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    1. Tennessee Titans - Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech *

    Bennett is leaving for Free Agency and Tyrone Calico isn't anything to brag about. Calvin Johnson is an amazing WR and can be a huge game changer no matter who he plays or who he's double covered by. Plus he's had a history of being delivered the ball by a subpar quarterback so the Transition to Vince Young will be an Upgrade. Other Positions of need could be looked to later, as CJ could come in and Grow with VY and create a Dynamic Duo (Kinda Reminiscent of Derrick Mason and McNair?)

    2. Oakland Raiders - Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin

    Brady Quinn the popular pick and Al Davis isn't about the popular pick. Joe Thomas is the best player at the Raiders Biggest need. Their pathetic offensive line play hasn't helped out any of the Quarterbacks or LaMont Jordan get rolling. With the WR Draft being so deep, They have Moss, but after him it looks pretty bleek. Can upgrade WR in the 2nd and possibly 3rd rounds, meanwhile now Aaron Brooks or Andrew Walter finally have a chance to see the field after the snap... as opposed to the sky above.

    3. Detroit Lions - Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame

    Brady albeit a tad overrated because of his school and Stovall/Samardizja being his 2 big targets, is still a great QB with great Measureables. Quinn can come in and Develop behind Kitna and be tutored by offensive mastermind Mike Martz. With Kevin Jones, Brian Calhoun and a decent Oline, Quinn could take over the reigns probably his second season, and they could make a run for the NFC North division. At Which point, Minnesota and Green Bay will both have to be starting with rookies. So basically Quinn probably has the edge over Jackson and Rodgers, Quarterback wise.

    4. Green Bay Packers - Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma *

    I know this is the popular pick, and it should be. AP is one of the most phenomenal RB's in a long time. His ability to break the outside run along with blasting through the tackles really reminds me of another current RB, Larry Johnson. With the WR core and Oline their Building in Green Bay, if Peterson doesn't bite the Green Bay injury bug, this kid could push for OROY, as he'll most likely win the job over Ahman Green. If he doesn't win the job, Worst Case scenario is he'll be starting week 2.

    5. Miami Dolphins - Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno State

    Before you rip this pick to shreds hear me out. If the Dolphins pick here I see them Trading down for an Array of picks, but for the sake of my mock , wiht Nick Saban Being a defensive guy, and outside of Joe Thomas there really isn't an Olineman worthy of a top 10 pick, I see them working on the CB Core. McCauley is everything you want in a corner. Size, speed, strength and awareness. Give him a season or 2 and he could be a shutdown corner in florida.

    6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson

    With Simeon Rice, age isn't doing him favors, and Greg Spires, whos uninspiring, The Buccos Opt for Gaines Adams. He can Come in and Start over Spires, giving the Buccs a solid pass Rush from the wings.

    7. Houston Texans - LaRon Landry, FS, LSU

    Staying in School definitely helped him. The Texans could possibly send off all their big money makers in a desperated attempt to rebuild. Landry Would come in and Help Dunta, Demeco and Mario start building a solid defense. The Ballhawking safety that everyone would love to have, is a natural FS, allowing CC Brown to move to his more natural position of SS.

    8. Cleveland Browns - Leon Hall, CB, Michigan

    Without having any surefire underclassman declare there is no 34 DE worthy of this pick. However Leigh Bodden can't man the secondary alone. He's a great player and working his way up into the elite CBs. Helps for him and the Browns safeties to get a solid CB across from him.

    9. Buffalo Bills - Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC *

    Dwayne Jarrett is a solid 6'5 WR and has elite speed. 1,200 yards as a sophmore and 16 touchdowns makes the bills foam at the mouth to draft him. Some people may say Oline or QB or DE or LB. All those positions could be upgraded, but look at the sad WR Position, which doesn't strike fear into anyone. With Losman playing on fire, he needs a surefire #1 target, with CJ out of reach, Jarrett could more than surely come in and make a huge Impact, giving them Peerless Price/Lee Evans to fight over #2 and Reed at #4.

