the Eagles to try to stay in front, they will need physical corners who can keep WRs at bay. Brandon Harris will bring his Miami flare with him and will fit in perfectly with the ever so confident Eagles.

    24. New Orleans Saints
    Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State
    Paea's knee scope surgery which prevented him from performing at the Senior Bowl, drops his stock to the bottom half of Round 1, but the Saints will be the pleasant takers of his services. Marshawn Lynch's infamous playoff run will be at the forefront of the Saints front office when they make this selection. Paea is an immovable object to OL trying to get a push, all they can hope for his for him to give up because he packs power, plays with great leverage and knows how to disrupt plays.

    Zinger!: Pete Carroll is ready to take the next step in his coaching overhaul. Hassellbeck is a FA and Carroll decides against bringing him back. He's ready to flip the script to a new era. Matt Leinart is a guy Carroll trusts and just like Mike Williams, Carroll feels like he can use him properly. Leinart will have to compete with Whitehurst for the starting job, but there's no guarantee that either will be the long term solution.
    25. Seattle Seahawks
    Jake Locker, QB, Washington
    Dream come true for Seattle fans? Could it really be that this is happening? …. YES! Pete Carroll has gotten the thumbs up from Sarkisian that Locker has what it takes to be his trigger man. There will be no quest to acquire Carson Palmer this year or Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley in 2012. But Carroll is smart, Locker will not be the sole signal caller that Pete Carroll ties his NFL Legacy to. That's too much of a risk. Between Whitehurst, Leinart and Locker, he's hoping one will emerge.

    Zinger!: Ravens sign Champ Bailey in FA! The Ravens have a major need at CB and they lose out on the Asomugha Sweepstakes. But Baliey is a guy who will naturally fit in with this veteran defense and hopefully lift the play of others.
    26. Baltimore Ravens
    Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado
    The Ravens biggest weakness just became a major strength. Even though Champ was brought in, he's old and the Ravens are still weak at the position. Jimmy Smith is a physical corner who would fit in nicely in Baltimore. Pass rush was a target here, but no one trumped the value that Smith provided here.

    Zinger!: Falcons hit FA ready to spend some $$$. Near the top of the FA DE list is Ray Edwards. He started off the season slow with 1.5 sacks in 7 games last season, but finished ok. The Vikes decide to not give him what he's asking for, but the Falcons do.
    27. Atlanta Falcons
    Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland
    The Falcons were flying high heading into the playoffs until they got pummeled by the high octane offense of the Green Bay Packers. Finding ways to combat that, the Falcons could look to the high rising Torrey Smith, who's hype train would lead you to believe he'll be long gone before here. A comination of Torrey and Roddy will have the fans chanting TO-RO! TO-RO! lmao.

    28. Arizona Cardinals via New England Patriots (Larry Fitzgerald mcok trade)
    Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh
    The Cardinals trade away Fitzgerald in this mock, but replace the former star Pitt WR with another star Pitt WR. Perhaps the Cardinals can convince their fanbase that that losing Fitzgerald (and saving money along the way to spend on other needs in FA) may work out positively afterall.

    Zinger!: The Bears spend a lot of money on Logan Mankins and they need him too. The fact that the Bears got to the playoffs despite the worst OL in the league is attractive to Mankins who thinks he can help in that department. They ALSO bring in Chad Ocho Cinco (giving up a 3rd) to give Cutler a veteran WR looking to win a ring. The Bears are really trying to make moves that will put them over the top to "win now".
    29. Chicago Bears
    Anthony Costanzo, OT, Boston College
    The Bears are going into the offseason with one question on their mind. What would've happened against GB if Cutler didn't get knocked out of the game. The Bears gave up a league leading 56 sacks on Cutler and a 100+ times if you're counting the number of hits he sustained. Anthony Costanzo is tremendous value here for the Bears and they should scoop him up right away. They choose him over Sherrod because of his edge in intelligence and him being accustomed to playing in cold weather.

