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3 rounds with trades

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  • 3 rounds with trades

    -Donovan McNabb goes to Arizona in free Agency
    -Vince Young get traded to Minnesota for a 4th Round Pick
    -New England franchises Logan Mankins and then trades him to Seattle for a 2nd Round pick in the 2012 draft.

    1st Round

    1. Carolina: N. Fairley DT
    2. Denver: P. Peterson DB
    3. Buffalo: M. Dareus DL
    4. Cincinnati: AJ Green WR
    5. Arizona: R. Quinn LB/DE
    6. Cleveland: D. Bowers DE
    7. San Francisco: (Trade to DET; 13th, 45th): P. Amukamara DB
    8. Tennessee: B. Gabbert QB
    9. Dallas: (Trade to SD; 18th, 50th, 4th rd): J. Jones WR
    10. Washington: R. Mallet QB
    11. Houston: V. Miller LB/DE
    12. Minnesota: C. Jordan DE
    13. Detroit: (Trade to SF; 7th, 4th rd): A. Smith DE/LB
    14. St. Louis: A. Ayers LB
    15. Miami: C. Newton QB
    16. Jacksonville: A. Clayborn DE
    17. New England: R. Kerrigan LB/DE
    18. San Diego: (Trade to DAL; 9th): B. Harris DB
    19. NY Giants: S. Paea DT
    20. Tampa Bay: JJ Watt DE/DT
    21. Kansas City: J. Houston LB/DE
    22. Indianapolis: N. Solder OT
    23. Philadelphia: J. Smith DB
    24. New Orleans: M. Ingram RB
    25. Seattle: J. Locker QB
    26. Baltimore: C. Heyward DL
    27. Atlanta: A. Bailey DE
    28. New England: T. Smith OL
    29. NY Jets: C. Liuget DL
    30. Chicago: D. Sherrod OT
    31. Pittsburgh: M. Pouncey OL
    32. Green Bay: G. Carimi OT

    2nd Round

    33. New England: (Trade to HOU; 42nd, 3rd Rd in 2012): A. Williams DB
    34. Buffalo: A. Costanzo OT
    35. Cincinnati: R. Moore DB
    36. Denver: K. Rudolph TE
    37. Cleveland: J. Baldwin WR
    38. Arizona: R. Dowling DB
    39. Tennessee: S. Wisniewski OL
    40. Dallas: M. Cannon OL
    41. Washington: P. Taylor DT
    42. Houston: (Trade to NE; 33rd): M. Wilkerson DL
    43. Minnesota: Q. Carter DB
    44. Detroit: (Trade to SF; 7th, 4th rd): K. Burney DB
    45. San Francisco: (Trade to PHI, K. Kolb): M. Herzlich LB
    46. Denver: B. Carter LB
    47. St. Louis: J. Beal DE/LB
    48. Oakland: B. Ijalana OL
    49. Jacksonville: R. Hudson OL
    50. San Diego: (Trade to DAL; 9th): C. Ballard DL
    51. Tampa Bay: G. Jones LB
    52. NY Giants: M. Wilson LB
    53. Indianapolis: D. Nevis DT
    54. Philadelphia: D. Murray RB
    55. Kansas City: T. Smith WR
    56. New Orleans: D. Moch LB
    57. Seattle: G. Romeus DE
    58. Baltimore: C. Brown DB
    59. Atlanta: L. Hankerson WR
    60. New England: M. LeShore RB
    61. San Diego: J. Jenkins DL
    62. Chicago: M. Austin DT
    63. Pittsburgh: B. Burton DB
    64. Green Bay: B. Reed LB/DE

