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    1 Oakland Raiders- JaMarcus Russell QB LSU

    There has been alot of Calvin Johnson to the Raiders buzz lately, and he'd be a fine pick as he is without a doubt the best player in the draft. But as long as Moss and Porter are still a part of the team I don't feel he will be the pick. JaMarcus stays at #1.

    2 Detroit Liones- Gaines Adams DE Clemson

    It seems to me like Gaines is the player that Detroit really wants. The only problem is at #2, he may be considered a bit of reach, at least in comparison to a guy like Calvin Johnson or Joe Thomas. The ideal situation would be to trade down, which is a possibility, but at this point I feel Gaines is the guy, regardless.

    3 Cleveland Browns- Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin

    Cleveland is probably the hardest top 5 team to project. At this point there's a few different ways they can go. Brady Quinn is a legit option here, as he has a desire to play for them and it's obvious that the Charlie Frye experiment hasn't gone the way the FO or fans had hoped. Adrian Peterson is the other option. Jamal Lewis was only signed to a 1 year deal, but he has made it clear that he will not be happy unless he touches the ball 25 times per contest. Calvin Johnson could also be the pick, as he may be too good for them to pass up. Honestly I don't know where they will go. In this projection they go with Thomas, who will help the oline, which was obviously a big problem for them last year.

    4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech

    If CJ is on the board at 4, he is a Buc. There may not be a more sure thing in this draft.

    5 Arizona Cardinals- Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma

    This is a very interesting scenario for Arizona. Their #1 option has to be Joe Thomas. He may be here, he may not. Gaines Adams is another option. With both of those guys off the board, they have a bit of a dillema. The Cards spent a bunch of money on Edge last year, and he obviously dissapointed. Alot had to do with the horrible offensive line play, but Edge is 29 and I felt it was evident that he slowed a tad bit from when he was in his prime with Indy. AD is the BPA here, no doubt. And the 2 back system has proven to be a great option for teams. Both super bowl teams last season ran a 2 back system. Edge and Peterson could be great for each other. With Peterson's durability issues, a veteran like James could be exactly what he needs. The Cards could have the most exciting offense in the game. I feel LaRon Landry is the only other viable option, as he would form a nasty duo with Adrian Wilson.

    6 Washington Redskins- LaRon Landry S LSU

    Adam Archuleta was quite possibly one of the most dissapointing free agent acquisitions in recent memory. It's obvious that they could use someone opposite Sean Taylor. Landry projects to free safety better than strong, but I have no doubt that he can be a great player at either spot. He and Taylor would be a great young duo to build that secondary around.

    7 Minnesota Vikings- Patrick Willis LB Ole Miss

    Minnesota is in an awkward position here. Wide receiver is definitely the most glaring need for them, but the only one that they would go for at 7 is Calvin, and it's pretty obvious there's no chance for him here. A pass rusher is needed, but like receiver, there is only one player they would consider, and he is off the board. Brady Quinn also needs to be considered as he is my BPA at this point. In the end, they go with Patrick Willis. He could go in the top 10, as he had an outstanding post season and has no glaring weaknesses. With this pick, it gives them multiple options with their linebackers. They would be able to keep E.J. Henderson on the outside, where he was extremely productive. They could even decide to move Willis to the outside, as it's obvious he has the speed to play there.

    8 Atlanta Falcons- Amobi Okoye DT Louisville

    Petrino nabs his former player here. LaRon Landry will be the pick if he's here, but he's off the board. Rod Coleman is up there in age and Okoye could be the picture perfect replacement.

    9 Miami Dolphins- Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame

    Quinn expieriences a Matt Leinart-esque slide and the Dolphins jump all over him. Culpepper is done with them and it's obvious they need someon for the future. I feel Quinn is a steal here and would really help an aging Miami team.

    10 Houston Texas- Leon Hall CB Michigan

    Dunta Robinson has established himself as one of the better corners in the game. After him the Texans have a cluster of guys that aren't worthy of starting. I feel Hall is second to Chris Houston and Darrelle Revis but it looks pretty certain that he will be the first corner taken. He'd would give the Texans something they've never really had, a rock solid #2 corner.

