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  • My Mock Draft Please Evaluate

    Tony's Mock Draft:
    This is barring any trades prior or during the draft.

    1.Oakland- Calvin Johnson
    There is no way Al Davis can pass up on this monster. The NFL has never seen this type of peer athleticism, strength, and speed. JaMarcus Russel would be a good fit here too, but Al Davis just cant pass up on Calvin Johnson. Al Davis does not have the patience to sit back and wait for a QB to grow.

    2.Detroit-JaMarcus Russel
    The Lions are on this guys nuts. They love the incredible arm strength Russel
    posseses. They might even try to swap the trade with the Raiders if needed. Kitna is too inconsistent and is old. JaMarcus can come in this system and not
    have to go right on the playing field. This will help him develope.

    3.Cleveland- Adrian Peterson
    I feel Peterson is the second best player in this draft. Some experts have him dropping all the way to the tenth.There is no way in hell that could happen. Though they did sign Jamal Lewis this was just a one year deal. They have been boistering their offensive line for a few years now, so it all makes sense for Adrian Peterson to step right in. Romeo Crennel does love Brady Quinn but i dont feel he is right for his system, and he wants to win now, Peterson will do this for him.

    4.Tampa Bay-Gaines Adams
    Unless Tampa Bay trades up for Calvin there is no way he will fall into their lap. So with that said Tampa Bay has to go with the next best guy on the board. With Simeon Rice getting older they need another dominate end to produce 9-12 sacks a year. They could also go with Joe Thomas, but it is a lot harder to find a superb defensive end rather than finding a superb OT.

    5.Arizona- Joe Thomas
    Joe Thomas could be one of the underlooked prospects of this years elite players. Some say he has better potential than last years top OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson. This would be a steal for the Arizona Cardinals. They need a guy to protect Matt Leinhart and help James produce. Leonard Davis wasnt that guy, Joe Thomas is.

    6.Washington- LaRon Landry
    If Gaines Adams falls here they will go with him. i doubt he will so they will have to go with LaRon Landry. I feel he is the best defensive player in the draft. He can make a immediate impact. Him and Sean Taylor will crush opposing opponents.

    7.Minnesota- Brady Quinn
    Brad Johnson was ousted, Tarvaris Jackson cant possibly suceed in the NFL, so the Vikings can only make one decision...Draft a QB. The Vikings will be very happy if Brady Quinn slipped all the way to them. Though he might not fit their verticle system he is too good to pass up on.

    8.Atlanta- Leon Hall
    The Falcons will be bummed to see LaRon Landry is not here. They still need to help the secondary so teams will not be able to throw away from DeAngelo Hall. Leon Hall is considered the best DB in the draft. Personally i do not feel this way but he does have the whole package the Falcons are looking for. They still do need to find more weapons for Vick.....Ted Ginn Jr.?

    9.Miami- Greg Olsen
    Randy McMichael was cut this offseason so they need to fill this void. Greg Olsen impressed many scouts this past Combine. Though some believe Olsen could be a stretch for the #9 pick i feel the Dolphins cant pass up on a quality TE like Greg Olsen. Look for them to also select Levi Brown at this spot.

    10.Houston- Levi Brown
    This is a no brainer. Any QB put in the system right now will get demolished with their current OL. Levi Brown wont completly fix the probelm but will certaintly help it.

    11.San Francisco- Dewayne Jarrett
    Ya Ya go ahead and think im crazy with this pick, but just look at any USC football game last year. This guy dominated. ya his speed is a huge question, but the Niners are not looking for speed. They already have that with newly aquired Ashley Lelie. They need a possesion WR, Jarrett posseses this with his size and sure hands.

    12.Buffalo- Patrick Willis
    This offseason this team lost everybody. They need a guy to step in right away and make an immediate impact. They lost London Fletcher and TKO Spikes this offseason. They are hoping Wilis can produce like last years Rookie defensive player of the year Demeco Ryans.

    13. St. Louis- Amobi Okoye
    With the Rams ranking second to last on rushing defense they need a guy who can clog up that hole. Though Okoye is young he is still very developed. Alan Branch could go here but his stock is slipping fast. Okoye has a greater upside, therefore i think they go with this youngster.

    !4. Carolina- Reggie Nelson
    The Panthers will be crushed when Olsen is takin. If he is still here they will quickly select Greg Olsen. If hes not i feel they will go for a safety. Reggie Nelson is a raw prospect but hes all over the field. There hoping for Nelson to develope into a guy like Troy Palamolu.

