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AKs 2/12 Mock (w/ lame comments):

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  • AKs 2/12 Mock (w/ lame comments):

    1. Panthers: A.J. Green - WR - Georgia
    (The Panthers need to give Clausen legit weapons if they want him to have a chance to become a franchise QB. You don't send a new soldier into battle with a slingshot and a bag of marbles...)

    2. Broncos: DaQuan Bowers - DE - Clemson
    (The switch to the 4-3 makes Bowers an ideal pick. John Fox saw the difference in his former team with and without Julius Peppers. Similar to the difference between Fergie with and without digital audio editing equipment...)

    3. Bills: Cam Newton - QB - Auburn
    (Strong reports that Buddy Nix is a big Newton fan. Newton is an ideal fit for Gailey, and is going to make a lot of buzz at the combine. Fitzpatrick is fine enough to start while Newton is developed. If Newton fails as a QB, he can earn his money by launching free t-shirts into the stands.)

    4. Bengals: Nick Fairley - DT - Auburn
    (Fairley would add quite a bolster to the Bengals defense, and there's no other great option here. Character concerns may get a few teams nervous on Fairley, but not the Bengals. He actually might be a role-model in their locker room...)

    5. Cardinals: Patrick Peterson - CB - LSU
    (A few different options here, but the Cardinals needs someone opposite DRC and Peterson is a blue-chip prospect, so they pass on QBs and pass-rushers. Cardinals also have questions at QB, but after whoever they peg as starter practices against DRC and Peterson, they'll probably look like Peyton Manning anyways...)

    6. Browns: Marcell Dareus - DT/DE - Alabama
    (A great fit for the 3-4 Browns, and BPA by many draft boards. Almost a "risk-proof" prospect. The only risk with him going to the Browns is that he'll get injured and suffer a career-ruining staph infection.)

    7. 49ers: Von Miller - OLB - Texas A&M
    (The 49ers get a great pass-rusher, which is exactly what they are looking for. Patrick Willis and Von Miller on the same defense is equivalent to Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the same movie.)

    8. Titans: Blaine Gabbert - QB - Missouri
    (The Titans desperately need a QB, and although Gabbert still has some proving to do, he's their only choice here unless Locker can somehow improve his falling stock. Plus, the last funny-named QB this team had worked out pretty well (Kerry Collins)...)

    9. Cowboys: Prince Amukamara - CB - Nebraska
    (Exactly what the Cowboys hoped for, as no other needs match up at all with value here. This also sets the stage for a broadway musical, in which the Fair Jerry is stuck up in his magnificent castle/stadium and the mighty Prince comes to rescue him.)

    10. Redskins: Julio Jones - WR - Alabama
    (Although I believe Shanny wants to value Locker enough to take him here, it's looking like too big a reach at this point. Julio Jones will be a big help for whoever is QB for the Redskins, even if Snyder suits up under center.)

    11. Texans: Robert Quinn - OLB - North Carolina
    (With Wade Phillips bringing in the 3-4 defense, an pass-rusher will be crucial here. Quinn fits the bill perfectly, and should get accustomed to Wade Phillips accidentally referring to him as "DeMarcus" for the first few seasons.)

    12. Vikings: Cameron Jordan - DE - California
    (Surprise... the Vikings fan passes on QB at #12. I don't see the Vikings reaching on a QB they don't like just for the sake of taking one. Gabbert and Newton I could see here, but they're both off the board. Locker's stock is falling like a Hosni Mubarak statue, and Ryan Mallett's character concerns get louder and louder. With Ray Edwards almost certain to play somewhere other than MN in 2011, and Brian Robison unproven and also a FA, that leaves the arrest-magnet (aka Everson Griffen) as the current LDE. The Vikings need to get back to having a dominant front-4 on defense.)

    13. Lions: Jimmy Smith - CB - Colorado
    (May be a shocker to some, but many people (including myself) see Smith rising more than any other prospect come draft day. The most relevant connection, though, is that Smith and Jim Schwartz share the first same name.)

