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7500+ Word 2 Round Mock w/o Trades

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  • 7500+ Word 2 Round Mock w/o Trades

    I've worked my ass off on this mock, and I'm very proud of it and will defend each and every pick I've made. Any comments are very appreciated, and all will be responded to, so go ahead and make any criticisms you'd like.

    Round 1
    Pick 1 – Oakland Raiders – JaMarcus Russell QB LSU
    Calvin Johnson will not be easy to pass over, but the Raiders simply cannot go another draft without grabbing a franchise QB if they want to return to success. Be honest, is there any Raider fan that actually believes that Andrew Walter is the future? That Trent Edwards or Drew Stanton will be a better NFL QB? That trading for Trent Green or another vet will bring them back to dominance? Russell has as much potential as any QB in recent memory, and though arm strength is probably a little overrated, Russell’s cannon cannot be ignored. I believe that Quinn is will be the better pro, but the Russell is simply the perfect pick for the Raiders in this situation. Adding washed-up veterans has been Davis’s MO thus far, but wouldn’t he rather have a guy who could hold down the position for the next 10 years? It will either be Johnson or Russell, barring a trade down.

    Pick 2 – Detroit Lions – Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
    I’m truly convinced that the Lions’ supposed “reluctance” to take Quinn in the first round is at least a partial smoke screen. Even if the team isn’t enamored with Quinn, he represents the smartest choice at this pick. Mike Martz’s system may not require a first round QB to be successful, but Kitna is obviously not fitting in with that system, and seems over the hill to me. Millen wants to win now, and I respect that, but Kitna isn’t the answer for that either. The Lions have improved quite a bit over last year through free agency and trades, and QB is the main piece that they are missing. If Millen really wants to win now, shouldn’t he take the most NFL ready of all the QBs in the draft? Even if they won’t make the playoffs this year, they could contend the year after with their young core of top players. I’d prefer that they allow Quinn to sit a year behind Kitna, but he can certainly start from day one. If not Quinn, Gaines Adams or CJ could be the pick, though trading down for Adams or Patrick Willis is more likely than either of those two here.

    Pick 3 – Cleveland Browns – Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
    With both of the two top QBs gone, the Browns must choose between Thomas, CJ, Adams, Peterson, or a trade down to someone that really wants CJ. None of them could be considered a bad choice, because all of them represent needs. Trading down is probably the best choice because of their many needs, but only the Falcons have the ammo to make the trade (which isn’t too likely), and I’m not doing a mock with trades. As hard as it is for any team to pass on CJ, the Browns already have a top WR, as well as a TE that is basically another top receiver. Adams would fit in Romeo’s schemes, but that’s simply not a round one need. That leaves Peterson and Thomas, and I give to edge to Thomas because of the FO’s fears of Peterson’s durability and the signing of Jamal Lewis, who isn’t the permanent answer but is definitely better than what the Browns have at LT. Neither one would be a bad pick, but Thomas, along with the other free agent pick-ups, would make their O-Line one of the best in the league and give them a great foundation to build their offense on.

    Pick 4 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
    While the top 3 teams passing on CJ isn’t necessarily a mistake, they probably will come to regret it even if JR, Quinn, and Thomas all pan out. CJ is an amazing combination of size, speed, and skills that it nearly unmatched in the NFL. What more can really be said about this guy? The only prospect that has matched him in the past few years is Fitzgerald, but CJ is much faster. He’s Moss and Owens without the character issues, and whoever ends up leading the Bucs next year will be very luck to have a player like CJ to throw to. If he’s gone, this pick becomes fairly difficult to project, but it would likely be Amobi Okoye or LaRon Landry, both of whom represent needs and decent values at this pick.

    Pick 5 – Arizona Cardinals – Gaines Adams DE Clemson
    Obviously, the team will jump on Joe Thomas if he’s here, but it’s looking more and more like he won’t be. That being said, they wouldn’t go wrong with Adams either, who is likely the top defensive player in the draft. He has the speed to be an elite pass rusher, and though he lacks a little in size, he should become a dominant force on a Cardinals line that has little in the way of playmakers. Peterson, Levi Brown, and one of the top defensive players are all possibilities, I believe, but they simply have too much money invested in James to justify taking another running back, Brown is a reach, and Adams fills the biggest need for the Cards’ D.

    Pick 6 – Washington Redskins – Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
    Tough call, as the Redskins’ top needs don’t really match up with the people on the board at the time. The team does have quite a few needs, and Okoye definitely fills one of them, and is a very intriguing player. What impresses me more than his incredible upside are his leadership skills and maturity, which are truly impressive at any age, never mind in a 19-20 year old. Even if Okoye isn’t ready to start this year, you can be sure he’ll work his ass off to be ready for the next year, and should be a leader of their defense for quite some time. It is a bit of a reach, so Hall and Landry are both possibilities, but Okoye is a one of kind prospect that the Skins will have a hard time passing on.