    11 San Francisco 49ers- Adam Carriker DE Nebraska

    This pick has to come down to Carriker or Branch. Both are great fits for their scheme. In the end, I just feel that end is more pressing for them than nose tackle. Bryant Young probably won't be around much longer, and Marques Douglas is very average. Aubrayo Franklin is a former Mike Nolan player who was brought in for good money. Not many people outside of Baltimore have heard of him. He has a bunch of potential and I feel Nolan thinks he can be a nice player for them at nose tackle, which is why they elect to go with Carriker over Branch.

    12 Buffalo Bills- Marshawn Lynch RB California

    Pat Willis has to be the top option for the Bills. He's off the board, so they go with a huge need, tailback. Lynch is obviously the 2nd back to AD and he'd likely see a great deal of work immediately. He could be one of the frontrunners for OROY if he is selected by Buffalo.

    13 St. Louis Rams- Alan Branch DT Michigan

    Defensive tackle has to be a pretty high priority for them, as Jimmy Kennedy has been a big dissapointment, and La'Roi Glover is up there in age. Branch is a solid value here and I don't see many other options for them.

    14 Carolina Panthers- Jon Beason LB Miami

    There may not be a hotter name among scouts right now than Jon Beason. The Panthers have legit needs on the inside and outside of their linebacking corps, and I think Beason can be utilized at both spots. He displays great game speed and I really feel he's going to be a beast in the pros.

    15 Pittsburgh Steelers- Lawrence Timmons LB Florida State

    I know some Steelers fans may not like this pick, but Timmons is a very logical pick for Pitt. The Steelers appear to be sticking with a 3-4, but I think Mike Tomlin has made it evident that he will implement some of his cover 2 scheme. Timmons has the ability to play in both schemes. He's not the biggest linebacker, but you really have to look past that, as he plays bigger than he is, and is a great pass rusher. Those qualities will make him a good fit for their 3-4. His athleticism makes him a great fit for the cover 2 that the Steelers should show alot this year.

    16 Green Bay Packers- Greg Olsen TE Miami

    The Packers #1 option at this point has to be Marshawn Lynch, as they did nothing to help their running back position. He's off the board, so they elect for one of the better athletes in this draft. Olsen's a tad bit of a reach here IMO, but I feel he's a pretty safe bet to be a good player. Bubba Franks has become almost a none factor in their passing game, so Olsen would give them another reliable target for Favre.

    17 Jacksonville Jaguars- Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas

    I feel Anderson is one of the bigger risks in this draft, and he really only had 1 big year for Arkansas. But then again he also has the potential to possibly be the best defensive player to come out of this whole draft.

    18 Cincinnati Bengals- Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburgh

    The Bengals need to find a #2 corner to pair with Jon Joseph, as Tory James was a huge dissapointment last season. This pick could be Chris Houston, depending on who the Bengals prefer.

    19 Tennessee Titans- Ted Ginn Jr. WR Ohio State

    The Titans have one of the weaker wide receiver cores in the league and that position should be addressed early. Ginn would give Vince a great weapon and I feel he's a steal at this point.

    20 New York Giants- Levi Brown OT PSU

    The Giants need help on the oline, particularly tackle, and Brown is a nice value here. Joe Staley could possibly go ahead of him, but I have the Giants going with Brown.

    21 Denver Broncos- Reggie Nelson S Florida

    Nelson has seen his stock fall a bit, and I'm not really sure why. I still have him as a top 15 talent, but it's looking like his stock is in the 20's. Nelson would give the Broncos a big playmaker that can replace John Lynch or pair up with him.

    22 Dallas Cowboys- Dwayne Bowe WR LSU

    Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn are one of the older receiver duos in the league, and T.O. also makes it one of the more unpredictable. Bowe is very similar to Owens, and could be the replacement for him when he leaves for whatever reason.

