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Final Mock: 2 Rounder w/ Trades and Explanations (4/14/07)

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  • Final Mock: 2 Rounder w/ Trades and Explanations (4/14/07)


    1st Round

    1. Oakland: Calvin Johnson (WR)- The undisputed #1 prospect in this draft, and a player Al Davis has been lovestruck with since first sight. After dealing Randy Moss, there is an opening in the wideout core, and the newly acquired pick will allow the Raiders to fill many of the other holes on the offensive side of the ball.

    **Cardinals Trade #5 overall, Bryant Johnson, and 3rd rounder to the Lions for the #2 overall pick=Cards move into position to select Joe T and the Lions acquire a slot receiver, and trade down as the wanted to.**

    2. Arizona: Joe Thomas (OT)- Possibly the most blatant need pick in this draft, Whiz gets his man and the Cards finally start to turn the Cards into winners doing the right thing, building from the interior out.

    3. Cleveland: JaMarcus Russell (QB)- Phil Savage has known JR for a long time and he has the type of physical attributes that most GM's drool over. Personally I don't believe Charlie Frye has been given a fair shot, but Russell as the starter is too good to pass up.

    4. Tampa Bay: Gaines Adams (DE)- Amobi Okoye is an option, but the great pass rush Adams can generate is too much to pass on. After spending the past several drafts on offense, Gruden finally goes back to the Bucs defense that suddenly seems fairly old.

    5. Detroit: LaRon Landry (S)- Detroit traded away Dre Bly for not a lot of value, and with no Gaines Adams on the board Rod Marinelli gets a beast of safety in Landry. His presence will help shore up the Lions secondary. This now makes it 2 years in a row that Millen hasn't messed up with his 1st round pick.

    6. Washington: Jamaal Anderson (DE)- Would have loved to see Adams fall here, but to no avail. The Skin's pass rush was flat out pitiful and is in need of big time help. Anderson could be the best DE in this draft and Washington can't pass up his potential.

    7. Minnesota: Leon Hall (CB)- Shocked to see Landry off the board, the Vikes have to gather themselves to figure out what to do. Their pass defense was in 2 words GOD AWFUl. With the top 2 DE's gone as well, the Vikings have to go with the next best D-Back. Adrian Peterson is an option, but Chester Taylor was very good last year and a second back can always be found later in the draft.

    8. Atlanta: Levi Brown (OT)- The Falcons are switching out of the Zone-Blocking-Scheme that has worked so well for them in the past, and this new scheme requires some real big boys in the front line. Brown fits that mold nicely.

    9. Miami: Brady Quinn (QB)- Cam Cameron has brought in a new regime, and it appears as though Daunte Culpepper may not be a part of his future plans. Quinn is not only a safety blanket in case Culpepper never returns to his old form, but he also provides a future star at this position the likes of which the Fins haven't had since a guy named Dan.

    **Tennessee Trades #19 overall and #50 overall to Houston for #10 overall=Tennessee is about to fill a major spot on its roster and Houston acquires more picks. The Texans need to build and more picks is the only way to do this.**

    10. Tennessee: Adrian Peterson (RB)- Has fallen due to team needs and injury concerns but the Titans gladly step in to pick up the former Sooner. He provides Vince Young with his first big weapon to work with. However wideout is still a concern.

    11. San Francisco: Alan Branch (NT)- Any football fan knows a good 3-4 needs a big ole nose tackle to plug up the middle gap. While Adam Carriker, or a Wide Receiver is an option, Branch is the only true nose tackle in the draft.

    12. Buffalo: Marshawn Lynch (RB)- Is this a reach? Maybe, but not many teams would feel comfortable going into the season as Anthony Thomas the A-Train as the #1 back on the depth chart. While this team is in need of LB help, an offensive weapon is needed to further the development of JP Losman.

