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    *Post Senior Week Update* (2/4)

    1 Carolina Panthers - Nick Fairley DT Auburn*
    Number one priority may be a QB but I doubt they look at another rookie this year. Newton might be tempting and Chudzinski is a good OC but the pressure for rapid development and immediate gain from a #1 overall pick might be detrimental for Cam. A guy I liked coming out who they might look at, that I wondered what had happened to before he got a surprise start last season, is Drew Stanton. I can also see Braylon Edwards reuniting with Chud if NY lets him go. Fairley is arguably this draft’s most dominant defensive player and DT is one the their biggest needs. Ron Rivera is old school and probably likes Fairley’s style of play. Fairley = Warren Sapp with long arms.

    2 Denver Broncos - Patrick Peterson CB LSU*
    Peterson is one of the safer prospects in the draft and should make an immediate impact. Sounds like Champ will help another team this season making PP the necessary choice. Even if Fox is considering switching the defensive scheme I think PP would rate higher than Bowers. Tebow will get the opportunity to show he is not a starting NFL QB and Elway and Co. will get to draft Luck #1 next year. Peterson is like a Charles Woodson vII.

    3 Buffalo Bills - Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri*
    Scott mentioned Gabbert as a possible #1 pick next season had he stayed and Luck declared, and Gailey has made comments regarding not passing on a top talent if they’re on the board-sure that could apply to Miller or anyone else but Gailey has also mentioned Fitzpatrick’s age and the opportunity of drafting high and having a shot at a franchise QB that you might not get every year. It would be an ideal situation for Gabbert to transition to a pro offense behind the professor. Plus you’ve got the makings of a classic nickname-Buffalo Blaine. I was likening Gabbert to Alex Smith but he’s stronger armed and physically bigger-he just looks like a bigger version of Fitzpatrick to me-especially with the way he aggressively attempts to fit the ball into tight windows.

    4 Cincinnati Bengals - AJ Green WR Georgia*
    Marvin might persuade Palmer to come back on board and not have to make a desperate move for a starting QB here or in a possible shortened FA period-I’ve no doubt Lewis would like to draft Newton but with probably only a year left coaching the Bengals, barring a great season, it would be wasteful to take a developmental QB here, only to have a new staff arrive the following season. Simpson looked like a #1 imo but it was only for two games-Ship could perhaps be a starter on the outside but looks more suited to stay in the slot-so Green just adds more flavor. However, if Palmer is deadset, the most interesting new QB for this team would be Vince Young. A.J.Green reminds me of a tall Ocho minus the gift of gab.

    5 Arizona Cardinals - Von Miller OLB Texas A&M
    Miller’s stock is through the roof making this a pretty standard projection now at #5. Skelton physically looks the part and once he learns to read defenses I think he’ll be a solid starter-he’s got a little Big Ben in him imo. Some mocks have Prince here but I got the impression Toler played well this past season and it might be too early to give up on DRC. Miller looks like a thinner Shaun Phillips.
    Prev: Robert Quinn DE/OLB UNC*

    6 Cleveland Browns - Cameron Newton QB Auburn*
    Mangini’s firing is an indication that Holmgren had a plan already in place. That plan might also include drafting a big time QB prospect this year and bringing in guys who would not have fit into Mangini’s squeaky clean good guy roster. I think it's conceivable Colt might be looked at still as a guy who could be a serviceable starter but not much more. Taking a developmental QB like Newton is not exactly giving up on Colt because of the learning curve Newton needs. Shurmur and now Whipple were brought in to mold the new franchise QB and I don’t think anyone is ready to declare McCoy as that guy. Newton is something like a raw Roethlisberger and might have too good of an upside for Holmgren/Heckart to pass. The only way they pass on a QB imo is if McNabb comes to Cleveland.

