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3 rounds with trades

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  • 3 rounds with trades

    This draft is based off of nothing being resolved with the NFL owners and the players union. So no free agency or player trades before or during the draft.

    1st Round

    1. Carolina: B. Gabbert QB
    2. Denver: M. Dareus DT
    3. Buffalo: C. Newton QB
    4. Cincinnati: AJ Green WR
    5. Arizona: V. Miller LB/DE
    6. Cleveland: D. Bowers DE
    7. San Francisco: P. Peterson DB
    8. Tennessee: N. Fairley DT
    9. Dallas: P. Amukamara DB
    10. Washington: J. Jones WR
    11. Houston: A. Smith LB/DE
    12. Minnesota: J. Locker QB
    13. Detroit: (Trade to TB; 20th, 51st): R. Quinn DE/LB
    14. St. Louis: (Trade to SD; 18th, 82nd): JJ Watt DL
    15. Miami: M. Ingram RB
    16. Jacksonville: C. Jordan DE
    17. New England: R. Kerrigan LB/DE
    18. San Diego: (Trade to STL; 14th): C. Liuget DT
    19. NY Giants: A. Castonzo OT
    20. Tampa Bay: (Trade to DET; 13th, 107th): T. Smith OT
    21. Kansas City: J. Houston LB/DE
    22. Indianapolis: N. Solder OT
    23. Philadelphia: M. Pouncey OL
    24. New Orleans: C. Heyward DL
    25. Seattle: R. Mallett QB
    26. Baltimore: M. Wilkerson DL
    27. Atlanta: A. Clayborn DE
    28. New England: (Trade to HOU; 42nd, 73rd): A. Williams DB
    29. NY Jets: S. Paea DL
    30. Chicago: D. Sherrod OT
    31. Pittsburgh: J. Smith DB
    32. Green Bay: G. Carimi OT

    2nd Round

    33. New England: C. Ballard DL
    34. Buffalo: A. Ayers LB/DE
    35. Cincinnati: C. Ponder QB
    36. Denver: A. Bailey DE
    37. Cleveland: J. Sheard DE
    38. Arizona: J. Carpenter OT
    39. Tennessee: M. Wilson LB
    40. Dallas: P. Taylor DT
    41. Washington: (Trade to DET; 44th, 154th, 5th ’12): B. Harris DB
    42. Houston: (Trade to NE; 28th): J. Baldwin WR
    43. Minnesota: R. Dowling DB
    44. Detroit: (Trade to WAS; 41st): C. Kaepernick QB
    45. San Francisco: B. Reed LB/DE
    46. Denver: K. Rudolph TE
    47. St. Louis: T. Young WR
    48. Oakland: B. Ijalana OL
    49. Jacksonville: R. Moore DB
    50. San Diego: D. Moch LB
    51. Tampa Bay: (Trade to DET; 13th, 107th): B. Carter LB
    52. NY Giants: M. Foster LB
    53. Indianapolis: D. Nevis DT
    54. Philadelphia: J. Patrick DB
    55. Kansas City: T. Smith WR
    56. New Orleans: M. Herzlich LB
    57. Seattle: D. Watkins OL
    58. Baltimore: R. Cobb WR
    59. Atlanta: J. Jernigan WR
    60. New England: M. Cannon OL
    61. San Diego: L. Hankerson WR
    62. Chicago: J. Casey DT
    63. Pittsburgh: K. Ellis DL
    64. Green Bay: S. Acho LB/DE

    3rd Round

    65. Carolina: (Trade to CLE; 70th, 137th): J. Brewer OT
    66. Cincinnati: M. LeShore RB
    67. Denver: Q. Sturdivant LB
    68. Buffalo: O. Franklin OT
    69. Arizona: A. Dalton QB
    70. Cleveland: (Trade to CAR; 65): M. Austin DT
    71. Dallas: D. Love OL
    72. New Orleans: R. Williams RB
    73. Houston: (Trade to NE; 28th): S. Wisniewski OL
    74. New England: D. Murray RB
    75. Detroit: G. Jones LB
    76. San Francisco: R. Stanzi QB
    77. Tennessee: R. Hudson OL
    78. St. Louis: C.McCarthy LB
    79. Miami: C. Boling OL
    80. Jacksonville: B. Burton DB
    81. Oakland: D. VanDyke DB
    82. San Diego: (Trade to STL; 14th): G. Romeus DE
    83. NY Giants: J. Jenkins DT
    84. Tampa Bay: M. Gilbert OL
    85. Kansas City: J. Powe DT
    86. Indianapolis: T. Sash DB
    87. Philadelphia: L. Wilson LB
    88. New Orleans: Q. Carter DB
    89. San Diego: K. Sheppard LB
    90. Baltimore: J. Pinkston OL
    91. Atlanta: C. Brown DB
    92. New England: (Trade to KC; 118th, 3rd '12): L Ziemba OT
    93. Chicago: D. House DB
    94. NY Jets: J. Beal LB/DE
    95. Pittsburgh: G. Little WR
    96. Green Bay: C. Chekwa DB
    97. Carolina: E. Gates WR

    4th Round

    98. Carolina: L Guy DT
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    I would definitely be happy with that draft for the Bears and Jaguars.

    Originally posted by SolidGold
    Originally posted by Monomach
    Brilliant letting one of Scott Pioli's henchmen have his own team to ruin.  One of the premier GM jobs in the NFL and it gets handed to a stupid **** who makes three facepalm moves for every good one.  Awesome.  Just like handing a new Mercedes to a 16 year old girl who's already been in three wrecks. 


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      Pretty good Chiefs draft!

      Originally posted by fenikz
      His soft D really turns me off
      ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


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        Solid Phins draft

        Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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          we is everyone so sold on the falcons needing Secondary help? Later on in the draft I can see, but not in the first 3 rounds.

          Sig by BK

          “They have one guy, he’s pretty short. But he can go out and play. He can be a little aggravating too.’’ -- Joe Flacco talking about Brent Grimes.


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            If the Bengals take Ponder then they are required to draft a OL in the 3rd and possibly the rest of the draft

            RIP themaninblack


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              Good first rounder for the saints, the test is pretty bad

              Saints 2014 draft wish list:
              - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
              - Corner or Wideout in the first
              - No reaching
              - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                jones is fine in the first but Kaepernick in the 2nd would make me sad. too much of a project to take that early. if we are going to trade down i would hope its lower than 2-3 spots so we can pick up more than a 5th. we need at least one more 2-3 round pick.


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                  Patrick Peterson and Brooks Reed is about as good as it gets in the first 2 rounds for me as a Niners fan. Stanzi is good in the 3rd as well, I would prefer to have Dalton there myself but he didnt make it. Good job!


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                    Not sure the Packers would pass on Gates at #96.


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                      Sign me up for that Pats draft. I like it.
                      My only gripe would be missing out on another DE.
                      I'm not big on Ballard. Regardless, I'd take it easy!
                      -Boston Red Sox-New England Patriots-Boston Celtics-


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                        Give the Colts NT Stephen Paea in the 1st, and OG Danny Watkins in the 2nd.
                        INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - A CHANGE IS COMING!


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                          Cliche Denver mock, but solid nonetheless.

                          WELCOME REALITY


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                            awesome KC draft


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                              Thats literally player for player my dream mock, i have a boner now
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