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2-rounder with a couple is always welcome!

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  • 2-rounder with a couple is always welcome!

    Round 1:

    1. Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russell, QB - LSU

    It is very tempting to put Calvin Johnson here, but one big question arises if that happens -- who is going to get him the ball? Andrew Walter is not the long term solution at quarterback, nor is Josh Booty, and if the Raiders select Russell, he still has a very good core of receivers to throw to, whether or not the team trades Randy Moss. Any team could use an absolute playmaker like Johnson, but Russell is too much of a blend of value and need to pass up on at number 1.

    Detroit Lions trade 1st round pick to Tampa Bay for 1st round pick, 2nd round pick and 3rd round pick

    2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Calvin Johnson, WR - Georgia Tech

    It is not secret to anyone how much Jon Gruden and Tampa Bay covet Johnson, although he does not at all fit into their most glaring need. Rumors of this trade have blossomed greatly lately, and there are rumors that Simeon Rice could also be a part of the deal, meaning the Lions could actually take Joe Thomas at 4 instead of Gaines Adams, or take Adams as Rice's heir apparent. Although Tampa Bay would give up a lot to move up two spots to grab their guy, it would still not be a bad move. Johnson will immediately add a new dimension to their offense, and give whoever the quarterback is another top target to throw to (although Joey Galloway may be running out of gas). Also, because Tampa has two second round picks, they still are left with two day one picks.

    3. Cleveland Browns - Brady Quinn, QB - Notre Dame

    This pick is truly a toss up between Quinn and Peterson. If JaMarcus Russell was available, this conversation would not at all be happening. However, the Browns now have to decide between the face of the franchise quarterback and the elite running back who could become a top five NFL back within a few years. Both have their question marks, Quinn's being in big games (2-8 in bowl games/games vs Michigan and USC), and Peterson's being the ever concerning injury bug. The final say for me came in Jamal Lewis. Although he is only there for a year, he is still there for a year, and if he doesn't pan out and Cleveland does not believe he can be their guy, then they have next year to draft a first round running back. Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson are just too inconsistent and not guys you want to put your franchise on, so Quinn has to be the pick.

    4. Detroit Lions - Gaines Adams, DE - Clemson

    Detroit's coveting of Gaines Adams is worst-kept secret number two behind only Tampa Bay's coveting of Calvin Johnson. Rod Marinelli believes that Gaines Adams could step in and play his Simeon Rice role in Detroit's defense. Adams is clearly the top defensive end in this year's draft, and could easily start from week one. This is a done deal if Tampa Bay just gives picks, but if they include Simeon Rice, things could get interesting. Do they draft Gaines Adams anyway so he can learn from Rice, or instead opt to take a franchise left tackle in Joe Thomas? Personally, I would still take Adams because Rice could teach him the game better than anyone.

    5. Arizona Cardinals - Joe Thomas, T - Wisconsin

    This pick proves that miracles do happen, and dreams do come true. Just a few months ago, it was all but certain that Joe Thomas would become a Detroit Lion on draft day, but free agency changes everything. Now, with Tampa Bay's infatuation with Calvin Johnson and Detroit's with Gaines Adams, Thomas falls right into the Cardinals laps. The only way Matt Leinart will become the NFL quarterback he could potentially be is if he has an offensive line to protect him, and putting Thomas at left tackle for the next ten years is the perfect way to do that.

    6. Washington Redskins - Amobi Okoye, DT - Louisville

    I strongly considered having Atlanta trade up to this spot to take LaRon Landry, but I decided to keep them at eight because even if Landry goes before their pick, there will still be a handful of talented, valuable players available to them when they are on the clock. Washington would love to trade down and stock up and more picks, seeing as this will be their only one on the first day, but I just don't see who would trade up with the wide range of talent on the board. If the Redskins stay put, then the pick becomes a two man race between Okoye and LaRon Landry. Adam Archuleta was a big time free agency bust, so now a hole is left open at the safety spot, but the Redskins also need to improve the play of their defensive line, both inside and out. I could really see either player going here, but I have been sold on defensive line since I began doing 07 mock drafts, so I'm going to stay with that.

