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Tom Hagger's 3rd Mock draft - feedback welcomed

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  • Tom Hagger's 3rd Mock draft - feedback welcomed

    1. Carolina (2-14) BLAINE GABBERT QB - MIZZ

    They need a QB and have said they aren't in love with any of the D line prospects. I think when all is said and done Gabbert is higher than Newton on their board. I still think he has happy feet, makes some awful decisions under pressure and needs loads of work. However he also has a great arm and is accurate in the short and medium pass game. The panthers are in a pretty situation and they would look for trade offers.

    2. Denver (4-12) MARCELL DAREUS DT/DE - ALABAMA

    I would take Fairley here but Dareus seems to be rising with a great combine and the draft media seem to be in love with him. I just can't look past how totally dominant Fairley was in some games this year. Dareus may be the safer pick but I do no think it is the correct one.

    3. Buffalo (4-12) CAM NEWTON QB - AUBURN

    Cam Newton is a beast. His career as a starter in college reads as 14-0, Heisman and BCS national championship. He needs time and a chance to develop which he most likely wont get but Buffalo isn't an awful place to land as he has Chan Gailey and Ryan Fitzpatrick which will only help his development.

    4. Cincinnati (4-12) JULIO JONES WR - ALABAMA

    I do think Carson Palmer is done in Cincy but with no QB left they will look at DE or WR. With TO and Chad [insert surname here] leaving they could do with a reciever and Jones just destroyed the combine and he is a physical freak that put up highly impressive numbers from a run first offense. He is a great fit in the WCO and may not be as good as AJ but is still an elite talent. If Bowers knee is clean I think he will be the pick here.

    5. Arizona (5-11) VON MILLER OLB - TEXAS A&M

    The only reason I am scared of this pick is that it makes too much sense and therefore means it wont happen on draft day. Von Miller is a stud and will be a fine addition to a very underrated Arizona D. I think that they address the QB need in free agency when it happens. A bad year from the cards puts Ken Wisenhunt on the hot seat so he needs to be competitive in a woeful NFC west.

    6. Cleveland (5-11) DA'QUAN BOWERS DE - CLEMSON

    Now the Browns need a DE but I can just see Colt Mccoy jumping up and down begging for AJ Green but Mike Holmgren has said he likes the recievers he has. This is why I think they address the D-line. They have nothing at DE at the moment and must address this.

    7. San Francisco (6-10) PATRICK PETERSON CB - LSU

    There is no doubt in my mind that a QB goes early in this draft to the niners but I think it will be Ponder or Dalton in the 2nd. CB is a huge need and Peterson is the BPA and would have the 49ers heading in the right direction.

    8. Tennessee (6-10) NICK FAIRLEY DT - AUBURN

    Getting Fairley at 8 is a steal. All this crap about him being dirty is overblown he plays hard, go watch the big games Auburn played last year…he was huge…I would go as far as saying he was as important to Auburn as Scam "hype train" Newton. So he takes plays off, if i am a coach and he can give me a sack a game and a few pressures thats a great return. I think when he realises he needs to play hard every down after his rookie year he becomes elite.

    Jerry Jones does not take O-line in the 1st round. Rob Ryan is in town and would love to have a potential lockdown corner.

    10. Washington (6-10)[TRADE] JAKE LOCKER QB - WASHINGTON

    The redskins won't take Locker at 10 and will likely trade back. This will be the pick at some point though, Locker excels at throwing on the run, Shanahan loved him coming out last year and Rex Grossman is not the answer. With Green or Jones still on the board someone will trade up, most likely the rams.

    11. Houston (6-10) JJ WATT DE - WISCONSIN

    As a Colts fan watching the Texans blow any chance of making the playoffs in 2011 by switching to the 3-4 is great as it will likely take a year to get used to the new system. They need a NT but Phil Taylor is not number 11 overall material. Mario Williams will likely move between 5 tech and OLB but add JJ WATT and you have the ability to change up the front and let Mario Williams cause havoc.