    7 San Francisco 49ers – Marcell Dareus DE Alabama*
    Beginning to see what’s to like about Marcel. Dareus makes a pretty safe first choice for Harbaugh. I don’t see them coveting any of the rookie QBs besides maby Stanzi in the late rounds, even though the CBA might dictate they get a QB sooner, but still not first round imo. McNabb would make an interesting vet choice if he’d be willing to come to the west coast. Another guy I could see returning to the west coast and playing for Harbaugh is Leinart. Dareus compares to a 2010 Jay Ratliff with extra pounds.
    Prev: Jake Locker QB Washington

    8 Tennessee Titans – Da’Quan Bowers DE Clemson*
    After Gabbert and Newton I’m not sure any other QBs make the first round. Bowers is considered a candidate for #1 so if he makes it past Clev and Cin I think Tenn would snatch him up. Even if Babin stays I can see the Titans going with a DE. Babin was still a situational guy last season , is 31, and Bowers has the versatility to move inside on passing downs. Morgan, Jones, Bowers and maby Babin could dampen the high powered attacks of Indianapolis and Houston. Bowers is a stockier Ray Edwards.
    Prev: Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas*

    9 Dallas Cowboys - Prince Amukamara CB
    Rob Ryan’s schemes depend heavily on the backend holding up well-a primary weakness of the Cowboys last season. I think Prince will show up shorter than expected-5’11 and maby a little slower too but still gives the Cowboys an upgrade. Depending on how eye popping Tryon Smith’s workouts go, I think he could also be targeted. Prince reminds me now of Leon Hall.

    10 Washington Redskins – Robert Quinn DE/OLB UNC*
    Unbelievably, Kyle Shanahan has gotten Grossman to look like a competent QB-still not a long term solution but decent enough to not have to make a desperate move in the first for a QB-the second round is a different matter. The Skins might be in a position to just take the BPA in the first and take another pass rusher. With the high powered passing attacks of NYG, Dall and Philly, it might be a necessity. Quinn’s a like a bulked up Michael Johnson.
    Prev: Julio Jones WR Alabama*

    11 Houston Texans – Aldon Smith OLB/DE Missouri*
    High for a such a raw talent like Smith but after the combine, where he’ll probably show the athletic ability to play as a hybrid end, teams will covet him. An extremly raw Justin Tuck imo.
    Prev: J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin*

    12 Minnesota Vikings – Tyron Smith OT USC*
    I think the Vikings could give up their 2nd for Kevin Kolb, who is familiar with the offense and could step right in. Smith could sit for a season and then take over for McKinnie in 12. Easiest comparison is DBrickashaw.

    13 Detroit Lions – Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA*
    Lions should be desperate to improve this position. Ayers appear to be a good comparison to departing LB Peterson and will probably put on a show at the combine.
    Prev: Da’Quan Bowers DE Clemson*.

    14 St. Louis Rams – J.J. Watt DT/DE Wisconsin*
    Watt is more suited for a 34 imo but is versatile enough to line up in a 43 scheme playing inside and out. Watt looks like another Justin Smith to me.
    Prev: Cameron Jordan DE California

    15 Miami Dolphins TRADE to Kansas City Chiefs – Ryan Kerrigan OLB Purdue
    Betting Pioli likes Kerrigan enough to move up and get him. Chiefs give up the #85 pick to Miami to move up. Even though he admitted he was a little rusty at senior week practices I think Kerrigan might be too small to hold up consistently as a 43 DE and will need to make a permanent switch to 34 OLB, despite that he’ll probably struggle in space.
    Prev: Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA*

    16 Jacksonville Jaguars – Julio Jones WR Alabama*
    Del Rio’s been looking for a #1 WR since Jimmy Smith retired. MSW might bail and adding more talent around Garrard might help-or not. The secondary needs help but I can’t see Jack passing up Julio, especially after the broken hand thing. Jones is like a Detroit Roy Williams.
    Prev: Brandon Harris CB Miami*

    17 New England Patriots(f/OAK)- Cameron Jordan DE California
    After looking like the most dominant prospect in Mobile, Jordan should have solidified a top 20 pick. Pats might covet Kerrigan but Jordan might end up the more dominate pro.
    Prev: Aldon Smith OLB/DE Missouri*

    18 San Diego Chargers – Jon Baldwin WR Pittsburgh*
    I think the Chargers have to plan that VJack will leave. Baldwin might show some CJ like measurables at the combine and convince teams he’ll be Megatron II: Optimus.
    Prev: Marcell Dareus DE Alabama*

    19 New York Giants – Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin
    Between Solder and Carimi I think the Giants would go Carimi-more consistent and fits the run first approach they need to get back to.
    Prev: Nate Solder OT Colorado