    7. Minnesota Vikings - Adrian Peterson, RB - Oklahoma

    The Vikings will entertain offers, most likely from Buffalo, Green Bay and Tennessee. However, they can not pass up on a talent like Peterson. Although Chester Taylor is their starting running back, the potential of Peterson surpasses that of him. Also, with the now common knowledge that Brad Childress does not believe in drafting first round receivers, the onus should still be put on improving the offense. If Tarvaris Jackson is their guy, then the best way to improve his play is to surround him with offensive playmakers. What better way to take the load off a young quarterback's shoulders than to put two very good running backs behind him? That seems very similar to the formula used just a few years ago when the Pittsburgh Steelers won a Super Bowl with a second year quarterback and two solid running backs. I'm not saying that Peterson will make the Vikings a Super Bowl contender, but he will make them a much better team.

    8. Atlanta Falcons - LaRon Landry, S - LSU

    Match made in heaven, part two. If Landry would have entered the draft last year like everyone thought he would, I would have had him going to the Falcons. This year, the same need is present, and the same player is now on the board. It's known that Bobby Petrino wants to rid the team of their zone blocking ways and insert beefy offensive lineman, so Levi Brown would make a ton of sense. However, a tackle like Tony Ugoh or Arron Sears can be taken with one of their two second round picks, whereas the safety class is very thin in my eyes. Landry could come in and start right away, and along with Jimmy Williams and DeAngelo Hall could make up for one of the best young secondaries in football.

    9. Miami Dolphins - Levi Brown, T - Penn State

    I know the Dolphins would love to add someone to the defensive line, but their number one priority should be on the offensive side of the football, where they struggled the most last year. A playmaking wide receiver would be a great addition, but Ted Ginn may be a bit of a reach here. Brown may not be a popular pick, but he makes a ton of sense. Most of the reason the offense struggled so much was because of the quarterbacks, and part of that was because of the pressure they faced. Before Daunte Culpepper's season ended, he had been sacked more than any other quarterback, and a lot of that had to do with atrocius offensive line play. Left tackle has been a revolving door for quite some time now, so Brown would be a very good fit.

    Houston Texans trade 1st round pick to St. Louis Rams for 1st round pick, 3rd round pick

    10. St. Louis Rams - Adam Carriker, DE - Nebraska

    The Rams have narrowed their list to two players from what I've seen -- Adam Carriker and Ted Ginn. Both would be great fits in St. Louis, but the Rams once again struggled mightily on defense last season, while sitll possessing a very potent offense. The addition of Drew Bennett should prevent the Rams from selecting a first round wideout for at least another year, although Ted Ginn is still very possible as he also possesses gamebreaking ability in the return game. Carriker is a big defensive end who should contribute immediately in St. Louis, and could move inside when La'Roi Glover decides to hang up the boots.

    11. San Francisco 49ers - Alan Branch, DT - Michigan

    The 49ers would love for Carriker to fall to them, but the Rams move ahead of their division rivals and select the man they covet right before the 49ers have the chance. Branch is still a very good fit in the 49ers system, and could benefit greatly from sitting behind Bryant Young, or even starting ahead of the disappointing Marques Douglas. The 49ers did a great job of addressing two huge needs in free agency at cornerback and safety, but a playmaking wide receiver is still needed, so Ted Ginn could also be considered here.

    12. Buffalo Bills - Patrick Willis, LB - Mississippi

    The Bills are reluctant they did not trade up, because their guy is still available, and they didn't have to give up a thing. Marshawn Lynch could draw a good amount of consideration here, but a guy like Antonio Pittman or Kenny Irons in round two would still fill a need at the running back spot. Willis is a big-time player at middle linebacker, and should be able to ease the sting of the loss of London Fletcher-Baker, who was arguably the heart and soul of the Bills defense.