    Zinger!: Shine the bright lights! TO is coming to NY City!!! Braylon Edwards is allowed to walk in FA, but TO comes in with a cheaper price tag and more clutch-ability. Between Rex and TO, there is bound to be some great sound clips!
    30. New York Jets
    Cameron Heyward, DL, Ohio State
    Christian was a player who showed up to the Senior Bowl with a real purpose! He was shredding past top talent left and right showcasing strength, spin moves and determination to get into backfields. A player who burst onto the scene during midseason, Ballard garnered early 1st round consideration only to see his stock slip into the 2nd as the season ended. But after a strong week at the Senior Bowl, Ballard's stock is back into the 1st.

    Zinger!: Nnamdi Asomugha selects Pittsburgh over all other bidders. The chance to join an organization with a winning tradition is too much to pass on.
    31. Pittsburgh Steelers
    Phil Taylor, NT, Baylor
    NT is a definite need for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Taylor opened a lot of eyes with an outstanding showing at the Senior Bowl enough to push him into the first round. Worried that the Jets might take their guy, the Pittsburgh War Room is happy to see Big Phil slide to them here. Lebeau can rest asured knowing that the future of his vaunted Blitzburgh Defense will be strong in it's core.

    32. Green Bay Packers
    Derek Sherrod, OT, Miss State
    The Packers have a need for OT and Solder's stock has fallen to the end of Round 1. While he's not a finished product by any means, his upside can rival that of any in the draft. If Green Bay has a smart enough staff to coach him up, and mold him into the player they envision, then they have landed a steal. Let him play behind a guy like Chad Clifton and soak up everything he can.

    Round 2

    33. New England Patriots via Carolina Panthers (Armanti Edwards trade)
    Mike Pouncey, C/OG, Florida
    Belichick's relationship with Urban Meyer has transformed into a pipeline of success with the University of Florida.

    34. Buffalo Bills
    Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame
    The Bills are going to try to stick with Fitzpatrick/Moore in 2011, so giving them a safety outlet like Rudolph is a prudent decision. I'm sure Andrew Luck won't mind that either in 2012. ;)

    35. Cincinnati Bengals
    Mikel Leshoure, RB, Illinois
    Marvin Lewis fired his OC and stated that he wants to run more. Gotta have the horses for that.

    36. Denver Broncos
    Christian Ballard, DE, Iowa
    Seeing Ballard who many consider a 1st round bubble player still here is a thrill for the Broncos who need a lot of help along the DL.

    37. Cleveland Browns
    Mark Herzlich, LB, Boston College
    Dick Jauron has arrived in Cleveland and a switch to the 4-3 is inevitable. A guy like Herzlich who seems to fit Jauron's MO. Jauron will be reminded of Urlacher from his days as Bears coach. He knows what a LB with tremendous leadership and instincts can do.

    38. Arizona Cardinals
    Jeremy Beal, DE/OLB, Oklahoma
    Cards need to add a pass rusher and Beal is the top rated one on the board. Cards have a busy day ahead of them, but seem to be on the right track as far as addressing needs at the right moments of the draft where value is best.

    39. Tennessee Titans
    Stefen Wisniewski, G/C, Penn State
    Protection for Newton and running lanes for Johnson are more important than defense right now. Bad Adams… I mean Bud Adams is determined to make this work.

    40. Denver Broncos via Dallas Cowboys (Patrick Peterson mock trade)
    Allen Bailey, DE, Miami
    The trade down with Dallas is starting to show real dividends as Denver is able to bolster 2 young stud DL in Round 2. Bailey is a real find here as he will fit either the 3-4 or 4-3.

    41. Washington Redskins
    Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas
    Word is Shanahan's new favorite QB prospect is Ryan Mallett. Seeing him here without having to trade up is almost too perfect.

    42. Houston Texans
    Aaron Williams, CB, Texas
    Houston can't afford to wait too much longer before addressing cornerback…and why would they with Williams still on the board?!

    43. Detroit Lions
    Bruce Carter, OLB, North Carolina
    ACL injury has pushed him down, otherwise he would get 1st round consideration…and he still does in some mocks.

