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  • Unbiased Mock Draft of Bold Accuracy


    I have 41 players I view as a 1st round value. Obviously there are only 32 picks in the first round, so at least 9 are destined to fall out of the first.

    I think this is going to be another year where the WR's drop (like 2008) where there are a handful of could-be late 1st round WR's, but due to more pressing team needs (such as OT) they get passed on and fall into the 2nd round.

    In my last mock (done during Pro Bowl week) I was criticized for having so many DL in the 1st round... well, tough. It's a DL rich draft and I expect a lot to go high.

    1. Carolina Panthers - Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

    Some.... cross that, many will question this pick. But Ron Rivera as much as said the team would be looking for a new QB by stating that "every team needs a franchise Quarterback". On top of this, the Carolina brass held a 1-on-1 meeting with Cam Newton at the combine and are having him visit Carolina for a private workout. Entertainer and an icon? The Panthers could use one of those (who else is an icon on that team?). His personality is being compared to that of Mark Sanchez in interviews: extreme confidence in himself that is read as arrogance by some. If you'll remember, Mark Sanchez went 5th overall and hasn't done anything to bring negative attention to the Jets.

    2. Denver Broncos - Marcell Dareus, DL, Alabama

    The Broncos cut 4 of their D-line personnel, including Jamal Williams and Justin Bannan, in their attempt to restructure their D-line and fit their new 4-3 scheme. Many people love Marcell Dareus as a 3-4 DE prospect, but after showing better athleticism than Nick Fairly (who's 20 pounds lighter) I believe he proved that he is more than athletic enough to handle playing inside in the 4-3. Bigger and more athletically gifted than last year's 2nd overall pick Ndamukong Suh, think about that AFC West fans.

    3. Buffalo Bills - Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

    Patrick Peterson is the highest rated player in the draft for me, but you simply don't take DB's 1st overall. In fact, it's questionable for me to take them 3rd overall, but I think he's just that good. The Bills look like they are going to let Drayton Florence walk free and don't really have anyone else worthy of starting besides Leodis McKelvin. Peterson should start right away for the Bills, and IMO will move McKelvin from the #1 spot to the #2 spot no later than his sophomore year.

    4. Cincinnati Bengals - Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

    As each day passes, the Bengals seem to take the threat of a retirement from Carson Palmer more seriously. How seriously? The Bengals' owner personally sat in on meetings with QB prospects at the combine, that's how seriously. Unfortunately due to the CBA situation the Bengals can't shop Palmer for a picks (not that Mike Brown would, with the pride he has), but that won't stop them from taking Gabbert 4th overall if he can prove himself at his Pro Day (which he absolutely will need to do).

    5. Arizona Cardinals - Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M

    The Cardinals could definitely use a new QB, but it looks like they'll be forced to go the veteran route whether they like it or not with both Newton and Gabbert out of the picture. Von Miller had some questions about whether he could handle the 3-4 OLB spot in the NFL with the weight he was at in college, but after beefing up to an appropriate 246 pounds by the combine.

    6. Cleveland Browns - A.J. Green, WR, Georgia

    The list of Cleveland WR's reads like a list of guys you'd be happy to have as your 3rd or 4th string guy. New franchise QB Colt McCoy would very much appreciate a change in that situation, and if A.J. Green is still on the board they'll be hard pressed to pass on him. Some people think Green is the best player in this draft (I have him 3rd) so he's more than worthy of the 6th overall pick.

    7. San Francisco 49ers - Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

    The 49ers are in desperate need at the cornerback position right now, and new head coach Jim Harbaugh expressed that with the CBA keeping players from learning his new system he's going to want players who can start right away, rather than ones who need time to develop. Prince is about as start ready as they are going to come at the CB position and should be locking down #1 WR's in a hurry.

    8. Tennessee Titans - Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina

    There is some talk of Quinn going as high as 1st overall (hometown boy stays home would be a nice story), but I still can't see a guy who was out of football for more than a year (with character concerns on top of it) going in the top 5. Jason Babin, among others, are free agents and the Titans will be needing to secure a strong rush if they're going to challenge the Colts and Texans for the AFC South crown.

    9. Dallas Cowboys - J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin

    There is no OT that is truly worth this pick (though Solder and Smith are making a push). With no Safeties on the board that are even close to worthy, the Cowboys can turn to their D-line. I've been behind Watt all along and the Professional analysts are catching up right now by labeling him a beast and a monster. Watt should start quickly with Igor and Rat on the front of the Cowboys' 3-4.