    Pick 7 – Minnesota Vikings – LaRon Landry S LSU
    With Adrian Peterson dropping this far, it would be a huge temptation for a team like Buffalo, Green Bay, or Tennessee to move up to the Vikes’ spot, but if they stay, Landry is probably the pick. Of all the defensive players, I see Landry as the most likely to start making plays from day one. I love the guy as a prospect, I was probably one of the few that wasn’t surprised to see him run in the 4.3s; his speed is incredible, and does translate onto the field. He’s probably the best safety prospect since Sean Taylor, and may turn out better since he’ll likely to be a far better cover man, even if he doesn’t quite have Taylor’s measureables. Safety isn’t the Viking’s top need, but Landry will certainly help the team quite a bit. I can’t see them going with a DE in round 1 again, so Carriker and Anderson are out, and like the Cardinals, I can’t seem them investing a lot of money in another back, despite how good Peterson is. Just about all the top receivers will be considered as well, but none represent a good value here.

    Pick 8 – Atlanta Falcons (from Houston) – Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
    Warrick Dunn is getting older and less durable, Jerious Norwood doesn’t seem to have the size or durability to be a full-time back, and Bobby Petrino wants more of a power running game. Peterson seems to be the answer to all of these problems, though the pick seems fairly shocking at first. I think Peterson is going to be one of the five best backs in the NFL within a year or two, yet would not be surprised if he fell this far. He’s too good and fits their system too well to pass up at pick 8, despite his durability issues and the team’s running backs. If he’s gone, Landry would be their top pick if he fell here, followed by Levi Brown. If they decide to stick with Dunn and Norwood, they could trade down with one of the teams that needs a RB.

    Pick 9 – Miami Dolphins – Leon Hall CB Michigan
    Without a doubt, the most difficult pick in the draft so far to predict (though this is probably more because of the combative Dolphins fans than anything else). For those Dolphins fans out there, I assure you that I have done more research on this pick than any other in my draft, and I simply can’t see anyone else that they will take here if they don’t trade down (though I don’t see any player that a team would really want to trade up for here). Leon Hall is simply best player on the board here, and he fills a need for the team; what more can you ask for? Even if he’s not a top shutdown corner, he should be a great player in this league, as he comes from a team known for producing top NFL DBs. If the Dolphins had two CBs better than Hall, then I would agree that this would be a poor pick, but they simply do not; Hall could be their number one CB from week 1. They don’t like Levi Brown, Carriker and Branch don’t make sense, and Ginn would be only 3rd or 4th receiver and KR/PR on this team, which is not worth a top 10 pick, whatever his potential Unless Quinn falls to them or they really believe Branch can be a 3-4 NT, this is the most likely pick.

    Pick 10 – Houston Texans (from Atlanta) – Levi Brown OT Penn State
    Levi Brown is dropping, even though as far as I know he hasn’t really done anything to deserve to drop, and he still warrants a top 10-15 pick in my opinion. However, I’m no draft expert, and if the Texans figure Joe Staley will turn out to be the player, they could reach for him. I see Staley as too much of a project to warrant such a high pick, however, and the Texans definitely need a tackle, and have since the day that the franchise began. Brown not may be as powerful a force as Thomas, but the reviews of his practices at Senior Day were outstanding, and he certainly looked great during the game. If Brown is gone, or they feel that he’s a better fit at right tackle, Staley, along with the top 4 remaining receivers and Reggie Nelson are possibilities here.

    Pick 11 – San Francisco 49ers – Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
    The 49ers need players at every one of the front 7 positions in their 3-4 defense, so there are several ways they can go here. After grabbing Manny Lawson in the first round last year, I can’t see them going for a 3-4 DE/OLB “tweener” again, indicating that MLB, NT, and DE are the three needs for the team. There seem to be too many doubts about Branch’s ability to play nose tackle, which narrows the pick between Carriker, Jamaal Anderson, and Patrick Willis. Carriker is a better prospect in the 3-4 than Anderson, and DE just seems to be the bigger need here. Carriker may only play sparingly his first year, but Bryant Young is nearing the end of a great career, and Carriker can be groomed as his replacement. You can’t completely rule out a top receiver, but the team seems to be set on improving defense in the 1st round, and that’s likely how they’ll go.

    Pick 12 – Buffalo Bills – Marshawn Lynch RB California
    I find it very hard to believe that the Bills will pass on Lynch with this pick, though it seems that many mocks have them doing just that. Going into the season with A-Train and Shaud Williams rotating as your backs? Not exactly an ideal situation. I just don’t see a round two guy like Pittman being the answer here either; the team really needs one of the top two RBs in this draft, and barring a trade up for AD, Lynch is the pick and is a great replacement for McGahee. I’m a big fan of Lynch, and I think he’s very underrated, and he definitely has the potential to be one of the top 10 backs in the league. I wouldn’t necessarily be surprised for the team to grab Willis here, and he’s not a bad pick, I just believe it’s the wrong decision.

