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    Alexander is a WLB. Didnt I tell you last time they dont need one?

    Concord, that list for the Eagles needs isnt really correct. They dont need a center. At all. They signed Jamaal Jackson to a huge extension this year, and he's a top 10 center. He's 26. Not needed. At all.

    Future MLB is needed, that is it. SLB if he's a stud.

    CB, FS, and SS. Be more creative next time.

    Thanks to jkpigskin


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      This may be a bad thought but after watching the game last night and taking down Rex Grossman's Offense i dont think the cardinals should adress FS in 1st round but try to get a O-Line men because Edge did horrible last night with 36 attempts with 55 rushing yards, Yes its the bears defense but if there Offense Line was better they could have melt the clock better and maybe got a better spotting for rackers but i usually dont look at the Cardinals just a thought

      As for the Bills, They dont need a QB Losman has been working alright for them he stills needs helps but they dont need to waste a 1st round pick on a QB they should adress Offense Line Also Because its not great or even Defense Line and get a Big Run Stopper

      Vikings Do need a WR like Dwayne Jarret

      Also Its a Reach but i think Raiders if they do get the First pick which this week should seal it if they lose to the Cardinals at home but They should try for Joe Thomas because that Line is Horrific and they have a good QB in Walters and Brooks they have no Protection

      Also I think the Browns are going to get Quinn they are worse then the Lions, the Lions should be atleast 3-2

      Just a Thought hope someone agrees


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        ^my dear god, use punctuation next time, corky.

        Concord, that list for the Eagles needs isnt really correct. They dont need a center. At all. They signed Jamaal Jackson to a huge extension this year, and he's a top 10 center. He's 26. Not needed. At all.
        no problem man. i got that list from the team needs thread stickied at the top of the forum. i suppose it was listed by a fellow eagles fan, so i just use it to make the best pick in my mocks. i figure you guys know your team better than i ever would.


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          Horrible Giant's pick!


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            moses is horrible value he isnt worth a top 5 pick at all. We would trade out of there definitely at that point. With what is on the board we could get a small fortune.

            Miami - LT, OG, WR, 34 OLB, CB, SS,

            fixed that up some


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              While that pick is UNQUESTIONABLY superior to Troy Smith for the Colts, it won't happen because they don't take players with character issues.

              The problem arises when people use statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post: for support instead of illumination.

              If luck is where preparation meets opportunity, then clutch is where failure meets luck.

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                Originally posted by Concord83

                just for reference next time:

                Team Needs -
                1. Oakland - RT, DT, DE, WR, TE
                2. Tennessee - RDE, FS, OG/C, CB, MLB, WR
                3. Detroit - OL, CB, MLB, DE, LB, WR
                4. Miami - LT, OG, WR, 34 OLB, CB, S, 34 DE, RB
                5. Green Bay - RB, CB, S, WR, DE, SLB, OT
                6. Cleveland - OL, DE, CB
                7. Houston - SLB, FS, CB, RB, DT, OG/C
                8. Arizona - FS, OT, LB, CB, DE
                9. Tampa Bay - OL, DE, DT, OLB(cover 2)
                10. San Francisco - DE, S, CB, WR
                11. Buffalo - LT, WR, DE, MLB, CB, DT, TE
                12. Washington - CB, OG, DE, OL
                13. Kansas City - OT, DT, WR, OG, CB
                14. Pittsburgh - RB, LB, OL, TE
                15. NY Jets - OLB, NT, RB, RT, OG, 34 DE
                16. Minnesota - ROG, RT
                17. NY Giants - CB, S, LT, RB, DT, LB, OL
                18. Atlanta - WR, NT, DE, SS, RB, OG/C
                19. Dallas - OL, QB, CB
                20. Cincinnati - DE, LB, DT, S, OL
                21. Jacksonville - DE, OG/C, OLB, CB, RB
                22. St. Louis - DE, OG/C, SLB
                23. Baltimore - OT, QB, DE, RB, LB
                24. Carolina - MLB, QB, S, OG
                25. Philadelphia - WR, C, LB
                26. New England - 34 LB, CB, S, WR, C
                27. Denver - DE, DT, LT, S, WR, LB
                28. Seattle - C, LT, S
                29. San Diego - OG, ILB, RB, CB, SS, WR
                30. New Orleans - CB, LB, DL, OL, QB, WR
                31. Indianapolis - SLB, DT, OG, RB
                32. Chicago - OL, OLB, TE, WR, CB
                You can add SS to that as well now with Brown likely done for the season.

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                Originally posted by JBCX
                Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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                  Although Marshawn Lynch may be the "sexy" pick for the Jets, what they really need is NT, and they must take one first round.

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                    Bills won't spend another 1st rounder on a qb or on the secondary.

                    Baker, Gaines Adams, or outside shot of Jarret being the pick there.


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                      The Browns will not take Ginn, they are not going to take Quinn. Neither of those picks make any sense and to me they show an ignorance of knowledge regarding the team. Offensive line is definitely the area of need for the team.
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                        I don't think we will go DT first round now that we have Booger. Aaron Rouse could be a very good Tampa 2 Linebacker and would be a better pick there in my opinon.

                        Kellen Lewis=The next Troy Smith


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                          I love the Cason pick. I know we don't need another CB...but at the same time...he's a great one to have as a nickel / dime guy for his rookie year...and he's going to blow up. He's a playmaker...and with the Falcons having no positions of dire need...I am up for just about any position for the Falcons...he is a player I definately like.


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                            the niners just signed jonas jennings to a 7-year deal last year and so i dont think that they will spend some more money on the same position


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                              If bengals take a TE day 1 it will be zach miller who is more balanced then olson.


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                                Not a bad job for the Patriots.



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