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My 2nd Mock Draft (2 Rounds)

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  • My 2nd Mock Draft (2 Rounds)

    ROUND 1
    1. Carolina (2-14)- AJ Green, WR

    2. Denver (4-12) Marcell Dareus, DT

    3. Buffalo (4-12)- Patrick Peterson, CB

    4. Cincinnati (4-12)- Cameron Newton, QB

    5. Arizona (5-11)- Blaine Gabbert, QB

    6. Cleveland (5-11)- Robert Quinn, DE

    7. San Francisco (6-10)- Von Miller, LB

    8. Tennessee (6-10)- Nick Fairley, DT

    9. Dallas (6-10)- Prince Amukamara, CB

    10. Washington (6-10)- Julio Jones, WR

    11. Houston (6-10)- JJ Watt, DE

    12. Minnesota (6-10)- Ryan Mallett, QB

    13. Detroit (6-10) Aldon Smith, DE

    14. St. Louis (7-9)- Da’Quan Bowers, DE

    15. Miami (7-9)- Mark Ingram, RB

    16. Jacksonville (8-8)- Ryan Kerrigan, DE

    17. New England (14-2)- Cameron Jordan, DE

    18. San Diego (9-7)- Tyron Smith, OT

    19. New York Giants (10-6)- Nate Solder, OT

    20. Tampa Bay (10-6)- Justin Houston, DE

    21. Kansas City (10-6)- Phil Taylor, NT

    22. Indianapolis (10-6)- Anthony Costanzo, OT

    23. Philadelphia (10-6)- Jimmy Smith, CB

    24. New Orleans (11-5)- Stephen Paea, DT

    25. Seattle (7-9)- Brandon Harris, CB

    26. Baltimore (12-4)- Corey Luiget, DE

    27. Atlanta (13-3)- Torrey Smith

    28. New England (14-2)- Gabe Carimi, OT

    29. Chicago (11-5)- Mike Pouncy, OG

    30. New York Jets (11-5)- Muhammad Wilkerson, DE

    31. Pittsburgh (10-6)- Derek Sherrod, OT

    32. Green Bay (12-4)- Brooks Reed, OLB

    ROUND 2
    1. New England (14-2)- Mikel Leshoure, RB

    2. Buffalo (4-12)- Adrian Clayborn, DE

    3. Cincinnati (4-12)- Jonathan Baldwin, WR

    4. Denver (4-12)- Rahim Moore, FS

    5. Cleveland (5-11)- Marvin Austin, DT

    6. Arizona (5-11)- Benjamin Ijalana, OL

    7. Tennessee (6-10)- Jake Locker, QB

    8. Dallas (6-10)- Cameron Heyward, DE

    9. Washington (6-10)- Christian Ballard, DE

    10. Houston (6-10)- Jabaal Sheard, OLB

    11. Minnesota (6-10)- Stefen Wisniewski, C

    12. Detroit (6-10)- Akeem Ayers, LB

    13. San Francisco (6-10)- Aaron Williams, CB

    14. Denver (4-12)- Martez Wilson, LB

    15. St. Louis (7-9)- Leonard Hankerson, WR

    16. Oakland (8-8)- Curtis Brown, CB

    17. Jacksonville (14-2)- Titus Young, WR

    18. San Diego (9-7)- Allen Bailey, DE

    19. Tampa Bay (10-6)- Mason Foster, LB

    20. New York Giants (10-6)- Marcus Cannon, OG

    21. Indianapolis (10-6)- Drake Nevis, DT

    22. Philadelphia (10-6)- Rodney Hudson, CB

    23. Kansas City (10-6)- Jerrel Jernigan, WR

    24. New Orleans (11-5)- Greg Jones, LB

    25. Seattle (7-9)- Christian Ponder, QB

    26. Baltimore (12-4)- Brandon Burton, CB

    27. Atlanta (13-3)- Kyle Rudolph, TE

    28. New England (14-2)- Sam Acho, LB

    29. Chicago (11-5)- Quan Sturdivant, LB

    30. San Diego (9-7)- Kelvin Shepard, LB

    31. Pittsburgh (12-4)- Johnny Patrick, CB

    32. Green Bay (10-6)- Danny Watkins, OG

    PLEASE!!! Leave a comment good or bad.

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    Mallett at #12 is pretty bad IMO.


    • #3
      Not terrible for the Bears. Its tough getting closer to April 28th to see some fresh yet realistic picks but Sturdivant could happen, I guess.
      I want a sig.


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        Originally posted by akvikefan89 View Post
        Mallett at #12 is pretty bad IMO.
        I heard a rumor that they like him and one of my friends who's a viking fan said he thinks it could happen, so you never know, new reshimes mean new quaterbacks.


        • #5
          Originally posted by Redskinz11 View Post
          14. Denver (4-12)- Martez Wilson, LB
          What position is Wilson going to play? Not MLB I hope - we've already had our fill of "great athlete, lousy instincts" with DJ Williams.


          • #6
            Hate Newton i figure they take Gabbert over Newton because Gabbert is a better fit in their offense.

            Baldwin is fine in the 2nd.

            RIP themaninblack


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              love KC's picks


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                Originally posted by Diehard View Post
                What position is Wilson going to play? Not MLB I hope - we've already had our fill of "great athlete, lousy instincts" with DJ Williams.
                DJ Williams=Will
                Martez Wilson=Mike
                Mario Haggan=Sam


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                  I would so trade up for locker but life goes on


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                    Happy w/ the Titans mock.


                    • #11
                      Yeah that would be a nice pickup for the Titans. I think the Titans want Newton, but I don't think he will be gone by the time the Titans pick, so I could totally see Fairley going to the Titans.


                      • #12
                        I like Luiget in the first but IDK if they would pass on Wilkerson. I wouldn't mind either. Solid overall mock bro.


                        • #13
                          Ryan Mallet is a solid choice for the Vikes in round 1. As for Wisnewski, while I like him and he would make a good pick. I just can't see the Vikings passing on Kyle Rudolph or Aaron Williams for him.


                          • #14
                            Redskins are taking Ryan Williams if he's there at #41.


                            • #15
                              First round pick is fantastic Miller is an awesome fit for the defense. If Goldson isn't brought back then Williams is a great pick. If he is then the niners should go Ponder in round two. Good work though.
                              Originally posted by 49erNation85
                              I dunno even half of those guys why did we sign them jeez.



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