    Pick 13 – St. Louis Rams – Alan Branch DT Michigan
    A great fit for St. Louis, and likely a steal, in my opinion. Branch is not without his question marks, yet he’s so athletic for a man his size that a team picking around here would have a very hard time passing up on him. St. Louis could use a big nose tackle next to 1st rounder Jimmy Kennedy, and NT in a 4-3 seems like the perfect position for Branch. Branch simply has the prototypical size and strength for this position, and he Kennedy will form one of the best DT duos in the league. Though their CB situation hasn’t been fixed yet, I don’t see them going for a first rounder after picking Tye Hill so early last year. After free agency, this seems to be the team’s biggest need, though if Branch and Okoye are gone here an LB or DE could be the pick.

    Pick 14 – Carolina Panthers – Patrick Willis LB Ole Miss
    It will be a tough call between Willis and Reggie Nelson at this pick, and the team will fill a major need with either player. While Nelson is a top 15-20 talent, I see Willis at a top 10 talent player, which is why I see them taking him if he falls to them, even though safety is probably their top need here. Willis is an amazing prospect who has the size and athleticism to play any of the linebacker positions, and can replace the oft-injured Dan Morgan in the middle. If Willis gone, Nelson will be the pick, and if Nelson is gone, then Greg Olsen will probably go here.

    Pick 15 – Pittsburgh Steelers – Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
    They had a down year, but don’t forget that this team only a year removed from winning the Super Bowl. The Steelers have nearly no needs that absolutely need to be addressed here, allowing them to go with BPA, Jamaal Anderson. Anderson is nevertheless a good pick here, as the team doesn’t have a dominant force on the line right now, and Anderson gives them depth and starting potential at DE. In addition, Anderson is not only a fit in the 3-4 scheme currently employed by the Steelers, but also in the 4-3 scheme preferred by Mike Tomlin, most likely at UT. With the loss of Jerry Porter, they could go for an LB here, but Anderson is a better prospect than the LBs remaining on the board here.

    Pick 16 – Green Bay Packers – Greg Olsen TE Miami
    Unfortunately, this one of the few mock drafts where the Pack doesn’t get Lynch with the 16th pick. It’s obvious that he’ll be the pick if he falls here, but if he doesn’t, the team still has some key needs to fill here. The defense needs several upgrades, making Nelson one of several possible picks, though I see them going with an offensive weapon for Farve’s last year, as well as for Aaron Rodgers when he takes over. Receiver is more of an issue of depth with Driver and Jennings both looking good last year; thus, the team goes with Olsen, the unquestioned top TE in the draft. He’s not on the same league as Vernon Davis or Kellen Winslow Jr. coming out of college, but he’s an excellent prospect who will be an excellent weapon for someone, and is definitely an upgrade over Bubba Franks. Thompson is known for his wheeling and dealing on draft day, meaning that you can’t rule out a trade-up for Peterson or Lynch.

    Pick 17 – Jacksonville Jaguars – Reggie Nelson S Florida
    Despite several years of first day WR picks, the Jags have not solved their problem at that position, as Williams, Wilford, and Jones all have not quite reached their potentials. I can’t see the Jags picking another 1st round receiver, and Nelson fills an important need with Grant gone, Sensabaugh arrested, and Darius returning from an injury. Nelson is another guy who has dropped seemingly for no reason over the off season, though he evidently looked very good at his pro day, and ran some very good times in not only the 40, but the short shuttle and three cone drills. He won’t have the immediate impact that Landry will, but he could end up being the better player, and may even have the skills to play CB as well. A great pick for the Jags. You can’t completely rule out a WR here, or even a reach/trade down for Trent Edwards, depending on the teams’ commitment to Leftwich.

    Pick 18 – Cincinnati Bengals – Darelle Revis CB Pittsburgh
    Jonathan Joseph played well last year, but Deltha O’Neal seems to be on his way out as the team tries to grab another 1st day pick. Either way, the team needs another top cornerback, and Revis seems to be the best fit for their system. I personally have Chris Houston rated higher than Revis, but Revis is a more physical DB with better ball skills, even though Houston may be a better shutdown corner. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either player go here, but Revis simply more like the kind of player that the Bengals need for their defense, and his maturity is a huge plus on this team. The team definitely needs linebackers as well, and a natural leader and high character guy like Poz would be very difficult to pass up. Nelson is also likely if he falls to this pick, and Griffin is a definite possibility. However, there aren’t a whole lot of top CBs in this draft, so Revis or Houston is likely to get the nod here.

    Pick 19 – Tennessee Titans – Robert Meachem WR Tennessee
    Receiver may not be the top need for the Titans, but things change when you have a player like Vince Young at QB. VY is the face of this franchise, and I’m sure going out and getting him more weapons on offense is one of their top priorities. Drew Bennett was one of Vince’s favorite targets last year, and the team needs to replace his team leading 46 catches, as well as Bobby Wade’s contributions. That being said, the team has a difficult decision to make here. Ginn’s speed and return abilities would help the team immensely, while Jarrett is a great fit in Chow’s offense and Bowe is probably the best all around talent at WR outside of CJ. I see the pick as either Bowe or Meachem, however, because Ginn doesn’t seem like a great fit for their offense, and Chow’s influence wasn’t enough to get Leinart drafted at #3 last year, which means Jarrett isn’t too likely either. I give Meachem the nod because he’s the local guy and his combination of size and speed are unparalleled outside of CJ. With Pacman out for the year and his career in Tennessee possibly over, one of the top CBs is a possibility, but receiver seems to be the pick here.

