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  • The Most Well-Researched & Well-Documented Mock On This Site!

    NOTE: Please refrain from just scrolling to your teams pick, seeing who I put down for them, and then making comments about "it sucking" or whatever. The point of a mock draft is to predict the round(s) in it's entireity. If you want to comment about your team...well, there's another forum for that.

    1. Oakland Raiders: Calvin Johnson-WR-Georgia Tech
    Letís take a trip down memory lane, shall we? A year ago this time, every mock draft you saw had the Houston Texans selecting Reggie Bush, but then 24 hours before the Texans got on the clock they shocked the NFL landscape and took Mario Williams. Expect the same thing to happen again this year. According to ESPNís John Clayton, the Raiders are talking to the Lions about trading for Josh McDown. Alex Marvez of the Sun Sentinal, says that if this trade (or a potential trade for Daunte Culpepper) occurs, then the Raiders will turn their attention to Calvin Johnson instead of JaMarcus Russell, who goes #1 in most mock drafts that you see. And as I type this, Len Pasquarelli of ESPN is reporting that there is ďa good chance that the Raiders will pick Johnson instead of Russell.Ē And donít discount spite as being motivation for this pick. Pro Football Weekly says that Al Davis still hates Jon Gruden for bolting the Bay a few years ago and he knows that Gruden covets Johnson with the 4th pick. Call it foolish, but spite can be a powerful thing. When itís all said and done, it will be Johnson, not Russell, wearing the silver and black!

    2. Detroit Lions: Gaines Adams-DE-Clemson
    If the Raiders take Russell, then expect the Buccaneers to swoop in here and take Johnson. Many sources, including Alex Marvez of the Sun Sentinal and Tom Kowalski of, say that the Lions want to trade down for Gaines Adams or even Patrick Willis. Other sources such as Pro Football Weekly, say that theyíll stay put and take Joe Thomas. I think that Adams is really the guy they want and theyíll take him as early as #2 if they canít pull off a trade. Johnson is the guy that teams will trade up for so the leverage really leaves Detroit if C.J. goes to the Raiders.

    3. Cleveland Browns: JaMarcus Russell-QB-LSU
    Despite the fact that the Browns have brought in Joe Thomas, Adrian Peterson, & Brady Quinn over the past week, the Associated Press reports that Phil Savage would select Russell in a heartbeat should he be available with the 3rd overall pick. The signing of Jamal Lewis, albeit for 1 year only, gives them some flexibility to pass on Peterson and the addition of Eric Steinbach (among others) could allow them to pass on Thomas too.

    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Brady Quinn-QB-Notre Dame
    ďWeíve been taking an extra close look at Russell and Quinn because chances are weíll pick one of those guys.Ē Thatís a recent quote from Jon Gruden as posted on Now, I believe it is a smokescreen as the Bucs desperately want Calvin Johnson, but if the draft plays out the way this mock is, the Bucs may very well face the dilemma of taking a top ranked QB with the 4th pick. Gruden loves to stockpile quarterbacks and letís look the facts folks, Jeff Garcia isnít getting any younger, Chris Simms hasnít proven anything yet, and Jake Plummer is well, retired. Quinn could be the future of the franchise.

    5. Arizona Cardinals: Joe Thomas-OT-Wisconsin
    At one time, I thought the Cardinals would try to trade up to secure the services of Thomas, but according to Fox Sports, the Cardinals are content to stay at #5 in hopes that Thomas or Gaines Adams is available. Mike Gandy and Reggie Wells give the Cardinals some O-line flexibility, but Thomas is better than both of them, would start immediately, and instantly upgrade the Arizona offense.

    6. Buffalo Bills (from Washington): Adrian Peterson-RB-Oklahoma
    Iíve got to believe this is the Adrian Peterson spot regardless of who holds this pick on draft day. He is too good of a back to slip any further. Teams with needs at running back such as Buffalo and Green Bay will try to move up when A.P. falls this far. The Redskins desperately want out of this spot and might make a move for less than market value. Jeremy Green of Scouts Inc said recently that it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Bills make a move up in the first round. With all of that said, I see the Bills sending their 1st (12th overall) and 3rd (74th overall) round picks along with DE Ryan Denney to the Redskins for the 6th overall pick in which they take the best running back in the draft.

