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    (Oak.)1- Jamarcus Russell- The Raiders now need a QB more than anything, and with the free agent market for QB's quickly dwindling, QB is still clearly the Raiders number one priority.

    (Det.)2- Brady Quinn- The only decent QB on their roster is Jon Kitna, and he's not getting any younger, so the Lions decide to go QB in the 1st round. If Brady Quinn was to go 1st overall, the Lions would likely look for a trade partner.

    (Cle.)- Adrian Peterson- I was tempted to put Joe Thomas here, but the Browns have already adressed the line enough in free agency. Jamaal Lewis and Adrian Peterson would give their running game a major facelift.

    (TB.)- Calvin Johnson- Jon Gruden would be thrilled if this out of this world WR made his way to Tampa without having to trade up. After a fantastic rookie season, Micheal Clayton is a certified bust, and the Bucs are looking for the heir to Joey Galloway.

    (Ari.)- Joe Thomas- This pick is an absolute no brainer. Their former LT (Leonard Davis) is now eating up a whole lot of cap space in Dallas, where he signed, so now the Cards don't have to worry about his cap figure. However, they do have to worry about the position he played. Also the Cardinals could trade up with Det. to ensure the pick.

    (Was.)- Gaines Adams- The 'Skins could also look to pick Alan Branch or Amobi Okoye here, but their pass rush, or lack there of needs a major boost, and their GM believes Adams would be that boost.

    (Min.)- Laron Landry- If Gaines Adams is here when Minn. picks, they will have a difficult decision. But since he likely will not be there, look for the Vikings to address their currently terrible safety situation.

    (Atl.)- Adam Carriker- Having their wanted pick taken 1 ahead of them in Landry, the Falcons address their DE situation, which originated when the team parted ways with Patrick Kerney.

    (Mia.)- Levi Brown- After hoping that one of the top QB's would fall to them, the Dolphins must hope Culpepper returns to form, and address their second huge hole: LT.

    (Hou.)- Alan Branch- I was tempted to put Amobi Okoye at this spot, but then i realized that the Texans do not need a pass rushing DT, they need a run stuffing DT.

    (SF.)- Jamaal Anderson- In my previous mock draft I had San Fransico picking Leon Hall, but with the addition of Nate Clements it is highly unlikely.

    (Buf.)- Marshawn Lynch- After trading McGahee to Baltimore, the Bills are seriously in need of a game changing running back, and Lynch could be their guy.

    (Stl.)- Amobi Okoye- This is the obvious pick considering the lack of sucess rushing the passer last season by the Rams.

    (Car.)- Patrick Willis- Greg Olsen could possibly be the pick, but i dont see that happening considering the Panties need for a LB. Willis a rare combination of speed and stregnth.

    (Pit.)- Leon Hall- Someone I think will be the steal or (Steel) of the draft, lasting untill this spot. The Steelers need a CB more than anything, and it will play out so they are able to draft the best one.

    (GB.)- Ted Ginn Jr.- After missing out on Marshawn Lynch, RB is a priority, but this draft is low in RB talent. The Randy Moss to the Packs trade is dead, and Farve clearly wants a speedster at WR, and his prayers will be answered in this pick.

    (Jac.)- Reggie Nelson- They were hoping for Carriker to fall, but safety is also a huge hole that Nelson could fill. This pick could also be Micheal Griffin, but Nelson appears to be the better overall safety prospect.

    (Cin.)- Darrell Revis- CB is a MAJOR hole for the Bungles, but they could fill it with this pick. After puting on a show for scouts at his pro day, his stock has risen significantly.

    (Ten.)- Robert Meachem- WR is by far the team's biggest concern because as of right now, even PEYTON MANNING couldn't pass with the
    WR's they have.

    (NYG.)- Paul Posluszny- What's better than a top LB prospect? A top LB prospect from the LB University, Penn State. Despite falling stock, Puz will still be the pick for the Giants.

    (Den.)- Jarvis Moss- It explains itself. They desperaty need competent D- line.

    (Dal.)- Aaron Ross- After the addition of Ken Hamlin at safety, they need a decent CB to compliment him, and Aaron Ross would be that guy.

    (KC.)- Joe Staley- After they lost Jordan Black, a LT is in need to compliment RB Larry Johnson who is likely only to improve next year.

    (NE.)- Micheal Griffin- Lets face it Pats fans- if there's one thing they need most its a safety. If they take Griffin with this pick, it could make their secondary the MOST dangerous in the league.

    (NYJ.)- Chris Houston- The addition of Houston would make the Jets D one of the best. It was also tempting to put LB/DE Anthony Spencer here.

    (Phi.)- Jon Beason- The 'Iggles were looking for a top safety to fall, but none did, and they now address their second biggest need: LB.

    (NO.)- Greg Olsen- The Saints were probably hoping that a CB such as Darrell Revis would fall, and now look to see them pick Damion Hughes in the 2nd round. But with this pick they get a TE who can change a game: Also a position that the Saints are NOT deep at.

    (NE.2)- Brian Leonard- This is basically a luxory pick, but its also at a position the Pats srtuggled with last year: FB.

    (Bal.)- Anthony Spencer- In the Ravens D he could either be a LB or a DE, much like Adalius Thomas was. Spencer will be a steal of the draft.

    (SD.)- Dwane Bowe- I used to believe that Jarret was the pick here, but now I am leaning towards Bowe due to the fact that people have compared Jarret to Mike Williams.

    (Chi.)- Ben Grubbs- Its time to address the offence.

    (Ind.)- Lawrence Timmons- With the loss of Cato June, the Colts will look to adress this position of need with this pick, due to the fact that they do not have a second rounder.


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    Personally, i'd take Bowe over Olsen at 27. Timmons would be good there too.

    Still a good pick regardless.


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      I guess Staley is ok


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        BAD Ravens pick. We trade down there.
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          Originally posted by go_ravens94 View Post
          BAD Ravens pick. We trade down there.
          Would you trade down for the bucs 2nd and 3rd? Because Gruden and Bruce Allen would do it in a second


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            Miami's pick is ok... but it is highly unlikely.

            Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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              Gotta love the Giants pick.


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                Meachem before Ginn

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                  Okoye to St. Louis, good pick.
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                    okay raider pick

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                      quinn is ok i guess, give us gaines


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                        ^ bantx
                        Originally posted by LEROY_FROM_YONDER
                        **** this forum it will never ever been good cause its memebers eat doo doo
                        Originally posted by Jughead10
                        I just left him negative rep saying "I don't eat doo doo".


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                          TERRIBLE Green Bay pick.

                          Give Green Bay Olsen
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                            Why would you want to fire gruden and secondlly i understand ur a bucs fan but there is no way that johnson falls to 4 you can put all ur money on it.


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                              Originally posted by DraftMasterG View Post
                              Why would you want to fire gruden and secondlly i understand ur a bucs fan but there is no way that johnson falls to 4 you can put all ur money on it.
                              CJ homer ftw. If you are going to say there is no way he falls, at least explain to everybody why you have that opinion.



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