    44. Arizona Cardinals via Minnesota Vikings (Marcell Dareus mock trade)
    Corey Liuget, DL, Illinois
    Too talented to pass at this point. The Cardinals revamped rebuilding effort has gotten a huge boost from this draft.

    45. San Francisco 49ers
    Brandon Burton, CB, Utah
    They acquired Von Miller in Round 1 but now must address corner. After Alex Smith, drafting anyone from Utah has to make them think twice, but the secret is out on Burton…and it's good.

    46. Denver Broncos via Miami Dolphins (Brandon Marshall trade)
    Rahim Moore, S, UCLA
    Robert Quinn, Christian Ballard, Allen Bailey and now Rahim Moore. The defense is really starting to shape up into something dangerous now.
    Added: Steve Smith (mock trade), DeAngelo Williams (FA), Robert Quinn, Christian Ballard, Allen Bailey, Rahim Moore
    Lost: N/A

    Zinger!: The Raiders financially clear themselves of Asomugha's contract, but that doesn't mean they have big bucks to spend. Expect a frugal offseason. Rocky McIntosh has become an odd fit in Washington's new 3-4 D. Raiders reel him in.
    47. Oakland Raiders
    Marcus Cannon, OL, TCU
    Al Davis loves speed at the skill positions and SIZE in the trenches. Cannon fits perfectly.

    48. St. Louis Rams
    Jerrel Jernigan, WR, Troy
    Breakin' hearts! Jernigan going off the board is disappointing to a lot of teams. Surrounding Bradford with weapons appears to a strong focus. First, a veteran in Plaxico, and now some youth in Jernigan.

    Zinger!: The Jags lose MSW to FA and no one blames him. However, something must be done at WR, so the Jags sign veteran possession receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh for cheap. Funny how fast he went from a big signing in Seattle to a little signing now.
    49. Jacksonville Jaguars
    Dontay Moch, OLB, Nevada
    241 tackles, 71 TFL and 28.5 sacks for his career at Nevada. The Jags could use production like that especially from a pass rush point of view. They sucked in that department last year.
    Added: TJ Houshmandzadeh (FA), Blaine Gabbart, Dontay Moch
    Lost: Mike Sims-Walker (FA)

    50. San Diego Chargers
    Ben Iljalana, OL, Villanova
    AJ Smith is fond of big bodies along the offensive line. Iljalana is all that and more. The game comes so naturally to him that he often looks like he's not trying his best.

    51. Tampa Bay Bucs
    Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech
    Tampa Bay surprised a lot of folks last year, but their offense still lacks an identity. Ryan Williams has a knack for making guys notice him. Blount and Williams have the makings of an awesome Thunder and Lightning combo.

    52. New York Giants
    Muhammad Wilkerson, DL, Temple
    Insert Wilkerson in the middle of that Giants defense and you get to lower the BOOM on opposing QBs.

    53. Kansas City Chiefs
    Rodney Hudson, C, Florida State
    If the Chiefs can improve their offensive line, then I think their offense can reach a whole new level.

    54. Indianapolis Colts
    Drake Nevis, DT, LSU
    It appears the popularity of the 3-4 Defense has enabled 4-3 teams to acquire the smaller penetrating 4-3 UT type prospects at great value. I think this is a trend that will continue.

    55. Philadelphia Eagles
    Demarcus Love, OT, Arkansas
    The Eagles would value this RT prospect. Love showed signs of brilliance at the Senior Bowl and he is the kind of big body that Andy Reid has shown an affinity for.

    56. New Orleans Saints
    DeAndre McDaniel, S, Clemson
    McDaniel had a down senior year, but I think he'll be a much better pro. He just needs good coaching.

    57. Seattle Seahawks
    Jurrell Casey, DT, USC
    Coach Carroll knows all about the abilities and impact Casey can bring to his team. They have needed a guy to replace Rocky Bernard ever since he left.
    Added: Matt Leinart (FA), Jake Locker, Jurrell Casey
    Lost: Matt Hassellbeck (FA)

    58. Baltimore Ravens
    Titus Young, WR, Boise State
    The Ravens need someone who can stretch the field deep and take advantage of Flacco's strong arm. Derrick Mason has retired (at least in this mock).