    7. Minnesota Vikings: Leon Hall-CB-Michigan
    The Vikings greatest needs are at quarterback, wide receiver, and defensive end. Unfortunately for them, there is no value to be had here at any of those positions. Rick Spielman will hope that someone wants to trade into this spot to take LaRon Landry before Atlanta does, but I just donít see it being a very appealing scenario. Todd McShay of ESPN says the Vikings will end up having to pick between Landry and Leon Hall. With news surfacing today about Cedric Griffinís disorderly conduct issues, I think the Vikes will lean towards taking Hall to pair with Antoine Winfield.

    8. Atlanta Falcons (from Houston): LaRon Landry-S-LSU
    There are some who believe the Matt Schaub trade was merely a means to an end, that is, the ammunition needed for the Falcons to move up again for Calvin Johnson. Although would certainly help ticket sales, I donít see it happening. I think the Falcons stand pat at #8 and hope that Landry falls to them. If the Redskins or Vikings happen to take the LSU safety, then the Falcons will turn their attention to either Levi Brown or Adam Carriker according to Todd McShay of ESPN.

    9. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Miami): Levi Brown-OT-Penn State
    John Clayton of ESPN reports that the Steelers generally target one or two players each year that they would be willing to realistically trade up for. Furthermore, Clayton reports that one of those players this year is Levi Brown. Alex Marvez of The Sun Sentinel says that the Dolphins are extremely close to trading for QB Trent Green, but will have to sacrifice a mid-round pick. Marvez goes on to say that the Dolphins could try to trade down in the first round to recoup the pick that theyíll use to spend on Green. If we put these two scenarios together, then you get this projected trade. Letís say the Steelers ship their 1st round (15th overall), 3rd round (77th overall), and 5th round (156th overall) to the Dolphins for the chance to take a new cornerstone for their offensive line.

    10. Houston Texans: Amobi Okoye-DT-Louisville
    If this is how the draft plays out, the Texans will be almost sick when they get on the clock. They are hoping that Leon Hall or Levi Brown is on the board when itís their turn. Todd McShay of ESPN says they also want a #2 wide receiver, but itís too early to take Ted Ginn Jr. here. Theyíll turn their attention to Okoye, who has as much upside as anyone in this draft. Poor workouts by Alan Branch move Okoye to the top of the defensive tackle wish list.

    11. San Francisco 49ers: Patrick Willis-ILB-Mississippi
    This is a tough spot to project as my thorough research failed to yield any consistency from report-to-report. Names such as Adam Carriker, Alan Branch, Ted Ginn Jr., and Jamaal Anderson all surfaced on various sites. The one name I did see multiple times, however, was Willis. Mike Nolan has gone on record to say how he admires the kids tenacity. So weíll with the way of thinking on this pick and say that Willis will done the red and gold this fall.

    12. Washington Redskins (from Buffalo): Tedd Ginn Jr.-WR-Ohio State
    Donít you just get the feeling that Daniel Snyder is going to throw us a major screwball on draft day? Every draft has a few picks that make you go ďwhoaĒ so why not throw one into a mock draft too? You know that Snyder likes to make flashy picks and who would be flashier than Ginn at this point? Yes, the Redskins have much greater needs at defensive tackle and defensive end, but Ginn is the kind of player that Snyder relishes on draft day. And donít forget that the signings of Brandon Lloyd and Antwan Randle El didnít exactly work out as planned in D.C.

    13. St. Louis Rams: Adam Carriker-DE-Nebraska
    The Rams once spent a 1st round pick on a Nebraska defensive end named Grant Wistrom and he spent the better part of a decade terrorizing quarterbacks for St. Louis. Keith Kidd of Scouts Inc says why not revisit the past and make a similar selection of a similar player.

    14. Carolina Panthers: Greg Olsen-TE-Miami
    The Panthers have been fairly tight lipped about their draft plans this year, which makes this another difficult slot to predict. Todd McShay of ESPN says they really like Paul Posluszny from Penn State, but I think they have greater needs at tight end (substantiated by Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc.) or at safety (also reported by Williamson). Greg Olsen reminds me a lot of Todd Heap and he would give the Panthers their first weapon at tight end since Wesley Walls retired.

