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  • !st round draft with explanations

    Before I get to the picks:

    I was a regular contributor to this board from its inception (under this name) until, actually, a few weeks after last years draft. (Some of the older posters may remember my writeup of the 2005 first day, which criticized Denver’s draft, and how Chris proceeded to destroy me. ) I rediscovered the site a few days ago, and felt compelled to rejoin.

    Now, the picks, without any trades.

    1. Oakland – Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech

    One of the hall of fame posters, nobodyinparticular, continually pointed out to the board that the Raiders have taken exactly one QB (Todd Marinovich) in round 1 during their time in the NFL. Now, this would be the best year to simply take JaMarcus Russell and get an elite QB, but that won’t be the case while Al Davis is alive.

    2. Detroit – JaMarcus Russell, QB, Louisiana State

    The Lions need to trade down from the spot, but without CJ to use as bait they take the best QB available. Of course, if Matt Millen was a competent GM he would know this.

    3. Cleveland – Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame

    Quinn really seems to want to play for the Browns, and so do they (except Romeo Crenell, who will be fired next year). The problem with evaluating Quinn is that Notre Dame has never had a very good team around him, so I’m willing to give him a shot here.

    4. Tampa Bay – Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville

    Absolute worst case scenario here for the Buccaneers. Jon Gruden really likes Okoye, and will take him here if he has to. He likes CJ better, though, and if the Raiders don’t take him they will trade up.

    5. Arizona – Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin

    Like many NFL teams, the Cardinals need a dominant LT. Thomas will allow them to not waste the vast talents of the rest of the offense.

    6. Washington – Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson

    Another trade-down candidate because of their pitiful trades over the last year. If the Redskins can’t get a deal done, Adams would be a good consolation.

    7. Minnesota – Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas

    I can’t see the Vikings taking Adrian Peterson this early to function as a change-of-pace back to Chester Taylor. Adams, if he slips, would certainly be the pick here.

    8. Atlanta (from Houston) – LaRon Landry, S, Louisiana State

    After raping Houston in the Matt Schaub deal, the Falcons could possibly trade up for CJ, but Landry would fill a much bigger need.

    9. Miami – Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State

    The Dolphins, although they need a major overhaul, don’t have one huge area of weakness (except QB, and if Quinn drops he will be snapped up). Ginn would fill the multiple roles that Wes Welker did, and better.

    10. Houston (from Atlanta) – Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma

    A big talent will fall, whether it be Peterson, Quinn, or Adams. The Texans honestly don’t need a RB as much, say, an OL, but the VY factor of Peterson being from Texas will heavily influence their pick.

    11. San Francisco – Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska

    The 49ers are continuing to implement the 3-4, and need a DE for their line. One of those picks that is so right that I don’t need to elaborate on it further.

    12. Buffalo – Patrick Willis, ILB, Mississippi

    I can’t see the Bills taking another injury-prone RB after Willis McGahee. Besides, London Fletcher left a bigger hole than McGahee.

    13. St. Louis – Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh

    Revis seems to have overtaken Leon Hall recently (I was praying that he would last to #25). If not him, the Rams could look at Carriker if he falls.

    14. Carolina – Jon Beason, OLB, Miami (FL)

    Every year, the experts pick the Panthers to take a TE, and every year they don’t. This year is no exception.

    15. Pittsburgh – Leon Hall, CB, Michigan

    Jamaal Anderson has been a popular pick to fall out of the top 10, which I suspect is because of their luck of 2004 (Ben Roethisberger). If this unlikely scenario doesn’t happen, Hall would be the pick for the Steelers.

    16. Green Bay – Marshawn Lynch, RB, California

    Another obvious pick. The Packers need an RB, and Lynch is by far the best RB left. Robert Meachem or Dwayne Bowe are possibilities, but remember that the team has picked 5 WRs in the last two drafts.

    17. Jacksonville – Reggie Nelson, S, Florida

    See above analysis. The Jaguars have other holes, but none as big as the one in their secondary.