    59. Atlanta Falcons
    Lance Kendricks, TE, Wisconsin
    Kendricks would do well as Tony G's understudy and future replacement.

    60. New England Patriots
    Marvin Austin, DE, North Carolina
    Bill Belichick will make a star out of Austin and make teams wonder why they passed on him.

    61. Chicago Bears
    Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami
    Hankerson improved his stock at the Senior Bowl and is now solidly in the 2nd round range. A team like Chicago could really improve from a WR with his size and skills, but he's going to need time to develop.
    Added: Logan Mankins (FA), Chad Ocho Cinco (trade), Anthony Costanzo, Leonard Hankerson
    Lost: Olin Kruetz (FA)

    62. San Diego Chargers via New York Jets (Antonio Cromartie trade)
    Martez Wilson, ILB, Illinois
    Wilson is arguably the best 3-4 ILB in the draft and the Chargers will need to address ILB with the way FA will affect that position on their team.

    63. Pittsburgh Steelers
    Orlando Franklin, OL, Miami
    Franklin is a power player who can bang with the big boys in the AFC North. He has versatility which is a big plus, but I project him early at RG.

    64. Green Bay Packers
    Brooks Reed, OLB, Arizona
    Reed may have hair similar to Clay Matthews and I think he's capable of making plays that will make people confused on who's who.

    Round 3

    65. Carolina Panthers
    Demarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma
    The Panthers lose DeAngelo Williams through FA, so adding a gamebreaking back like Murray is a key replacement.

    66. Cincinnati Bengals
    Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa
    The Bengals have to do something at QB since Palmer decided to bolt. It ain't pretty folks, but Stanzi is fair value here.

    67. Carolina Panthers via Denver Broncos (Steve Smith mock trade)
    Curtis Brown, CB, Texas
    Cornerback is a position that needs a lot of help. Without a 2nd round pick, the Panthers will have to settle for the best CB available in the 3rd.
    Added: Vincent Jackson (FA), Nick Fairley, DeMarco Murray, Curtis Brown
    Lost: Steve Smith (Trade), DeAngelo Williams (FA), Matt Moore (FA)

    68. Buffalo Bills
    Jabaal Sheard, DE/OLB, Pittsburgh
    Sheard did his thing in 2010, hauling in 14.5 TFLs and 9 sacks. The Bills need that kind of production and then some.

    69. Arizona Cardinals
    Greg Little, WR, North Carolina
    Losing a guy like Larry Fitzgerald is a tough, but drafting Baldwin (6'5, 230) and Little (6'3, 220) sure softens that blow.
    Added: Donovan McNabb (FA), Prince Amukamara, Tyron Smith, Jonathan Baldwin, Jeremy Beal, Corey Liuget, Greg Little
    Lost: Larry Fitzgerald (Trade)

    70. Cleveland Browns
    Greg Romeus, DE, Pittsburgh
    Really unfortunate that Romeus only played 2 games last year. Netting him here is a bargain. His 38.5 TFLs and 20.5 sacks between his Freshman and Junior years are nothing to sneer at.
    Added: AJ Green, Mark Herzlich, Greg Romeus
    Lost: N/A

    71. Dallas Cowboys
    Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virginia
    Dowling projects best at Safety in the NFL and the Cowboys are in desperate need for reinforcements in that department.
    Added: Jared Gaither (FA), Patrick Peterson, Ras-I Dowling
    Lost: N/A

    72. New Orleans via Washington Redskins (Jammal Brown trade)
    Mason Foster, OLB, Washington
    Redskins fans… please don't be mad at finding a replacement for Reed Doughty.
    Added: Stephen Paea, DeAndre McDaniel, Mason Foster
    Lost: N/A

    73. Houston Texans
    Jerrell Powe, DT, Ole Miss
    The Texans are doing all they can to implement Phillips' 34 D. Getting the mammoth NT Powe here in the 3rd is the key to making things work.
    Added: Justin Houston, Aaron Williams, Jerrell Powe
    Lost: N/A

    74. New England via Minnesota Vikings (Randy Moss trade)
    Danny Watkins, G, Baylor
    Watkins, a former Firefighter just screams to me... "Belichick Player". He's ready to start on Day 1… something needed after losing Mankins.