    15. Miami Dolphins (from Pittsburgh): Alan Branch-DT-Michigan
    If the Dolphins do in fact move down on draft day, I think it will be so they can land Ted Ginn Jr. at a spot where it shows more value, but for the sake of this mock draft, Ginn is off the board so letís go with Branch, who does represent good value here. Keith Traylor and Vonnie Holiday are not getting any younger and Branch could contribute immediately as part of a rotation. Peter Schrager of Fox Sports thinks the Dolphins will take the best available linemen (offensive or defensive) when theyíre on the clock and Branch would be that guy here.

    16. Green Bay Packers: Marshawn Lynch-RB-California
    Rob Demovsky of reports that Lynch has a visit scheduled with the Packers late next week and that if he impresses during his workout that it is a virtual lock that theyíll take Lynch if he is available with the 16th overall pick.

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jamaal Anderson-DE-Arkansas
    A month ago, just about every mock draft that you read had Anderson going in the first 8 picks. A couple of poor workouts later and he slides to #17 in this version. Jacksonville desperately needs to improve their pass rush and Anderson would fit their scheme well.

    18. Cincinnati Bengals: Darrelle Revis-CB-Pittsburgh
    Right now I am looking at the most current mock draft published by Pro Football Weekly, ESPN, Fox Sports, and NFL Draft Scout and all four of them project Revis to the Bengals. Who am I to argue? Iím just a fat, bored, draft idiot spending his Sunday afternoon combing through pages and pages of draft information so I can be ridiculed by fellow self-proclaimed experts.

    19. San Diego Chargers (from Tennessee): Reggie Nelson-S-Florida
    ESPNís John Clayton says donít believe that the Michael Turner trade talk is done. The Chargers donít want him to walk away next year for free and if Reggie Nelson is still available when the Titans get on the clock, expect their phone to ring. The Chargers will send Turner to the Titans who will swap spots in the first round as well as send their 3rd round pick (80th overall) to San Diego. Nelson could be just what the Chargers defense needs to get over the hump.

    20. New York Giants: Lawrence Timmons-OLB-Florida State
    According to Fox Sports, the decision could simply come down to Timmons or Paul Posluszny because the Giants so desperately need a linebacker. Since both are still available in this mock draft, Iíll turn to Todd McShay of ESPN who says given the choice, he would take Timmons because he is more athletic and has more upside.

    21. Denver Broncos: Jarvis Moss-DE-Florida
    Nolan Narocki of Pro Football Weekly says the Broncos may try to trade up again this year to make sure they get one of the elite pass rushers. In this mock draft, they wouldnít have to as Moss is still on the board with the 21st pick.

    22. Dallas Cowboys: Robert Meachem-WR-Tennessee
    I donít see any pressing needs when I look at the Cowboys roster so they may be able to take the best available player available. Or Jerry Jones may decide that Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn wonít play forever and prepare Dallas for life without them. Meachem often goes higher than this in mock drafts so it could be a story of value meets need. Peter Schrager of Fox Sports prefers Dwayne Jarrett and Mel Kiper says Dwayne Bowe could end up in Dallas, but Iíll go with Meachem and see what the Cowboy faithful has to say.
    23. Kansas City Chiefs: Joe Staley-OT-Central Michigan
    KFFL says that the Chiefs have fallen in love with Staleyís potential and Fox Sports says Staley is one of the fastest risers in this draft. Put the two together and I had an easy choice making this pick.

    24. New England Patriots (from Seattle): Michael Griffin-S-Texas
    I think that if Staley is still on the board here then the Pats would waste little time in picking him. I also think there is a good possibility of New England trying to move up to take Reggie Nelson. Neither of those scenarios work in this mock draft so Iíll go with Griffin heading to the East coast. Todd McShay of ESPN says it is a virtual lock that the Pats draft a safety within the first two rounds so letís go with one here.

    25. New York Jets: Chris Houston-CB-Arkansas
    Houston was the fastest player at the combine and is one of the fastest rising players right now according to Fox Sports. Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Jets are having conversations with several teams in the middle of the 1st round about moving up for Darrelle Revis. Since I donít see that happening, Iíll say that the Jets stay pat and take Houston to solidify their secondary.

