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  • My Mock Draft

    I did this fast so i might not be that good

    give me your feedback

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    Good Green Bay First and Thrid
    TERRIBLE 2nd, absoulty terrible
    okay 4th
    Rest is fine
    But GB has no need for D-Linemen or CB's that early, SS's and TE's are huge needs

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      R1: NO Grubbs, but STALEY
      R2: STANTON over Mebane.

      Others are okay.
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        why do the cowboys pass on all the top wr's?


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          Darrelle Revis over Hall????
          Brandon Siler over D.Harris????
          Steve Smith-EH
          Brandon Frye- F-------
          Dan Bazuin- F-------

          No RB?????????

          Bills Draft = FFFFF-----


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            1: Great
            2: We don't need a corner, Most likely a DE would go here
            2b: We don't need a NT, We need a UT
            3: No idea how he fell this far, but fantastic pick.
            4: Good Pick
            5: Decent, but I'm a fan of Stephen Nicholas with this pick.
            7: We already have B.J. Askew

            Overall: B-


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              Pretty much a horrible Cardinals mock.

              1st: Bad
              2nd: Bad
              3rd: Ok
              4th: Bad
              5th: Bad
              7th: Bad



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                Packers mock isn't too bad; Harrell would be a steal at Pick 47

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                  not a good Chiefs draft.No way KC passes on Ross OR Jarrett over Ginn


                  • #10
                    wtf? two safetys in the first two rounds? We still have williams, who is our best defensive player on our team. i didnt even look at the rest at the picks.


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                      kalil isnt a 3rd rounder, he should be late 1st mid 2nd. staley wont fall into the 2nd. only way we take wr day 1 is CJ or if jarrett falls to round 2. bad 4th, we need DT,DE and TE plus we just signed a vet G , i like the 5th since hes great value there,only way i think we draft a C is in the 2nd with Kalil, 6th is okay but we should go DE earlier, make the 7th a OLB

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                        Levi Jones won't be a Titan. They have two good, young OT's.

                        Charles Johnson in the 2nd is nice though.


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                          Great Ravens picks except for Round 1 and 2
                          Round 1 - give us Joe Staley
                          Round 2- give us Josh Wilson

                          Baltimore: 7-4


                          • #14
                            would prefer Carriker in R1, good R2 pick, and with the draft you gave us, we need a DE in R3


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                              Originally posted by Jensen View Post
                              Pretty much a horrible Cardinals mock.

                              1st: Bad
                              2nd: Bad
                              3rd: Ok
                              4th: Bad
                              5th: Bad
                              7th: Bad

                              Lol, the only selection I think is that horrible is the 3rd. I like Davis, but we'd never take him over Harris or Durrant.

                              I'd prefer Ugoh than Sears, he has more potential as a LT.

                              Most Cardinals fans hate Branch, he is great but not really a need. I think Thomas, Adams and Landry are all preferable.
                              Originally posted by nobodyinparticular
                              #1--Russell I can't be too disappointed in this pick because he is, realistically, a huge upgrade (in the same way that the Great Wall of China would be a huge upgrade over the fence in my backyard) over Andrew Walter.



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