    75. Detroit Lions
    Johnny Patrick, CB, Louisville
    A converted WR, Patrick is a smooth fluid corner with active hands. His 12 passes defended and 5 picks last year showed a glimpse of his abilities.
    Added: Braylon Edwards (FA), Aldon Smith, Bruce Carter, Johnny Patrick
    Lost: Julian Peterson

    76. San Francisco 49ers
    Jarvis Jenkins, DL, Clemson
    Jenkins provides good value here and helps to shore up the depth along their DL.
    Added: Matt Hassellbeck (FA), Von Miller, Brandon Bruton, Jarvis Jenkins
    Lost: Alex Smith (FA)

    77. Buffalo Bills via Tennessee Titans (Cam Newton mock trade)
    Kelvin Sheppard, ILB, LSU
    At 6-3, 240 Sheppard has the size to shed blockers as the thump the run in Buffalo's 3-4 scheme.
    Added: Matt Moore (FA), Cameron Jordan, Kyle Rudolph, Jabaal Sheard, Kelvin Sheppard
    Lost: N/A

    78. St. Louis Rams
    Kendall Hunter, RB, Oklahoma State
    The Rams should prevent the overuse of Steven Jackson. Hunter is a nice change of pace back that could do exactly that.
    Added: Plaxico Burress (FA), Mathias Kiwanuka (FA), Akeem Ayers, Jerrel Jernigan, Kendall Hunter
    Lost: N/A

    79. Miami Dolphins
    John Moffitt, OG/C, Wisconsin
    I'm projecting Moffitt at Center here as an upgrade to Joe Berger, but he does provide versatility at Guard. The OL has to do their job for Palmer and Ingram to have an impact.
    Added: Carson Palmer (FA), Mark Ingram, John Moffitt
    Lost: N/A

    80. Houston Texans via Jacksonville Jaguars (Blaine Gabbert mock trade)
    Deunta Williams, S, North Carolina
    Williams is a guy that I would've predicted to go much higher than this if he had competed a full season. The talent is there… will he realize it?
    Added: Justin Houston, Aaron Williams, Jerrell Powe, Deunta Williams
    Lost: N/A

    81. Oakland Raiders
    Rashad Carmichael, CB, Virginia Tech
    Carmichael is the type of speed demon that Al Davis can't resist…. And they have yet to replace Aso, so this is worth a try.
    Added: Rocky McIntosh (FA), Marcus Cannon, Rashad Carmichael
    Lost: Nnamdi Asomugha (FA)

    82. San Diego Chargers
    Quinton Carter, S, Oklahoma
    Carter's stock has been steadily rising. Not sure if he's here in real life, but the Chargers could use help in their deep secondary. Especially with Weddle being a FA.

    83. New York Giants
    Greg Jones, LB, Michigan State
    Jones has been BPA for a while now, but teams have gone with more pressing needs and Jones doesn't fit every system.
    Added: Olin Kruetz (FA), Gabe Carimi, Muhammed Wilkerson, Greg Jones
    Lost: Mathias Kiwanuka (FA)

    84. Tampa Bay Bucs
    Nate Irving, ILB, N.C. State
    Irving is a violent player who is seemingly always around the action. He won't test well, but he thrives off instinct. Bucs are looking for an upgrade over Ruud.
    Added: Adrian Clayborn, Ryan Williams, Nate Irving
    Lost: N/A

    85. Philadelphia Eagles
    Quan Sturdivant, LB, North Carolina
    Adding a linebacker like Sturdivant here will help the Philly D swarm to the ball faster. Adding quality depth there is also a concern as they have had to deal with injuries the hard way.
    Added: Brandon Harris, Demarcus Love, Quan Sturdivant
    Lost: N/A

