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  • My First half mock draft

    Ok, this is my first of the year. I take these things slowly, because I like to get them right. So, at this point, I only have the first 16 picks complete. Though, I'd still appreciate feedback. Also a note, this is not how I want things to go, but how I think they will.

    1. Oakland: Calvin Johnson, WR GT: While many think the Raiders will go after the top physical QB in the draft, Jamarcus Russell, the fact still remains that Al Davis is not a fan of drafting QB's round one, and even more so he doesn't like starting rookies (at the QB position). By drafting Johnson the Raiders will get an immediate impact, and an actual target for their young QB Andrew Walters, who they will likely look to further develop.

    2. Detroit: Joe Thomas, LT Wis: Brady Quinn and Jamarcus Russell’s names will be brought up a lot here, but after time without one, I believe Detroit finally gets a franchise left tackle. Jeff Backus will gladly move over to the right side, with the offensive line taking an immediate upgrade. John Kitna is serviceable for one more year...

    3. Cleveland: Jamarcus Russell, QB LSU: Three picks in the big physical specimen finally comes off the board. Russell has a big enough arm to get the ball to receivers such as Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow, and has a big enough body to take a beating behind Cleveland’s sub-par line.

    4. Tampa Bay: Amobi Okoye, DT Lou: Okoye is a picture perfect fit for the Tampa 2 defense. He is quick and loves to penetrate into the backfield. At this point in the draft this isn’t a good value pick, but it definitely fills a need with a good young player.

    5. Arizona: Gaines Adams, DE Clem: This is an interesting spot because, despite their lack of success, Arizona doesn’t have that many holes. One need is definitely a LT, but now is much to early for Levi Brown. Gaines Adams will provide a pass rush that immediately upgrades their pass defense because of his presence. However, if, like Scott suggests, they switch to a 3-4 defense, this pick will not work at all…

    6. Washington: Allan Branch, DT Mich: One can talk about Branch’s lack of penetrating moves, or lack of elite sack totals, but the fact is none of that matters in the Greg Williams defense. In this defense one thing is required of your NT, eat up space for your LB’s to make plays. Branch has the ability to do this with his size. This is a pick newly acquired London Fletcher will definitely take a liking to.

    7. Minnesota: Adrian Peterson, RB Okh: At this point in the draft Peterson’s value is just much to high for the Vikings to pass up. While they do have Chester Taylor, who they like, Peterson will just add another dimension to their game. Much like NO last year, Minnesota will be able to have a two-headed monster in the backfield, which will help develop 2nd year quarterback Tavaris Jackson.

    8. Atlanta: Laron Landry, S LSU: There isn’t much to say about this pick other than that it’s a match made in heaven. The Falcons need secondary help, and Landry is the type of impact safety that can help a defense in more ways than one. He isn’t afraid to support the run or drop back and pick one off. A true ballhawk with playmaking ability.

    9. Miami: Brady Quinn, QB ND: After doing almost nothing to address their QB situation over the offseason (other than release their player that played best last season), the Dolphins catch a break as Brady Quinn falls into their lap. Quinn has franchise signal called written all over him and has a chance to be great for the Dolphins. In addition, with Daunte Culpepper still on the roster, the fish can give Quinn time to develop before throwing him into the ring.

    10. Houston: Levi Brown, OT Penn St: Much like Detroit, Houston finally addresses an age-old issue for this franchise, offensive line help. Personally, I don’t think Brown is worth a top-10 pick, but the fact is his stock has risen and if the Texans want their franchise tackle, they’ll have to take him here.

    11. San: Patrick Willis, MLB Ole Miss: The 49ers need defensive help. Patrick Willis is the best linebacker in this draft. How much simpler does it get. Willis has the ability to step in and make an immediate impact on the young 49ers defense, both physically and emotionally.

    12. Buffalo: Paul Posluszny, OLB Penn St: My first BIG surprise of the draft. Once again, the Bills show their lack of care for “value” and take the player they feel can fill a need while being excellent at his position. The Bills have shown a ton of interest in linebacker Posluszny, and with Willis off the board, the Bills go with the 2nd best LB in the draft. Poz would immediately start on the strong side for the Bills, with Crowell filling the vacancy at MLB. Marshawn Lynch’s name has been discussed, but I think the Bills are set on going defense round one.