    18. Cincinnati – Greg Olsen, TE, Miami (FL)

    TE is not a big need for the Bengals. However, the team’s image has gotten so bad recently that I think the team will want to select a white, hard working player to help better it.

    19. Tennessee – Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee

    I hadn’t noticed the symmetry before. But anyway, the Titans need a weapon for Vince Young, since one-year wonder Drew Bennett has finally left.

    20. New York Giants – Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan

    It was either Staley or Levi Brown for the Giants, but Staley is an LT while Brown will play the right side, and Kareem McKenzie is the game’s highest paid RT.

    21. Denver – Jarvis Moss, DE, Florida

    These picks lately are very easy. Everyone has Moss going to the Broncos, and I won’t differ, it’s a good pick, especially with Al Wilson’s release.

    22. Dallas – Dwayne Jarrett, WR, Southern California

    The Cowboys will need a WR with T.O.’s inevitable public blowup and release, and the team likes Jarrett.

    23. Kansas City – Levi Brown, OT, Penn State

    There are bigger holes at WR and defense, but someone, namely the Chiefs, will stop Brown’s slide through the middle of round 1.

    24. New England (from Seattle) – Aaron Ross, CB, Texas
    25. New York Jets – Chris Houston, CB, Tennessee

    I’ve heard that the Patriots like Ross and the Jets like Houston, even though Houston is probably the better long-term pick. (I like the Jets, but that does not influence my choice – I want Darrelle Revis, but there’s no way he falls now.)

    26. Philadelphia – Brian Leonard, FB, Rutgers

    A fullback in round 1? Yes, the Eagles need a second RB to pair with Brian Westbrook, and Leonard, besides attending college near the city, would fill the role easily.

    27. New Orleans – Paul Posluszny, OLB, Penn State

    The Saints could go in any direction right here, so I’ve given them the BPA. If he fails on the outside, he could always move in.

    28. New England – Lawrence Timmons, OLB, Florida State

    Yes, they signed Adalius Thomas, but they still need a lot of depth at the position, and Timmons should have been taken long ago.

    29. Baltimore – Ben Grubbs, OG, Auburn

    Yes, they lost Adalius Thomas, but I suspect the Ravens will take a rush end later or use their depth to replace him.

    30. San Diego – Brandon Meriweather, S, Miami (FL)

    A WR is possible, but the Charges already have LT and Antonio Gates for Philip Rivers to throw to, so they can wait.

    31. Chicago – Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee

    Tank Johnson is out for half the season, and could be kicked out of the league in the future. (I’d like to see the Bears take Trent Edwards, but that will never happen.)

    32. Indianapolis – Anthony Spencer, DE, Purdue

    The Colts take the local product to fill the Cato June rush role. They can get more DL help in round 3 (Tampa owns their 2).

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    obvious is the right word for the Packers pick of Lynch

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      Darrelle Revis, love the pick!
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        Are you kidding?



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          So-so Ravens pick.
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            GREAT raider pick

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              bad giants pick. staley is not 20th overall material despite what any one says. timmons, houston or brown

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                If the lions would take adams there, he's higher on their board


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                  how do you know NIP?
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                    Good draft CJ is #1 and Russell #2 the Browns at 3 can do whatever they want and the Bucs would be best off trading down IMO.


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                      Not the worst case scenario for the Bucs. If Quinn, CJ and Joe Thomas are gone then that would be the worst case scenario.


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                        well no becuz they could get JaMarcus Russell and he can throw the ball like 50 yards from his butt.


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                          Originally posted by DraftMasterG View Post
                          well no becuz they could get JaMarcus Russell and he can throw the ball like 50 yards from his butt.
                          wtf are you retarted? jeez


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                            Originally posted by raidersfan86 View Post
                            wtf are you retarted? jeez
                            well he can.


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                              ok ravens pick

                              Baltimore: 7-4



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