    13. Houston Texans - Reggie Nelson, S - Florida

    I strongly considered having the Texans select Hall at ten instead of trading down, but the need at both safety spots is greater than the need at one corner spot. The cornerback's available in the later rounds are more talented than the crop of safeties, in my opinion, so the Texans would be better served to focus on a playmaking safety in round one. Nelson is still raw and may be a bit of a reach at 13, but his potential is unlimited. Players like Alan Branch, Jamaal Anderson, and Ted Ginn all will draw consideration here, as well as a possible reach for tackle Joe Staley, but the Texans plug in my eyes their biggest need in Nelson.

    14. Carolina Panthers - Greg Olsen, TE - Miami

    Olsen may have risen higher than any other prospect from the time the college season ended until now, landing himself in the top half of round one when he was originally projected as the number two tight end to many. The Panthers greatest needs are at tight end, middle linebacker, and safety, and only one of those positions has a worthy candidate available at 14. The addition of Olsen should improve the Panthers offense greatly, opening up routes for Steve Smith and Keyshawn Johnson, and also stretching the field to create running lanes for DeShaun Foster and DeAngelo Williams. Whoever the quarterback is in Carolina (and I feel like at some point it will be David Carr), Olsen will quickly become a favorite target.

    Pittsburgh Steelers trade 1st round pick to Denver Broncos for 1st round pick, two 3rd round picks

    15. Denver Broncos - Jamaal Anderson, DE - Arkansas

    The Bronocos, in great need of a top defensive end, don't risk Anderson being taken before their 21st pick. The Broncos could stay put and draft Jarvis Moss, but question marks have risen about his durability and ability to be an every-down defensive end, like the team needs. Anderson, formerly a top-10 pick, would be very worthy of a trade up by Denver, giving up both their third round pick, and the pick they own from San Francisco. The Broncos could also stay put and draft Joe Staley, but the opportunity to move up and grab a top defensive end is too tempting.

    16. Green Bay Packers - Marshawn Lynch, RB - California

    The Packers would love to trade up for Adrian Peterson, but with Marshawn Lynch available to them they keep their picks and take a very good running back who can start from day one. If Greg Olsen were to fall to them at 16 then this pick would be very difficult, as the team needs to surround Brett Favre with offensive playmakers (also grabbing playmakers for when the Aaron Rodgers era begins, if it ever does), especially when the value at running back in round two is much better than the value at tight end.

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Leon Hall, CB - Michigan

    Cornerback is certainly not Jacksonville's biggest need, but with the safety they are targeting off the board it makes a lot of sense for the team to grab the top cornerback available and slide Brian Williams over to safety, like some rumors have happpening. Defensive end is a strong possibility here, but Jarvis Moss may have too many question marks to warrant the selection here when Hall is available. A top wideout like Ginn is also very possible, but the organization apparently believes Dennis Northcutt can be the deep threat they need, so Hall is the pick.

    18. Cincinnati Bengals - Paul Posluszny, LB - Penn State

    With Odell Thurman's Bengal career possibly over and David Pollack either never playing again or coming back as a defensive end, linebacker is the pick here for Cincinnati. Priority number one should be picking high character guys, and Posluszny fits that perfectly, giving him the edge over the other two top outside linebackers, Timmons and Beason. Beason's versatility, being able to play all three linebacker positions, makes him very intriguing, but in the end Cincinnati has to go with Pos. Cornerback is a possibility here with Darrelle Revis on the board, but the issue at linebacker is more pressing than the one at cornerback.

    19. Tennessee Titans - Ted Ginn, WR - Ohio State

    With Pacman Jones suspension cornerback moves to the top of the needs list right with wide receiver, but priority number one in Tennessee should still be to surround Vince Young with playmakers better than David Givens and Bobby Wade. Ginn is very raw but has a ton of potential and could be a deep threat that Vince Young needs to step his game up to the next level as a passer. With Jones' suspension, Ginn would also be in line to become the teams return man, which he is very dynamnic in.

    20. New York Giants - Darrelle Revis, CB - Pittsburgh

    This selection is a very tough one for New York, and a trade down to see how things play out is a very strong possiblity. However, with all the value left on the board for other teams, a suitor would be hard to find apart from the Redskins, who are a division rival. This pick comes down to cornerback, linebacker and tackle, with the team losing quality players at all three positions. Timmons and Beason will draw a lot of consideration, as will quickly-rising Joe Staley, but the Giants pass defense needs improved now. Revis is a solid corner and I feel is very underrated, and will also help the team in the return game.