    23 Kansas City Chiefs- Justin Harrell DT Tennessee

    Harrell is another hot name right now and should be the 3rd defensive tackle taken. The Chiefs have a pretty big need at that position, and Harrell would be a good fit. Wide receiver and offensive tackle are also needs, so Robert Meachem, Dwayne Jarrett, or Joe Staley could go here.

    24 New England Patriots (f/SEA)- Paul Posluszny LB PSU

    The Pats have a pretty big need at inside linebacker, and I think that's where Poz would project for them. I'm definitely not a fan of him, but he could be a solid player for a long time.

    25 New York Jets- Jarvis Moss DE Florida

    The Jets could use a tweener to help their pass rush a bit. Moss projects perfectly as a 3-4 OLB and he'd fit well with them.

    26 Philadelphia Eagles- Michael Griffin S Texas

    The Eagles find their strong safety to go along with Brian Dawkins. I don't ever see him being a Dawkins-type star, but I think he's a very safe pick and should be a good player for awhile.

    27 New Orleans Saints- Chris Houston CB Arkansas

    The Saints obviously need help at corner, and Houston is the BPA for me here.

    28 New England Patriots- Brandon Meriweather S Miami

    Meriweather could have as much potential as any defensive back in this draft. He's awesome in coverage, is a solid tackler, and can hit. He could be a bit of CB/S tweener, which would fit perfectly for a team like the Pats, who should find alot of ways to use him.

    29 Baltimore Ravens- Joe Staley OT Central Michigan

    This is becoming a repetitive pick, but it's a great one. Staley would give us the future successor to Jon Ogden at left tackle. He's an outstanding athlete, which fits perfectly with the Ravens, as we are shifting to a more athletic offensive line.

    30 San Diego Chargers- Robert Meachem WR Tennessee

    This pick could be a toss up between Meachem and Jarrett. They already have 2 great redzone threats in Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd, so I have them going with the burner.

    31 Chicago Bears- Dwayne Jarrett WR USC

    The Bears should be looking for another offensive weapon early. The Bears could use a possession type receiver that will help them in the redzone, and Jarrett is just that.

    32 Indianapolis Colts- David Harris LB Michigan

    I think Harris has established himself as the second inside linebacker off the board. The Colts need some help on the inside. Harris isn't the ideal fit for the cover 2, but he is a guy who could contribute early in his career. A bit of a reach but I think he's a good bet to be a solid player.

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    C'mon, give us Quinn or Okoye. I like Willis, but that's a terrible pick...


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      I prefer Meachem to Bowe, but good pick anyway.


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        great SF pick


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          CJ in the 1st

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            LaRon Landry, Patrick Willis, Amobi Okoye, and Levi Brown would all be better picks for the Cardinals.



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              Great miami pick!

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                good giants pick

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                  good eagles pick.


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                    Love the Broncos pick.


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                      Good Saints pick


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                        Olsen is a fairly decent choice

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                          I've seen the Harris to the Colts pick a number of times now, even PFW had it if memory serves correct, but quite frankly I don't understand it.

                          (1) Harris isn't better than current starter at MLB Gary Brackett in coverage, especially if the team plays Tampa 2. Granted the team played Cover 3 more than anything else in 2006, but that doesn't change the fact that Brackett is superior in coverage which is why he's the starter in the first place. So "no" at MLB.

                          (2) Even assuming that Harris is better at WLB than Freddy Keiaho, it's not near the point of spending a 1st round pick. So "no" at WLB.

                          (3) The Colts won't spend a 1st round pick on a SLB, that position isn't anywhere near the value to their scheme as MLB and WLB. So "no" at SLB.

                          So what's the point of spending the 32nd overall pick on Harris? Depth and special teams? Again, I just don't see it and have to disagree with those who endorse it - usually those with an outsider's view of the Colts.
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                            B E A UTIFUL denver pick i love nelson to the broncos, he will pair up with lynch then replace him (to help with your exp)
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                              Branch >>> Carriker



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