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Round 1 mock: at the dawn of the Combine

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  • Round 1 mock: at the dawn of the Combine

    The prospects meet in Indianapolis tomorrow for the Combine. Before everybody's stock moves up and down, here is my Round 1 mock for if the Draft started tonight.

    1. CAR: Nick Fairly (DT, Aub)
    In 2003 when the Panthers won the NFC title, they had the best defensive line of the decade. Now tumbleweeds are blowing around their current ghost town of a front four. Fairly will help change that.

    2. DEN: Da'Quan Bowers (DE, Clm)
    Bowers and Elvis Dumervil will make some quarterback sandwiches, which will be fun for their fans to see.

    3. BUF: A.J. Green (WR, UG)
    The 4-WR spread is a big part of their offense, but they still need a star among the four.

    4. CNC: Julio Jones (WR, Alab)
    The Bengals need someone young and good to replace Terrell Owens. This pick might keep Chad Ochocinco in town.

    5. ARZ: Cam Newton (QB, Aub)
    The fans in Phoenix need someone to stop making them wish they still had Kurt Warner every two minutes.

    6. CLV: Robert Quinn (DE, UNC)
    Marcus Benard as a starter just isn't going to work.

    7. SF: Patrick Peterson (CB, LSU)
    The red and gold need to stop all those pass oriented division opponents from throwing all over them.

    8. TEN: Cameron Jordan (34E [Pro: DT], Cal)
    DT Tony Brown is good, but he could use some help next to him.

    9. DAL: Marcell Dareus (34E, Alab)
    For some reason, players who were in a 3-4D in college almost never get picked by an NFL team that runs a 3-4. Picks 9, 10, and 11 (three straight 30-front teams) may turn around that trend.

    10. WSH: Jon Baldwin (WR, Pitt)
    They pass on Von Miller due to a desperate need for a wideout.

    11. HST: Von Miller (ELB, TAMU)
    Surprisingly, Brian Cushing will play inside with DeMeco Ryans. This makes a pass rushing edge linebacker a must for Houston. Miller has experience playing the position.

    12. MNN: Blaine Gabbert (QB, Msr)
    It looks like Old Man Favre really will retire this time. If he doesn't, the Vikings will still probably throw him into the Mississippi swamp in which he came.

    13. DET: Prince Amukamara (CB, Neb)
    The Lions already have a cornerback named Prince (Miller), but he isn't near as good as this former Cornhusker will be.

    14. SL: Brandon Harris (CB, Miami)
    The secondary is a huge weakness in the Rams defense. Reach, smeech - they need Harris, and won't take a chance on missing him by trading down.

    15. MM: Phil Taylor (DT [Pro: NT], Bay)
    The Dolphins need to put this big man between 3-4 ends Jared Odrick and Kendall Langford. Now we're talkin`.

    16. JAC: Ryan Mallett (QB, Ark)
    It's about time the Jags admit that David Garrard isn't going to get them to prime-time status.

    17. NE: Aldon Smith (DE [Pro: ELB], Msr)
    The Pats have no pass rush. With their famed head coach also being the defensive coordinator, attempts will be made to do something about it.

    18. SD: Gabe Carimi (OT, Wis)
    The big Wisconsin Badger will battle Jerome Clary for ROT.

    19. NYG: Mark Ingram (RB, Alab)
    The Giants like to run the ball, and the unhappy Ahmad Bradshaw may be released or traded.

    20. TB: Allen Bailey (DE, Miami)
    The Bucs have the two good young d-tackles, but not much at end.

    21. KC: J.J. Watt (DE [Pro: 34E], Wis)
    The front three for the Chiefs needs work. Watt was a "regular" DE in college but weighs 292 and fits at 3-4 end.

    22. IND: Mike Pouncey (G, UF)
    Peyton Manning won a division title with that OL? He really is a magician.

    23. PHL: Tyron Smith (OT, USC)
    Smith might replace fellow USC alum Winston Justice on the blindside ROT spot (Vick is a lefty), or Smith could be on the left and Jason Peters on the right. Whatever.

    24. NO: Corey Liuget (DT, Ill)
    The Saints only have two real DTs on their roster. Time to stock up.

    25. SEA: Titus Young (WR, BSU)
    I think Mike Williams will prove to be a one year wonder. And is anybody really excited about Deon Butler?

    26. BAL: Adrian Clayborn (DE, Iowa)
    At the tweener weight of 285, Clayborn would be perfect for what I call the "delta", which is the DE/34E spot in the shifting hybrid defense of the Ravens. He should beat out Cory Redding, who will still be a good backup.