    20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Justin Houston DE Georgia*
    Houston is not very fast and reportedly is a beast in the weight room. As a stand up guy I think he would get exposed in space but I think he could be a mismatch as a quick undersized 43 end-Trent Cole style.
    Prev: Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin

    21 Kansas City Chiefs TRADE to Miami Dolphins - Mike Pouncey OG Florida
    Dolphins are in a difficult state. No question they've lost confidence in Henne long term but might not be willing to gamble on a questionable QB with their top pick. Whether it was the aging RBs or the disappointing Oline the running game suffered last season. The Dolphins need to lean on the run game again and need better inside push. Trading back and going Oline and picking up another 3rd seems like a good deal. I don’t quite see the Pouncey love myself but he’s a consensus top 20 prospect and Mayock claimed he plays exactly like his brother.
    Prev: Mark Ingram RB Alabama*

    22 Indianapolis Colts – Nate Solder OT Colorado
    If coach Metzelaars can make Charlie Johnson a competent LT he should make Solder an all pro. The injuries and declining line made Manning look human… for a few games.
    Prev: Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi State*

    23 Philadelphia Eagles – Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College
    Eagles need to replace Justice and Philly fans would fall in love with Castonzo. __Insert S.Philly jokes.
    Prev: Ben Ijalana OT Villanova

    24 New Orleans Saints – Mark Ingram RB Alabama*
    If Ingram regains his 09 form the Saints would be a scary team. Figuring the Saints will gamble on that.
    Prev: Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue

    25 Seattle Seahawks – Stephen Paea DT Oregon
    The run defense was solid last season until Cole and Mebane went down but Mebane is a FA and Cole is heading into his 9th season. I think eventually Carroll will make the switch to the 34 defense. By that time Paea should grow into a prototype NT, in the mean time still he could fill Mebane’s spot and help the Hawks run defense.
    Prev: Stefan Wisniewski C/OG Penn State

    26 Baltimore Ravens – Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State
    Ironhead II is the type of talent who could get pushed by the Ravens all pros and blow up as a rookie, in dominant on the field not bust open his head.
    Prev: Jimmy Smith CB Colorado

    27 Atlanta Falcons – Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame*
    Rudolph is a safe pick and can take over at TE when Tony moves on. If Mason Foster runs better than expected I could envision him going first round here as well or Hankerson if he runs well.

    28 New England – Stefan Wisniewski C/OG Penn State
    The kind of solid unspectacular pick the Patriots like to make and Wisniewski seems a good fit at G and eventually C.
    Prev: Trade f/ Marcus Gilbert

    29 New York Jets – Phil Taylor DT Colorado
    I think Taylor would be a better fit in a 43 defense but his size and potential projects well to DE or NT in a 34 and the Jets might not be willing to pass.
    Prev: Von Miller OLB Texas A&M

    30 Chicago Bears – Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi State
    Bears can’t afford to pass up a potential LT, especially not in a Martz offense.
    Prev: Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College

    31 Green Bay Packers – Jabaal Sheard DE/OLB Pittsburgh
    There's always a hybrid guy that blows up post season and gets 1st round consideration. Where was this guy Senior week? Still think he’ll generate enough buzz to raise his stock before April.

    32 Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Ijalana OT Villanova
    Oline has got to be the #1 priority and Ijalana could be a small school gem.
    Prev: Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State


    Round 2

    33 New England Patriots(f/CAR) – Len Hankerson WR Miami
    Dominant enough Senior week that if he runs better than expected he’s probably an easy 1st round pick and the Pats are really missing a go to guy at WR. Could Randy return?
    Prev:Rodney Hudson OG/C Florida State

    34 Denver Broncos – Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa
    Clayborn is a candidate for draft day faller. Not a superb outside rusher and not quite big or strong enough for DT. Add to that some character questions I’ve heard rumored and medical issues…and yeah.

    35 Buffalo Bills – Marcus Cannon OT TCU
    Another senior week no show with lots to prove at the combine but I think Cannon could step in as a rookie and man the right side of a team’s line.
    Prev: Allen Bailey DE Miami

    36 Cincinnati Bengals - Dan Watkins OG/T Baylor
    Dominated as expected senior week. Immediately helps any teams interior Oline.