    21. Pittsburgh Steelers - Lawrence Timmons, LB - Florida State

    The trade down for Pittsburgh works to perfection, as they land the guy they want from the start. Timmons is a playmaker who can play in both Pittsburgh's implemented 3-4 and also play in the 4-3 cover 2 system the team will eventually install under Mike Tomlin. A hybrid end/linebacker like Jarvis Moss is very intriguing, but Timmons is more NFL-ready and fits better into both systems of defense the team will be playing. Cornerback is also possible here, but Aaron Ross may be a bit of a reach and Chris Houston will likely be too small to play in the Steeler defense.

    22. Dallas Cowboys - Joe Staley, T - Central Michigan

    The Cowboys, like the 49ers, did a great job of filling their holes via free agency, but unlike San Francisco, they filled every hole. This leaves the door open for Dallas to pick the best player available, which will open up the discussion to a good amount of players. The top three in my mind are Staley, Dwayne Jarrett, who Jerry Jones is rumored to like, and Chris Houston, a Razorback like Jerry also likes to pick. However, Staley's stock is rising quickly, and Flozell Adams is just about to the end of his career. This move would also mean that Leonard Davis will be set as the teams starting guard next to Marc Colombo.

    23. Kansas City Chiefs - Dwayne Jarrett, WR - USC

    The Chiefs have two clearly defined needs at defensive tackle and wide receiver, both of which have been present for some time now. With what the value is on the board, Jarrett is the pick here over the top DT available (Justin Harrell), but this could be another receiver like Dwayne Bowe of LSU or Robert Meachem of Tennessee. Jarrett is the most polished receiver coming into the draft, and should be able to start catching passes immediately in Kansas City. With Damon Huard or Brodie Croyle at quarterback, Jarrett would be a great possession receiver for them to dump passes to when Larry Johnson isn't getting fed the ball.

    24. New England Patriots - Michael Griffin, S - Texas

    The Patriots top two priorities in round one are a safety that can play right away if need be, and to be the succcessor to Rodney Harrison in the process, and at inside linebacker where both Tedy Bruschi and Mike Vrabel are running out of steeam. The Patriots could fiip flop and go either safety-linebacker or linebacker-safety. However, with their eyes seemingly on Michigan backer David Harris at 28, they take the best safety available instead of taking Beason here and either Griffin/Meriweather at 28.

    25. New York Jets - Aaron Ross, CB - Texas

    The Jets were in heaven just a few months ago when it looked like Adam Carriker was going to be a late round one pick, but with his rise in stock the team now needs to look in the cornerback direction. Ross and Chris Houston are the top corners available, and the edge goes to Ross not because of what he has over Houston, but because of Houston's comparison to what could possibly be called a second round bust in Justin Miller. The Jets need a physical corner, and Houston may be a bit too small to be able to do that in the NFL. Either cornerback is very possible here, though.

    26. Philadelphia Eagles - Brandon Meriweather, S - Miami

    The Eagles would love for Michael Griffin to fall to them, but instead take last of the top talents at safety in Meriweather. I strongly considered putting a wide receiver here with the departure of Donte Stallworth and Reggie Brown still not a solidified number one target, but the value in round two at the position is once again much better than that of safety. The Eagles organization seems very high on Sean Considine, but Brian Dawkins is getting up in age, and his replacement will need to be found. Meriweather's character issues may be of some concern, but the Eagles have been able to take on almost all personalities not named TO, so they pull the trigger on Meriweather. Jon Beason is very possible, but the depth at linebacker in Philadelphia is astounding. Justin Harrell is also possible, but the team needs to give Broderick Bunkley at least one more year to develop.

