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  • 2 Rounds

    Round 1
    1 CAR GABBERT, Blaine QB Missouri
    2 DEN BOWERS, Da'Quan DE Clemson
    3 BUF DAREUS, Marcell DE Alabama
    4 CIN NEWTON, Cam QB Auburn
    5 ARI PETERSON, Patrick CB LSU
    6 CLE GREEN, A.J WR Georgia
    7 S.F MILLER, Von LB Texas A&M
    8 TEN QUINN, Robert DE North Carolina
    9 DAL FAIRLEY, Nick DE Auburn
    10 WAS JONES, Julio WR Alabama
    11 HOU AMUKAMARA, Prince CB Nebraska
    12 MIN JORDAN, Cameron DE California
    13 DET SMITH, Jimmy CB Colorado
    14 STL POUNCEY, Mike OG Florida
    15 MIA LOCKER, Jake QB Washington
    16 JAC SMITH, Aldon DE Missouri
    17 N.E CASTONZO, Anthony OT Boston College
    18 S.D WATT, J.J DE Wisconsin
    19 NYG SMITH, Tyron OT USC
    20 T.B CLAYBORN, Adrian DE Iowa
    21 K.C KERRIGAN, Ryan LB Purdue
    22 IND SOLDER, Nate OT Colorado
    23 PHI HARRIS, Brandon CB Miami (Fl)
    24 N.O HEYWARD, Cameron DE Ohio St
    25 SEA MALLETT, Ryan QB Arkansas
    26 BAL WILLIAMS, Aaron CB Texas
    27 ATL SMITH, Torrey WR Maryland
    28 N.E INGRAM, Mark RB Alabama
    29 NYJ WILKERSON, Muhammad DE Temple
    30 CHI LIUGET, Corey DT Illinois
    31 PIT CARIMI, Gabe OT Wisconsin
    32 G.B BALLARD, Christian DE Iowa

    Round 2
    33 N.E BAILEY, Allen DE Miami (Fl)
    34 BUF SHERROD, Derek OT Mississippi St
    35 CIN BALDWIN, Jon WR Pittsburgh
    36 DEN PAEA, Stephen DT Oregon St
    37 CLE HOUSTON, Justin DE Georgia
    38 ARI AYERS, Akeem LB UCLA
    39 TEN PONDER, Christian QB Florida St
    40 DAL WATKINS, Danny OG Baylor
    41 WAS KAEPERNICK, Colin QB Nevada
    42 HOU TAYLOR, Phil DT Baylor
    43 MIN IJALANA, Ben OT Vilanova
    44 DET CARTER, Bruce LB North Carolina
    45 S.F DOWLING, Ras-I CB Virginia
    46 DEN MOORE, Rahim S UCLA
    47 STL HANKERSON, Leonard WR Miami (Fl)
    48 OAK BURTON, Brandon CB Utah
    49 JAC MCCARTHY, Colin LB Miami (Fl)
    50 S.D GATES, Edmond WR Abilene Christian
    51 T.B HUDSON, Rodney OG Florida St
    52 NYG AUSTIN, Marvin DT North Carolina
    53 IND CARTER, Quinton S Oklahoma
    54 PHI CANNON, Marcus OG TCU
    55 K.C YOUNG, Titus WR Boise St
    56 N.O NEVIS, Drake DT LSU
    57 SEA FRANKLIN, Orlando OT Miami (Fl)
    58 BAL WISNIEWSKI, Stefen OC Penn St
    59 ATL ACHO, Sam DE Texas
    60 N.E REED, Brooks LB Arizona
    61 S.D WILSON, Martez LB Illinois
    62 CHI LOVE, DeMarcus OT Arkansas
    63 PIT PATRICK, Johnny CB Louisville
    64 G.B HOUSE, Davon CB New Mexico St
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  • #2
    carimi and patrick are interesting complaints here though


    • #3
      I would rather have House in the 2nd. Great 1st rounder


      • #4
        Not a Fan of Cam Newton but seems like a Mike Brown pick.

        Baldwin is fine in the 2nd

        RIP themaninblack


        • #5
          I'd still prefer Taylor in round one for KC, but if the first two rounds got us Kerrigan and Young, it'd be hard to be angry. Solid job.

          Originally posted by fenikz
          His soft D really turns me off
          ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **


          • #6
            what my fellow KC fan said


            • #7
              SF is not leaving the second with out a QB but I'll take the CB.Since no trades in this draft.


              • #8
                martez wilson to the giants, we need some speed/athleticism in our lb core, its clearly the weakest part of our defense and maybe team.


                • #9
                  Bowers isn't going anywhere close to #2 overall.


                  • #10
                    I thought I'd seen the last of Aaron Williams being mocked to the Ravens, I guess not. Give us Wilkerson or Houston. The pass rush needs far more help than the secondary and even then Im not sure Williams really is an upgrade.

                    Wisniewski is a good selection. Brooks Reed might also be the pick there just based on BPA


                    • #11
                      martez wilson over drake nevis please

                      its not that nevis is a bad pick, wilson would just be a better one.

                      also, good first rounder

                      Saints 2014 draft wish list:
                      - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
                      - Corner or Wideout in the first
                      - No reaching
                      - No Kelvin Benjamin


                      • #12
                        That's a poor first round pick for the Rams.

                        OG is a need that can and will likely be filled in later rounds of the draft. With Aldon Smith still on the board, I think he's the pick.

                        Hankerson in the second is fine.



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