    37 Arizona Cardinals – Martez Wilson ILB Illinois*
    Schofield, Miller, Washington, Wilson = sick.
    Prev: Mike Pouncey OG Florida

    38 Cleveland Browns – Greg Little WR North Carolina
    Another guy awol senior week. Still see Little as the best yac WR in the draft and an almost prototype WCO WR who will raise his stock during combine & workouts. Reminds me of Miles Austin.

    39 San Francisco 49ers – Brandon Harris CB Miami*
    Unless he runs a blistering time, a guy I can see falling out of the first round and into the Niners lap.
    Prev: Jeremy Beal OLB Oklahoma

    40 Tennessee Titans – Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas*
    First round talent but footwork and decision making and the rumored character ******** are big enough concerns to drop him. Titans could resign Collins to mentor his clone here on how to properly lobb the ball up for Britt, hand off to CJ and keep his mouth shut.
    Prev: Jon Baldwin WR Pittsburgh*

    41 Dallas Cowboys– Marcus Gilbert OT Florida
    Lived up to the pre senior week buzz and showed up bigger and better.
    Prev: Marcus Cannon

    42 Washington Redskins - Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada
    Becoming one of the most intriguing prospects after showing well, considering where he came from, at senior week practices. He’s one guy I can’t think of any comparisons for-the Cunningham ones are off base-Randall was a supreme scrambler-CK is strictly a straight line speed guy. Big upside QB project for Kyle Shanahan.
    Prev: Justin Houston OLB Georgia*

    43 Houston Texans – Jarvis Jenkins NT Clemson
    I’m thinking Jenkins will be looked at as a 34 NT and raise his stock. Can’t think of any Crank that Bernie joke references.
    Prev: Deunta Williams S North Carolina.

    44 Minnesota TRADE to Philadelphia Eagles – Quan Sturdivant OLB North Carolina
    Vikings give up the #44 pk for Kolb. Eagles need a LB that can cover and is versatile enough to blitz on occasion. Another guy I missed senior week.

    45 Detroit Lions – Jimmy Smith CB Colorado
    Adept press CB that fits the Lions scheme and fills a desperate need.
    Prev: Mason Foster LB Washington

    46 St. Louis Rams – Christian Ballard DE Iowa
    Better suited outside in a 43 scheme and showed well at Mobile. Spag should look to stack pass rushers like his Giants did.
    Prev: Drake Nevis DT LSU

    47 Denver Broncos (F/MIA) – Jeremy Beal LB Oklahoma
    I think Beal is versatile enough to play ILB as well but even if not he creates depth and pushes Ayers. If by chance Fox scraps the 34 he might still fit at end.
    Prev: Martez Wilson ILB Illinois*

    48 Jacksonville Jaguars – Jake Locker QB Washington
    Big concerns over his accuracy and lack of progress under Sark are probably enough to undue the first rate measurables. Looks more and more to me like a baseball player rather than QB-something about that blank stare. Regardless, the Jags will jump all over this because they start Dave Garrard. Imo that’s who Locker compares most to though.
    Prev: Ahmad Black S Florida

    49 Oakland Raiders – Rodney Hudson OG/C Florida State
    Perfect fit for the scheme and should start from day one. If Campbell steps up and can play RT, the Raiders would have a dominate Oline.
    Prev: John Moffit C Wisconsin

    50 San Diego Chargers – Muhammad Wilkerson DE Temple*
    Don’t know much other than the buzz but the Chargers could certainly use an upgrade at DE. Kiper likes him.
    Prev:Brandon Burton CB Utah*

    51 New York Giants – Corey Liuget DT Illinois*
    Potential first rounder would make a great UT for the Gmen.
    Prev:Aaron Williams CB Texas*

    52 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Mason Foster LB Washington
    If Foster runs better than expected I could see him go in the first. A respectable time should have him a solid 2nd round pick Could fill any of the Bucs LB spots.
    Prev: Pernell McPhee DE Mississippi State

    53 Kansas City Chiefs – Torrey Smith WR Maryland*
    Teams will be on the look out for the next Mike Wallace and Smith is a good comparison. Plus the Chiefs love the high character guys.