    14. Rams: Aldon Smith - DE - Missouri
    (Rams would like Julio Jones here, but he's long gone. Next best choice could be pass-rusher, and Spags knows a good one when he sees him. Aldon gets to the QB with no delay... just wanted to excuse to point out that I just noticed that "Aldon" backwards can be read as "NO DeLAy".)

    15. Dolphins: Mark Ingram - RB - Alabama
    (Dolphins have found some success when they have a stellar running game, but it has gone downhill and they need to bring in some help. Ingram will take his talents to South Beach.)

    16. Jaguars: J.J. Watt - DE - Wisconsin
    (Jags really need help at DE, and Watt is highly respected by draft experts. Mayock has him rated as #2 DE behind only Bowers. Kampman worked out well for them, so why not, you know... draft a Kampman clone.)

    17. Patriots (f/ Raiders): Ryan Kerrigan - OLB - Purdue
    (The Patriots really could use a pass-rusher, and are fortunate to have such a great fit available at #17. Bill Belichick loves white players. Kerrigan is a smart player. The Patriots film crew got some great footage of Kerrigan. Kerrigan will fit in perfectly with the Patriots.)

    18. Chargers: Adrian Clayborn - DE - Iowa
    (The Chargers could use help in a few different areas on defense, but getting Clayborn as a 3-4 DE is a good fit and value here. A.J. Smith is already putting together a 2016 plan of action for a contract showdown with Clayborn, just in case...)

    19. Giants: Akeem Ayers - OLB - UCLA
    (The Giants are really a wildcard pick, but they do have a need at OLB, and Ayers is a perfect fit here. I know a lot of Giants fans are thinking they can bring in Chad Greenway in FA, but as a Vikings fan, I can tell you that he's our least-likely player to get away. An added bonus: If any Giants players get into alcohol trouble, they can meet with Akeem Ayers and confirm to Roger Goodell that they attended are attending "AA meetings".)

    20. Buccaneers: Cameron Heyward - DE - Ohio State
    (The Bucs are coming into this draft with their targets set on DEs. Heyward is their only real option here, and should help their pass rush. There are too many "Cam/Cameron's" in this draft...)

    21. Chiefs: Justin Houston - OLB - Georgia
    (The Chiefs could use an OT, but a pass-rusher will help the team more. Justin Houston is highly sought by 3-4 teams, and is a perfect fit here. I'm trying to think of a highlight video that could incorporate "JustIn, Houston, we have a problem..." but it always sounds lame.)

    22. Colts: Anthony Castonzo - OT - Boston College
    (In 2010 we discovered that even Peyton Manning can look human. Getting a franchise LT will help fool us all into once again believing that Peyton Manning has supernatural football powers.)

    23. Eagles: Brandon Harris - CB - Miami
    (The Eagles secondary has become a problem for the defense, and adding Harris really helps their ability to stop the pass in a league that is becoming more and more reliant on QBs and WRs. The other option here could be an offensive skill player who runs really really fast, as the Eagles have realized it's pretty fun to watch...)

    24. Saints: Stephen Paea - DT - Oregon State
    (Saints are in an interesting position, with no DEs worthy of this pick. Putting Paea next to Sedrick Ellis makes for a nasty interior d-line. Just don't let him near too much Louisiana Soul Food...)

    25. Seahawks: Jake Locker - QB - Washington
    (Pete Carroll knows his team still hasn't found a franchise QB, and even though Locker has a lot of questions, he's a fine pick here. Carroll isn't into "conventional", and will be fine with an offense that gets Locker out of the pocket and allows him to use his legs some. The only issue here might be Locker's maturity... Carroll might be too embarrassed to draft a player who's far more mature than he is.)

    26. Ravens: Aaron Williams - CB - Texas
    (The Ravens secondary proved to be quite a problem for the team in 2010. Williams is a nice fit here in terms of value and need. P.S. If he busts, I have already reserved the nickname "Texas Toast".)

    27. Falcons: Gabe Carimi - OT - Wisconsin
    (The Falcons could use a WR for Ryan, but there isn't a good option here. Carimi fits great in their offense, allowing Ryan more time in the pocket and mauling in the run game. The only way for Ryan to get his "Matty Ice" nickname back is to bring down a product from icy Wisconsin.)