    86. Kansas City Chiefs
    Randall Cobb, WR, Kentucky
    Finding ways to draw less attention to Bowe, the Chiefs select Cobb, a multidimensional player who broke the SEC record for all purpose yards last season.
    Added: Ryan Kerrigan, Rodney Hudson, Randall Cobb
    Lost: N/A

    87. Indianapolis Colts
    Ahmad Black, S, Florida
    The Colts understand the impact of a playmaking Safety. Bob Sanders can no longer be counted on.
    Added: Jeff Fisher (HC), Nate Solder, Drake Nevis, Ahmad Black
    Lost: N/A

    88. New Orleans Saints
    Pernell McPhee, DE, Mississippi State
    Pernell is a load to handle when his A game is on. He's got the frame you look for in a 4-3 DE. If the Saints can refine him, he could be a every down terror.
    Added: Stephen Paea, DeAndre McDaniel, Pernell McPhee
    Lost: Carl Nicks (FA)

    89. San Diego Chargers via Seattle Seahawks (Charlie Whitehurst trade)
    Kenrick Ellis, NT, Hampton
    Ellis is a gargantuan beast who will draw double teams all day long. If not, expect him to cause turmoil in opponents' backfields.
    Added: Randy Moss (FA), JJ Watt, Ben Iljalana, Martez Wilson, Kenrick Ellis
    Lost: Vincent Jackson (FA)

    90. Baltimore Ravens
    Jason Pinkston, OL, Pittsburgh
    Jared Gaither is out of the picture. Pitts' bloodline for producing NFL OL is strong and Pinkston is no exception. I think he's good anywhere on the right side.
    Added: Champ Bailey (FA), Jimmy Smith, Titus Young, Jason Pinkston
    Lost: N/A

    91. Atlanta Falcons
    Davon House, CB, New Mexico State
    It's rare that NMSU would produce NFL caliber talent, but House has his fair share of supporters… some say 2nd round, but opinions do vary.
    Added: Ray Edwards (FA), Torrey Smith, Lance Kendricks, Davon House
    Lost: N/A

    92. New England Patriots
    Sam Acho, DE/OLB, Texas
    Right on par, Patriots fans can atest that waiting to address OLB is something habitual for Bill Belichick. Acho has some upside worth taking a chance on here.
    Added: Larry Fitzgerald (trade), Mike Pouncey, Marvin Austin, Danny Watkins, Sam Acho
    Lost: Logan Mankins (FA)

    93. Cincinnati Bengals via Chicago Bears (Chad Ocho Cinco mock trade)
    Robert Sands, S, West Virginia
    Added: Alex Smith (FA), Mike Sims-Walker (FA), DaQuan Bowers, Mikel Leshoure, Ricky Stanzi, Robert Sands
    Lost: Carson Palmer (Traded), Chad Ocho Cinco (Traded), Terrell Owens (FA)

    94. New York Jets
    Jordan Todman, RB, Connecticut
    The Ladanian Project is over. The hype has dissolved. Adding a workhorse like Todman will help ensure the running game.
    Added: Terrell Owens (FA), Cameron Heyward, Jordan Todman
    Lost: Braylon Edwards (FA)

    95. Pittsburgh Steelers
    Austin Pettis, WR, Boise State
    Hines Ward's retirement is not much of a shocker. Pittsburgh will have to look in a new direction for a possession receiver. Pettis fits that mold to a T.
    Added: Nnamdi Asomugha (FA), Phil Taylor, Orlando Franklin, Austin Pettis
    Lost: Hines Ward (Retired)

    96. Green Bay Packers
    Casey Matthews, ILB, Oregon
    Re-u-nited and it feels so goooood! The Matthews brothers join forces in Green Bay.
    Added: Derrek Sherrod, Brooks Reed, Casey Matthews
    Lost: N/A
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    Nice work overall .I enjoy the pick two picks for SF.However, I don't think they will sign Hasselback .Hes done for IMO.Maybe as a back up.We need to draft a QB in round two or three depending on whose there for BPA .