    54 Indianapolis Colts – Jurrell Cassey DT USC*
    Colts should look to address the interior Dline early and Cassey is a solid talent for the scheme.
    Prev: Stephen Paea DT Oregon

    55 Philadelphia Eagles – Aaron Williams CB Texas*
    Down junior year probably keeps him out of the first round but all the tools are there.
    Prev:Devon House CB New Mexico State

    56 New Orleans Saints – John Moffit OG/C Wisconsin
    I doubt the Saints resign Nicks and generating a better running game should be a top priority this off season.
    Prev: Greg Jones LB Michigan State

    57 Seattle Seahawks – Brandon Burton CB Utah*
    Hawks are in need of talent and depth at this position and Burton is capable of starting as a rookie.
    Prev:Jason Pinkston OT/G Pittsburgh

    58 Baltimore Ravens – Titus Young WR Boise State
    Dominating senior week has some talking up Titus as a first round pick but I don’t think he’ll run a terribly fast time at Indy.
    Prev:Steven Friday OLB/DE Virginia Tech

    59 Atlanta Falcons – Mikel Leshoure RB Illinois*
    Falcons need a home run threat counterpart to Turner that can catch well out the backfield and ease the load.
    Prev:Christian Ballard DE Iowa

    60 New England Patriots – James Carpenter OT Alabama
    More than held his own at senior practices and should eventually be holding down a starting OT spot in the NFL.
    Prev:Len Hankerson WR Miami

    61 San Diego Chargers (F/NYJ) – Kelvin Sheppard ILB LSU
    Chargers could be needy inside after this off season-assuming the CBA goes through. Shepp raised his stock last week.
    Prev: Muhammad Wilkerson DE Temple*

    62 Chicago Bears – Jason Pinkston OT/G Pittsburgh
    Bears ought to fully invest in shoring up the Oline and keeping Cutler upright. Pinkston can play RT or take over inside at RG.
    Prev:Corey Liuget*

    63 Green Bay Packers – Steven Friday OLB/DE Virginia Tech
    Packers can afford to double up on potential pass rushers since they get zero production outside of all pro Matthews and have little weaknesses elsewhere.
    Prev: Chris Carter OLB/DE Fresno State

    64 Pittsburgh Steelers – Ras I Dowling CB/FS Virginia
    Dowling season was cut short by injury but when healthy he looks like a Steelers type CB. Also provides depth at FS.

    Round 3

    65 Carolina Panthers – D.J.Williams TE Arkansas
    Chudzinski has coached offenses that were designed for the TE.

    66 Cincinnati Bengals - Rahim Moore FS UCLA
    Need someone to start over Nelson, asap.

    67 Denver Broncos – Luke Stocker TE Tennessee
    Tebow will need an underneath option and seam target.

    68 Buffalo Bills – Lawrence Guy DE Arizona State*
    Athletic 5 tech desperately needed on the Bills frontline.

    69 Arizona Cardinals – Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin
    Solid all around TE helps out Skelton and the run game.

    70 Cleveland Browns – Rock Carmichael CB Virginia Tech
    Ideal cover 2 CB had a solid enough senior week before coming up lame for the game.

    71 Dallas Cowboys – Robert Sands FS Virginia*
    Improving the secondary should be a top priority with Ryan as the new DC.

    72 New Orleans Saints (F/WAS) – Deunta Williams S North Carolina.
    He could be a steal once he recovers 100% from injury.

    73 Houston Texans – John Patrick CB Louisville
    Solid Cover 2 prospect for the woeful Texans secondary.

    74 New England Patriots (F/MINN) – Sam Acho DE/OLB Texas
    Dismantling Solder in the SB game and showing the fluidity to move to OLB has helped Acho’s stock.

    75 Detroit Lions – Pernell McPhee DE Mississippi State
    Joins a talented group and provides depth.

    76 San Francisco 49ers – Brooks Reed DE Arizona
    Hard not to see another Matthews with the locks and similar style of play.

    77 Tennessee Titans – Kenrick Ellis DT Hampton
    Stout athletic run stuffer than Titans need inside.

    78 St. Louis Rams – Vincent Brown WR San Diego State
    Looked like a man on a mission at Mobile and could become Bradford’s #1.

    79 Miami Dolphins – Shane Vereen RB California*
    Potential starter wherever he’s drafted but definitely opening day starter on the Dolphins.

    80 Jacksonville Jaguars – Ahmad Black FS Florida
    Jags need to come away with a starting caliber safety out of this draft.