    13. St. Louis: Amobi Okoye (DT)- The true phenom of the draft this soon to be 20-year old is just what the doctor ordered for the Rams struggling run defense. In my opinion this is a steal as I believe Okoye is the 2nd best prospect in this draft.

    14. Carolina: Patrick Willis (ILB)- This is just what the doctor ordered. With Dan Morgan one concussion away from joining Steve Young on the Advil commercials, a replacement is needed. Willis is by far the best LB in this draft and his blazing speed is something that the Panthers will love to have for years to come.

    15. Pittsburgh: Darrelle Revis (CB)- The homestate prospect is what the Steelers need. Although LB is of concern with the impending switch to Cover-2, Revis is too good of a prospect for the still very talented Steelers to pass up on.

    16. Green Bay: Greg Olsen (TE)- The last time the Packers were truly a great team, they had a great receiving TE in the Mark "The Pedophile" Chmura. With no Lynch still available Ted Thompson pleases Favre by getting the best overall pass catcher at this point. With Olsen think Jeremy Shockey without the idiocy.

    17. Jacksonville: Reggie Nelson (S)- The Jags are in need of playmakers on the defensive side of the ball and Nelson is just that. He'll throw himself across the field to make the big hit or pick which is the type of player that Jack Del Rio loves.

    18. Cincinnati: Lawrence Timmons (OLB)- With the unfortunate injury of David Pollack and the dimwitted moves of Odell Thruman, the Bengals again find themselves in need of a LB. Timmons is a monster and will fit in perfectly as a physical presence that the Bengals' defense has lacked.

    19. Houston: Joe Staley (OT)- Almost a better fit for the Texans than Levi Brown because of his athleticism. Houston gets smart and drafts a guy that can finally play the critical left tackle spot. Although Staley is raw, he has incredible upside and the ability to be a franchise tackle for years to come.

    20. New York Giants: Paul Posluszny (OLB)- On a single day they lost both of their OLB's and they are in definite need of one or two on day one. Puz is still the best OLB in this draft, and his hard-nosed attitude and work ethic is just what the doctor ordered from the underachieving Giants.

    21. Denver: Adam Carriker (DE)- Projected to go as high as #6 in some drafts he falls all the way here again because of need. Has the production, size, and quickness that any team would love. Fills arguably the biggest need for Denver.

    22. Dallas: Ted Ginn Jr. (WR)- World class speed for a team that is looking to replace the aging Terry Glenn. He will provide a deep threat and special teams presence that could help elevate the Boy's back to the glory days of the 90's.

    23. Kansas City: Robert Meachem (WR)- Possibly the 2nd best wideout in this class goes to the Chiefs. They finally give in and take a very talented wideout to help out Trent Green or Damon Huard or Brodie Croyle or whomever will be the Chiefs QB of the present and future.

    24. NE (from Sea): Michael Griffin (S)- Rodney Harrison is now officially up there in age and it's time to plan for the future with a presently great player. Griffin will provide the Pats with good, consistent play that Belichek loves.

    25. New York Jets: Jarvis Moss (DE/OLB)- The hybrid pass rusher that is o-so-important in the 3-4 defense falls into the Jets lap. Mangini continues to build up this defense into one of the better in the league.

    26. Philadelphia: Brandon Meriweather (S)- A guy that can play either safety position, he gives them many things. Gives them depth in the secondary in case of injury or poor play, and provides a futrue replacement for Brian Dawkins who is beginng to get to the age when most players tend to slow down.

    27. New Orleans: Chris Houston (CB)- The feel good story of the year ended with a beat down from Chicago. The Saints secondary is nothing to boast about and Houston can immediately improve it as either the #2 corner or the nickel corner.

    28. New England: Jon Beason (LB)- A very talented LB who has the versatility to play either inside or outside linebacker. Provides depth a future starter to the aging ILB core of the Pats and is a tremendous talent for this late in the draft.

