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  • Round 1 with ANALYSIS

    1.RAIDERS- JaMarcus Russell l QB l LSU- We’ve grown accustomed to Al Davis drafting the physical specimen or the scouting combine’s workout warrior – and nothing has changed. JaMarcus Russell wowed everyone this season with his leadership and finally lived up to the player he was predicted to become. In fact, before this season I recall rumors that Russell could enter the draft as a tight end via another average year behind center. It’s almost a perfect fit – a big arm in a passing attack that throws the ball deep frequently. Calvin Johnson looks as the only player in the draft without negatives, but unless Randy Moss is dealt to another city, you can go ahead and pencil in Russell’s name here.

    Other possible selections: Calvin Johnson l WR l Georgia Institute of Technology.

    2. LIONS- Joe Thomas l OT l Wisconsin- Forget the all this Calvin Johnson talk – if Matt Millen wants to keep his job, he will not draft a fourth wide receiver in five years. Thomas will solidify the left side of a porous offensive line that was unable to be effective on the ground this season. Brady Quinn is tempting here, but it’s floating around that they do not have interest in Quinn but have serious interest in the local kid; Drew Stanton, who will be available in round two. The best move would be to trade down a few spots and select Gaines Adams from Clemson.

    Other possible selections: Gaines Adams l DE l Clemson, Either Quinn or Russell depending on who is available.

    3. BROWNS- Adrian Peterson l RB l Oklahoma- This was the easiest pick to predict until the signing of Jamal Lewis. Some think this signing voids the need for a running back, but I do not agree since there is no depth to speak of and Lewis was only signed for one year. Peterson had an outstanding performance at the scouting combine; running a 4.40 40 yard dash and showing scouts that he can catch the ball out of the backfield. The coaching staff has fallen in love with Peterson, but the front office has done the same with Brady Quinn. Oh, the decisions.

    Other possible selections: Brady Quinn l QB l Notre Dame or Russell if available.

    4. BUCCANEERS- Calvin Johnson l WR l Georgia Institute of Technology- It is unlikely that Calvin Johnson even drops this far after running a 4.35 40 yard dash and weighing in at 6-5 239 pounds – many teams are wanting to trade up to get him. Michael Clayton looked like a promising player after his rookie season but has since been on a statistical decline. Joey Galloway is on the wrong side of thirty years old and is the main threat in this offense.

    Other possible selections: If Johnson is still there, they will take him undoubtedly. If not, Jon Gruden will take Amobi Okoye l DT l Louisville, who dropped jaws at the Senior Bowl.

    5. CARNDINALS- Gaines Adams l DE l Clemson- The ACC player of the year widened the lead for the top defensive end spot after running a 4.64 40 yard dash at the combine. Arkansas’ Jamaal Anderson was momentarily injured and did not participate with his group, hurting his stock. The Cardinals main pass rushing threat, Bertrand Berry, wasn’t able to stay healthy and is no spring chicken anymore.

    Other possible selections: If available, Joe Thomas l OT l Wisconsin.

    6. REDSKINS- Adam Carriker l DE l Nebraska- Rumor has it that the Redskins really like Carriker who has been solid throughout his college career, unlike Jamaal Anderson who had one good season. Another upside is at 6-6 296, Carriker can play end or inside for a defensive line that was among the worst in the league last season.

    Other possible selections: Jamaal Anderson l DE l Arkansas, Alan Branch l NT l Michigan.

    7. VIKINGS- Jamaal Anderson l DE l Arkansas- It’s time the Vikings realized that they drafted two busts; Erasmus James (cannot stay healthy) and Kenechi Udeze (failed to record a sack in 16 games last year). LaRon Landry looked like a lock here until the recent signing of former Colts safety; Mike Doss. The Vikings did have the worst pass defense in the league last season so a cornerback is not unlikely here. Anderson is considered a ‘one year wonder’ to many scouts, but there is no denying his athleticism and potential. Quinn is a possibility, but I think they stick with Tarvaris Jackson at playcaller.

    Other possible selections: Brady Quinn l QB l Notre Dame, Chris Houston/Darrelle Revis/Leon Hall, or Carriker/Adams if available.

    8. FALCONS (acquired through trade with Texans)- LaRon Landry l S l LSU- The Falcons got a steal by trading a player that hasn’t started a game (Matt Schaub) in the NFL yet and they received two second round picks and jumped two spots in the first round. Landry opened eyes at the scouting combine by running a 4.35 40 yard dash. He has also started at both safety positions and at cornerback during his LSU career. Lawyer Milloy is approaching the end of a great career at strong safety.

