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March 4th Two-Round Mock Draft

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    SOLID Steelers draft!

    The Steelers would still need to land a big(er) WR in the next few rounds. Who do you think they would target?


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      No way the steelers would pass on moncrief in the second round. Honestly Gilbert and Moncrief would be perfection


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        Dallas won't take a LB in round 1. That pick will be a DT or DE.


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          There are still Cyrus Kuondijo fans out there? Interesting.


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            Dan Jeremiah would love this Browns draft. I think Breeland is completely overrated. He reminds me of Shareece Wright and I wouldn't take him any earlier than he went.

            Watkins is so tempting but then I remember he'd be the #2 WR and 3rd to 4th option on offense and likely be prompted to return kicks. I guess it depends how high they are on Hoyer. If they think he's an NFL starter then absolutely, load up on weapons, if not, they better take a QB early.

            Originally posted by borg9
            Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?


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              Originally posted by vidae View Post
              First thing I noticed: it's March 3rd.

              Second, meh KC pick. WR is pretty standard these days though.
              I think given how Reid valued DeSean Jackson, someone like Beckham would make sense there. Could also see Ra'Shede Hageman, my usual pick.

              Originally posted by wicket View Post
              id prefer donte moncrief over morgan moses and im not the fan of fuller that most people are but i cant fault you for the saints picks, they make a lot of sense
              I'm a huge Fuller fan, agree on Moses not being a great value but think he makes sense there.

              Originally posted by SickwithIt1010 View Post
              Not too bad, I would actually be tempted to take Ward in the first.
              I could imagine that, but I think Verrett looks better on tape. Probably the best CB in the draft just in terms of coverage skills.


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                Originally posted by PoopSandwich View Post
                Everyone is mocking Carr to us now.

                Sorry, I know. :(
                Originally posted by MikeTheDudeV2 View Post
                I don't think two WRs is the way to go for Carolina. Maybe one. But we have other needs at OT and CB that need to be addressed pretty early.
                I was thinking about how the Panthers doubled down on defensive tackle last year and turned a weakness into a strength, like the value there more than OT/CB.
                Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
                You think shi'a-fila falls that far?
                Probably not, but he's a bum if you ask me. Really athletic, but just bungled way too many blocks for my liking.


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                  Originally posted by princefielder28 View Post
                  Where do you see Crichton fitting the Packers defense?
                  I think he's athletic enough to stand up. Usually there are concerns about whether or not some pass rushers can stand up in a 3-4, but those are typically unfounded; look at Nick Perry, Ryan Kerrigan, Tamba Hali, Brandon Graham, etc. A good rusher is a good rusher. Last year we saw that with Matthews/Perry hurt, the Packers were forced to rely on guys like Mike Neal too much, so I think they should consider some additional rushers, especially with the value being solid there.

                  Originally posted by MidwestJimmy View Post
                  The Dolphins are already overloaded with defensive ends (Barr was an edge rusher in Los Angeles). Also, what am I missing with Dontae Johnson? I never heard of him (and my draft board goes to 200). But this is generallly a good mock.
                  Barr is a rusher, but I was thinking about how the Dolphins tried to add Philip Wheeler for that rush linebacker role and think Barr would make sense for that reason. I don't see him as a defensive end regardless of scheme, 3-4 ROLB or 4-3 SLB.

                  Johnson is a much better prospect than David Amerson was last year. More physical, much better tackler, more natural coverage skills. I think he could play CB or FS. Had him as a 2nd-3rd before the Combine, then he did a great job there as well.

                  Originally posted by ArkyRamsFan View Post
                  Matthew Jones,

                  I'm loving it for the Rams but I have a real hard time believing Hageman will drop all the way to the middle of the 2nd round.

                  Stranger things, I guess have happened though!!
                  Hageman has a ton of concerns regarding consistency/motor, leverage, character, intelligence, etc. that make me feel like he's one of the most likely prospects to bust. Still worth looking into that late in the draft though.


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                    Originally posted by Jakey View Post
                    SOLID Steelers draft!

                    The Steelers would still need to land a big(er) WR in the next few rounds. Who do you think they would target?
                    I see Seferian-Jenkins as much more of a receiving threat than a blocker, despite his size/average speed. I think someone like Martavis Bryant would make sense if available.

                    Originally posted by superfly69 View Post
                    Dallas won't take a LB in round 1. That pick will be a DT or DE.
                    The only value at either of those positions which I think would be comparable would be Louis Nix, but I'm not sure that's the type of defense he'd fit best in. As you can see, I'm not as high on guys like Jernigan and Ealy as most. This is a deep year for free-agent defensive linemen as well.

                    Originally posted by Babylon View Post
                    There are still Cyrus Kuondijo fans out there? Interesting.
                    I'm not too worried about anything he did at the Combine, if you can hold down the blindside in the SEC for a couple years, relegating DJ Fluker to the right side, you should be a possible first or second-day pick. Not sure how the medical will affect his stock, but he's a massive, aggressive guy who can mirror, anchor, punch. A little bit sloppy at times, but relatively new to tackle. There also aren't very many good second-day tackle candidates in this class, so that should limit his slide a bit.


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                      2nd round pick is good. I don't like the 1st two picks


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                        Great Saints draft!

                        2 C 5:6-8 Jakob Murphy aka themaninblack


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                          I really like the Zack Martin pick for Baltimore. He could play left guard or right tackle depending on where the team feels Osemele fits best. Swanson is probably a reach that high at this point though and I don't see the Ravens going with another young center. I'm fully expecting a wide receiver to be taken in the top two rounds and after getting Martin at 17 Matthews would be perfect at 48. Robinson or Moncrief wouldn't be bad either, maybe even Landry.


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                            I would rather go with Timmy Jernigan in the second for the Raiders. Its a more important position of need for Oakland.
                            Greg Gross @VittorioTafur Al Davis' scholarship program has died with him. With Hue, it's nothing personal, and nothing sentimental, either. It's gladiator school now. Perform or perish., period.


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                              I'll repeat what I've said to others, Cleveland will trade up with the Rams to get their QB, doing another Weedon will cut ticket sales in half for the Browns as their fans will riot if they went this route. Never going to happen.

                              The Rams will trade with somebody, they can go back as far as #5 and still get a superb LT if not Robinson then Matthews.
                              And proud of it!!!


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                                I think Beckham Jr might get looked at more than Lee for the Jets.

                                As for round 2, if they resign Calvin Pace....add along with Coples still there and Barnes returning from ACL and OLB becomes something to address in day 3. If David Yankey is there, I am starting to have more and more of a hunch we are taking a guard/offensive tackle in the 1st 2 rounds.



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