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  • [2-Rounds-of-Sweaty-Sex-@-Midnight]

    2011 NFL DRAFT
    1) Carolina: DT, Nick Fairley.
    2) Denver: DT, Marcell Dareus.
    3) Buffalo: DE, Daquan Bowers.
    4) Cincinatti: CB/FS Patrick Peterson.
    5) Arizona: QB, Cam Newton.
    6) Cleveland: WR, AJ Green.
    7) San Fransisco: CB, Prince Amukamara.
    8) Tennessee: QB, Jake Locker.
    9) Dallas: DE, Cam Jordan.
    10) Washington: WR, Julio Jones.
    11) Houston: DE, Von Miller.
    12) Vikings: QB, Blaine Gabbert.
    13) Detroit: LT, Tyron Smith.
    14) St. Louis: DE: Robert Quinn.
    15) Miami: RB, Mark Ingram.
    16) Jacksonville: DE, Ryan Kerrigan.
    17) New England: DE: JJ Watt.
    18) San Diego; WR, Jon Baldwin.
    19) Giants: DT, Stephen Paea.
    20) Tampa Bay: DE, Aldon Smith.
    21) Kansas City: OT, Anthony Costonzo.
    22) Indianapolis: LT, Nate Solder.
    23) Philly: CB Aaron Williams.
    24) New Orleans: LB, Martez Wilson
    25) Seattle: DT, Marvin Austin.
    26) Ravens: CB, Jimmy Smith.
    27) Atlanta: DE, Allen Bailey.
    28) Pats: OL, Gabe Camiri.
    29) Chicago: DT, Muhammed Wilkerson.
    30) Jets: DE, Cam Heyward.
    31) Steelers: OG, Mike Pouncey.
    32) Packers: OLB, Justin Houston.
    (round two)
    33) Patriots: CB, Brandon Harris.
    34) Buffalo: OT, Derrick Sherrod.
    35) Cincinatti: QB, Ryan Mallett.
    36) Denver: S, Rahim Moore.
    37) Browns: NT, Phil Taylor.
    38) Cardinals: OLB, Brooks Reed.
    39) Titans: DE, Adrian Clayborn.
    40) Dallas: CB/FS, Ras I Dowling.
    41) Washington: OLB, Akeem Ayers.
    42) Houston: DT, Corey Liuget.
    43) Vikings: WR, Torrey Smith.
    44) Detroit: LB, Mason Foster.
    45) 49ers: CB, Davon House.
    46) Broncos: TE, Kyle Rudolph.
    47) Rams: OL, Ben Ijalana.
    48) Oakland: OL, Marcus Cannon.
    49) Jaguars: QB, Christian Ponder.
    50) Chargers: DE, Drake Nevis.
    51) Tampa Bay: LB, Greg Jones.
    52) Giants: C, Stefen Wisniewski.
    53) Colts: RB, Mikel Leshoure.
    54) Eagles: SS, Quinton Carter..
    55) Chiefs: WR, Leonard Hankerson.
    56) Saints: DE, Cliff Matthews.
    57) Seahawks: CB, Curtis Brown.
    58) Ravens: WR, Titus Young.
    59) Atlanta: WR, Greg Little.
    60) Patriots: WR, Jerrel Jernigan.
    61) Chargers: DT, Kenrick Ellis.
    62) Chicago: OT, Demarcus Love.
    63) Steelers: CB, Chimdi Chekwa.
    64) Packers: DT, Christian Ballard.
    - nice

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    Kerrigan and Ponder. Sex me up baby.


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      Ugh, almost EVERYONE is mocking T Smith to Detroit at #13 ever since Scott Wright did it. I hate the pick as I feel there's much better value on the board at that point. I don't see any way we'd pass on Robert Quinn there. I mean, Quinn, Suh, Williams and KVB as a D-line? Sick.

      Mason Foster in the 2nd is nice.

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        wow that is a pretty beastly pats mock. the talent we would collect would be immense. as much as i love carimi, i wonder if he would be the best fit in our scheme? also, id be pretty sad if we didnt take an OLB :(

        Thanks to BoneKrusher for this amazing sig!