    12. Minnesota (6-10) ROBERT QUINN DE - UNC

    I hope he doesn’t fall this far as he deserves to go higher because he is the best pure pass rusher in the draft. With Ray Edwards likely leaving the vikes need a DE. QB is a need but there is not a player here worth taking and with the potential of rookies not seeing a playbook until august I think more teams will leave QB until later in the draft.

    13. Detroit (6-10) TYRON SMITH OT - USC

    Matt Stafford must wonder what he has done to piss off the lions organisation. 2 shoulder operations in 2 years starts making me think of chad pennington. They need to protect Stafford's blindside and Tyron Smith is the consensus number 1 OT. and can play LT or RT in his rookie year. If the lions continue to neglect LT then they are morons.

    14. St. Louis (7-9) [TRADE] AJ GREEN WR - GEORGIA

    This is based on a trade with Washington. Give Sam Bradford a legitimate threat at WR and this team will be able to take the NFC west, and do it with a winning record.

    15. Miami (7-9) MIKE POUNCEY G - FLORIDA

    Mark Ingram may well be looked at but QB and O-line are more pressing needs. RBs fall apart very quickly in the NFL and the positional value is not what it once was. I think Pouncey was great as G in 2009 and will be a great pro. It is likely that they will look to trade out of this pick.

    16. Jacksonville (8-8) RYAN KERRIGAN DE - PURDUE

    We all know Jacksonville likes safe players or at least has done so the last few drafts. I can't see Kerrigan being a double digit sack artist but he should be solid and fits the bill for the Jags.

    17. New England - from Oakland (8-8) ALDON SMITH DE/OLB - MIZZ

    Well well well this seems like a match made in heaven, a 260-270 OLB who can rush the passer. He fits the Pats prototype and can certainly rush the passer, this is a deep draft for 3-4 ends and the pats will likely address the pash rusher need first.

    18. San Diego (9-7) CAMERON JORDAN DE - CAL

    The bolts need a 5 tech and JORDAN is the best one on the board.

    19. New York Giants (10-6) GABE CARIMI OT - WISCONSIN

    Martez wilson will be looked at here. But Carimi is a great run blocker and will be able to open holes for the giants for the next 10 years. The BC connection with Castonzo rings true but Carimi is a true run blocker with more grit.

    20. Tampa Bay (10-6) JUSTIN HOUSTON DE - GEORGIA

    I think this is a great fit for the tampa 2. A slightly undersized and speedy ends seems perfect.

    21. Kansas City* (10-6) AKEEM AYERS OLB - UCLA

    I just don't see the Chiefs taking Phil Taylor as he was not a team captain and has character concerns. Akeem Ayers best fit might be as a 3-4 OLB.

    22. Indianapolis* (10-6) ANTHONY CASTONZO OT - BOSTON COLLEGE

    Peyton Manning has an uncanny ability to make awful OT look good. But he really really needs a decent LT who can start right away. Castonzo could slot in from day 1, he is a smart kid who will learn on the job. Manning has 3-4 years left and needs someone protecting his body until he retires.

    23. Philadelphia* (10-6) NATE SOLDER OT - COLORADO
    I just don’t see what all the fuss is about but the Eagles need a tackle and he is the best player left.

    24. New Orleans* (11-5) MARK INGRAM RB - ALABAMA

    Now hear me out. The saints have lots of good RB on their roster but when they won the superbowl they did so with a truly balanced offense and pierre thomas and chris ivory are not the answer.

    25. Seattle* (7-9) CORREY LUIGET DT - ILLINOIS

    It is a tragedy that the seahawks pick this late with such an awful team. But they happen to get a truly great player.

    26. Baltimore* (12-4) MUHAMMED WILKERSON DT - TEMPLE

    He tweeted after his visit that he had a great day in baltimore. With a bit of coaching could be a monster at 3-4 end.

    27. Atlanta* (13-3) DEREK SHERROD OT - MISS STATE

    He is a team captain, high character, 4 year starter and a pretty darned good player. Seems to fit a need and type of player they take.

    28. New England* (14-2) CAMERON HEYWARD DE - OHIO STATE
    The Pats will take a DE, OT and OLB with there top 3 picks. DE tick.