    Other possible selections: One of the top three defensive ends if available.

    9. DOLPHINS- Brady Quinn l QB l Notre Dame- This is one of the tougher spots to predict because the team is better than their record indicates. Last year it looked like they had solved their quarterback issues by signing big names such as Daunte Culpepper (season ending injury) and Joey Harrington (no longer with team) and they even drafted a big name Marcus Vick (used on special teams), but none of which worked out. Cleo Lemon could possibly be the starter on opening day, which should be enough incentive to draft a quarterback – especially a steal here with Quinn.

    Other possible selections: Alan Branch l DT l Michigan, Levi Brown l OT l Penn State, Leon Hall l CB l Michigan, Ted Ginn Jr. l WR l Ohio State, Adam Carriker l DE/DT l Nebraska.

    10. TEXANS (acquired through trade with Falcons for Matt Schaub)- Levi Brown l OT l Penn State- The Texans are consistently the worst overall pass protection team in the league, and it will not change unless they start adding talent to this line. It shocked me that they traded so much for a player that has never started a game and then released David Carr. Frankly, it does not matter who is behind center – if you do not have pass protection or even run blocking skills, it will be difficult to win games.

    Other possible selections: LaRon Landry l S l LSU, Adrian Peterson if available, Marshawn Lynch l RB l Cal.

    11. 49ERS- Alan Branch l NT l Michigan- I think Branch is the least promising of the ‘elite’ players – he has terrible work ethic on and off the field, doesn’t always play his hardest and takes too many plays off. However, he the biggest boom or bust of this year and has potential to be great. A tank in the middle of the line is crucial in a 3-4 defense.

    12. BILLS- Patrick Willis l ILB l Ole Miss- Takeo Spikes and London Fletcher Baker are gone, leaving a huge void. Willis has always been a productive leader in the SEC, but didn’t start getting the deserved recognition until a stellar run in the 40 yard dash.

    13. RAMS- Amobi Okoye l DT l Louisville- A defensive line that was not great against the run last year, they could use talent inside with Glover’s career close to being done. Hopefully, the oh-so-young Okoye can turn out better than Jimmy Kennedy.

    14. PANTHERS- Greg Olsen l TE l Miami FL- Once a team known for having a threat at the tight end position, the offense is going to be revamped this year and will use the tight end more often in the passing game. Olsen numbers are great at Miami, but much is contributed to the down play at quarterback.

    15. STEELERS- Leon Hall l CB l Michigan- This because of the disappointing season from Ike Taylor. A hybrid outside linebacker like Jarvis Moss is possible here, and it could be hard to pass up on Levi Brown if he fell to them.

    16. PACKERS- Marshawn Lynch l RB l Cal- Ahman Green did great things in Green Bay, but there is not much of a running hame to speak of now. Lynch had back problems his senior year and shared time with Justin Forsett and JJ Arrington at Cal – which has dropped his stock a bit it seems.

    17. JAGUARS- Reggie Nelson l S l Florida- Donovin Darius and Deon Grant just wasn’t getting the job done. Grant is now gone and Darius could be doing the same soon if he doesn’t maintain health. Nelson is a bit undersized, but is a ballhawk in the secondary.

    18. BENGALS- Darrelle Revis l CB l Pitt- Adios to Tory James who actually had a great season two years ago. Deltha O’Neal’s future is uncertain as well – and depth/starters are needed. Jonathan Joseph is expecting to break out – not from jail – but for a good season. Revis has a good head on his shoulders.

    19. TITANS- Chris Houston l CB l Arkansas- With the future of Adam Jones a mystery, atleast with the Titans, there top needs seems to have shifted from finding Vince Young a young receiver to finding the number-one starter at cornerback.

    20. GIANTS- Joe Staley l OT l Central Michigan- The top three cornerbacks are off the board so they go with their replacement at left tackle. It seems like Staley has been talked about as a potential first rounder since the reports of him running mid 4.7’s were released – now it’s a reality. They could also go in the direction of outside linebacker with Timmons, Posluszny and Beason still available.

    21. BRONCOS- Jon Beason l OLB l Miami FL- With Al Wilson no longer manning the inside linebacker spot, DJ Williams can now move inside to his natural spot, with Ian Gold on the outside.

