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  • Please Evaluate My Mock Draft!

    I'd really like some well-informed people who actually truly follow the nfl draft and are very savy about the draft and this year's class and team needs to evaluate my mock draft...

    This is just the first 5 picks.

    1. Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russell

    After deliberating on whether to draft Russell or Johnson, the team realizes that there aren't any good veteran QB's available on the market, so even though it kills Al Davis to pass on Johnson, they just simply need the player. If Dante Culpepper were healthy, then it might be different. Al Davis would dream of re-creating the Viking's Culpepper-to-Moss days of a few years ago except this time with Johnson on board as well to create a nightmare for defensive coordinators trying to double-team both johnson and moss and at the same time control the run game. Al Davis still really wants to take Johnson anyway, even without Culpepper, but passes to take his dream QB.

    2. Cleveland Browns (via Detroit) - Brady Quinn

    After getting just about every trade scenario possible thrown at them by many different teams ready to trade up, the Lions realize they can get the player they want and still squeeze their draft position for everything they can. The first trade comes from Cleveland, who are threatened by the Dolphins offering up a gargantuan trade package to move into the number 2 spot and take Quinn. The Lions consider this offer thoroughly and are tempted by the treasure chest being flashed in front of them which includes a first-round pick in the 2008 draft, but the Lions decide that the number 9 spot is too far to trade back because they have their eyes set on a certain player.

    For Cleveland, it's not so much an admission that Charlie Frye isn't the guy/lack of faith in Frye as it is a combination of the following: the uncertainty at the position since the re-opening of the franchise and the rare chance to draft a franchise level QB prospect this high in the draft. Who knows what their draft position will be in the future? This year is it very high and they want to take advantage of it by taking a QB.

    3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via Cleveland through Detroit) - Calvin Johnson

    The Lions start to show what a great draft this will end up being for them as they once again trade down 1 spot. They could have traded with Tampa Bay directly, but would not have gotten as much out it. Technically this would also have put them at risk of losing their guy as well, since a team like arizona could have traded with up cleveland and taken him with cleveland still getting the chance to still get Quinn at number 5. However, if Cleveland were THAT serious about Quinn, I think they would just take him at number 3 and not run the risk of losing him. Therefore, I think from Detroit's perspective, the only advantage to not trading with Tampa Bay directly is that they won't get as many picks, which is still enough of a reason to warrant not trading directly.

    As for Tampa Bay, there is an argument to be made that Joe Thomas makes much more sense for them than Johnson given that they already have some good receivers on the roster and badly need a great Left Tackle, but Johnson is a once-in-a generation player who can so much for the "must-win-now" Bucs, that if the Bucs can just get some solid but not great play from their left tackle in '07, the rewards from Johnson will be well worth it.

    4. Detroit Lions (via Tampa Bay) - Gaines Adams

    The Lions had their sights set on Gaines Adams as their guy all along and now are able to get him along with plenty of extra picks. The Lions, who have been heavily critized for their draft picks in the past, pull off an operation that will be talked about for years. The Lions trade down once from the number 2 spot to the number 3 spot to pick up extra picks, then they trade down again from the number 3 spot to the number 4 spot to pick up extra picks...and still get Gaines Adams.

    5. Arizona Cardinals - Joe Thomas

    The Cardinals have sat back the last 3 months with a grin on their faces thinking that Gaines Adams was just going to fall right into their laps at number 5. This didn't happen but there's a huge bright side to this. Joe Thomas, who had been projected to go much higher, falls to them at number 5. They'd rather have Adams, but Thomas fills a big need and leaves them very satisfied.

    PLEASE COMMENT!!!! but only if you have a genuine response. please do not respond to criticize this thread for only having 5 picks. just ignore the thread if you aren't interested.

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    The draft is longer than five picks!


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      ok, I'll rephrase....

      please evaluate my picks and analysis for the top of the draft.

      thank you.


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        Not many people are gonna comment on 5 picks, but I guess I will. It looks good, but I don't think the Bucs are gonna trade up with the browns to get Calvin Johnson, I don't think there is a good chance the Browns would choose him.


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          That's not what I have written down.

          In my scenario, Detroit trades down twice. They trade with cleveland first down to number 3.

          THEN, they trade from number 3 down to number 4.

          Tampa bay does not trade with cleveland. I'll see if it will let me edit my original post to make this more clear.


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            So Detroit just keeps trading down? Why wouldnt you just have Detroit trade down to 4 and Tampa move up to 2, its a lot more realistic, I doubt Cleveland trades up for Quinn.


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              I answer your question in my original post.

              The Browns trade up to number 2 because the Lions threaten to trade the pick to the Dolphins (or another team) who would take Quinn.

              It's not because the Browns are afraid of the Lions taking Quinn themselves.


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                Um, how did you come up with the Cardinals want Gaines Adams more than Joe Thomas? Joe Thomas is the guy we want, not Adams, any intelligent being should be able to figure that out.



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                  That part isn't really important, it doesn't really matter whether they wanted adams more than thomas.

                  what's important here is that they were able to get thomas unexpectedly because of the way the draft shaped up and what turned out to be the other team's agendas.


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                    Thats it!!!!

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                      Originally posted by aggiecrew View Post
                      I answer your question in my original post.

                      The Browns trade up to number 2 because the Lions threaten to trade the pick to the Dolphins (or another team) who would take Quinn.

                      It's not because the Browns are afraid of the Lions taking Quinn themselves.
                      You think the Browns would fall for that?

                      Savage isn't Butch Davis man.


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                        I think when you're talking about franchise Quarterbacks, when you're talking about being this high in the draft and taking a franchise quarterback who has the realistic potential to solve your team's uncertainty over the most important position in game, when you've targeted him as "your guy" and will give him over $20 million in guaranteed's worth it to give something up to know for CERTAIN that another team will not get him.


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                          great denver pick... wait wtf finish up the draft son first 5 picks are the easy ones
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                            nobody wants to grade 5 picks, its boring and we've seen these picks before, just in a different order

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                              okay raider pick

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