    Pick 20 – New York Giants – Paul Pozluzny LB Penn State
    After releasing former starters Carlos Emmons and LaVar Arrington, the team is sorely lacking at linebacker, and must address the issue during the first day (and likely several times over the course of the draft). Pozluzny, Timmons, and Beason all fill needs and could go here, but while the others may have more upside, Poz has the most potential to start and be an impact player from the first day, just like AJ Hawk did last year, though to a lesser extent. I’m a huge Poz fan, and believe he has the skills and personality to not only be a great player in this league, but also a leader of a team’s defense for the next ten years. However, with the release of Luke Petitgout as well, left tackle has become a need, and thus Brown (if he falls here) or Joe Staley could be the pick, though the team seems to think that Diehl can hold the position down well enough for next year. The team needs some young players at corner as well, but LB definitely represents a bigger need.

    Pick 21 – Denver Broncos – Joe Staley OT Central Michigan
    While DE is a need, is it really a 1st round need? And if it is, is there any player that is a good fit here? Jamaal Anderson and Adam Carriker would work in their scheme, and either of two will probably be the pick if they somehow fell this far, but Jarvis Moss doesn’t have the size to be an every down DE for them, and they already grabbed an undersized situational pass rusher in Dumervil last year. With the trade of George Foster, Erik Pears, Chris Kuper, and Adam Meadows go into the season starting at tackle, and none of the three are ideal. Staley is one of the fastest risers on the draft board, and could go before this pick, so he fills a big need if he’s available here. He’s a bit of a project, but he doesn’t really have to start this year anyway on the Broncos. If they believe that 21 is too early to grab a guy who may not be able to start this season, Michael Griffin would be a pretty good pick as well, and could eventually replace the aging John Lynch.

    Pick 22 – Dallas Cowboys – Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
    The Cowboys filled a lot of their needs through free agency this year, so they basically have the luxury of going with the BPA in Dwayne Jarrett. If Joe Staley is here, they’ll probably pick him, as Flozell Adams is aging and Leonard Davis has shown time and time again that he’s not a fit at tackle. Alan Branch would be very difficult to pass up if he fell this far, which some experts seem to believe will be the case, though the “planet theory” dictates he’ll go way before this pick. Receiver isn’t a top need, but TO always seems to be on the verge of a meltdown, and Terry Glenn may be reaching the end of his career. Jarrett gives them a great red zone target and will start a couple of years down the road after TO inevitably moves on to his next team and Glenn retires. Anthony Henry and Aaron Glenn are both getting up in the years, so Houston or Ross could go here, but Jarrett is the best prospect here and thus will probably get the nod. Due to Greg Ellis’s injury and his similarity to Shaun Phillips (a favorite of new coach Wade Phillips), Anthony Spencer would be a great fit here.

    Pick 23 – Kansas City Chiefs – Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
    I know this team has operated without a number one wide-out for years, but after the team’s problems passing the ball last year, they need to spend a pick on a top receiver. Kennison is 34 and Gonzo is 31, while Parker is about average and Hall had a huge drop-off all around last year. Unlike Jarrett or Ginn, I can see Bowe starting off as the number one wide-out no matter where he goes, something that he shares only with CJ (and possibly Meachem). The Senior Bowl convinced me that Bowe is the real deal, and that he is one of the most complete receivers in this draft. The team still needs help at DT, but with the many busts at the position over the last few years, I can’t see them reach for a guy here. With the many receivers available in the first round, all of whom will be upgrades, the team should go this direction on draft day.

    Pick 24 – New England Patriots (from Seattle) – Jon Beason LB Miami
    The Pats have done a great job filling their needs through free agency, a route that the team has generally opposed in the past. Thus, they have no immediate needs to fill at this spot, unless they do end up getting rid of Asante Samuel. However, as good as Mike Vrabel and Tedy Bruschi have been at inside linebacker for the Pats, neither is young, and the team could use some depth and a future starter at the position. Beason is a quick rising prospect who could easily go higher, and is too good to pass up considering the team’s needs. Even if Samuel stays, the team may decide to take a CB here for depth. In addition, Zak DeOssie of Brown seems like the perfect fit for the team at linebacker, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the team target him later and grab someone else for depth here, or possibly trade the pick for pick next year.