    29. Chicago* (11-5) STEPHEN PAEA DT - OREGON STATE

    Shane has said he likes him as a 1 tech/NT in a 4-3 but having watched a little bit of what I can find on the internet he seems like an overpowering gap shooter. Would seem to be a great fit in Chicago.

    30. New York Jets* (11-5) JIMMY SMITH CB - COLORADO

    People keep mocking pass rushers here but Rex ryan loves to blitz, and to do that you need elite corners who can hold up in man coverage for 5-6 seconds. They took Kyle Wilson last year but with Cromartie maybe leaving this could be a great pick.

    31. Pittsburgh* (12-4) DANNY WATKINS G - BAYLOR

    With a few pieces on the line and some help on the secondary this team is primed for another superbowl run. Watkins is no nonsense and would fit right in at Pitt.

    32. Green Bay* (10-6) ADRIAN CLAYBORN DE - IOWA

    With a glaring need at 3-4 end and Adrian Clayborn still on the board this is my pick.

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    Peterson or Green for the Bengals.

    RIP themaninblack


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      Good Bears Pick


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        solid KC pick


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          Fabulous 49er pick.


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            Wilkerson is a pretty good pick for the Ravens. Jimmy Smith would be another likely possibility at 26


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              athough I agree with you that in all likelihood the skins trade down and try to grab locker later in the round - which i completely agree and am fine with taking locker in this scenario because 1) locker is not worth a top ten pick imo and 2) if they trade down they get another pick which is essential for them to do. but in this mock you still have the skins picking at 10 and if they do not trade down - then i would hate if they picked locker - would rather grab quinn if they skins stay at 10


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                actually i think your intent here was for washington and st. louis trade first round my bad....but you should actually switch the order to not be as confusing if there was a trade or not. that being said - i would not mind this scenario at all for the skins....but i doubt the rams make this move if both green and jones are still available at that point....because if they sit tight in all likelihood they will still get one of the two.


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                  Solid Lion mock.


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                    saints offense wasnt balanced when they won the superbowl, it just appeared that way cuz they played garbage time for half games at a time. Heyward please

                    ow yeah, and ingram is also a terrible terrible fit

                    Saints 2014 draft wish list:
                    - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
                    - Corner or Wideout in the first
                    - No reaching
                    - No Kelvin Benjamin


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                      Eh, a little too early for Pouncey IMO.

                      Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                        Originally posted by wicket View Post
                        saints offense wasnt balanced when they won the superbowl, it just appeared that way cuz they played garbage time for half games at a time. Heyward please

                        ow yeah, and ingram is also a terrible terrible fit
                        So you are telling me that sean payton does not believe in running the ball?
                        It may not be a great fit but i could see it happening. Some team is going to take him in round one.


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                          Originally posted by thebow305 View Post
                          Eh, a little too early for Pouncey IMO.
                          I was not very happy with the dolphins pick but just have no real idea what they are going to do. There are more and more rumours circulating that they like mallet....which is must be a scary thought if you are a dolphins fan. Firstly he just isn't that good and secondly can you imagine mallet in miami......really going to help him sort his off the field issues.


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                            Originally posted by Tom Hagger View Post
                            So you are telling me that sean payton does not believe in running the ball?
                            It may not be a great fit but i could see it happening. Some team is going to take him in round one.
                            Payton has never ran the ball much with the game on the line. He does believe in the run in a way to set up the pass but not in the way it would get ingram the 25+ carries a game ingram needs to achieve his fullest potential. Ingram is not meant to be a back in more than a 2 back rotation, he needs to get the ball and pound it time and time again and any scheme that does anything else is a waste of ingrams talents.

                            Ingram is also not violent enough to be suitable to be a specialist in wrapping up games with a lead in the fourth either, ingram is about great vision and pretty good lateral movement but when you try and wrap up the game teams sell out on the run that much that you dont have that hole.

                            AKA, i just HATE the pick for the saints

                            Saints 2014 draft wish list:
                            - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
                            - Corner or Wideout in the first
                            - No reaching
                            - No Kelvin Benjamin



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