    15.Pittsburgh- Lawrence Timmons
    Suprisngly Joey Porter was cut this offseason. They deseperatly need a guy to fill that hole. Lawrence Timmons is the perfect guy for that. He ran his 40 in the 4.6-4.7 range. He can play all over the field. His downside is his experience and his instincts. Pitt will look past that and select him here.

    16. Green Bay- Marshawn Lynch
    With Ahman Green gone they must find a runner who will help support Brett. I dont feel Lynch fits this system but he is by far the best back after Adrian Peterson. Green Bay did not make any offseason moves to fill this postition so look for them to do this in the draft. Lynch will have something to prove, Green Bay hopes he just does.

    17. Jacksonville- Aaron Ross
    To me Aaron Ross is the best DB in the draft. This is an absolute steal for the Jags. They need to help out the front seven. They will do this by drafting a shut down corner to pick the opposing QB. He is the reinging Thorpe Award winner (best DB) and has all the talent in the world. Dont be supirsed if this kid is selected way before this.

    18. Cincinnati- Jamaal Anderson
    Cinnci's D just simply cannot get to the QB. ( Ranked second to last in total sacks) Jamaal Anderson is not a run stopper, but he gets to the QB. He is very athletic (played WR and DE in high school) and has a great first step. The Bengals will be happy to settle with this pick.

    19. Tennessee- Ted Gin Jr.
    Vince Young quickly turned this franchise around. But this offseason he lost a lot of weapons. Ted Ginn Jr. will only help Vince flourish. Not only can Ginn help Vince he can also help the return game. Something they will miss when Pac Man serves his suspension.

    20.N.Y Giants- Paul Posluszny
    This offseason the Giants were forced to cut two of their high paid linebackers. Thus they need someone to that can step in and record 100 plus tackles. Who better else than Paul Posluszny. Hes physical and he has the smarts to play the linebacker position. His only knack will be his man coverage, but his intelligence will make up for that.

    21.Denver-Jarvis Moss
    The Broncos tried to rely on all the Browns busts to form their defensive line. And like in Cleveland these players did not help. They are in dying need to finally find a replacement for the once great Trevor Price. Jarvis Moss could be the answer. Though his combine results were not ovewhelming he gets the job done in crucial games. Though not strong and big, like Jamaal Anderson he has a quick first step and can certainly get to the QB.

    22.Dallas- Darrelle Revis
    Last year the Dallas D was supposed to be the strength of this team. They werent. Though their run defense did finish in the top ten, their pass defense was a different story. To me they had a great offseason. This will make their draft a lot easier. They can now use this pick to draft a stud like Darrelle Revis. They no longer have to worry about helping Roy Williams or helping their O-line with this pick. Darrelle Revis was an underated DB but is quickly soaring up the board. He is as physical as any corner out there and can also be used as a return specialist.

    23. Kansas City- Robert Meachem
    This team has everything they need to be succesful. Besides a good recieving core. There Wrs only combined for 8 total touchdowns in the regular season. Meachem impressed scouts at the Combine with his 4.39 40 time. He has size and speed but lacks excellent route running. But this can be worked on. K.C needs a guy other than Tony Gonazlez that can catch 80-100 balls a year. Robert has all the potential to do so.

    24.New England- Michael Griffin
    The Pats went on a spending spree this offseason. But they still have some holes to fill in the secondary. With Asante Samuel trade rumors flying around they may go with a corner like Chris Houston here. But i feel a safety is more needed. He is very agressive at the line but does miss tackles. Thats nothing good old Bill cant change. With Rodney Harrison getting older they need another guy who can lay the wood. Griffin is all over the field and can make that happen.

    25.N.Y Jets- Chris Houston
    The Jets do not have a legit Db on their roster. In fact there whole secondary needs help. Chris Houston is a fast and agressive corner. I will not be suprised if he is taken before the Jets get to him. Look at the Jets to also get Adam Carriaker. He can fit perfectly in this 3-4 scheme.

    26.Philidelphia- Dwayne Bowe
    Mcnabb needs help. Unless they think Reggie Brown is a worthy #1 WR they need to find one. Bowe does not show exceptional speed but can get open and has sure hands. He also has great size. Phili can go many directions here but look for them to help out their franchise QB.

    27.New Orleans- Alan Branch
    The past few years the Saints have hit the jackpot. (Will Smith, Reggie Bush, Marques Colston) They look to do the same this year. I feel they will go to the defensive side of the ball. Alan branch is a risky pick but they cant pass up on him. He is projected to go in the top 15 so to get him at 27 would be a steal.