    Pick 25 – New York Jets – Chris Houston CB Arkansas
    The biggest need for this team is likely a nose tackle that can take on two blockers in their 3-4 defense, but no one on the board here has that kind of potential, except possibly DeMarcus Tyler, who would simply be too much of a risk and a reach at 25. However, the team definitely is lacking a quality starter other than Andre Dyson, as Justin Miller has not lived up to his second round draft status and Hank Poteat does not have the talent to be a starter in the NFL. Chris Houston is slightly lacking in size, but more than makes up for it with his athleticism, speed, physicality, and hands. His performance against top receivers last year shows his potential at CB, and the Jets should definitely look his way on draft day. The team upgraded their O-Line considerably last year through the draft, but they still have holes, meaning that OG/OT guys like Blalock and Sears could go here, but CB seems like a bigger need.

    Pick 26 – Philadelphia Eagles – Michael Griffin S Texas
    Though Andy Reid loves going with offensive and defensive linemen early in the draft and then picking up the other positions in the later rounds, the team has too big of a need at safety to pass up a top talent like Griffin with this pick. Griffin is probably more ready to start from day one than Nelson at safety, and many have him moving above Nelson on draft boards. Griffin excels at coverage and is decent against the run, and can likely play both safety positions. Dawkins and Considine are the starters, but Dawkins is 34, and there is no depth with Lewis gone. Griffin can start immediately on special teams, where he also excels, and likely take over for Dawkins when he retires. I wouldn’t be overly surprised, however, to see the team pick up a big DE like Abiamiri here.

    Pick 27 – New Orleans Saints – Aaron Ross CB Texas
    This pick is obviously going to be on the defensive side of the ball. Unless the Saints deem it absolutely necessary to get a great TE, as their pretty much set everywhere else on offense. They have needs in all three areas: D-line, linebackers, and the secondary, so exactly which way they go with this pick is up in the air, but CB represents the best value at this pick, and is likely the team’s biggest need. The 2006 Thorpe Award Winner Ross lacks the speed of the three CBs selected before him, but is probably the best of the four against the run and matches up with any of them in coverage. He has excellent size for the position, and will definitely be an upgrade at CB for the Saints, where starter Fred Thomas, who is now 33, struggled last year. Marcus McCauley could get the call as well, but many question McCauley’s work ethic, meaning Ross should get the call first. The Saints would be a great spot for Ted Ginn, who would be an excellent fit in their offense with his speed, but in order to return to the playoffs, the Saints need to improve their defense.

    Pick 28 – New England Patriots – Eric Weddle S/CB Utah
    When you have two first round draft picks, you can reach for a player who fits a need and your system, and Weddle undoubtedly fits the system in New England. A smart and hard-working player, he just seems like one of those “Belicheck guys” that New England has built its team around. He’s versatile enough to play both corner and safety, a huge plus on a Patriots team that is known for players with the ability to help at multiple positions. Whether Asante Samuel returns to the team or not, the team could definitely use some depth at CB, and at safety, Rodney Harrison is way up in years and has been hurt several times. The Pats need to start looking for his replacement, and Weddle can fill both of those needs. Merriweather is the better prospect, but the Pats like going with high character players like Weddle over questionable guys. A straight CB like McCauley could go here as well, but Weddle’s versatility gives him the edge.

    Pick 29 – Baltimore Ravens – Jarvis Moss DE/LB Florida
    Moss would be a steal for the Ravens at 29, as he’s been projected as high as fifteen in many mock drafts, though like teammate Nelson, his stock has fallen a bit lately, yet still likely represents the BPA at this pick (which the Ravens tend to lean towards with each pick). Outside of Gaines Adams, Moss represents the best “tweener” guy who can play both LB in a 3-4 and DE in a 4-3. In the Ravens’ hybrid system, he represents a perfect fit. The team has Jarrett Johnson and Dan Cody to replace the departed Adalius Thomas, but neither is proven, and the team could use a guy like Moss to rotate with the other two. With his skills, he can definitely help this defense. It’s probably not their top need, but this team doesn’t have any immediate holes to fill. However, Ogden is on his way out and Tony Pashos is gone, meaning that a replacement must be found. Joe Staley would go here if he’s still around, but Aaron Sears seems to project better at right tackle or guard. You can’t rule him out here, however.

    Pick 30 – San Diego Chargers – Ted Ginn Jr. WR Ohio St.
    This is the absolute perfect situation for Ted Ginn, and if he drops his far, the Chargers shouldn’t even think twice about picking him up. The team is stacked offensively already, with a top offensive line, the best running back and tight end in the league, and a young quarterback who showed a lot of promise last season. Their one hole is at receiver. Vincent Jackson is AJ Smith’s guy and looks to be ready to break out this season, but the Chargers have little else at the position, and could really use a speedy #2 guy to open up the field for their other playmakers. Ginn’s impact would be enormous, even if his stats weren’t, as players worrying about his speed would allow LT, Gates, and VJ more holes to create plays. I’m not a Chargers fan, but I would absolutely love to see that offense. If the team decides that Ginn is not for them, Brandon Merriweather will likely be the pick.

