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my dallas cowboys mock draft 4/21

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  • my dallas cowboys mock draft 4/21

    1.)Anthony Spencer OLB/DE 6'2 261lbs Purdue
    Wade Phillips doesn't want to be in the same place the tuna was last year if Ellis goes down,the offensive line slided their protection to Ware's side.Carpenter came on towards the end but looks more like a inside linebacker in the 3-4.Spencer who's a better prospect than Shaun Phillips would come in and add depth to the outside rush linebacker spot.He would eventually be the successer to Greg Ellis on the strongside.He would be the Banks to Ware's Taylor or the Phillips to Ware's Merriman.Don't forget Spencer would be in a similar situation to Phillips who backed up Foley for the first couple years of his career.Spencer has a terrific motor and is a good at stoping the run.He would be money in the Phillip's 3-4.

    2.)Eric Wright CB 5'10 192lbs UNLV
    The cowboys gamble on Wright's talent.He could come in and learn behind Aaron Glenn.He as top 10 potential but is stock fell because of character issues,and you know Jerry Jones loves to take risks just look at T.O.Wright can be a return specialist also.So they could get extra value with this pick.

    3.)Jacoby Jones WR 6'2 210lbs Lane
    I'm not a real big fan of us going WR on the first day but the writing is on the wall.T.O. is gonna be 34 and Glenn is gonna be 33.And you can't bet on them being there for you very week because of there injury history.Keep in mind we have some good young Prospects like Crayton,Hurd and Austin who could be in the plans for our future as well.

    4.)Walter Thomas NT 6'4 374lbs NW Mississipi C.C.
    Who?????This guy is quietly pushing to be a first day pick.He could come in and gives depth behind Jason Ferguson,and eventually be the future starter.Phillips always stresses the importance of the nose tackle in the 3-4.And Thomas more than fit's the mold.He may be the strongest guy in the draft,though he will have to drop a couple of pounds.This pick is sort of like the Jason Hatcher pick from last year.

    5.)Jacob Bender OT 6'6 316lbs Nicholls St.
    Another small school prospect with alot of talent.The media over reacts to the cowboys offensive line.We have some young talent that Parcells left us like Proctor and Mquisten.But Bender could come in a shake some things up.

    6a.)Jay Alford DE/DT 6'3 304lbs Penn State
    We need to replace Kenyon Coleman who bolted for more money with the jet's.Alford could be a late round steal if he's in the right scheme.

    6b.)Jeff Rowe QB 6'5 226lbs Nevada
    The cowboys need to get a good young QB to progess into a backup behind Tony Romo.Rowe as nice size and could compete down the line.

    7a.)Kyle Young C 6'5 354lbs Fresno State
    We need to get a back up for Gurode becasue Johnson left for FA.

    7b.)Jessie Daniels S 5'10 216lbs L.S.U.
    May be we can find a cover saftey to back up the ones we have

    7c.)Daniel Coats TE/HB 6'2 257lbs B.Y.U.
    Maybe he could get a look at fullback

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