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      Originally posted by Tebowfan85 View Post
      Nice work overall .I enjoy the pick two picks for SF.However, I don't think they will sign Hasselback .Hes done for IMO.Maybe as a back up.We need to draft a QB in round two or three depending on whose there for BPA .
      I just didn't think any of the 2nd or 3rd round QBs were QBs that Harbaugh would tie his NFL coaching legacy to. Nor did I think they beat out the value for what I gave you. I think Harbaugh will either go for Luck or Barkley in 2012. A 4th round QB could be career back up type though and I was actually going to give you Devlin or Ponder with that in mind.


      • #4
        If the Steelers land Aso, i wouldnt care if we drafted Roger Goodels Auntie in the first round. Good job!

        EDIT: On the draft front, i like Taylor in the 1st, but overall its not a sexy steelers mock.
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          I couldn't see us trading two first rounders for anyone really, Fitzgerald is great and would fit in here very well but that is too high of a price for us. I do like the rest of the draft a lot though.


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            Originally posted by Jakey View Post
            If the Steelers land Aso, i wouldnt care if we drafted Roger Goodels Auntie in the first round. Good job!
            I honestly don't see anywhere else that would be more attractive to him and I think the Mr. Rooney would open up his wallet.


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              Originally posted by Don Vito View Post
              I couldn't see us trading two first rounders for anyone really, Fitzgerald is great and would fit in here very well but that is too high of a price for us. I do like the rest of the draft a lot though.
              Interesting thought. Personally, I think the Patriots need more quality than quantity... and a guy like Fitzgerald to go to NE is almost unfair to the rest of the NFL. Brady would be known as the best QB ever to play the game and get at least 3 more rings. Then again... an idea like Fitz to NE is so incredible that it would make anyone think they would be without limits!

              Thanks for the comment! I read Fitz was rumored to be on the block in real life, so that's what stemmed this idea.


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                Theres a 75% chance of Nnamdi staying in Oakland. I dont expect him to be gone since he has said a few times this off season that he wants to be back. It all depends on if Al wants him back(and Im sure he does). I expect them to meet in the middle on a contract, and maybe letting Nnamdi have some type of deal that if we dont get a certain amount of wins that he can opt out.

                The Cannon pick in the 2nd is a steal, and would be a big upgrade at RG/RT for us. Bruce Campbell is already being named a starter on the oline somewhere so having a future combo of Campbell and Cannon at the right side would be exciting.

                So with Nnamdi likely to be back I would change the 3rd to a DL, OLB or C would workout.

                "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                  Sherrod & Reed would be a nice haul. I know it would be a great story that ESPN and NFL Network would shove down our throats, but I'm not buying into the Matthews reunion.

                  Preferred 3rd pick
                  Taiwan Jones
                  Rackley, OG, Lehigh (Thompson likes his small school O-linemen and had a strong E-W Shrine)
                  bow ties are


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                    More than happy for the Broncos draft and FA pickups if you didnt include giving up our third rounder for Steve Smith. We could use that on a CB or LB that would be of much more use.


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                      You so crazy. Fun read, nice break and it will be interesting to see Hasselbach die on the field when Chilo olays a double barrel blitzer in free for the kill.


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                        The Saints picks are great. I have seen nothing to indicate that we will be unwilling to pay Nicks what he deserves in order to keep him.

                        2 C 5:6-8 Jakob Murphy aka themaninblack


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                          I will have to go hunt down and kill Jerry Angelo if the Bears give up a 3rd for a washed up, loudmouth, annoying WR. I'd be very glad if he and TO just disappeared and never came back.


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                            if we lose kruetz to FA i can only hope that 1st is spent on Wis or Pouncey depending on whos there...otherwise i have no idea whos going to play C for us.

                            also if we traded for COC i doubt we spend a 2nd on hankerson, at least if its a 3rd going way do we essentially use our 2nd and 3rd on WRs. if we must send a 3rd for COC then i would think we would draft dowling in the 2nd


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                              Great Phins offseason, only complaint I have is that you gave lots of other teams FAs and not Miami. Stephen Ross has told the front office and staff that the checkbook is coming out in this FA class so I'd expect us to make a pretty big splash.

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