    27. New Orleans Saints - Chris Houston, CB - Arkansas

    With Jon Beason on the board, this pick went from being a no-brainer to a very tough call. The Saints need help almost everywhere defensively, especially at cornerback and linebacker. This pick becomes a battle between Houston and Beason, with Houston getting the nod. The pass defense in New Orleans needs to be improved right now, and Houston could do that. He may not be the biggest corner, but he plays bigger than his size and should be a contributor for a good amount of time in Louisiana.

    28. New England Patriots - David Harris, LB - Michigan

    Jon Beason is the best linebacker available, but David Harris is a perfect fit in the Patriots system and could become a very good middle linebacker learning from two great ones in Bruschi and Vrabel. Beason is very versatile and could play inside for them, but the Patriots are very consistent in picking players that fit great into their system, and that is Harris.

    29. Baltimore Ravens - Ben Grubbs, G - Auburn

    It's very tempting to put either Jarvis Moss or Anthony Spencer here, but the Ravens could be able to pick up a hybrid end/linebacker in round two, whereas the depth at guard is minimal. The Ravens offensive line has performed very well in recent history but is growing in age, and Grubbs is the type of gritty guard that the team puts on the field. The Ravens should let Jarrett Johnson and Dan Cody battle for Adalius Thomas' departed spot and worry about the offensive line. Wide Receiver is very possible, but the team has two youngsters that have displayed good potential in Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams.

    30. Chicago Bears - Jon Beason, LB - Miami

    With Lance Briggs essentially no longer a Bear, the team addresses its biggest need with a hot prospect who should be taken a lot higher than this. Beason is compact but can fly around the field, fitting perfectly into the Bears system. With both Dwayne Bowe and Robert Meachem available wide receiver is very tempting, but with the Bears early second round pick they should be able to pick up the receiver they need.

    31. San Diego Chargers - Robert Meachem, WR - Tennessee

    The Chargers originally would have thought that they would be in a position to possibly grab the only first round talent at wide receiver left, if that, but are instead left to choose between two of them. To me, Bowe is the better NFL prospect, but with Vincent Jackson already present as a possession type receiver, the team needs to grab a burner like Meachem to stretch the field. The addition of Meachem should make both Gates and Tomlinson even better, if possible.

    32. Indianapolis Colts - Justin Harrell, DT - Tennessee

    The Colts run defense was simple terrible last year, and needs to be improved if the team wants to make a run at a repeat championship. Justin Harrell is a player whose stock has been rising a lot lately, so if he is available at 32 the Colts almost have to take him. They would love to be able to take a safety to replace the departed Mike Doss, but with no second round pick, they have to choose the more important hole, which lies at defensive tackle.

    Round 2:

    33. Oakland Raiders - Ryan Kalil, C - USC

    Kalil could easily see himself turn into this year's Nick Mangold and slide into the end of round one, but instead goes at the beginning of round two. The Raiders continue to rebuild their offense and give JaMarcus Russell his center for the next ten years.

    34. Detroit Lions - Dwayne Bowe, WR - LSU

    With Bowe on the board, the Lions can't pass up on him, either with this pick or their next pick. This pick should signal the end of a short-lived, disappointment of a career for Mike Williams in Detroit.

    35. Detroit Lions - Trent Edwards, QB - Stanford

    Edwards name has been a hot topic amongst NFL teams, the Lions grab him up to become their heir apparent to Jon Kitna, now that Josh McCown is all but gone.

    36. Cleveland Browns - Jarvis Moss, DE/LB - Florida

    The Browns continue to improve their 3-4 and add another pass-rushing outside backer to form a great duo with '06 first round pick Kamerion Wimbley.

    37. Chicago Bears - Steve Smith, WR - USC

    Smith has improved his stock dramatically of late, and moves into the top of round two, where he could eventually become Chicago's top threat at wide receiver. (I don't see Mark Bradley or Bernard Berrian ever becoming the team's top target).

    38. Arizona Cardinals - Charles Johnson, DE - Georgia

    Johnson shortly saw his stock rise into the first round, but falls back slightly to the Cardinals, where they continue to work on the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

    39. Atlanta Falcons - Tony Ugoh, T - Arkansas

    Bobby Petrino wants to add bulk to the offensive line, and Ugoh does just that. A big defensive tackle like DeMarcus Tyler is also possible here.

