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2007 NFL Mock Draft, round 1 and early second.

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  • 2007 NFL Mock Draft, round 1 and early second.

    1. Oakland - JaMarcus Russell - I really really want to put Calvin Johnson here, but I can't see them passing on a QB with their current situation, unless they believe Andrew Walter can do it.

    2. Atlanta (from Detroit) - Calvin Johnson - If Atlanta wants to win now, they will have to pay the price and move up to get the best player in the draft. I usually wouldn't include trades, but picking for Detroit at 2 is difficult, and I really believe this is a trade possibility.

    3. Cleveland - Brady Quinn - Passing on Quinn for Joe Thomas is another option here, but I really think that Cleveland should grab Quinn in this situation, having watched Frye for a year, I believe that a year is enough. Derek Anderson is not the answer either, they're both career backup's, Frye could possibly start between an amazing o-line, but I question his field vision very much.

    4 Tampa Bay - Amobi Okoye - The next great defensive player in Tampa should be selected here, they could go with Gaines Adams here, but it is well known that Gruden covets Okoye, this should be the selection in this situation.

    5 Arizona - Joe Thomas - Merry Christmas Cardinals fans.

    6 Washington - Gaines Adams - Washington fans always scream "DRAFT DEFENSE!" They could go with Gaines or Landry here, either are great choices.

    7 Minnesota - Adrian Peterson - This guy is a stud, and it seems like the 2 back system is the way to go in the NFL. Since Adrian has durability concerns, they may want to work him into the league slowly behind Chester Taylor, this should make the Vikings running games one of the best.

    8 Detroit (from Atlanta) - Laron Landry - Yes I know this may not be the best pick for the Lions, but they get in my opinion the best defensive player in the draft, and after losing Bly they improve their secondary with a freakishly physical DB.

    9 Miami - Alan Branch - This guy is absolutely huge, and he is a playmaker on the defensive line. Give Joey Porter, Zach Thomas, and Jason Taylor some more help up front, and that defense should be one of the best in the league.

    10 Houston (from Atlanta) - Levi Brown - Their O-line is horrible, this may be a bit of a reach, but they need to improve in the trenches, and with this selection they should be better.

    11 San Francisco - Patrick Willis - They got Tony BC in the off-season but they can add a great linebacker opposite of him, and maybe he turns out to be the Wimbley of the draft.

    12 Buffalo - Marshawn Lynch - Bills runningback situation is absolutely horrible, they must select a running back with one of their first two picks in the draft.

    13 St. Louis - Jamaal Anderson - It was either the Rams run defense or pass defense (im too lazy to look it up) that was bad last year, and improving one improves the other, getting more pressure up front gives the QB less time to throw, Jamaal is the best pick at this point IMO.

    14 Carolina - Greg Olsen - With Steven Smith and Keyshaun, now with Olsen the Carolina passing game would be insane extremely difficult to plan against.

    15 Pittsburgh - Leon Hall - Their corner's could use an upgrade, Leon Hall is the best corner, I would hate for Pittsburgh to get him, but it would be the smartest choice.

    16 Green Bay - Ted Ginn Jr. - They add a burner, and a kick/punt returner in one pick, throw it deep Favre.

    17 Jacksonville - Reggie Nelson - The situation at corner for the Jag's isn't bad so they can afford to pas on Revis for Nelson.

    18 Cincinnati - Lawrence Timmons - O'Dell is a nutcase and Pollack had a very unfortunate injury, great pickup for the Bengals.

    19 Tennessee - Darrelle Revis - They could go receiver here, but with Pacman losing out on a season hurts, and when he gets back those two together should be unstoppable..

    20 N.Y. Giants - Jon Beason - The Giants lost out on Arrington so their linebackers corps took a hit, this pick is a great value pick, and it improves their defense greatly.

    21 Denver - Adam Carriker - This is a huge steal for the Browncos, the defensive help they have gotten from Cleveland has been one of the most overrated things in the past couple of years, they address this pick with great value and add a potential stud to the d-line.

    22 Dallas - Dwayne Bowe - My second favorite receiver, many people think they could take a receiver, this allows them to get rid of T.O after this year if he goes off and have a veteran in Glenn, an up and comer in Crayton, and a first round selection in Bowe.

    23 Kansas City - Robert Meachem - Tony Gonzalez seems like he is their only receiving threat, they should go with the best receiver at this point, Meachem should be good.

    24 New England (from Seattle) - Paul Posluzny - one of the problems people have with the NE defense is that it is getting very old, adding Pos to the LB mix gives the old guys some rest and gets you a player that seems to fit the defense.

    25 N.Y. Jets - Jarvis Moss - Can't go wrong with this guy, he can play linebacker
    in a 3-4 or DE in a 4-3.

    26 Philadelphia - Dwayne Jarrett - Losing Stallworth hurts, and their is no definitive #1 receiver in Philly, go out and get one.

    27 New Orleans - Chris Houston - Their defense is not physical enough, and their corners are not very good. This is a great player that fits the need of the team.

    28 New England - Michael Griffin - Add more defense! This will bolster up their secondary, Harrison always seems like he is hurt, good pick for the Pats IMO.

    29 Baltimore - Joe Staley - With Ogden's retirement looming this is the best LT prospect left on the board, good pick to help with the offensive line in Baltimore.

    30 San Diego - Brandon Merriweather - Chargers go secondary two years in a row.

    31 Chicago - DeMarcus Tyler - The Bears go for another tank, they get a HUGE defensive tackle to make their defensive line even bigger and better.

    32 Indianapolis - Brian Leonard - The Colts have everything on offense, adding Leonard and keeping him at fullback just adds another way that the Colts can beat you, they could go Buster Davis here as well.

    33. Oakland Raiders - Justin Blalock - Address QB and O-line in the first 2 round, great draft for the raiders.

    34. Detroit Lions - David Harris - The Lions get their ILB and they add a local boy that played for Michigan.

    35. Tampa Bay - Sidney Rice - Hard pick for Tampa, but I think this is a good selection, they need another receiver and Sidney Rice could be a good player at the next level.

    36. Cleveland Browns - Ben Grubbs - Cleveland needs another guard, and Grubbs is a great player, should make the transition to the NFL.

    Had to get to my Browns, done :)

    Add comments please, tell me where I could improve.

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    good giants pick

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      Yeah try spacing it out a little. Makes it easier to read. The Chargers pick is solid. I think Merriwhether could start day one. The rest of the mock is okay. Also, indicate the beginning of round 2, its really confusing.

      EDIT: NVM, about the spacing thing. Good work.


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        We don't need a wr rd. 1


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          Originally posted by Charger Fanatic View Post
          Yeah try spacing it out a little. Makes it easier to read. The Chargers pick is solid. I think Merriwhether could start day one. The rest of the mock is okay. Also, indicate the beginning of round 2, its really confusing.

          EDIT: NVM, about the spacing thing. Good work.
          Lol yeah, I posted it and I looked at it and said "OH MY GOD"

          Edit, spacing, lol :)


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            Good Ravens Pick

            Baltimore: 7-4


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              Pretty standard Patriots mock. Good job with them.


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                Aww come on guys I need more comments :)


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                  I like it. I wish it would just go to i think pick 41 for the vikings.

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                    Nice Vikings mock


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                      Im not smart enough to go that far lol!


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                        Good trade GREAT first round pick, bad second rounder give us a DE.


                        "Pride comes before the fall" - Mark Dantonio



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                          Which DE do u think Detroit would want?


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                            okay raider pick

                            "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                              good SF pick, but Carriker would be better



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