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7 Round - no trade 1-224 picks

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  • 7 Round - no trade 1-224 picks

    first ever full 7 round mock draft, with team needs I feel taken into consideration.

    tell me what you think

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    Terrible 49er draft Amobi Okoye doesnt fit a 3-4. Bowe in the 2nd is awesome, but no way in hell it happens. Just IMO not a very great mock, but good work tryin gto make a 7 rounder. That site sucks though, because you can't add the comp picks

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      Your Buc draft is pretty decent


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        thanks a bit - I was trying to take into account the whole 3-4, 4-3 positional stuff, but forgot a few - and yes the no trading picks, and no comps is a bit of a pain, though it was nice with the sideline pros/cons, and such. helped a bit, though i had a few note pads beside me.


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          Originally posted by 24cadillac24 View Post
          Your Buc draft is pretty decent
          Just give us abiamiri, in the third or late second


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            That is the most amazing first 2 rounds for the Packer's. Unfortunately after that it doesn't look too good.

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              It's an ok Cardinals draft.



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                9 Miami Dolphins Levi Brown T

                According to reports Miami considers him a right tackle not a left tackle. He is also not BPA there. Randy Mueller has stated he will draft BPA with the first round pick no matter the position.

                Either Okoye or Willis are BPA there so one of them please. :)

                40 (8) Miami Dolphins Earl Everett OLB

                Poor pick, we don’t need an OLB unless you think we are going to release Joey Porter and Jason Taylor?

                Dwayne Bowe should be the pick there easily if not Meachem. We need a number 1 WR

                60 (28) Miami Dolphins Josh Wilson CB

                Not really good value there. Can we get either Stanton, Edwards or Kalil whom is considered a 1st rounder yet somehow in your third round?

                71 (7) Miami Dolphins Anthony Spencer DE

                We don’t need another OLB (we play the 3-4 defense btw), Kalil, Edwards, Stanton please

                105 (9) Miami Dolphins Kevin Kolb QB


                167 (7) Miami Dolphins Steve Rissler C

                Reach even in the 6th round :(

                184 (24) Miami Dolphins Oscar Lua MLB

                I think this pick was given back

                pretty horrible dolphins draft dude :( good try at a 7 though just you really have some players falling alot like meacham, bowe and kalil and others are huge reaches.


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                  Gaines Adams- alright pick, but im going to be real dissapointed if the Lions pass on CJ
                  Buster Davis- his stock seems to be falling a bit so this might be to early, but not not a bad pick then again not good either
                  Tony Franklin- horrible reach
                  John Wendling- alright pick

                  overall D+

                  way to many reaches


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                    players I'd rather have

                    RD 2. Mebane over Gonzalez
                    RD 3. Steve Smith or Jason Hill over Marquay Love
                    RD 6. Medlok and McClain over Spulvada and Tate
                    RD 7. Dan Santucci over McGrath


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                      Carolina signed David Carr. No need to draft Troy Smith. Carolina's biggest need is at safety. Two may even be drafted. A starting safety is key as well (that means day one, most likely 1st or 2nd round). OL won't be drafted, especially those that don't fit the ZBS.
                      Safety should be the #1 priority for Carolina. There are only 3 safeties on the roster, Minter, Deke Cooper and Salley!! TE has now become an option with new OC Jeff Davidson (Charlie Weis disciple). MLB not OLB is an area that needs to be addressed. DE depth is a need. No need anywhere for a DT. Injured LT and C coming back and the OL is switching to the ZBS (no cut-blocking though).
                      KR/PR MUST be addressed somewhere.


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                        Panthers 1st rounder is fine outside of the fact you have us passing on Laron Landry which would probably make me throw my TV set out the window.

                        2nd round- we'd have to pick a safety, if we go TE in the first. Either that or Deke Cooper will be a starter come opening day. If we go S in the first, then this pick would be okay even though I think it's a reach.

                        3rd round- we just signed Carr to back up Delhomme and the coaching staff is totally happy with the scrub, I mean, 3rd stringer as a project Qb. We just have too many other needs to take a QB. Better pick would have been Anthony Waters.

                        4th round is fine.

                        5th round is okay but I thought Courtney Taylor went to Auburn. Whatever WR we take will probably need to have value as a returner and I don't think Taylor does though.

                        6th round- no need for an OT. Depth at DT, or even OLB would be better picks.

                        7th round is okay since he brings value as a returner.
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                          any draft with the bengals getting landry is fine by me. A++

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                          who dey?


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                            I'm not too impressed with your Draft for the FALCONS..... We need a Safety and Corner depth, We do not need a FB in Brian Leonard (Ovie Mughelli). Don't need a CB (J.Williams & D. Hall), don't need a DT (R. Coleman, Bryant). Need:
                            #1 WR
                            Starting FS
                            Role DE
                            CB Depth
                            Power RB
                            Aaron Sears type OL (Combo - G/T)
                            Got it?

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                              Up and down Eagles draft.

                              Round 1 - Poz
                              Decent pick, would rather have Merriweather first round, but since you have Weddle second round it's ok.

                              Round 2 - Eric Weddle
                              Given the pick in the first round, good pick.

                              Round 3 - Steve Smith
                              DON'T like this pick at all, highly doubt we would go WR first day at all(of course unless CJ somehow fell to us 1st round). Brian Leonard is still available, he would most likely be the pick here.

                              Round 5 - Justin Durant
                              Pretty good pick here, no complaints. Though I'm kind of doubting that he'll last this long in the draft.

                              Round 6 - Chris Leak
                              Don't like this pick either. With Feeley and Holcomb, we really don't have a need for a backup QB in this draft. I'd rather see a DE or a CB taken here.

                              Round 7 - Dan Santucci
                              Don't really know too much about this guy, but given Andy Reid's philosophy for taking lineman, fine with me.

                              Ok Eagles draft overall, though I may rather see DE(or DL in general, much preferably DE) addressed earlier in the draft.



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