    10. Washington Redskins - Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

    The Redskins could use someone other than just Santana Moss at WR, and while they'd love to move on at QB, I don't see them taking Locker or Mallett. Julio Jones came up a little shorter than expected at the combine (6'2.5") but then shocked everyone by not just running a sub 4.5 40, but actually running a sub 4.4 40. Leading some to think he might jump over AJ Green as the #1 WR in the draft. Watch for the Pro Days, because Julio Jones could easily do just that.

    11. Houston Texans - Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson

    Da'Quan Bowers hurt himself at the combine when he didn't work out and even worse was reportedly a "bad interview" with several teams. What's more is that a couple days after it came out that the reason he didn't work out was due to his injury taking "much longer" to heal than expected. If he is able to work out at his pro day, he can put the injury concerns to rest and hopefully prove he has the burst to be a 4-3 DE. The Texans are switching to the 3-4, which typically Bowers isn't a great fit for, but Wade Phillips doesn't run the 3-300 pounders 3-4, he prefers a bit of speed, and Bowers compares to Shaun Ellis of the Jets who provides great pass rush from the 3-4 position. Given that no CB's are worth taking here, it'll be hard for the Texans to pass on Bowers' potential.

    12. Minnesota Vikings - Jake Locker, QB, Washington

    Locker is every bit as much a "love him or hate him" prospect as Cam Newton is. Reports are out of Minnesota that the front office came away from the combine "impressed" with Locker. While this may just be beat writers making noise, Locker did light it up in the combine drills, and brings the speed and excitement that Zygi desires. Locker had a down year in college, but was in a tough conference with no talent around him. It's likely that he's a better pro than he was a college player, and he has a rock solid personality and work ethic that can carry him further than some of the lower character guys in the draft.

    13. Detroit Lions - Tyron Smith, OT, Southern Cal

    The Lions would love to take a top tier CB but with both long gone they turn to protecting fragile Stafford's blind side. Tyron Smith has been the most talented OT in this draft class for a while, but 1 little thing held him back: size. Namely, the fact that he was only 280 pounds. At the combine he showed up as a very solid 307 pounds and just for good measure showed off 36.5" arms, some of the longest on combine record.

    14. St. Louis Rams - Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn

    Fairley's stock has dropped, but he will still probably go in the top 10. The reason he falls this far is that after the the 6th overall pick you have only 4 teams who run the 3-4 (which Fairley doesn't fit into) and the 3 teams that run the 4-3 have much bigger needs than a penetrating DT (especially with the Vikings having Kevin Williams and the Lions having Suh). If he falls this far without a team trading up for him, the Rams have to pull the trigger on him.

    15. Miami Dolphins - Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

    Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are both likely out in Miami. With no QB and no RB, the Dolphins are in full rebuilding mode on offense (Hey Marshall, don't you wish you stuck it out in Denver? At least they have Tebow...). There are only 2 QB's worthy of a top 15 pick this year, and both are long gone in the top 5. So it looks like getting Ingram and rolling with Henne for another year will have to suffice... unless they follow my plan and sign Vince Young.

    16. Jacksonville Jaguars - Cameron Jordan, DE, Cal

    For all the time the Jags spent at the position, they're still hurting for a DE. And while Jack Del Rio has stated that he feels Garrard is not an elite QB indicating that he'd like an upgrade at the QB position, the top 3 guys there are gone. Cameron Jordan went beast mode at the Senior Bowl, both in practice and on game day. Scouts noted that he's the only guy who consistently beat every single Tackle he was pitted against. He's no speed rusher, but an all around talent with a non-stop motor.

    17. New England Patriots (via Oak) - Aldon Smith, OLB, Missouri

    Aldon Smith was making noise to a little higher, perhaps even pushing in on the top 10, but his combine wasn't especially impressive and he struggles somewhat in the pass defense area of his game. That said, there is no denying his pass rush skills, which is exactly what the Patriots need. The Pats could actually use 2 pass rushers, so it makes sense to grab one here (assuming they don't trade the pick for 4 3rd round picks in 2012 or something).