    29. Baltimore: Anthony Spencer (DE/LB)- Another hybrid player, the Ravens hope he can take some of the sting out of losing Adalius Thomas in free agency. Spencer will provide Baltimore with a strong pass rush off the edge that every team needs.

    30. San Diego: Dwayne Bowe (WR)- Possibly the most talented team in the NFL gets more talented. Bowe is a big receiver that can be a consistent target to help move the chains and throw in an occasional big play.

    **Raiders Trade Randy Moss to da Bears for the #31st overall pick=Apart from Bernard Berrian, the Bears lack a consistent big-play threat, Moss fills that need and Al Davis gets the 1st round pick he wanted in return for Moss. **
    31. Oakland: Ryan Kalil (C)- The Raiders offensive line is in shambles and in need of some form of leadership. The center is the usually in this role, and Kalil fits. In my opinion he is a better prospect than Nick Mangold was last year.

    32. Indianapolis: Justin Harrell (DT)- The Colts are in need of some big boys up front to plug up the run and Harrell is just that. He and "Booger" McFarland will make up a great DT duo that will bring the Colts run defense up from the cellar of the league.

    Round 2

    33. Oakland: Trent Edwards (QB)- Word is the Raiders love Edwards, and would love to get him as their future QB. Throw in the fact that QB guru Bill Walsh says Edwards is a franchise quarterback and there is reason to believe that Edwards is the man.

    34. Detroit: Justin Durant (LB)- Possibly a reach here, but the Cover-2 defense requires an athletic weak-side linebacker to play. Durant fits the bill.

    35. Tampa Bay: Dwayne Jarrett (WR)- His draft stock has dropped like a rock and it is due to his slow 40 times, but you can't argue with production.

    36. Cleveland: Aaron Ross (CB)- Gary Baxter is all but done and this team lacks a true #1 shut-down corner.

    37. CHI f/ Was f/ NYJ: Aaron Sears (OT/OG)- Seeming satisfied with Desmond Clark at TE, the Bears look for depth and youth for their O-Line.

    38. Arizona: Tony Ugoh (OT)- Starting 2 rookies at the tackles is risky, but can yield a terrific tandem (see Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher with GB). Whiz is building a line that will flat out dominate in time.

    39. ATL f/ HOU: Tim Crowder (DE)- The Falcons try to replace Patrick Kerney with this pick. Provides a great pass rush and depth to the injury prone Falcons D-Line.

    40. Miami: Sidney Rice (WR)- Great potential as he is only a sophmore. Rice gives the Dolphins a great combo as he teams with Chris Chambers.

    41. Minnesota: Anthony Gonzalez (WR)- Not flashy, but very productive. Gonzalez may finall give Tarvaris Jackson a consistent target.

    42. San Francisco: Steve Smith (WR)- The local prospect that everybody would like at this point. Ran a great 40 time to boost his stock big time.

    43. Buffalo: Stewart Bradley (LB)- Has the ability to play either LB spot which really helps out the depleted Buffalo linebacker core.

    44. Atlanta: Justin Blalock (OG)- Provides more beef to the steadily building offensive line.

    45. Carolina: Zach Miller (TE)- After helping out the defense, its time to give Delhomme/Carr a target to throw to over the middle.

    46. Pittsburgh: Rufus Alexander (LB)- A very quick linebacker that can step in and be in impactful linebacker in the soon-to-be Cover-2.

    47. Green Bay: Antonio Pittman (RB)- Now the Pack fills the need at RB with a very consistent back.

    48. Jacksonville: Quentin Moses (DE)- Provides a great burst off of the edge that will finally get the Jags some pressure.

    49. Cincinnati: Tanard Jackson (CB)- A team that is seemingly always in need of a cornerback gets a solid albeit not spectacular one.

    50. HOU f/ TEN: Craig Davis (WR)- The trade pays off and the Texans finally get the #2 wideout they have lacked for so long.