    28. Patriots: Nate Solder - OT - Colorado
    (The Patriots don't have a good DE option here, and could take Wisniewski, but it would be a bit of a reach. In their situation, they can afford to take Light's replacement (he's 33) a year or two early, picking Solder in hopes of developing him into an elite LT. They have about 27 other picks in this draft to address other needs.)

    29. Bears: Tyron Smith - OT - USC
    (Bears desperately need an OT upgrade, and Smith is one of the few OTs who is seen as a possible franchise LT. Smith will help keep Cutler's jersey clean, unless Cutler's knee is still "not allowing him to go" in 2011...)

    30. Jets: Phil Taylor - DT - Baylor
    (Taylor really impressed at the Senior Bowl, and puts a huge presence in the middle of the Jets 3-4 defense. He also clears the 2 biggest off-field concerns with the Jets, as he does not have attractive feet or teenaged sisters.)

    31. Steelers: Derek Sherrod - OT - Mississippi
    (The Steelers managed the season quite well given their patchwork o-line, and bringing in the under-rated Sherrod will benefit the entire offense. The downside of this pick is that we won't get to see as many cool highlights of Big Ben throwing defenders off his back as he hurls a pass downfield...)

    32. Packers: Ben Ijalana - OT - Villanova
    (The Packers need to keep Aaron Rodgers healthy (aka no more concussions). Ijalana is moving up draft boards, ranked as the 5th OT by Mayock.

    Oh, and it is my duty as a Vikings fan to say screw Aaron Rodgers, his "Title Belt" celebration, the Packers...)

    "Are you not entertained?!?!"

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    I want this month of Feb to go by so we can get off of this Miller pick ugh.


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      Originally posted by Tebowfan85 View Post
      I want this month of Feb to go by so we can get off of this Miller pick ugh.
      Just curious, why don't you like Miller there? I know you are in favor of an OLB pass-rusher (Quinn).


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        I would honestly be better off with a CB though.I'm not saying hes a bad pick at 7.I would just prefer for them to go after a young CB and build there.I feel that need is much bigger then a LB at this point.


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          lol @ Pat line-outs.

          Anyways, I'd be thrilled at a Kerrigan/Solder first.
          Wilkerson or Wisnieski at 33 would be nice
          -Boston Red Sox-New England Patriots-Boston Celtics-


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            Originally posted by Tebowfan85 View Post
            I would honestly be better off with a CB though.I'm not saying hes a bad pick at 7.I would just prefer for them to go after a young CB and build there.I feel that need is much bigger then a LB at this point.
            I can understand that. I personally think Amukamara's stock isn't going to be as high come draft day, and the only reason the Cowboys take him at #9 in my mock is because they have no other realistic options.



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              Originally posted by Nalej View Post
              lol @ Pat line-outs.

              Anyways, I'd be thrilled at a Kerrigan/Solder first.
              Wilkerson or Wisnieski at 33 would be nice
              Exactly, in that situation it seemed like one of those 2 would make it to that next pick. If I did a round 2 I would have the Pats take Wisniewski.



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                great KC picks and love the bit about what BUF could use Newton for if he does'nt pan out


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                  Taylor might be a bit of a reach there but I could live with it.


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                    love the julio Jones pick - but if Quinn drops to the skins I would take him instead. Would love to see him paired up with orakpo


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                      Love Fairly to the Bengals now only if they can get a QB in the 2nd round.

                      RIP themaninblack


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                        I love the Lions pick.


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                          Not a bad cowboys pick, but that comment was lame and not funny at all...

                          Stop watching ESPN.


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                            Originally posted by CDCB14 View Post
                            Not a bad cowboys pick, but that comment was lame and not funny at all...

                            Stop watching ESPN.
                            Maybe you missed the title of the mock.

                            I don't watch ESPN.



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                              Wow, a staph infection joke...haven't heard that one in a while. I knew there were going to be lame comments but that was horrible. Maybe you've been spending too much time with the Vikings on the love boat...



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