    22. COWBOYS- Dwayne Jarrett l WR l USC- It’s hard for me to jump on the “anti-Jarrett” bandwagon since he was on of the most productive receivers in the last decade. The Cowboys momentarily solved their needs with the signings of Ken Hamlin at safety and Leonard Davis at guard – then of course their resigning of Gurode and Colombo. Terry Glenn and Terrell Owens are on the wrong side of thirty and aren’t particularly known for staying healthy.

    23. CHIEFS- Ted Ginn Jr. l WR l Ohio State- It’s sad to think of his stock had he been completely healthy and able to perform at the scouting combine. The Chiefs have lacked a true number-one for years now.

    24. PATRIOTS- Paul Posluszny l ILB l Penn State- Posluszny will most likely play inside where Mike Vrabel and Tedi Bruschi are close to the end of solid careers – and then of course the signing of Adalius Thomas on the outside.

    25. JETS- Jarvis Moss l DE-OLB l Florida- The Jets are now using the oh-so-effective 3-4 defense where a terror off the edge on the outside is a must. Moss is the top tweener this year, coming off a great season and scouting combine performance.

    26. EAGLES- Brandon Meriweather l S l Miami FL- What a disappointing finish to the once great duo of Michael Lewis and Brian Dawkins. Sean Considine did a solid job replacing him, but Meriweather without off-field issues is a top fifteen pick based on talent.

    27. SAINTS- Aaron Ross l CB l Texas- Fred Thomas was near awful last year while Mike McKenzie has drastically improved since his coming over from Green Bay. However, rumor has it that New Orleans does not want to draft a cornerback in round one. It’ll be hard to pass up the Thorpe winner.

    28. PATRIOTS (acquired through trade with Seahawks for Deon Branch)- Michael Griffin l S l Texas- Rodney Harrison is near the end of a great career. Griffin was also one of the best special teams players in the nation. The secondary has always been a top priority, but there is no cornerback worth drafting here.

    29. RAVENS- Justin Blalock l OL l Texas- Blalock is a very versatile player than can play anywhere except center – probably best used as a guard at the next level as he got a taste of it his senior year.

    30. CHARGERS- Robert Meachem l WR l Tennessee- With Keenan McCardell gone, they really need depth and possibly a future number-one target regardless of Vincent Jackson showing brilliance last year. Meachem has speed, and it’s rare on someone with his frame – and the Chargers need some deep threats. Safety and inside linebacker is possible but there is no player with the value here.

    31. BEARS- Lawrence Timmons l OLB l Florida State- With the future of Lance Briggs in Chicago a mystery, they need insurance on the outside. It may not be this year, but it could very well be next year when Briggs is dealt somewhere else. An offensive lineman is not out of the question here.

    32. COLTS- Dwayne Bowe l WR l LSU- This is probably the craziest pick in my mock draft – to the viewers. But the Colts receiving core is not what it once was. Brandon Stokley is no longer in Indianapolis and Marvin Harrison is approaching thirty-five years old. There is little depth to speak of at receiver. A defensive tackle to boost the run defense, like Justin Harrell, is not out of the question.

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    Love the Rams pick.


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      Awesome phins pick. I can almost hear the wrist-slicing at go_ravens house now.

      Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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        Ok ravens pick

        Baltimore: 7-4


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          okay raider pick

          "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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            Good Bucs pick


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              Redskins dont draft DL early, give us LaRon Landry instead and it would be perfect.
              RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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                I just read in the Denver Post that DJ Williams has never played as an inside LB. Actually, the columnist suggested that a move to RB would be an easier transition, considering that he was the most recruited RB out of high school, which was his initial position at Miami. HOWEVER, this just means he is an incredible athelete and could move inside.


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                  Great Rams pick!

                  R.I.P Sean Taylor

                  Thanks to Renji for the AVI


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                    ok giants pick

                    sig by jkpigskin

                    2007 SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS

                    2011 SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS


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                      It’s almost a perfect fit – a big arm in a passing attack that throws the ball deep frequently.
                      Since when do WCOs throw the ball deep frequently? Me thinks someone should invest some time researching a team's offense before making such assumptions.


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                        Good pick for the Saints, it's not that we don't want to draft a CB in round one it's that we are drafting BPA and or the best playmaker on the board.

                        Ross would be at the top of their board as would Timmons and Bowe.

                        Good pick.


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                          miami pick great :)


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                            Originally posted by Crow View Post
                            Since when do WCOs throw the ball deep frequently? Me thinks someone should invest some time researching a team's offense before making such assumptions.
                            Since now.


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                              Good eagles pick in that situation, Griffin might be the better choice though.



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