    3rd Round

    65. Carolina: T. Young WR
    66. Denver: S. Acho DE
    67. Buffalo: N. Enderle QB
    68. Cincinnnati: R. Williams RB
    69. Arizona: R. Cobb WR
    70. Cleveland: (Trade to HOU; 75th, 5th rd): J. Powe DT
    71. San Francisco: S. Vereen RB
    72. Tennessee: J. Patrick DB
    73. Dallas: Q. Sturdivant LB
    74. New Orleans: J. Casey DT
    75. Houston: (Trade to CLE; 70th): J. Sheard DE
    76. New England: J. Jernigan WR
    77. Detroit: M. Foster LB
    78. St. Louis: K. Hunter RB
    79. Miami: D. Watkins OL
    80. Jacksonville: A. Black DB
    81. Oakland: C. Kaepernick QB
    82. San Diego: O. Franklin OT
    83. NY Giants: D. Love OL
    84. Tampa Bay: C. Chekwa DB
    85. Kansas City: S. Fua DT
    86. Indianapolis: R. Carmichael DB
    87. Philadelphia: J. Pinkston OL
    88. New Orleans: K. Sheppard LB
    89. San Diego: S. Friday LB/DE
    90. Baltimore: E. Gates WR
    91. Atlanta: L. Kendricks TE
    92. New England: J. Moffitt OL
    93. Chicago: K. O'Dowd OL
    94. NY Jets: J. Brewer OT
    95. Pittsburgh: K. Ellis DL
    96. Green Bay: J. Brown DB

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    Love love love the Lions mock

    Crazyass sig by BoneKrusher


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      Originally posted by Spartan4224 View Post
      17. New England: R. Kerrigan LB/DE
      28. New England: T. Smith OL
      42. Houston: (Trade to NE; 33rd): M. Wilkerson DL
      60. New England: M. LeShore RB
      76. New England: J. Jernigan WR
      92. New England: J. Moffitt OL
      Not the best Pats draft. I love the Kerrigan pick and I like the Wilkerson and Moffitt picks. I like the idea of taking a tackle in the first, I would prefer Carimi over Smith for us. LeShoure would be decent value at the end of the second but I am content with our running backs, I would rather focus on our bigger needs in the first couple of rounds. We don't need any more small receivers, and although I like Jernigan I don't think we need a receiver like him. He would be good value in the third though.

      The trade with Houston is decent but I think we would try to get more than a third next year if we were to pull off a move like that. The Mankins trade is pretty realistic.


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        That is just ugly for SF.Trading for Kolb why?He is not worth an extra second round pick.


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          Give the Bengals OL in the 2nd then it is a good Bengals draft

          RIP themaninblack


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            The Patriots likely won't accept that little for Mankins. By letting him leave in free agency, they would almost certainly pick up a third-round pick in 2012, and I think they could get a lot more for him, maybe something in the late first round (Chicago?) This guy is an All-Pro offensive guard, easily one of the best linemen in the NFL, and in the prime of his career. I'd love the picks the Patriots make though, although I'm not sure how likely Tyron Smith would be.


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              decent KC draft.hate you have SD getting Jones


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                You started off good with Heyward to the Ravens in the first, but then you tapered off with pretty bad reaches in the 2nd and 3rd. I especially dislike the 2nd round pick with Reed, Young, Hankerson, Cobb, Sturdivant, Jernigan, and Foster all on the board.


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                  I really don't like Marvin Austin, but it is a need position so I'll give you that. I think I'd prefer Jurell Casey as a DT there.

                  But getting Sherrod and O'Dowd would be very nice. Both players I like a lot.


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                    Very solid mock draft for the Saints. Other than DE, we would have filled our key needs. I might be a little concerned, however, about Casey as a NT. I think Jarvis Jenkins in the second or Sione Fua in the third might make more sense.


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                      Like the Packers draft


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                        Do you see us losing Breaston or Doucet?

                        WR is probably our deepest position, just don't see a spot for Cobb


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                          Not liking the trade for Kolb. He seems massively overrated with this, and trading out of the top 10 doesn't seem like a good idea considering the talent available at OLB or CB @ #7.

                          Taking a RB in the 3rd is a knee-jerk reaction to Frank Gore going down. Anthony Dixon is a decent backup, and probably more RBs can be found in the later rounds. Would've been better to take a developmental QB there.
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                            48. Oakland: B. Ijalana OL
                            Works. Big guy. Versatile. Small school. Classic Al Davis.

                            81. Oakland: C. Kaepernick QB
                            Unless you're projecting him to WR, this pick makes no sense. Taking Love there would be great value and would be a really good compliment to Ijalana. Whichever one looks the best at tackle stays at tackle. The other replaces Robert Gallery.

                            Moffitt would be a great pick as well. He'd give Oakland the size/strength at center they've missed ever since Barrett Robbins lost his damn mind.
                            My sig pic has now come full circle. Lucky me.

                            No offense, but your Raiders draft sucks.


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                              I wouldn't hate this Vikings mock.


                              Originally posted by JordanTaber
                    's rocket surgery now, folks.



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