    18. San Diego Chargers - Muhammad Wilkerson, DL, Temple

    San Diego is possibly going to lose 2 out of their top 3 DL and even if this doesn't happen they could definitely use an upgrade to their front 3. Wilkerson is rising fast after improving his stock at the combine. If he were coming out of a big school in an elite conference he'd be a near sure-fire top 10 pick based on his skills, but since he went to Temple pick 17 or 18 is about where he'll max out his stock. The 6'4" 315 Wilkerson will fit nicely on the outside at DE in the 3-4 with the ability to move to DT in goal line stands.

    19. New York Giants - Nate Solder, OT, Colorado

    Solder had an excellent combine, and I feel he's right on the tail of Tyron Smith for #1 Tackle in the draft, but I was hard pressed to find a landing spot for him until here (the Patriots are a sleeper possibility). With all the teams needing an OT in the draft, there might actually be a team to move ahead of the Giants for Solder, but the liklihood of this is dampened by Anthony Castonzo and Gabe Carimi still being on the board.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue

    Despite banking on nothing but Rookie and Sophomore talent on offense, literally everything the Bucs did panned out (from Freeman to Blount), so that gives the Bucs the ability to focus their draft his year on defense. It all starts with the pass rush, and Ryan Kerrigan is the best pass rusher left on the board. He doesn't have elite physical skills, but his college stats speak for themselves: 14 Forced Fumbles, 33 Sacks, 57 Tackles for Loss. He just has the nose for impact plays.

    21. Kansas City Chiefs - Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

    Carimi and Castonzo are neck and neck for the 2nd tier OT prospects, so what makes me think the Chiefs go Carimi here? Wisconsin. He comes from the midwest, blue collar, high work ethic midwest and has proven he can handle the cold that he'll have to deal with in Kansas City. If the Chiefs retain Ryan O'Callaghan this will allow them to kick Branden Albert inside to LG where he's a better fit, and if they lose him to FA it gives the Chiefs a new starter at RT.

    22. Indianapolis Colts - Mike Pouncey, OL, Florida

    Without Peyton Manning the Colts are picking in the top 3 right now. Their roster is that bad, so no pick would shock me here. That said, Peyton is in his mid 30's and keeping him healthy is going to be key to the Colts' success over the next few years. Their interior O-line is swiss cheese, and former All-Pro Center Jeff Saturday won't last forever. Pouncey gives the Colts a starter at OG for now, and a replacement for Saturday later.

    23. Philadelphia Eagles - Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado

    This is a classic case of off-the-field issues killing a player's stock. Jimmy Smith has just about the most elite physical skills you can possess as a corner, and would be going to the Texans at 11 or Lions at 13 based on talent. (The Lions, for the record, supposedly have removed him from their draft board entirely). The Eagles could be the team to look past the issues and see his talent, especially with Ellis Hobbs done for his career due to neck injuries.

    24. New Orleans Saints - Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA

    The Saints signed Shaun Rogers in Free Agency, and while that's not exactly a long term solution, it buys them enough time to draft a DT to develop later in the draft, and thus focus early in the draft on other areas. Akeem Ayers is one of the better all-around OLB's in this draft, and possesses terrific pass rush skills that could lead a 3-4 team to grab him earlier; he's no one-defense-pony though, as he has extremely underrated pass defense skills that will allow him to cover the TE as an LB in the 4-3.

    25. Seattle Seahawks - Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas

    Ryan Mallett showed on the field vs Alabama that he has trouble handling pressure, and he reinforced those concerns by blowing his press conference at the combine. Luckily for Mallett there are few places where the media is easier on a star player than in Seattle. Mallett has the talent of a top 5 pick, and laid back Pete Carroll might just be the right coach to bring him along. Because of the mixture of talent and off the field troubles, Mallett could go as high as 8 or slip all the way into the 2nd round. To use the Tim Tebow line from last year "All it takes is 1 team to think you're worth it to go in the 1st round."

    26. Baltimore Ravens - Titus Young, WR, Boise St.

    If you watched the Ravens' playoff game, you'd know that despite the way the score looked at the end of the game, the problem was not the defense, it was the offense. The Ravens had key drops all over the place, and their youngest of their top 4 WR's (Anquan Boldin) is 31 years old next season. Derrick Mason, TJ Housmandzadeh, and Donte Stallworth are all yesterday's news. Titus Young is drawing favorable comparisons to DeSean Jackson, and is the electric weapon Joe Flacco needs to compete in the AFC North.