    81 Oakland Raiders – Deandre McDaniel S Clemson
    Raiders safeties took leaps backwards last season, especially Branch, and I could see them looking for a replacement who’s a thumper with the required measurables. McDaniel could also project to WLB for them.

    82 San Diego TRADE to Carolina Panthers – Drake Nevis DT LSU
    Figuring Steve Smith traded to the Chargers for this pick. Nevis and Fairley could be the cornerstones of the new D.

    83 New York Giants – Derrick Locke RB Kentucky
    Locke might run the fastest time at Indy and after looking pretty physical in senior practices he could be a home run counter punch for a running team. Giants might be interested if they choose to not resign Bradshaw.

    84 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Bruce Carter LB North Carolina
    Bucs could double up at LB and take a gamble on the injured Carter here.

    85 Kansas City Chiefs TRADE to Miami Dolphins – Christian Ponder QB Florida State
    Rebounded well at Mobile and could give the new OC Daboll another heady, accurate rookie QB to break in.

    86 Indianapolis Colts – Will Rackley OG Lehigh
    Colts should be looking to reinvest in the Oline to help protect Manning and improve the running game.

    87 Philadelphia Eagles – Nate Irving LB NC State
    Irving might end up being a steal as he’s still making his way back from injury.

    88 New Orleans Saints – Allen Bailey DT Miami
    Bailey dropped his stock senior week imo.

    89 San Diego Chargers (F/SEA) – Curtis Brown CB Texas
    Chargers might look to add a CB early that can eventually start once..if Jammer declines.

    90 Baltimore Ravens – Devon House CB New Mexico State
    Solid press guy with plenty experience and toughness.

    91 Atlanta Falcons – Austin Pettis WR Boise State
    Distinguished himself at Mobile and could be a nice chain mover and red zone option, especially if he gets stronger.

    92 New England Patriots – Ryan Williams RB Virginia Tech
    Pats can take a gamble on Williams and hope he ends up looking like the franchise back he did last year.

    93 New York Jets - Dontay Moch OLB Nevada
    Moch’s speed and ability to fly around the field should fit in well with Rex’s amoeba schemes.

    94 Chicago Bears – Quinton Carter S Oklahoma
    It’s surprising the Bears were able to get by with Harris in coverage.

    95 Green Bay Packers – Randall Cobb WR Kentucky*
    Driver is soon to hang them up and FA Jones might be a #1 or #2 elsewhere. Cobb could add a new dimension to the run game and pass offense.

    96 Pittsburgh Steelers – Sione Fua NT Stanford
    Fua should end up a solid NT eventually.

    Round 4

    97 Carolina Panthers – Kendric Burney CB UNC
    Shined at Mobile and should make a solid cover 2 CB.

    98 Seattle Seahawks (F/DEN) – James Brewer OT Indiana
    Fairly solid week at Mobile and bolsters the right side of the Hawks line.

    99 Buffalo Bills – Chris Carter OLB Fresno State
    Projects well to 34 OLB and is a sleeper.

    100 Cincinnati Bengals – Daniel Thomas RB Kansas State
    A Lewis style back who could start if Benson is not resigned or add depth.

    101 Cleveland Browns – Jah Reid OT UCF
    Browns are no doubt looking for a long term answer on the right side.

    102 Arizona Cardinals – Clint Boiling OG Georgia
    Experienced and could contribute immediatly in the right situation and with a good position coach.

    103 Philadelphia Eagles (F/WAS) – Greg Romeus DE Pittsburgh
    Eagles can afford to gamble on Romeus returning to full health.

    104 Houston Texans – Jerrel Jernigan WR Troy
    Slot guy and return specialist might add some break away playmaking to the Texans WRs.

    105 Minnesota Vikings – Shareece Wright CB USC
    Mixed reviews on his senior week-looked terrible in some instances but Mayock came away saying he made himself some money at the end of the week.

    106 Detroit Lions – Greg Jones ILB Michigan State
    Probably will drop due to his size and speed then come in and contribute heavily to a team like the Lions.

    107 San Francisco 49ers – Greg Salas WR Hawaii
    Looked like a solid WCO WR to me at Mobile but much depends on his time.

