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    Bills Mock and KVN

    Ebron makes sense for the Bills and is a guy I would love to see in Buffalo, not sure I see them going TE with Evans, Barr and Lewan on the board, they signed T. Moeki, they have C. Gragg who is very similar in style to Ebron, and if they bring Chandler back, I dont see them going TE, if they dont bring Chandler back, I think the odds increase they could go with a TE in the draft.

    I believe they will go BPA with the pick, and am not sure Ebron is it for them. I would love it, but I am not sure Marrone and Co. value TE's as much as others do.

    I am big on KVN, he has the instincts and feel for the game IMO that can not be coached, I hope the Bills somehow are able to land him in the second round, IMO he is a top 20 caliber player. The best 4 teams BYU played against last year, were KVN's best 4 games, not a coincidence as I see it, especially considering teams game planned for him and he was the only NFL talent on that defense.

    Thats my .02, enjoy :)
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