    27. ATL: Anthony Castonzo (OT, BC)
    Sam Baker has slipped in his performance.

    28. NE: Jimmy Smith (CB, Col)
    The Patriots go back for seconds and take a cornerback. Devin McCourty is a great young corner, but he can't cover both wide receivers by himself.

    29. CHC: Nate Solder (OT, Col)
    As the second straight Colorado Buffalo off the board, Solder fills a big need for the Bears.

    30. NYJ: Cameron Heyward (DE, OhS)
    At 288 pounds, Heyward could play on the edge or the 2-technique DE spot in the 46 defense, as well as end in the 3-4 (as the Jets play both of those defenses often). Shaun Ellis and Trevor Pryce are old.

    31. PTS: Danny Watkins (G, Bay)
    The offensive line is shaky, and Watkins can also play OT if needed.

    32. GB: Mikel LeShoure (RB, Ill)
    Ryan Grant will be back, but will he stay healthy? You can't have enough running backs because they have the shelf lives of teen idols.

    48. OAK: Stefen Wisniewski (C, PSU)
    Their running game gets even stronger as this Joe Paterno diciple surprisingly falls to #48, as the first pick for the Raiders turns out to be first round quality.

    That's it. Let the egg and tomato throwing (at me) begin.

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    Not the biggest Solder fan personally, but the position is spot on for the Bears. Now it'll be interesting to see if the ever illogical Jerry Angelo feels the same way...


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      Baldwin is not worth #10 overall no matter how despearate the skins are for playmakers. Give us Von Miller to pair with Orakpo - or even give us Amukamara in the event that we cannot resign Rogers. Hall and Amukamara would make a nice due of corner backs


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        The Jags will not draft Mallett. They have made it a priority to not pick bad character guys. If Mallett was available in round seven, they wouldn't take him.

        Originally posted by SolidGold
        Originally posted by Monomach
        Brilliant letting one of Scott Pioli's henchmen have his own team to ruin.  One of the premier GM jobs in the NFL and it gets handed to a stupid **** who makes three facepalm moves for every good one.  Awesome.  Just like handing a new Mercedes to a 16 year old girl who's already been in three wrecks. 


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          not that I don't like Watt but in that case Wisniewski


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            Gabbert would be a solid selection.


            Originally posted by JordanTaber
  's rocket surgery now, folks.


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              I could see the Pats draft happening like that. I'd like some linemen on both sides of the ball, but I would be happy with Aldon Smith and Jimmy Smith.


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                I still think Phil Taylor's off-field issues are too serious to take him in the first round and Miami doesn't have a huge need at NT unless Paul Soliai leaves which isn't looking likely so I'm not really a fan of that pick at all.

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                  Excellent pick for SF and I so dear to god PP falls to us!


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                    Paul Soliai is getting an extension most likely.
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                    <TACKLE> i will ngata give you a bj raji
                    <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
                    <+ScottWright> Why not. Baldwin does need a sparring partner...
                    Originally posted by Hermstheman83
                    What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                      sexy Lions pick


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                        Originally posted by Don Vito View Post
                        I could see the Pats draft happening like that. I'd like some linemen on both sides of the ball, but I would be happy with Aldon Smith and Jimmy Smith.
                        i mostly agree.

                        i kind of doubt we use a pick on CB in the first round. we already have first round money attached to mccourty, and we are paying good money to leigh bodden as well. we also are paying darius butler second round money as well..... i mean theres a chance we will draft a CB, but we have a lot of money already invested at CB and the secondary, so i dont think itll happen in the 1st.

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                        Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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                          better hope Kurt comes out of retirement then cus I don't think Newton will stop the wishing. PP & Miller are the most likely options at 5


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                            Originally posted by Don Vito View Post
                            I could see the Pats draft happening like that. I'd like some linemen on both sides of the ball, but I would be happy with Aldon Smith and Jimmy Smith.
                            Me too.. I'm not the biggest Jimmy Smith fan around, but I like his value there and if he lives up to his potential he will be a steal there. Then give us Wilkerson at 33 and I think that the defense is going to be just fine. :)

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                            I'm a whiny little kunt. Feel sorry for me as I go masturbate to a picture of my mom dressed as a teletubby.


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                              Please punch yourself in the face for the Bengals pick. Thank you
                              Who Dey & Go Bucks
                              The Bengals are going to the Super Bowl.



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