    40. Miami Dolphins - Sidney Rice, WR - South Carolina

    The Dolphins pass on Ted Ginn in round one and instead take a former first-round talent in Rice, whose stock has dropped with the rise of Meachem and Bowe.

    41. Minnesota Vikings - Anthony Gonzalez, WR - Ohio State

    The Vikings add a much-needed wide receiver who is very underrated and could become a second-round gem for Tarvaris Jackson.

    42. San Francisco 49ers - Quentin Moses, DE/LB - Georgia

    The 49ers continue to build for their transition to a full-time 3-4 and add an end/backer to play opposite Manny Lawson.

    43. Buffalo Bills - Kenny Irons, RB - Auburn

    The Bills grab their future starting running back in round two, allowing the slasher to split carries with Anthony Thomas in 07 before handing the reigns over in 08.

    44. Atlanta Falcons - Justin Blalock, G - Texas

    The former top guard adds more bulk to the offensive line in Atlanta. Once again, Tyler is very possible.

    45. Carolina Panthers - Buster Davis, LB - Florida State

    Small in size, but plays much bigger than that. Should be the eventual replacement to the oft-injured Dan Morgan.

    46. Pittsburgh Steelers - Marcus McCauley, CB - Fresno State

    At the very least more youth and depth is added to a questionable secondary. Better yet, McCauley could battle Ike Taylor and Bryant McFadden for playing time and eventually a starting spot.

    47. Green Bay Packers - Zach Miller, TE - Arizona State

    While Miller isn't quite the prospect Olsen is, he's still a solid tight end and should be able to replace Bubba Franks without complaint in Green Bay.

    48. Jacksonville Jaguars - Victor Abiamiri, DE - Notre Dame

    The Jags add a very physically gifted at defensive end who could end up being a starter for years to come if he reaches his potential.

    49. Cincinnati Bengals - Eric Weddle, CB/S - Utah

    Weddle is a versatile guy who most teams like because of his ability to play both corner and safety. In Cinci, he should be able to push for playing time at corner and could challenge for a starting spot at safety, with Dexter Jackson aging and Kevin Kaesviharn gone.

    50. Tennessee Titans - Eric Wright, CB - UNLV

    Has some character issues dating back to his early days at USC, but those should be behind him enough for Tennessee not to be scared away. Brandon Siler is very possible here.

    51. New York Giants - Stewart Bradley, LB - Nebraska

    Solid linebacker who won't be a superstar but should be a good contributor to the Giants weak linebacker corps.

    52. St. Louis Rams - Justin Durant, LB - Hampton

    Intriguing prospect who could turn into a stud in St. Louis. Can play both outside and inside, which is a huge plus.

    53. Dallas Cowboys - Ikaika Alama-Francis, DE - Hawaii

    Tim Crowder is a better prospect, but Alama-Francis fits better into the Cowboys 3-4. Francis could become a solid defensive end in the system, pushing either former first-rounder Marcus Spears or fourth-round steal Chris Canty for playing time.

    54. Kansas City Chiefs - Quinn Pitcock, DT - Ohio State

    Pitcock seems to be a love him or hate him guy to most fans, so this pick will be popular to some and not so popular to others. While not flashy, Pitcock could be a solid starter for a good amount of time in Kansas City. A middle linebacker like Brandon Siler is very possible here.

    55. Seattle Seahawks - Josh Beekman, G - Boston College

    The Seahawks address one of their two day one needs, the other being at tight end. Ben Patrick is intriguing but is a reach here. I could easily see Beekman having the best NFL career out of this class of guards, so this could end up as a steal for Seattle.

    56. Denver Broncos - Jason Hill, WR - Washington State

    A burner like Hill should help push the aging Rod Smith out the door and help Jay Cutler improve dramatically with him opposite Javon Walker.

    57. Philadelphia Eagles - Brian Leonard, FB - Rutgers

    Leonard becomes a forgotten man for a while, but ends up as an Eagle where he could be a perfect compliment to Brian Westbrook and could help greatly with Andy Reid's plan to become a more run-oriented team as Donovan McNabb recovers from yet another injury.