    13. St. Louis: Leon Hall, CB Mich: The fact that Leon Hall has fallen this far will be just fine with the Rams. They need secondary help, and aside from his “falling” draft status, Hall is still the best CB in the draft. Hall, with his physical play, also has the ability to help support the run (think Antoine Winfield). I’d also strongly consider Adam Carriker here, but I think the Rams will go with the better value pick.

    14. Carolina: Greg Olsen, TE Miami: Aside from its lackluster production last year, I still like the players on Carolina’s defense, therefor, I looked to offense. Jake Delhomme really struggled last year, despite his numerous targets. Regardless, the Panthers love Delhomme and want him to succeed, so they will go out and get him another target, this time in the form of a speedy TE.

    15. Pittsburgh: Jarvis Moss, DE Florida: this will be another of many changes for the Steelers defense in converting from an smashmouth 3-4 defense, to a far less aggressive cover 2 defense. Moss is a speedster off the end who possesses a nasty demeanor. This pick would add another cover2 player to the Steelers arsenal.

    16: Green Bay: Marshawn Lynch, RB Cal: After waiting and sweating throughout the opening round of the draft he finally falls to them, and Green Bay gets their man. With no RB currently on the roster waiting this long is certainly a risk, but it ends up paying off for the Packers. Additionally, with his receiving skills, Favre gets another passing weapon out of Lynch.

    So, lets here it, I'm sure there's plenty of critisism to go around.

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    love the miami pick


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      GREAT raider pick

      "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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        Originally posted by Finsfan79 View Post
        love the miami pick
        You should be gappy I was so nice. I (a bills fan) was tempted to have the fish take troy smith round 1.


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          B E A Utiful denver pick.. oh wait nevermind nice first half wheres the rest?
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            Can't go wrong with Lynch to the Packers.



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              Bills pick = F I'd rather have Jon Beason over Poz even Jon at 12 would suck


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                Originally posted by bills_red View Post
                Bills pick = F I'd rather have Jon Beason over Poz even Jon at 12 would suck
                Well, if you'd rather have Beason than Poz, you're a pretty uneducated draft fan. And haven't you followed the Bills? All signs indicate the Bills will be going LB in the first, rather that pick is Willis or Poz, who they are very high on.


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                  Come on? That all you got? Give it to me.


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                    Good half for Green Bay

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                      igood SF pick, even though i prefer Carriker


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                        Originally posted by BuffaloDraftGeek View Post
                        Poz, who they are very high on.
                        Link (10....)


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                          great MIA pick

                          Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                            Originally posted by bills_red View Post
                            Link (10....)
                            Don't have a link to it (you can look it up yourself), but espn's rumor mill blatantly says such a thing.

                            And if you recall tom modrak's interview from about a month ago, where he discussed what a special player Poz is, and made a point of saying he would go "high." And before you blow it off as nothing special, last year Modrak had a similar way of words for donte whitner.


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                              I think you hit the nail on the head with the Posluszny pick. The Bills draft how they want to, with who they like, not consensus value. Good work there, I've heard those same rumors that Buffalo loves Posluszny and actually have them taking him in my Mock Draft as well.

                              However, I don't like the 6th and 15th picks at all. Alan Branch is falling pretty rapidly and it'd be a surprise to see him drafted in the Top 10, not to mention 6th Overall. I'd go LaRon Landry there.

                              I don't see Jarvis Moss fitting into the first 25 picks in the draft to be honest with you. To me he's a 25-40 value who will be pushed down further by his character issues. In my opinion his peak is at Denver (21) or New York (25), but any before that, I can't see. He's a tweener with no experience at LB. He's 6'7 and we're still thinking he could play OLB in a 3-4. To be honest, I don't see it, I see a light, raw DE who is strictly a pass rusher at this time. he could develop into a very good player, but he's raw as of now and must really bulk up. The character issues are just the icing on the cake for Moss.

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