    27. Atlanta Falcons - Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio St.

    The Falcons have an elite, possible Hall of Famer, at one side of the D-line in John Abraham. But he's 33 this year and on the other side all the Falcons have is former draft bust Jamaal Anderson and Kory Biermann (a young, but mediocre DE). Cameron Heyward has all of the elite talent you can ask for, but his stock slipped a little when he was unable to work out at the combine. Adding a healthy Heyward to Abraham will give the Falcons the best pass rush in the NFC South.

    28. New England Patriots - Corey Liuget, DL, Illinois

    The Patriots made a mistake in trading away Richard Seymour a couple years ago and haven't been able to replace him since. Ty Warren went down with an injury this year, and they looked very weak along the D-line. Warren will be back next year, but that doesn't give the Patriots a long term solution. Liuget himself is versatile, having played both the DE and NT in 3-4 formations, and has the body of a 5-technique DE that the Pats need.

    29. Chicago Bears - Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College

    Protecting Jay Culter has to be a priority #1. While Mike Martz has been able to scheme him out of trouble, you could see early in the year that Chicago can't have very many 5 or 7 step drop play calls because their O-line simply isn't good enough. Castonzo falling this low isn't an indictment of his skill, he's certainly worth of a pick in the late teens or early 20's, but due to a series of circumstances he's perfectly placed for the Bears to snatch him up.

    30. New York Jets - Brooks Reed, OLB, Arizona

    Dubbed as a "Clay Matthews Clone" the comparisons go past his white skin and long hair. Brooks Reed had a 1.54 10 yard split at the combine, which is not only the fastest among DE's and OLB's this year, but is the fastest among them since Clay Matthews' 1.51 10 yard split. Reed is also 20 pounds heavier than Clay Matthews, so the time is extremely impressive. Reed also threw up 30 bench press reps, showing off his strength, and was a stud pass rusher in the Pac 10 for Arizona.

    31. Pittsburgh Steelers - Marcus Cannon, OL, T.C.U.

    People have been saying this since Big Ben won his 2nd Superbowl.... How do they keep winning with such a terrible O-line? While Maurkice Pouncey was a definite upgrade on the interior from last year's 1st round, the line is far from complete. Big Ben is amazing, because he takes more hits than anyone else in the league, and yet is still able to break off clutch completions. Just imagine how great he can be with a good O-line. Cannon is a big boy at 6'5" 358lbs, but despite his weight proved just as athletic as Anthony Castonzo and Gabe Carimi.

    32. Green Bay Packers - Mikel LeShoure, RB, Illinois

    Ryan Grant will be back, and 6th round pick James Starks has showed a little something, but Murray is too talented to pass up here with Grant entering his 29 year old season and coming off IR. Mikel LeShoure is a big, powerful, running back who many are giving favorable comparisons to Rashard Mendenhall of Pittsburgh. Grant may come back strong next year, but having a 1-2 punch behind Aaron Rodgers will make the Packers nearly unstoppable.

    33. New England Patriots (via Car) - Justin Houston, OLB, Georgia

    The Patriots are doubling up on pass rusher with this pick, but that's not a bad thing when it's something you absolutely must have.

    32. Buffalo Bills - Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi St.

    Sherrod in the 2nd is a steal, and if the Bills are going to stick with Fitzgerald they must protect his blind side.

    33. Cincinnati Bengals - Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa

    It looked like Clayborn would be a mid 1st rounder until the combine revealed that one of his arms was much shorter than the other and he'd have to exclusively play the right side in the NFL.

    34. Denver Broncos - Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame

    The Broncos need to add a legitimate short range target for Tim Tebow to dump the ball off when he's in trouble.

    35. Cleveland Browns - Stephen Paea, DL, Oregon St.

    After passing on Fairley for Green in the first round, the Browns would do well to grab a DT who fits into their new 4-3 scheme.

    36. Arizona Cardinals - Phil Taylor, NT, Baylor

    The Cardinals are a team that runs the 3-4, and a team that runs a 3-4 doesn't pass on the opportunity to snag someone who could be an elite NT unless they already have one.

    37. Tennessee Titans - Christian Ponder, QB, Florida St.

    After refusing to reach on a QB in the first round, they find their guy here. Ponder improved his stock massively at the combine, but health concerns linger.