    10.Washington Redskins - Quinn Pitcock, DT, tOSU

    Joining with Cornelius Griffin, Pitcock has a great push off the snap and can penetrate any oline. He has given both PSU and Iowas oline fits. He can be double teamed and still get after the quarterback. He's also a great run Stuffer. This pick will make their Dline among some of the better in the league.

    11. San Francisco 49ers - Ted Ginn Jr., WR, tOSU*

    Ginn will come out. He's played solid all season and has helped the buckeyes, not only with his receptions and kick returns, but the fear factor of letting Ginn loose. In doing so that has Opened the Door for Gonzo to become a big factor. San Fran Needs Dline Help and Secondary Help. Well you can't pass up on a WR that will take over for Arnaz Battle pushing him into his natural #3 spot, and Giving Alex Smith one more big time target to hit. Slowly but surely San Fran will start to scare teams a la Arizona. Antonio Bryant, Ted Ginn, Vernon Davis, Arnaz Battle, Brandon Williams and the Duo of Frank Gore and Michael Robinson. After this pick it will allow San Francisco to focus on the defense the rest of the draft.

    12. New York Jets - Marshawn Lynch, RB, California*

    RB is a position of need with Martin nearing the end of his career, Houston not being the answer, Barlow being Situational and Washington most likely not being able to handle the workload. Lynch with great vision and a decent blend of speed and power, behind the recently rebuilt Jets line can make a huge impact in their Offensive scheme and be one more weapon for Pennington. Also 3-4 Players can be found in the latter parts of the draft.

    13. Arizona Cardinals - Michael Griffin, S, Texas

    I've seen cries for Merriweather here. However, he's really overrated. Michael Griffin can come in, play either Safety position, probably athletic enough to play corner if need be. He's a ballhawk and he'll instantly upgrade the secondary along with Adrian Wilson.

    14. Kansas City Cheifs - Justin Blalock, OG/OT, Texas

    Willie Roafs retirement before the season was a huge blow, and it's shown, they've underperformed, and LJ hasn't done anything. Don't Forget Will Shields doesn't have many a season left and Getting a versatile olineman like Blalock will allow the cheifs to train him in both positions and pick one depending on his and Shields play.

    15. St. Louis Rams - Paul Posluzny,OLB, Penn State

    With a team thats slowly making noise because of it's defense, the rams will continue to upgrade that defense with Paul Posluzny. He along with Coakley will give the rams good depth at OLB and will eventually challenge Chillar for his starting OLB spot.

    16. Pittsburgh Steelers - Patrick Willis, ILB, Ole Miss

    Pittsburgh has been known for years as the Linebackers team. With the Likes of Levon Kirkland, Greg Lloyd, Kevin Greene and Jason Gildon in the past and Now Joey Porter/James Farrior both Aging, it's time for a new crew of Linebackers to continue the tradition in Steel City.

    17. Dallas Cowboys - Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville*

    On a team with little needs, the Cowboys like the idea of taking an insurance policy in case Romo doesn't work out. Bledsoe only has so many more seasons, and well I'm not sold on Romo. With WR being another need because TO and Terry Glenn can't continue this pace forever, and past Clayton (who could come into his prime here soon) there isn't much to write home about, there is a ton of great WR's in this draft and there probably will be a guy like Steve Smith from USC at the cowboys second pick.

    18. Minnesota Vikings - Buster Davis, ILB, Florida State

    Not as fast or big as Ernie Sims, but this kid has game speed and awareness. Can Come in and make the squad instantly better. With Age and Free Agency, He and Greenway will make help the defense by upgrading a dismal linebacking group, who if they get one more outstanding linebacker, will revel the bears.

    19. Denver Broncos - Quentin Moses, DE, Georgia

    Needing to upgrade their sad excuse for a defensive line, Moses will come in and start right away. He'll start right over Courtney Brown and give the Bronco's that elite pass rusher they've been looking for since Simon Fletcher.