    26. Philadelphia Eagles: Paul Posluszny-OLB-Penn State
    The Eagles ideally would like Michael Griffin and they could trade up for him if the price was right, but I think they would also be happy if Posluszny fell this far. He is usually gone by now in most mock drafts, but his lack of upside could push him down the board a bit on draft day. Peter Schrager of Fox Sports reports that the Eagles are discussing the possibility of picking Jarvis Moss and converting him to linebacker, but wouldnít it be easier to take a true linebacker like Posluszny?

    27. New Orleans Saints: Aaron Ross-CB-Texas
    If the Saints sign Jason David to an offer sheet, then this pick could change by draft day. Fox Sports says that the Saints want one of the top 4 corners, but will not reach for one. If this mock draft plays out, Ross, one of the top 4 corners, would be available and would make a nice pick for the Bayou.

    28. New England Patriots: Jon Beason-LB-Miami
    Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly says that the Patriots are paying very close attention to a pair of Miami defenders, Beason and S Brandon Meriweather. I already have the Pats taking a safety, but Beason is still on the board. He wonít be for long if the Pats keep the 28th pick.

    29. Baltimore Ravens: Justin Blalock-OL-Texas
    The Ravens O-line is in serious trouble with Jonathan Ogden considering retirement, Tony Pashos moving on via free agency, and Edwin Mulitalo being released. I keep seeing the name Ryan Kahlil here, but he is a center and the Ravens spent fairly early picks on Chris Chester and Jason Brown the past two years. Chester and Brown can both player center and guard, which tells me the Ravens like versatile linemen. Well, they donít come any more versatile than Blalock who can swing between guard and tackle. He would instantly upgrade a need area for the Ravens.

    30. Tennessee Titans (from San Diego): Dwayne Bowe-WR-LSU
    If the Titans trade for Michael Turner, theyíll then turn their attention to another offensive playmaker who can help them put points on the board. Iíve seen Bowe go as high as #9 in some mock drafts (Pro Football Talk thinks heíll be the surprise pick of the 1st round), so he would be a tremendous value pick for the Titans at #30.

    31. San Francisco 49ers (from Chicago): Justin Harrell-DT-Tennessee
    Jerry Angelo traded out of the 1st round a year ago and according to the Chicago Sun-Times may try to do it again because he doesnít think there will be much value for the Bears at #31. If the 49ers pass on a defensive lineman with their first pick, you could see them move back into the end of round one to take Harrell, who according to Fox Sports, is one of the three fastest climbing prospects right now. The 49ers are armed with plenty of extra picks so this does make sense for them. Theyíll send their 2nd round (42nd overall), 3rd round (76th overall pick), and 6th round (186th overall) picks to Chicago for the 31st selection.

    32. Indianapolis Colts: Steve Smith-WR-USC
    Few mock drafts have had the balls to put Smith ahead of teammate Dwayne Jarrett or in the first round, but Iím projecting it here! Pro Football Weekly says ďdonít be surprised if the Colts shun defense in the first round and take a slot receiver to replace Brandon Stokely.Ē Smith had a great workout at Southern Cal last week and his stock is ascending. He would be another weapon for Peyton Manning and the Colts.