    38. Dallas Cowboys - Aaron Williams, CB, Texas

    The Cowboys look like they might let the annually overrated Terence Newman go to avoid paying him his inflated contract if they can find a viable replacement.

    39. Washington Redskins - Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada

    This is a little bit of a reach (I see Kaepernick as a late 2nd/early 3rd value) but the Redskins need to get a new QB onto their roster, even if it means reaching.

    40. Houston Texans - Brandon Harris, CB, Miami

    Once considered a lock for the 1st round, Harris hurt his stock by coming up short (literally, he's only 5'9"). He's as talented as they come, and the Texans need CB help.

    41. Minnesota Vikings - Allen Bailey, DE, Miami

    The Vikings are unlikely to retain Ray Edwards nor Pat Williams, so defensive line is their biggest concern after Quarterback.

    42. Detroit Lions - Davon House, CB, New Mexico St.

    To the Lions, there is perhaps no position with less talent on their roster than the CB position.

    43. San Francisco 49ers - Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland

    Outside of Michael Crabtree the 49ers don't have an elite talent at the Wide Receiver position.

    44. Denver Broncos (via Mia) - Martez Wilson, ILB, Illinois

    Wilson improved his stock at the combine by showing he had the speed to move sideline to sideline as a 4-3 MLB.

    45. St. Louis Rams - Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pitt.

    The Rams missed out on the elite guys in the 1st round, but with Baldwin they get a big target with solid speed for Bradford to throw to.

    46. Oakland Raiders - Curtis Brown, CB, Texas

    Losing Nnamdi Asomugha is a huge blow to the Raiders' defense. No man could fill his shoes, but the Raiders must replace him in the lineup.

    47. Jacksonville Jaguars - Rahim Moore, S, UCLA

    The Jaguars need help at both Safety and Corner. While Moore is not a world beater, he could is about as safe a pick as they come in the mid 2nd round.

    48. San Diego Chargers - Orlando Franklin, OT, Miami

    Franklin put to rest doubts about his knee injury by working out at the combine and putting up elite level numbers.

    49. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Danny Watkins, OG, Baylor

    An underrated prospect who could go in the 1st round if someone feels they need a new LG badly enough.

    50. New York Giants - Bruce Carter, OLB, North Carolina

    A knee injury ended this talented OLB's Senior season. If healthy, he should be a valuable addition to the Giants' LB corps.

    51. Indianapolis Colts - Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina

    After passing on the opportunity to solidify the interior of their D-line in the 1st round, Marvin Austin is a steal here in the late 2nd.

    52. Philadelphia Eagles - Stefan Wisniewski, OL, Penn St.

    A leader with amounts of intangibles and work ethic. He should be able to upgrade the Eagles interior O-line whether he plays Guard or Center for them.

    53. Kansas City Chiefs - Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami

    The Chiefs can't survive with Dwayne Bowe as the only outside option at WR. Hankerson is a guy who got better every year with solid height and good speed.

    54. New Orleans Saints - Christian Ballard, DL, Iowa

    Ballard played both DE and DT in college, but the 6'3" 285 pounder will be an excellent run stopping DT who can train under Rogers while they have him.

    55. Seattle Seahawks - Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virginia

    At the combine Dowling proved that he is as talented as they come, but he spent his senior year injured on the sidelines.

    56. Baltimore Ravens - Jabaal Sheard, DE/OLB, Pitt.

    A talented and productive pass rusher at Pittsburgh, Sheard's stock falls due to his arrests and off the field concerns while in college.

    57. Atlanta Falcons - Randall Cobb, OP, Kentucky

    Cobb's primarily a WR, but he also played QB and RB in addition to returning kicks at Kentucky. He's the kind of multifaceted player that Atlanta's offense lacks.

    58. New England Patriots - Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech.

    The Patriots look like they'll try and bring back Danny Woodhead and Benjarvis Green-Ellis, but neither are the talent that Ryan Williams brings to the table.

    59. San Diego Chargers (via NYJ) - Chris Carter, OLB, Fresno St.

    Showed off elite athleticism and skill at the combine, bumping his stock up from a mid 3rd to a late 2nd.

    60. Chicago Bears - Rodney Hudson, OG, Florida St.

    After going outside and drafting an OT in the first round, the Bears should continue the rebuilding of their O-line by grabbing a very good OG prospect in Hudson.