    20. New Orleans Saints - Rufus Alexander, OLB, Oklahoma

    NO has tried time and time again to find a good OLB that can upgrade their Defense. Well their Secondary has been outstanding, and it's hard to find better defensive ends, Hollis Thomas is solid at worst. Besides Fujita their LB core has been disappointing. Alexander will come in and give them a boost. They can upgrade Oline, DT and MLB later in the draft.

    21. Carolina Panthers - Brandon Merriweather, S, Miami

    I'm not a fan of Merriweathers, but he's better than whats left and he fills a need.

    22. Balitmore Ravens - Levi Brown, OT, PSU

    I debated about putting Drew Stanton here, as they do need a QB of the Future. McNair has a few years left, Boller however could end up finally making way. Ogden doesn't have many years left but he's still solid. Holding Shawne Merrieman at bay almost all game today. Levi Brown will help solidify their right side of the line and if not will atleast give them adequate depth.

    23. New York Giants - Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh

    As physical a speciman as you can ask, Revis will instantly help the Giants secondary. He's compact, powerful and fast. He needs to learn when to be aggressive and when not as he will tend to bite on the play-action and pump fake. Then again, thats why there's "coaching".

    24. Atlanta Falcons - Frank Okam, DT, Texas*

    Okam will probably leave if 2 things happen, 1) Alan Branch doesn't, 2) He plays better. Most likely knowing that there's plenty of teams that will want him within 2 rounds. He'll give them youth and a hole plugger that they lack.

    25. Cincinatti Bengals - Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska

    With Suspensions, Character issues, and injuries the defense of the bengals is hurting. Adding a kid like Carriker will give you 2 big power rushers on the outside in Smith and Carriker, and he won't bring character issues. Even if he doesn't start immediately, he'll bring solid depth, which they're lacking as of now.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars - Kenny Irons, RB, Auburn

    Fred Taylor doesn't have much left. Plus Jones-Drew is more of a situational back, and Jones is an injury case as well. Kenny Irons can come in and Be a solid everydown back. Especially when the Jaguars are a run heavy team, he'll also pick up the blitz well.

    27. New England Patriots - LaMarr Woodley, DE/OLB, Michigan

    I'm not keen on Woodley being a linebacker, but it's not impossible for him. He could work hard this offseason and I'm sure Belicheck would love to add a linebacker to his depleted group. His pass rushing does remind me at times of Willie McGinnest, but there has been times where I thought he wasn't on the field because he seemed to be dogging it.

    28. Philidelphia Eagles - HB Blades, MLB, Pittsburgh

    Their MLB Group consists of .... Jeremiah Trotter... thats it. He's getting up to the lovely age where he should start to groom a young gun. HB Blades would be the perfect guy to replace Trotter with in a few seasons. Relative size and power, both know how to run a defense.

    29. Chicago Bears - Ryan Harris, OT, Notre Dame

    Clark has been playing really well and Rex Grossman has started to play with more consistancy. With their offense starting to click their main needs are youth on the Oline and WR. Most cry for a TE, but Clarks been picking up the Slack and WR is a deep position in this draft. Harris can come in and sit for a season or two and be a successor and help the run game in Chicago.

    30. San Diego Chargers - Jason Hill, WR, Washington State

    What? Who? Over Jeff Samardizja. Yep, Jason Hill is basically the second coming of Keenan McCardell. Parker is playing well but with McCardell in his 15th/16th season Hill at 6'1 is a great possession reciever and will make a start early in his career as he's one of the most polished recievers.

    31. New England Patriots (From Sea) - Jeff Samardizja, WR, Notre Dame

    Jeff is a hard worker and he's a big target, both which play well for New England. Knowing that Weis is the Head Coach at Notre Dame, I'm sure Belicheck knows everything about this kid and he's more than likely worth the first rounder. Their Offense feeds off the passing of Tom Brady. He gets amazing amounts of time (see the Cincy game) and their run game is running perfectly with the duo of Maroney and Dillon. Troy Brown is hitting his 14th season, and Reche Caldwell is not who i'd want as a #1. Chad Jackson has seen limited field action and that could hurt him in the long run.

