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2-Rounds w/ Picks-By-Team, 2 trades

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    Ingram is good

    Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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      ill take martez wilson in the second for the giants because we already have 3 RB's, if ahmad is resigned (dont see why he wouldn't be), and anyway linebacker is still our biggest need for improvement maybe even moreso than LT

      1. Tyron Smith
      2. Martez Wilson

      cant get much better than that


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        please stop with the OT to KC in RD 1.NOT GONNA HAPPEN.Phil Taylor instead


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          No way do we take Sherrod in the first when Taylor is on the board.

          Are you by chance a Texans fan? :P

          Originally posted by fenikz
          His soft D really turns me off
          ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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            Originally posted by vidae View Post
            No way do we take Sherrod in the first when Taylor is on the board.

            Are you by chance a Texans fan? :P

            I'm just not as big into the Taylor hype as some others - he's being overrated purely based on positional value. I know Pioli is the type of guy that would put positional value or overall talent over need, but not everyone was convinced he'd pick a safety in the top-5 either. If Sherrod were the pick there and he ends up being a solid starting LT with Albert on the right side I don't think anyone would regret that pick. At worst Sherrod plays guard, but they're talking about moving Albert there too and he's supposed to be their best lineman at this point. All that unit has going for it next year and in the future are Albert and Asamoah. If you want to make an argument for Barry Richardson, then let him bookend with either Albert or Sherrod with the other at guard with Asamoah.

            I'm not completely convinced they won't want Taylor there, but maybe they trade down to get him -Dan Williams shot up draft boards the same way and he developed into a solid 2-down NT late in his rookie season, he went 26th which sounds about right for Taylor as a player expected to make a similar contribution. I hate doing year-to-year comparisons like that especially when talking exact draft slot because the draft is obviously always different, but I do really feel that 25-35 is where Taylor's true value is
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              I love it.


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                Originally posted by jCut View Post
                I could see that Denver draft happening. I love the focus on the front-seven.
                I also love the focus on the front 7.



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