    Pick 31 – Chicago Bears – Lawrence Timmons LB Florida State
    Lance Briggs claims to have played his last down as a Chicago Bear, and whether this is true or not, his time in a Chicago uniform seems to be running short. They don’t seem to see giving him a long term contract as a top priority. Even if Briggs isn’t dealt before the draft, Timmons gives them great depth at LB, and is likely the BPA at this pick, as he’s been going as high as 15 in a lot of drafts that I’ve seen. Hillenmeyer is a great player who is probably on the verge of a breakout, but behind him and Briggs there is very little. The team simply doesn’t have a whole lot of needs, and drafting Timmons gives them more leverage against Briggs when hammering out a contract. If they sign Briggs to a contract soon, this pick will likely be on the O-Line, where Ruben Brown and Fred Miller are both in their mid-30s, and will need replacements in the next few years.

    Pick 32 – Indianapolis Colts – Justin Harrell DT Tennessee
    With former Pro Bowler Cato June gone, the team definitely has a need at linebacker, which means that if Timmons, Beason, or Pozluzny falls here, they’ll like be the pick. You can’t rule out Durant either, a very interesting prospect who is quickly rising up the draft boards. However, Indy has never picked a LB in the first round since Dungy took over, and this trend may continue, despite the hole at the position. Despite the trade for Booger McFarland last year, the team is still fairly weak inside on the defensive line. Harrell’s penetration abilities make him ideal for the Colts’ Cover 2 defense, and he has excellent measurables, even though he’s never had a dominant year in college. Pitcock and Tyler are both possibilities, but Harrell is one of the fastest risers on the draft boards and seems to have passed both players at DT. With the losses of Brandon Stokely and Aaron Morehead, receiver will have to be addressed sometime in the draft, but the defense needs immediate upgrading, and there is incredible depth at WR, meaning that one of the top prospects should fall to them in the 3rd round.

    Round 2
    Pick 33 – Oakland Raiders – Arron Sears OT/OG Tennessee
    Hopefully Gallery will be able to hold down LT this year with a new O-Line coach, but whether he does or doesn’t, Sears has to potential to fill a need at either tackle or guard position. His versatility gives him the edge over Ugoh, Blalock, and Grubbs.

    Pick 34 – Detroit Lions – Anthony Spencer DE Purdue
    Even with Dewayne White, they still have a need at end, and Spencer gives them a great pass rusher up front, which they were lacking last year. He’s undersized, but he has the speed to play end in Detroit’s Cover 2 defense.

    Pick 35 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Victor Abiamiri DE Notre Dame
    A DE who looks like a pretty good fit in the Tampa 2 system because of his size and speed. Gruden tends pick players that he coached at the Senior Bowl, making Abiamiri likely over other DEs and the troubled Merriweather at safety.

    Pick 36 – Cleveland Browns – Trent Edwards QB Stanford
    Barring a trade for Trent Green out of nowhere, the team will go in with either Frye or Anderson as their starter, which is the last thing they want. They pretty much have to grab Edwards here, unless they really think Troy Smith or Drew Stanton is their man, both of whom they could grab in the 3rd.

    Pick 37 – Chicago Bears (from Washington through New York) – Tony Ugoh OT Arkansas
    After filling the LB hole created by Briggs, the Bears no longer have any needs that have an immediate urgency. Ruben Brown and Fred Miller are both in their mid 30s, and both will need replacements within the next few years. It seems to make more sense to get a project guy like Ugoh now and groom him as a successor than to wait until they do retire.

    Pick 38 – Arizona Cardinals – Marcus McCauley CB Fresno St.
    Missing out on Thomas in the 1st and Ugoh in the 2nd, the Cardinals go with young CB to line up opposite Antrel Rolle. I’m not exactly a McCauley fan, but many believe he has first round talent, and he’s definitely a steal at this spot. Can’t see them picking another OG/OT tweener from Texas here, despite their O-Line needs.

    Pick 39 – Atlanta Falcons (from Houston) – Brandon Merriweather S Miami
    Despite his character issues, Merriweather is simply too good of a player to pass up here, and may end up being the steal of the draft. Other than the aging Lawyer Milloy, the team has little at safety.

    Pick 40 – Miami Dolphins – Justin Blalock OG/OT Texas
    Blalock gets the nod over Grubbs because he seems to have more potential at tackle in the pros. No matter what position best suits Blalock, it will fill a need on the Dolphins, who lack any dominant linemen, and could definitely use a guy with Blalock’s strength and skills.

    Pick 41 – Minnesota Vikings – Sydney Rice WR South Carolina
    The Vikings would love Rice to fall to them here, as he would probably be a 1st rounder if the draft wasn’t so stocked at receiver. He may have inflated stats from Spurrier’s system, but he has the size and skills to be successful in the NFL.

    Pick 42 – San Francisco 49ers – Anthony Gonzalez WR Ohio St.
    Lots of ways they could go with this pick, but their offense does need playmakers, especially with Antonio Bryant gone. Gonzalez has the potential to be a number one receiver in the league, I believe, and they certainly need one.