    108 Tennessee Titans – Lawrence Wilson OLB UConn
    Showed better than I expected at senior practices-could earn a spot based of his solid coverage skills.

    109 Dallas Cowboys – Jerrell Powe NT Mississippi
    Down year but could grow back into a solid NFL caliber NT.

    110 Miami Dolphins – Taiwan Jones RB/WR Eastern Washington
    Intriguing speed guy who might end up at WR. Dolphins suffered from lack of break away speed on offense last season-OC Daboll can scheme this guy into the offense nicely.

    111 St. Louis Rams – Jacquizz Rodgers RB Oregon State*
    Change of pace guy behind Jackson.

    112 Oakland Raiders – Jalil Brown CB Colorado
    As long as he runs respectably he can be a Raider.

    113 Jacksonville Jaguars – Colin McCarthy ILB Miami
    Del Rio man crush. Could probably start for the Jags.

    114 San Francisco 49ers (F/SD) – Marcus Gilchrist S Clemson
    Showed leadership qualities at Mobile similar to Delmas last year. If he runs well he might be long gone by this pick.

    115 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Chris Hairston OT Clemson
    Solid, unspectacular RT who should earn a spot on a squad next season.

    116 New York Giants – Richard Sherman CB Stanford
    Not convinced he belongs in the 4th but if he runs well it’s possible.

    117 Kansas City Chiefs – Ian Williams NT Notre Dame
    Solid developmental NT for the 34.

    118 Indianapolis Colts – DeMarco Murray RB Oklahoma
    Perfect fit for the system-Addai is a FA and has been injury riddled lately.

    119 Philadelphia Eagles – Tyler Sash S Iowa*
    Eagles might be looking for a new starting SS.

    120 Jacksonville Jaguars (F/NO) – Justin Rogers CB Richmond
    Rogers generated some buzz at the Shrine practices-we’ll see how he times.

    121 Buffalo Bills (F/SEA) – Cameron Jordan TE USC
    Position of need for the Bills and Jordan is a mid round sleeper.

    122 Baltimore Ravens – Justin Trattou OLB/DE Florida
    Relentess and physical but lacking big measuables.

    123 Atlanta Falcons – K.J.Wright LB Mississippi State
    Can fit on the outside and help the pass rush on passing downs.

    124 New England Patriots – Jeron Johnson S Boise State
    ST and depth at free safety

    125 New York Jets – Adrian Taylor DE Oklahoma
    Good prospect for the 34 DE.

    126 Chicago Bears – Tim Barnes C Missouri
    Kreutz can’t last forever, can he?

    127 Green Bay Packers – Brandon Bair DE Oregon
    Developmental 34 DE could grow stronger and find a starting spot in time.

    128 Pittsburgh Steelers – Will Hill S Florida
    Athletic underachiever helps out the ST and makes depth at safety.
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    Originally posted by borg9
    Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?

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    Give the Patriots Brooks Reed instead of Acho and it's a very good Patriots draft.

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    I'm a whiny little kunt. Feel sorry for me as I go masturbate to a picture of my mom dressed as a teletubby.


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      I like the Raider mock overall... you obviously know our needs but instead of Mcdaniel in round 3, I think Nevis would be better value.
      Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
      Coples is that dude.
      Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

      Orioles - Raiders - UNC - Nuggets/Wizards


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        Originally posted by Brown Leader View Post
        27 Atlanta Falcons – Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame*
        Rudolph is a safe pick and can take over at TE when Tony moves on. If Mason Foster runs better than expected I could envision him going first round here as well or Hankerson if he runs well.
        I really don't want a TE in the 1st round. I don't see Rudolph being THAT special enough to warrent a 1st round pick. Foster is a no cause we are completely set at LB. Hankerson is a very good possibility here but Torrey Smith is the most likely pick in this situation.

        Originally posted by Brown Leader View Post
        59 Atlanta Falcons – Mikel Leshoure RB Illinois*
        Falcons need a home run threat counterpart to Turner that can catch well out the backfield and ease the load.
        Prev:Christian Ballard DE Iowa
        I'm not against this pick, we really could use a fresh change of pace back who could eventually take over for Turner in a few years. Sam Acho could also be a possibilty here, but thats jus cause i love the guy.