    51. NYG: Marcus McCauley (CB)- Has all the physical tools you look for, but something is missing.

    52. St. Louis: Ben Grubbs (OG)- Trying to become more youthful on the interior of the line.

    53. Dallas: Tony Ugoh (OT)- A good prospect who may someday be the everyday left tackle.

    54. Kansas City: Ryan Harris (OT)- The O-Line was a strenght for so long, but its time to get younger there.

    55. Seattle: Josh Beekman (OG)- Never really recovered from losing Hutch, but Beekman should step in and be a consistent starter.

    56. Denver: Jason Hill (WR)- Rod Smith is getting older and there is not a lot of depth behind Smith and Javon Walker.

    57. Philadelphia: David Harris (ILB)- Takeo Spikes acquisition decreases the need for an OLB, but Jeremiah Trotter is beginning to become too 1-dimensional as a run stopper only.

    58. New Orleans: Ben Patrick (TE)- Eric Johnson is alright at best, and Patrick has the ability to be great. The Saints are near the top for the premiere offense in the NFL.

    59. NYJ: Josh Wilson (CB)- To say the Jets have a poor secondary is an understatement. They need help and get it.

    60. MIA f/ NE: Ikaika Alama-Francis (DE)- Fits in nicely as a 3-4 DE. Dolphins hope his production is as good as his name is hard to pronounce.

    61. Baltimore: Daymeion Hughes (CB)- The Ravens lack depth behind their great secondary. Hughes can play as a good nickel or dime corner.

    62. San Diego: Ray McDonald (DE/DT)- A smaller DT who is an ideal size to play 3-4 end. Adds to depth behind the starters.

    63. NYJ f/ CHI: Aundrae Allison (WR)- The Jets have Laverneus Coles and not much else. Allison is a deep threat that can also go over the middle.

    64. TB f/ IND: Aaron Rouse (S)- The defense is aging and a new playmaker is needed in the secondary. Rouse should fill that need.

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    GREAT raider draft

    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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      slick denver draft B E A UTIFUL 1st round pick player
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        not bad not bad


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          Bowe in R1 for the Ravens, but overall pretty good.
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            leon hall is a horrible pick. we play a cover 2 where the corners aren't as important, although we may need to add a corner in the later rounds for depth. i would much rather have peterson, willis, or okoye. anthony gonzalez is a nice pick, but with steve smith and buster davis, quentin moses and charles johnson on the board, i'd rather go with one of them.


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              Bryant Johnson? No no no. I don't mind the picks all that much, but I can't see the Lions accepting that trade.


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                Josh Beekman or Deymion Hughes over Ryan Harris PLEASE


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                  Not a big fan of the Pittman pick but the Packers need a back and his stock is rising

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                    Dwayne Jarrett is a terrible pick. The rest isn't very good for Tampa either.

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                      Good Ravens picks

                      Baltimore: 7-4


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                        dont like Brnach in R1. As of now Carriker or Willis would be our pick, hopefully Carriker. I can live with Smith in R2 though


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                          Originally posted by LionSmack View Post
                          Bryant Johnson? No no no. I don't mind the picks all that much, but I can't see the Lions accepting that trade.
                          I can't see the Cardinals offering it. It is too much value IMO.

                          4/5 of our line is set, we only need a LT. We don't need Ugoh and Thomas (Wells is good). We should take a OLB or DE in round 2.
                          Originally posted by nobodyinparticular
                          #1--Russell I can't be too disappointed in this pick because he is, realistically, a huge upgrade (in the same way that the Great Wall of China would be a huge upgrade over the fence in my backyard) over Andrew Walter.


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                            The only pick I'm iffy on is Francis. Will I like the depth he brings, and I'd be all for that pick with our 3rd rounder, I don't want to draft a back up in the 2nd. Depending on how the team feels about Roth I could see that happening, but he has looked very good in the past. Other 2 picks are good.

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                              wouldnt mind the pick you gave denver r1



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