        Go Gators/Pats/Celts/Red Sox!


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          Decent Patriots mock but I think Sherrod is the better fit for the offense if you're dead set on tackle, and I think someone like Stefen Wisniewski is more likely considering the team's main weakness barring Matt Light leaving in free agency is the interior of the offensive line. Brandon Harris is a good value but not a big need and if Brooks Reed is left there I think they need to add a pass rusher at some point. Alternatively, you could try Houston at #28 and then Wisniewski at #33. Jernigan and Watt would be nice, although don't be surprised if the Patriots go with Heyward even if Watt is on the board.


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            Originally posted by proshoota25 View Post
            id be pretty sad if we didnt take an OLB :(
            how does C/OG Rodney Hudson &
            OLB Mark Herzlich in the 3rd sound?
            - JJ Watt
            - Gabe Carimi
            - Brandon Harris
            - Jerrel Jernigan
            - Mark Herzlich
            - Rodney Hudson
            + that's honestly the best mock for the Pats I've seen so far.
            GO RAVENS


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              Originally posted by GoRavens View Post
              2011 NFL DRAFT

              3) Buffalo: DE, Daquan Bowers.
              4) Cincinatti: CB/FS Patrick Peterson.
              5) Arizona: QB, Cam Newton.
              9) Dallas: DE, Cam Jordan.
              11) Houston: DE, Von Miller.
              17) New England: DE: JJ Watt.
              (round two)
              34) Buffalo: OT, Derrick Sherrod.
              Bowers could fit thier BPA profile, but the knee concern is going to drop him at this point IMO. Peterson IMO is the best prospect in the draft IMO and has no issue's off the field, it would not surprise me if he is the BPA on thier board and they take him in that situation. Newton I would have said for sure, until he started inserting his foot into his mouth a bit, but still would not surprise me, I have heard that they like Jordan alot, Miller and Watt are more likely IMO as well. If the Bills are serious about developing a legit 3-4 defense, I do not think Bowers would be the pick, unless they believe he can play end. One more thing; Nix has stated that he likes players with at least two years of starting experience and implicated production as well, and Bowers does not fit in that respect either. Peterson has started since the Troy game towards the end of his freshman year and started every game since, right down Nix's alley.
              Sherrod in the second is a steal IMO, and I love the pick, have him rated as my top LT prospect in the draft. He also fits the Nix profile. I was not on my way to the party after the first, but that last IRA car bomb almost had me reconsider. Dont listen to ROP about the Sherrod/Carimi issue, its beautiful just the way it is ;)
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                Originally posted by GoRavens View Post
                10) Washington: WR, Julio Jones.
                41) Washington: OLB, Akeem Ayers.
                jones in the first round is fine but i dont like ayers fit really as a compliment to orakpo. would love torrey smith in rd 2 but if we take jones in the first than id prefer maybe a guy like ijalana or wisniewski and possibly curtis brown.


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                  Meh SF picks really two CB?We need either a QB in round or two dang it!Heck I would take Miller over Amuku or even Locker.


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                    wow, my apologies for taking 2 corners for SF.
                    However, I was going to give them 2 corners anyways. so this pans out quite well. Two very talented CBs to lock up that secondary for years to come.
                    - I strongly believe Harbaugh will try his luck with Alex Smith and wait for Luck, so for a 3rd round pick San Fran will draft QB, Colin Kapearnick.
                    GO RAVENS


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                      I don't like the first round pick, but Christian Ponder in the second round makes me happy in my pants.


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                        Great Phins pick

                        Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                          for the love of god NO OT's in RD Hank but Houston >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Costanzo


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                            Originally posted by GoRavens View Post
                            27) Atlanta: DE, Allen Bailey.

                            59) Atlanta: WR, Greg Little.
                            I'm not sold on Bailey yet. I wouldn't be upset if we got him but i dont know if hes the type of pass rusher we need to get.

                            I love Greg as a prospect but we won't draft him. not a chance in hell.

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                              Assuming we don't get Rice back, this is an awesome Vikings mock.


                              Originally posted by JordanTaber
                    's rocket surgery now, folks.



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