        Originally posted by Brown Leader View Post
        91 Atlanta Falcons – Austin Pettis WR Boise State
        Distinguished himself at Mobile and could be a nice chain mover and red zone option, especially if he gets stronger.
        Your reason as to why we'd draft him isn't accurate. We have Michael Jenkins for a chain mover/red zone target. Say what you want as to how bad of a 2nd receiver he is but he is tall and is a good red zone target.

        Originally posted by Brown Leader View Post
        123 Atlanta Falcons – K.J.Wright LB Mississippi State
        Can fit on the outside and help the pass rush on passing downs.
        I don't know anything about him so ill skip.

        Sig by BK

        “They have one guy, he’s pretty short. But he can go out and play. He can be a little aggravating too.’’ -- Joe Flacco talking about Brent Grimes.


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          The first two Ravens picks are great, the last two are pretty meh/bad. House is a reach in the third and we don't play a whole lot of press coverage anyways. If he's capable of manning up big receivers he'd be a fit.

          Trattou falls under the same category as House, except the reach here is significantly more massive. Especially with Jeron Johnson on the board, we need help at safety in a big way. Zbikowski will probably get the nod as the starter if/when we let Landry walk, but I think Jeron would be great to push him and possibly start.


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            near perfect Titans draft.

            Other than, i'd rather have DeAndre McDaniel in the 3rd.. other than that, great draft!


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              If O-line isn't addressed in the first 4 rounds I will be disappointed. Need OT of the future or an interior linemen (Colledge is a FA). As for doubling up on OLB, I don't see it. Walden has actually played fairly well. I'm interested to see what he looks like after a full training camp under Greene. At very least he is a solid backup, if they spend a 1 or 2 on the future at that position. I like Friday actually, but seems like a reach in round 2.
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                Originally posted by Razor View Post
                Give the Patriots Brooks Reed instead of Acho and it's a very good Patriots draft.
                Pretty much this
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                  Cameron Jordan had a great Senior Bowl and it's possible he'd be the pick if he was available at #17, but I don't know if he's a two-gap guy like New England usually wants for their defensive ends. His pass rush skills are a plus but lately I've been thinking maybe he's more of a 4-3 left end. Hard to complain with that pick though. I do like Stefen Wisniewski a lot at #28. Hankerson is a great pick as well. James Carpenter is a possibility because of the Saban connection but I wonder if he's more of a man-blocker instead of a zone-blocker. Maybe Marcus Gilbert would be a better pick there. Sam Acho is a great pick, although Brooks Reed's also another strong possibility. I'm fine with taking a big of a risk on Ryan Williams at the end of the third because most of the other positions have been accounted for, although personally I think with a few tweaks to his running style (mainly running behind his pads), DeMarco Murray would be a great fit for New England. Being part of a committee could keep him healthy, he's an excellent receiver (71 catches last year), and seems like a perfect fit taking handoffs out of the shotgun and on draws. I'd pick him over Williams. I don't know enough about Jeron Johnson yet to really say, I'll have to try and check him out a little bit more. Overall, excellent draft though.


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                    Very solid Phins draft! I'd LOVE that trade down, and I wouldn't mind Pouncey if we did trade into the 20's. The only problem I have is Vereen going over guys like Ryan Williams and DeMarco Murray. I would MUCH prefer either one of those guys. But I would be very pleased with this draft as a whole. Nice work!

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                      Again almost perfect SF draft.But we seriously need to draft a QB in round 1 or 3 depending on BPA .


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                        49 Oakland Raiders – Rodney Hudson OG/C Florida State
                        Perfect fit for the scheme and should start from day one. If Campbell steps up and can play RT, the Raiders would have a dominate Oline.
                        Prev: John Moffit C Wisconsin

                        He is a horrible fit for your scheme ZB went out the door.

                        John Moffit would be better.
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                          Blah, Solder is way too much of a project and we don't have the coaches to make it work anytime soon. I'd rather have Sherrod.


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                            Steelers is very solid. Addresses the needs of the team. Very Steelers like draft right there.

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                              Bailey in the 4th is a hell of a steal imo, but I will be very upset if we do not address our front 7 in the first 3 rounds. I would also love some proof that NO plans on not doing everything possible to resign Nicks. I this scenario becomes a reality on draft day, I will probably start a bar-fight.

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