    ROUND #2
    33. Oakland Raiders: Ben Grubbs-OG-Auburn
    34. Detroit Lions: Arron Sears-OG-Tennessee
    35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Dwayne Jarrett-WR-USC
    36. Cleveland Browns: Ryan Kahlil-C-USC
    37. Chicago Bears (from Washington through NYJ): Brandon Meriweather-S-Miami
    38. Arizona Cardinals: Anthony Spencer-DE-Purdue
    39. Atlanta Falcons (from Houston): Anthony Ugoh-OT-Arkansas
    40. Miami Dolphins: Sidney Rice-WR-South Carolina
    41. Minnesota Vikings: Anthony Gonzalez-WR-Ohio State
    42. Chicago Bears (from San Francisco): Zach Miller-TE-Arizona State
    43. Buffalo Bills: David Harris-MLB-Michigan
    44. Atlanta Falcons: LaMarr Woodley-DE-Michigan
    45. Carolina Panthers: Eric Weddle-S-Utah
    46. Pittsburgh Steelers: Quentin Moses-DE/OLB-Georgia
    47. Green Bay Packers: Ben Patrick-TE-Delaware
    48. Jacksonville Jaguars: Sabby Piscatelli-S-Oregon
    49. Cincinnati Bengals: Stewart Bradley-OLB-Nebraska
    50. Tennessee Titans: Eric Wright-CB-UNLV
    51. New York Giants: Marcus McCauley-CB-Fresno State
    52. St. Louis Rams: Turk McBride-DT-Tennessee
    53. Dallas Cowboys: Josh Wilson-CB-Maryland
    54. Kansas City Chiefs: Tim Crowder-DE-Texas
    55. Seattle Seahawks: Tank Tyler-DT-North Carolina State
    56. Denver Broncos: Charles Johnson-DE-Georgia
    57. Philadelphia Eagles: Brian Leonard-FB-Rutgers
    58. New Orleans Saints: Sidney Rice-WR-South Carolina
    59. New York Jets: Ikaia Alma-Francis-DE-Hawaii
    60. Miami Dolphins (from New England): Trent Edwards-QB-Stanford
    61. Baltimore Ravens: Drew Stanton-QB-Michigan State
    62. San Diego Chargers: Craig Davis-WR-LSU
    63. New York Jets (from Chicago): Jason Hill-WR-Washington State
    64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Indianapolis): Tanard Jackson-CB-Syracuse

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    I love the packers picks. Ive been sayin Ben Patrick to GB all along


    • #3
      i shall do whatever i please, and i shall say the bengals 2nd rounder is terrible. Rathewr have rouse or durant by a lot. 1st rounder is good.

      and i hate your reasoning.
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      Originally posted by mythbusta
      i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
      who dey?


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        Originally posted by Green Bay Scat View Post
        I love the packers picks. Ive been sayin Ben Patrick to GB all along
        I'd pick Lynch and Patrick in those spots as well.


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          i dont think the 49ers would do that trade, and if they did, they would go for DJ, as they need a WR in the worst way possible.


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            Daniel Snyder doesn't make any flashy picks, and if he did, Ted Ginn Jr. wouldn't be it.


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              I think the cowboys would take Tank Tyler in the 2nd to develope a NT as we only have Ferguson as a NT


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                I have a few problems with this draft, Bills trading up to 6, Leon Hall going before Landry, Pittsburgh trading up to 9 when they can go for a great linebacker, end or corner at 15, Washington picking Ginn, that will NEVER happen, they need a defensive player.


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                  Jarrett + Merriweather >>>>> Merriweather +Miller

                  Originally posted by BeansDooma
                  who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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                    If Sidney Rice, Jason Hill or Craig Davis fell to us in the 2nd We might take him but other then that good 1st round pick
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                      1st GREAT

                      2nd okay, kalil would be a better pick since grove looks to be a OG now and newberry has bad knees

                      "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                        Much of the picks are very simialer to the mock I'm about to release..BTW bad first round Eagle pick and good second round Eagle pick

                        ^ bantx
                        Originally posted by LEROY_FROM_YONDER
                        **** this forum it will never ever been good cause its memebers eat doo doo
                        Originally posted by Jughead10
                        I just left him negative rep saying "I don't eat doo doo".


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                          Alright, I like the trade for Turner. Like taking Bowe at #30.

                          But Eric Wright in the 2nd?? I love the kids skills, but people give us this pick all the time, and I don't understand it. Why do people think we are gonna replace Adam Jones by drafting someone with pretty major character concerns. I think it's a pretty good bet to assume that we are gonna play it safe when it comes to drafting guys with character concerns after the incidents with Adam Jones and Albert Haynesworth....ESPECIALLY IF IT'S A CB. I think Charles Johnson or Tim Crowder would have been much better picks, since we are in dire, dire need of a DE.

                          Btw, you have Sidney Rice being drafted twice. #40 and #58


                          • #14
                            49ers are giving up too much in that trade scenerio, just the 42 and 76 should net them 27th pick going by the trade value chart. While I like getting Harrell, I think we could move up and get Bowe or Meacham who ever is there in 22-27 range.


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                              Nice Patriots mock!



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