    Pick 43 – Buffalo Bills – David Harris ILB Michigan
    London Fletcher-Baker was the heart of this defense, but he simply wasn’t a very good fit for the Bills scheme, and they will be looking for his replacement early in the draft. If they do choose Lynch over Willis, Harris is the number 2 inside LB in the draft, and despite lacking upside, can probably start from day one in the Bills’ rebuilt defense.

    Pick 44 – Atlanta Falcons – Charles Johnson DE Georgia
    The Falcons have lost a lot of talent lately at the end position, and need to address the position with one of these first three picks. If Johnson; a local boy, 1st round talent, and excellent fit for their defense, falls here, they can’t afford to pass up on him.

    Pick 45 – Carolina Panthers – Aaron Rouse S Virginia Tech
    Though there are better players available with this pick, safety is a glaring need for the Panthers with Shaun Williams gone and Mike Minter on his way out. Rouse has great size and is one of the top tacklers at safety in the draft, and will be a great fit in the strong safety role for the Panthers.

    Pick 46 – Pittsburgh Steelers – Ryan Kalil C USC
    Might end up being the steal of the draft. Kalil would go much higher if another team had a need at center, but no one above them seems to, or else they have bigger needs. Now that he’s answered questions about his size, he’s very likely to go here.

    Pick 47 – Green Bay Packers – Antonio Pittman RB Ohio St.
    After missing out on Lynch in round 1, they need to add someone at RB, and Pittman is the best available, and seems to be a good fit for their system. May not be a number one back, but can rotate with the guys they have now.

    Pick 48 – Jacksonville Jaguars – Tim Crowder DE Texas
    After injuries to Reggie Hayward last season, the team could use a top talent at DE to eventually take over at right defensive end. Crowder is easily the best player available at DE with this pick, and gives them the complete package of run-stopping and pass-rushing, even if he isn’t really dominant at either.

    Pick 49 – Cincinnati Bengals – Justin Durant LB Hampton
    The Bengals are nearly depleted at linebacker, mainly due to the off the field issues plaguing the team. Durant is a fast riser on draft boards, and may even go higher than here. If he’s on the board, his ability to play all three LB positions will make him the pick.

    Pick 50 – Tennessee Titans – Josh Wilson CB Maryland
    The team has to address CB in round 2. They have depth, but they need a true quality player at the position. Wilson isn’t the shutdown corner that Pacman is, but he is similar size and speed, and can replace him in the return game as well. Wright is the better player, but there’s no way they grab another character issue guy.

    Pick 51 – New York Giants – Eric Wright CB UNLV
    If his character issues get resolved, this is another steal, though he could fall even more in the new climate in the NFL. The Giants really could use a young, quality cornerback to take over for their aging veterans.

    Pick 52 – St. Louis Rams – Ben Grubbs OG Auburn
    No CB makes sense here, so Grubbs gives the team great depth on the line with his potential at tackle and guard, and can replace Claude Terrell if he can’t return to his level of play before his injury.

    Pick 53 – Dallas Cowboys – DeMarcus Tyler DT NC State
    Ferguson is aging, and is not truly an impact player anymore. Tyler probably isn’t ready to play NT in a 3-4 defense yet, but with a year of conditioning, he can likely reach the size. He’s been the right size before, he just needs to build up to that weight through weight training rather than putting on fat. Definitely has the strength to play NT.

    Pick 54 – Kansas City Chiefs – Quinn Pitcock DT Ohio St.
    The Chiefs have had several early draft day busts at DT, so they go with a guy who will never be a star in the NFL, but who should be a solid starter for quite some time. Pitcock is hated by a lot of draftniks, but he just seems like a good fit and a good value here.

    Pick 55 – Seattle Seahawks – Zach Miller TE Arizona State
    It will either be a guard, safety, or tight end, so Beekman/Yanda/Ramirez, Miller/Patrick, or Wendling/Jackson/Piscatelli are all possibilities. With Miller being the top prospect here and with the drop-off in talent after the top 3 TEs, I believe he’ll be the selection here.

    Pick 56 – Denver Broncos – Ikiaka-Alama Francis DE Hawaii
    The Broncos need a top DE here, and though Francis is a bit of a project, he has the potential to be a great player in this league. They have Dumervil for the situational pass rush; what they really need is a guy who can play every down against the run and the pass, and Francis has the ability to do just that. He could probably play UT as well if he bulks up a little.

    Pick 57 – Philadelphia Eagles – Brian Leonard RB Rutgers
    Some people have them taking Leonard in the first round, so he’s a steal here. Gives them a whole new dimension to their running game, forming a “Thunder-Lightning” team with Westbrook, who can rest more and thus lower his risk of injury. Leonard is just a great pick-up for Philly.

    Pick 58 – New Orleans Saints – Ray McDonald DT/DE Florida
    You can’t rule out Ben Patrick as this pick, but McDonald has the potential to play either DT or DE in the NFL, which aren’t immediate needs for the Saints, but require depth and will need replacements within the next few years. McDonald has interested the team greatly, and is a steal this low in the 2nd.