    32. Indianapolis Colts - Kyle Young, C/OG, Fresno State.

    Kyle Young is a great prospect and will solidfy any oline. How did he fall this far? With all the talent at CB/WR this year everyone was begging for a WR. The colts have neglected their Line for a long time. Even with Pro-bowler Jeff Saturday, Kyle can come in, take over either Guard Position and backup Saturday in case of Injury.

    This is my first Full mock of the year, so criticize it with a grain of salt. I tried to draft for need, not necesarily BPA. so there it is.

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    Well, we don't need anyone to start over Spires. He's solid. But he can play behind the two DE's as of now, along with Dewayne White.

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      If you watched the Bills like I do, you'd know every team they've played so far this year has doubled Lee Evans and he's still doing fine as the number one. If the Bills took Jarrett he would not be the number one on the roster.

      Again, the Bills will take a player who starts from day one. My guess is that guy will be in the front seven.

      If the Bears don't double Evans you'll see he's a true number one.


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        although not the most believable mock, you definitely did a good job trying to fill needs. i'll go with a B for mixing it up, without making it unrealistic.

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          thats probably the worst giants pick i have ever seen


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            Re: 2007 Mock (Something Different)

            Originally posted by Mr. Stiller
            14. Kansas City Cheifs - Justin Blalock, OG/OT, Texas

            Willie Roafs retirement before the season was a huge blow, and it's shown, they've underperformed, and LJ hasn't done anything. Don't Forget Will Shields doesn't have many a season left and Getting a versatile olineman like Blalock will allow the cheifs to train him in both positions and pick one depending on his and Shields play.

            I like this pick alot


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              McCauley works for me, Adams would as well.

              That is correct comahan
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                22. Balitmore Ravens - Levi Brown, OT, PSU
                great pick...they'd definitely take him over stanton


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                  Originally posted by dcarey20
                  22. Balitmore Ravens - Levi Brown, OT, PSU
                  great pick...they'd definitely take him over stanton
                  OL is our top priority IMO so thats a good pick

                  Go Ravens!


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                    Originally posted by jkpigskin
                    Originally posted by dcarey20
                    22. Balitmore Ravens - Levi Brown, OT, PSU
                    great pick...they'd definitely take him over stanton
                    OL is our top priority IMO so thats a good pick

                    Agreed I love the pick. But I do think we need a QB of the future but Oline is more important need.


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                      Originally posted by LTgiants
                      thats probably the worst giants pick i have ever seen
                      Why. There isn't a safety of Value there, which you could probably get either Weddle or Wendling in round 2, and your CB core isn't that good. Could probably use a DT but that isn't a first round need. I know many Giants fans may turn their nose up at Darrelle Revis, but if they pick him, i'll be laughing at the amount of people change their tune.

                      I had figured...

                      Darrelle Revis
                      John Wendling
                      Tank Tyler, Amobi Okoye, Jay Alford.

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                        Bad Raider pick.. No more rookie OL in round 1. Raider need to sign free agent olmen. Raiders need either Peterson or Johnson.


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                          Originally posted by Ravens1991
                          Originally posted by jkpigskin
                          Originally posted by dcarey20
                          22. Balitmore Ravens - Levi Brown, OT, PSU
                          great pick...they'd definitely take him over stanton
                          OL is our top priority IMO so thats a good pick

                          Agreed I love the pick. But I do think we need a QB of the future but Oline is more important need.
                          My opinion was Boller is still young enough to possibly develop. It wasn't like he was exactly transitioned, after many failed QB experiments. Not to mention I think Stanton would be even more erratic than Boller. I think Stanton is more the Option QB not the QB that runs the option.

                          If people want a 2nd round I can Attempt one.

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                            Matt McCoy is a very good LB. I like Blades, but not as a first rounder.

                            Thanks to jkpigskin


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                              I really like your order, but I can't see the Colts spending a 1st round pick on a OG. Maybe a 2nd or (more likely) a 3rd, but not a 1st. Dylan Gandy, who has performed very well thus far for the Colts, was a 4th round pick in the 2005 draft.

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