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S.P's FINAL mock of 2007.

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  • S.P's FINAL mock of 2007.

    I realize that all the picks aren't in the correct order, this wasn't designed to be an exact draft. with that said.
    Leave some feedback as to the players your team ends up with on it. and whether or not you'd be happy if your team ended up with those guys.

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    bad giants draft
    we are DEF taking defense earlier than round 3
    i understand the staley pick, not a big fan but its ok but booker in the 2nd? thats absurd- hes a 3-4 round pick give us alan branch, houston or revis there tho
    anthony gonzalez, wilson or everett round 2
    james marten round 3 is a great steal
    may be mason crosby there actually

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      Great first 2 Rounds for SF. Not a real fan of Free in the 3rd and a RB should be taken to backup Gore. But pretty good other wise


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        Good 1st 2 rounds and 4th round picks, but we don't need a MLB right now, Hayes is fine.



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          I know that you like Quinn and he is the model QB and yes he would fit our system but IMO I feel that Adrian Peterson is a higher prospect in Quinn and would bring more to the team. Having an elite 2 RB System and which is what childress wants to do is Run Run Run would be more beneficial than Quinn because You can atleast use 2 RB but not 2 Qb's. I still wouldnt mind seeing either of them in purple but i still have faith in TJ. 2nd Round, I love it nothing better than getting once was a top 10 prospect in the top 10 of the 2nd round although he doesnt have speed, the vikings need the big guy so good pick. 3rd round dont know much about him but after looking into him he is a big guy like Pat Williams. Then in the 4th round the kid for Hawai'i he has good speed and hopefully will become a good pass rusher for us. Not bad of a Mock. Surprised about Marshawn though.

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            give KC Craig Davis in RD 2 and it is a perfect draft


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              eagles -



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                You should probablly change it up considering this is one of the worst Giants drafts i've ever seen. Staley is a project at LT and the Giants don't need that. Alan branch if he falls. The Giants don't need a RB, taking one in the 2nd round is very bad, especially reaching for Booker when he is considered a 3rd-4th round player. Josh Wilson in the 2nd and James Marten in the 3rd


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                  Alright Packer's mock. No real "bad" picks for the Packer's but i don't like it too much overall. We should probably address Running Back at some point on day 1.

                  Also, I don't see Lynch falling to the second.

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                    Dwayne Jarrett and Brady Quinn.... oh lordy...



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                      Revis would be a good pick at 25 for the Jets. Pitcock has agreta motor and is a Mangini type hustle palyer but Marcus Thomas has more upside and talent.Of course he has some character concerns. But I would rather have thomas over pitcock if drafting dline. The jets may shy away from the character issues though.


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                        1)Jamarcus Russell- personally not a big fan of Jamarcus but definitely a possibility even though Savage and Crennel's jobs are on the line and might need an immediate impact. Someone like Russell shouldn't be rushed into a starting role, which is what they need someone to be able to do.
                        2)Ryan Kalil- Not a bad pick.
                        3)Tanard Jackson- Not a bad pick either. It would be Bodden and Jackson. Holly would be a backup.
                        4)Brian Leonard- We drafted the second best FB in the draft last year with Vickers. Both players are tweeners so this pick wouldn't help us.


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                          1st GREAT
                          2nd bad,EDWARDS,KALIL,MOSS
                          3rdA good
                          3rd B ??????? wheres it at
                          4th DE and DT are bigger needs

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                            It's nice to see someone think outside the box a little bit although I prefer mock drafts that project some trades. Here are my thoughts:
                            *Jamaal Anderson is not a top 6 pick.
                            *I think Quinn does end up in Minny unless the Dolphins jump ahead of them, which is a distinct possibility (trade w/Washington)
                            *Meriweather's character issues will push him down the board, especially with Reggie Nelson & Michael Griffin still on the board as you predict
                            *Jacksonville won't invest another 1st round pick on a WR
                            *I like how you show Alan Branch falling down the board. I guarantee this happens next Saturday.
                            *Revis will be off the board before pick #25
                            *Sears, Rice, Miller, & especially Alexander are not 1st round picks. In fact, Alexander probably doesn't get picked until round 3.
                            *Marshawn Lynch, Dwayne Bowe, & Jarvis Moss falling to midway through round 2? Where did that come from? You better do more research next time.
                            *If the Rams get Spencer in round 2, they'll have the steal of the draft.


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                              Aaron Rouse is an awfull pick for the steelers

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