    Pick 59 – New York Jets – Quentin Moses DE/LB Georgia
    In my first mock draft, I think I had them taking him in the 1st round. He’s fallen a lot since then, but the Jets will be happy to have him. Mangini is a great coach; he should be able to get the most out of Moses’ undeniable talent. The team could reach for a defensive lineman that they like for their 3-4 defense as well.

    Pick 60 – Miami Dolphins (from New England) – Jason Hill WR Washington St.
    After passing on Ginn in round 1, Miami snags Hill, a similar (though inferior) player who is not quite as fast as Ginn but has slightly better size. Will fill in nicely for Welker in the slot and in the return game, and may replace Marty Booker in a few years.

    Pick 61 – Baltimore Ravens – Ryan Harris OT Notre Dame
    With Ogden in his last season and Pashos gone through free agency, the team is shallow at tackle, and will need a starter within in year. Harris is inconsistent, but has played against top competition and has the potential to be a starter. Josh Marten is a possibility at this pick as well, depending on who tops their board at tackle.

    Pick 62 – San Diego Chargers – John Wendling S Wyoming
    The team needs a versatile safety that can play against both the pass and the run, and while Wendling is a bit lacking in coverage, he is the best all-around safety available at this pick, and has shown considerable playmaking skills.

    Pick 63 – New York Jets (from Chicago) – Ben Patrick TE Delaware
    With Olsen gone at their first pick and Miller at their second, the Jets grab the 3rd best TE with their third pick, thus filling most of their top needs by the end of the second round. Patrick has risen far up draft boards, and will be a force at the position for some time.

    Pick 64 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Indianapolis) – Tanard Jackson CB/S Syracuse
    The last of the Bucs top three needs is safety, and Tanard Jackson seems like the perfect fit for them. Jackson played mainly CB in college, but projects very well in a cover 2 system like in Tampa, where he has the potential to play either DB position.
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    1st okay, after this year we will only have one wr(curry) so a number 1 wr is a need so CJ should be the pick

    2nd bad, simply...KALIL

    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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      Olsen and Pittman would make me happy :)


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        Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
        1st okay, after this year we will only have one wr(curry) so a number 1 wr is a need so CJ should be the pick

        2nd bad, simply...KALIL
        Right now, you only have one QB on the roster, and that's Andrew Walter. QB is a much bigger need right now, Moss and Porter may be gone after this year, but they can be replaced next year. You need a top QB now.

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          Looks very good from when I looked through it man, very good job. The Vikings' picks are excellent too, so no complaints here. BTW, I think this provides almost an ideal Packers draft...atleast its what I'd hope for if I was a fan of their team.
          SKOL VIKINGS!


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            Also, Sears has the ability to play both guard and both tackle positions, doesn't that make more sense on a depleted line than Kalil who can only play one? Grove wasn't great, but was probably the best guy on the line last year, you can't pass up a guy with Sears' versatility.

            Credit goes to Guesswhosback


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              Good 1st rounder. could also be Bowe or corner
              Excellent 2nd rounder


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                Originally posted by BUTerriers View Post
                Right now, you only have one QB on the roster, and that's Andrew Walter. QB is a much bigger need right now, Moss and Porter may be gone after this year, but they can be replaced next year. You need a top QB now.
                No doubt. Both QB and OL are positions of much more importance than that of WR and are much more difficult to adequately fill with talented players. I mean out of all fans, Raider fans should realize this.
                SKOL VIKINGS!


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                  Originally posted by BUTerriers View Post
                  Right now, you only have one QB on the roster, and that's Andrew Walter. QB is a much bigger need right now, Moss and Porter may be gone after this year, but they can be replaced next year. You need a top QB now.
                  what makes walter not a top qb? im not saying hes peyton manning but any qb behind that o line, those wrs and those coaches couldnt do well. we need to bring in a vet qb,draft edwards in the 2nd and still have walter. one of them should be okay with CJ,porter and curry(seems like moss could be traded soon for a 4th). we upgraded our oline and have a real OC now so lets see how walter does when he has some time in the pocket

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                    Great Job with the vikings


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                      you have two blalocks.

                      Pitcokc is terrible value with Marten, Grubbs,
                      my scent? making love to a lumberjack
                      <TACKLE> i will ngata give you a bj raji
                      <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
                      <+ScottWright> Why not. Baldwin does need a sparring partner...
                      Originally posted by Hermstheman83
                      What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                        Originally posted by bored of education View Post
                        you have two blalocks.

                        Pitcokc is terrible value with Marten, Grubbs,
                        Whoops, you're right, the Rams pick should have been Grubbs. I don't see Pitcock as a horrible value, DT is the Chiefs' top need, and up until recently, he was a first rounder in many mock drafts. Marten is a huge question mark, why would they go with him over Pitcock?

                        Credit goes to Guesswhosback


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                          Can't really complain with the Buc draft


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                            good first round pick for the 49ers, but i am not sure about gonzo being a number 1 wr, i would prefer jason hill to him, but if david harris is there wich he is, i would love for him to be the pick

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                              Bills wont pass up Willis
                              Lions wont draft Quinn



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