    58. New Orleans Saints - Ben Patrick, TE - Delaware

    The Saints add the final piece to the puzzle on offense and give Drew Brees a solid option at tight end to throw to.

    59. New York Jets - LaMarr Woodley, DE/LB - Michigan

    Like with Francis, Woodley gets picked ahead of Crowder because he is a better fit in a 3-4. Woodley could become a very solid player as the Jets continue to move to a more traditional 3-4 look.

    60. Miami Dolphins - Tim Crowder, DE - Texas

    With the Dolphins playing more of a mix between the 4-3 and 3-4, Crowder finally gets selected. Jason Taylor is great, but is aging, as is the rest of the Dolphins defense, so the team adds youth and a guy who could be a starter down the road.

    61. Baltimore Ravens - Tanard Jackson, CB - Syracuse

    With no value available at the rush-backer position, the Ravens add depth to their most needed area, giving them a very nice nickelback behind McCalister and Rolle.

    62. San Diego Chargers - Brandon Siler, LB - Florida

    With seemingly every Charger linebacker leaving except for Shawn Merriman, the Chargers regroup and add a young middle linebacker who could turn into a very good player.

    63. New York Jets - DeMarcus Tyler, DT - NC State

    Tyler becomes the lane-clogging defensive tackle the Jets need to make their 3-4 really work.

    64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Turk McBride, DT - Tennessee

    The Bucs begin to redo the tackle position after the loss of Anthony McFarland in last year's midseason trade.

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    And I just realized that I left out two guys that I actually like quite a bit, Arron Sears and Craig Davis, so this will have to be altered. I tried to do this without looking at any rankings or anything, so yeah. Anyways, barring those two being left out, what does everyone think?


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      1st okay

      2nd good

      "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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        Meachem is a great pick for the Chargers. Siler is not a good pick though. The Chargers re-signed Stephen Cooper and Matt Wilhelm to large long term contracts to be the starters at ILB. They have been groomed to take over inside for the past few seasons. We also don't really need another OLB because Shaun Phillips was exceptional in his first year of starting. Depth will be needed but not until later in the draft. Safety is probably the Chargers biggest need which they will address very early in the draft.


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          great Raider picks, although I think Grove could surprise people.


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            Not a fan of the Bucs trade up


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              Give the Cardinals Marcus McCauley over Johnson in the 2nd.



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                Although I am not that big of a fan of Merweather, him being picked to the Eagles makes the most sense in this scenario. If a good DE or OLB would be left, I am sure they would be picked over Meriweather, but he is the best guy left at a position of need, so Meriweather is a good pick in this case. I love your second round pick. The rest of the Eagles fans may not be sold on it, but I love it. Leonard would bring a whole new dimension to our offense.
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                  Pretty good eagles mock


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                    1. There is zero chance we draft an O-Lineman in the first.

                    2. Why would we need yet another DE in Alama-Francis? DE in the 2nd wouldnt make any sense at all. We have pleanty of talent/youth at the position and we're paying big money to Spears who's playing the same position.

                    Thanks BoneKrusher^

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                      Green Bay looks good

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                        I really despise that second round for some reason.

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                          MOTH..Cowboys fan I presume? Me too. How could the Cowboys pass on Staley, honestly. Flozell is running out of gas, Davis isn't a tackle and Colombo has had one decent year, and I still don't trust him completely. Anthony Henry was a waste of a big contract, so I could really see corner, but if Staley is there we have to take him in my opinion.

                          And I personally like Canty and Spears, but what have they done? Nothing special, and they both need to be pushed. Our only other young DE worth mentioning is Hatcher and he is better suited for 4-down linemen situations.
                          If Spears does not step up his game this year, he was a bust. I hate admitting it, but he was.


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                            Originally posted by thebow305 View Post
                            I really despise that second round for some reason.
                            I agree. I think Sydney Rice might fall out of day 1 and Crowder is probably more of a mid 3rd rounder.


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                              nice texans selection...



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