    28.New England- Joe Staley
    its incredible that the Pats can go deep into the playoffs, have one of the best offseasons, and have 2 picks in the 1st round. They could trade these 2 picks for a an elite player but Belichek would rather stick with his team mentality. Here they will use a pick that will boisture their O-line. To some Staley is considered to be the 2nd best tackle in the draft, so dont be suprised to also see him drafted earlier.

    29.Baltimore- Joe Beason
    O another Hurricane takin in the 1st round... not suprising. With the subtraction of Adalius Thomas the Ravens need to help Ray Lewis out. Beason is fast and can hit well. His potential is very good, but it can take some time. Also look for the Ravens to try to get young at the O-line spot.

    30.San Diego- Steve Smith
    The Chargers are in desperate need of a safety. Their secondary really did not get exploited last year like i predicted, but this year could be a different story. The only safety that is worth mentioning at this spot is Brandon Merriweather, but some question his on the field/ off the field actions. Look for the Chargers to find a Wr to continue the growth of Rivers. The Chargers feel they have a #1 Reciever in Vincent Jackson but still dont believe Eric Parker is a worthy #2. Steve Smith is soaring up the draft board and this is rightfully so. He might be overlooked by Jarrett but he is a sensational athlete with great speed and exceptional hands. By the time next year is over he could just prove to be a steal at pick # 30.

    31.Chicago- Zach Miller
    Chi town can go many directions here. Make their exceptional D a little better with adding a safety like Brandon Merriweather, try to find a guy to replace Lance Briggs or give Grossman another target like Zach Miller. Zach Miller's poor workouts at the combine really hurt his stock. But before and during the season he was consdered the best TE in college football. Though Desmond Clark did produce for Grossman the Bears are looking for a difference maker. Clark certaintly is not that. The Bears hope Miller can be just that.

    32.Indianapolis- Marcus McCauley
    No matter who the Colts draft defensively the same results are going to occur. There going to finish at the bottom of every defensive catagory, but the O will always bail them out. With that said i still see them trying to improve on D. Marcus Mcauley had a terrble senior year but tested very well at the Combine. He is fast and can play the run well. This will only improve their D.
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    Bad phins pick... I don't totally hate it because I am the biggest U fan there is, but the phins most likely wouldn't reach there for Olsen when there is a chance of getting the next best quality tight end in Zach Miller in the second round.

    Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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      im not happy with anderson. he is not a good pass rushing end and is more of a run stopper. we have geathers and smith, we needs DT's, CB's, and S.

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        good KC pick


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          WR isn't a 1st round need for the eagles.


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            I'm a Hurricane fan and I still hate the Olsen pick. He's not top ten worthy. I love Olsen but your putting him at the same level as Winslow and Shockey and he's not that good. Plus we have much bigger needs then TE.


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              Not the best pick in the world for the Ravens, but I wouldn't mind it

              Baltimore: 7-4


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                Branch at 27 is a risky pick?


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                  Wrong about Russell, lions want Adams, Hall or Landry so no We arent "on his nuts" We dont want him at all.


                  "Pride comes before the fall" - Mark Dantonio



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                    good vikings pick


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                      Okoye > Adams


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                        Originally posted by Joeyjr09 View Post
                        I'm a Hurricane fan and I still hate the Olsen pick. He's not top ten worthy. I love Olsen but your putting him at the same level as Winslow and Shockey and he's not that good. Plus we have much bigger needs then TE.
                        Dude, what the hell are you talking about? Your a hurricanes fan? Could of fooled me. Olsen is not as good as Shockey or Winslow yet, but he does have the possibility to be. He is just as talented, and just as good a reciever as them. He basically is Shockey without the experience and attitude. I think he ultimately may be as good as Shcokey, if not better because he is not the headcase that Shockey is at times.

                        Of course it is way to early to say at this point, but if you truly are a fan, you don't put him down because you don't think he matches up with our past greats, you support everyone man... damn!
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                        Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                          If Landry is gone look for Okeye or Suprise Pick= Patrick Willis,no joke.
                          Jimmy is staying at CB and Falcons will use Day 2 pick rather than Day 1 if they aint happy with Williams. So Hall aint an option.
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                            Not a good SF pick. No way Jarret is worth a top 15 pick, he could even fall to the 2nd round. At 11 SF go for Defense in either Carriker or Willis. And if we did take a WR it would probally be meachem.


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                              GREAT raider pick

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