    61. Pittsburgh Steelers - Brandon Burton, CB, Utah

    One of my favorite prospects in this draft, he wasn't challenged much due to being an elite player in a weak conference. He could turn into an elite lockdown corner in a couple years.

    62. Green Bay Packers - Dontay Moch, DE/OLB, Nevada

    A productive 4 year starter, Moch is a little short (6'1") for the OLB position but he has the bulk (245) to go with blazing speed (4.4 40) to make up for his height.

    Top 5 Remaining:

    WR Jerrel Jernigan
    DL Jarvis Jenkins
    TE Luke Stocker
    DT Kenrick Ellis
    FS Quinton Carter
    A BoneKrusher Production

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    Terrence McGee isn't worthy of starting?

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      Taking a RB over Justin Houston would be terrible. Over Sherrod too for that matter.


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        Originally posted by BallerT1215 View Post
        Terrence McGee isn't worthy of starting?
        He's 30, and his last season that could be described as good and injury free was in 2008.
        A BoneKrusher Production


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          I love the eagles picks.

          Originally posted by 49erNation85
          I wouldn't be sir prized if he passed McCoy on the depth chart. I think he might have a better arm and accurate arm then him from the highlights I thought. He also got some wheels too help us prepare for QB's as Wilson , RG3 and other runners etc.


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            Carimi over Houston = Fail


            • #7
              We drafted Dan Williams in the 1st last year and he shut the run down when he played last year so terrible pick in the 2nd. Brandon Harris would be a huge steal in the 2nd and a much better pick


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                Overall, I thought this was a very solid mock.

                Titus and Sheard would be great picks for the Ravens. I really like what both could offer.


                • #9
                  Great Miami pick

                  Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                    The Skins probably would take Locker at 10 even in this position, with that said love Julio one of my dream picks. Tough to pass on Bowers and Fairley though, even if they are not great 3-4 picks. Fairley could definitely play in a 34 although not sure Shanny would take a guy like him after this Haynesworth fiasco. Dream picks in this situation are Julio+Brandon Harris, or Fairley+Torrey Smith.

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                      Thought I'd make a comment on the Titans pick. They do have Derrick Morgan coming back next year. He missed most of the season with an injury and he gets forgotten. But he played very well when he was in there. So maybe they won't take another DE this year.

                      Now, as for the Pats.
                      I don't like Aldon Smith to the Pats at all, but I'm down with trying to get a pass rusher.

                      I don't like Liuget either. Not a good fit for the Pats. An OL would be good there. I believe there is little chance they make four picks in the first two rounds and that none of them are an OL.

                      I do like Houston at the 33 spot, but I can't imagine them taking two OLB's. That would mean they are giving up on Jermaine Cunningham after only one season. He was actually their best OLB last year so there's no reason to think he's not going to be a big part of their defense going forward.

                      I do like Ryan Williams a lot. But I'm not sure he will be high on their board, especially after he admitted he is no good in pass protection.
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                        I'm a fan of the Pats mock but the two biggest needs for the Pats are OLB and OL.
                        M.Light sucked, Mankins has contract issues, Koppen is weak, Neal retired and Vollmer is our future LT.

                        -I'm on the Kerrigan > A.Smith bandwagon but I'd just be happy that the Pats addressed OLB.
                        -I'm not familiar with Liuget so I'll take your word for it.
                        -J.Houston, I love it. I'm also on the "Pats Taking 2 OLBs" bandwagon. The Pats use no many OLBs in their rotations, taking two studs makes that position a strength. I disagree with the notion that it means we're giving up on Cunningham. They'd be replacing TBC, Ninkovich, Woods, Cable, and every other LB the Pats have had here recently)
                        -R.Williams would be nice but not if we haven't addressed OL yet which I believe is the second biggest weakness on the team. A player like R.Hudson would be great there. I think he's good value that late in the second round.

                        Nice work.
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                          Im not sure how well Heyward would fit in a 4-3. He seems more like a solid 3-4 DE. Lovin Randall Cobb though.

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                            terrible 2nd round pick for the skins. id take kaepernick with our 5th rounder only. if shanahan loves a qb as a future franchise guy than hell take him in the 1st round. too many holes to waste a 2nd round pick on a project. won't happen.


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                              A+ for the Rams. I would love it Fairley fell to #14. Baldwin in the 2nd is also a pretty good value at a position of need.
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