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  • Just Read this Mock.

    1.Raiders-Reggie Ball QB/WR GT
    A gun of a arm for a Quarterback, and can play both positions, can Calvin Johnson and Jamarcus Russell do that??
    2.Lions-Jeff Samarjizz??
    Matty doesn't care if he doesn't know how to spell his name, he's a WR, and he's white so he can't be a Mike Williams clone. John Elway was a HOF QB, and was drafted by a baseball team.
    3.Browns-Zach Miller
    They want the title of highest drafted TE back ever, SOB's 49ers! Kelen Winslow was drafted high, and he turned out alright, Miller drafted even higher must be better.
    4.Bucs-Tony Dungy
    They figured out Tony Dungy set the team up for the SB, and that's why Gruden won it, they need him back!
    5.Cardinals-Jamarcus Russell
    They were so exited he fell to them they forgot they drafted Matt Lienart last year, SH*T!
    6.Redskins- can't seem to keep a pick, and they like overated overpayed players, so they trade it for Daunte Culpepper!
    6-Dolphins-Drew Tate QB IOWA
    Theres talk about Trent Green coming in, well this is a slow white guy!
    Brad Childress looks like a pedophile so he trades this pick for some kiddy porn
    8.Falcons-Justin Medlock K UCLA
    While Gary Anderson is the all time scorer he is somewhat old, this freshens the Kicking squad up and gives them some depth.
    9.Redskins-trades it to the vikings for the vikings 7th and 5th round picks
    Dameit! Joe Gibbs just can't keep a pick, oh well, Childress is still jacking off and the vikings miss their pick AGIAN!
    10.Texans-Gaines Adams
    11.49ers-Vernon Davis
    Hopfully he wont get hurt this time
    12.Bills-miss their pick thinking about the era when they went to 4 straight superbowls
    13.Rams-Trent Edwards, They have Fitzpatrick from Harvard, and now Edwards from Stanford, maybe they can have a chess match! oh boy!
    14.Panthers-Steve Smith WR USC
    They have 2 steve smiths..the defense won't know which one to cover!
    15.Steelrs-Bill Cowher
    16.Packers-Brett Favre
    feel bad that he wasn't drafted in the first round so they bring him back
    17.Jaguars-Jack Del Rio trades it for some mary-ja-wana
    ..he looks like a pothead
    18.Bengals-Charlie Manson
    19.Titans-Tanard Jackson
    "Lets get another CB With character issues!" JERUH!
    20.Giants-Lawrence Taylor- they released 2 LBS and need him back
    21.Broncos-Joe Thomas
    The Broncos need more O Line work
    22.Dwayne Bowe- Players like TO and now will get to learn to cry like TO to!
    23.Cheifs-Ted Gin Jr
    Kicking Daunte Hall out of the Job
    They like to have white guys with no athletic ability, thoughs are the kind of guys they make superstars.
    25.Jets-jonathon Wade
    0 depth and this brings them a top 10 pick worth starter
    26.Eagles- Andy Reid ( The Fat F*CK) runs out of breath talking so he didn't announce his pick in time for the 15 minite clock
    27.Saints-Adrian Peterson
    Need a explosive RB who can make plays in the open feild and just burn people
    28.Pats-Eric Weedle
    another non athletic white guy. He's a superstar in the dirt to the Pats.
    29.Ravens-Rufus Alexander OLB
    they lost Adalius Thomas
    30.Chargers- Marshawn Lynch
    same as saints.
    31.Bears-Lance Briggs stole their pick and refuses to give it back unless they trade him imideatly!
    Colts-who the F cares, im out of jokes.

    ^ bantx
    Originally posted by LEROY_FROM_YONDER
    **** this forum it will never ever been good cause its memebers eat doo doo
    Originally posted by Jughead10
    I just left him negative rep saying "I don't eat doo doo".

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    These aren't funny, these are almost never funny. Everyone stop making them.

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    Originally posted by Smokey Joe
    I don't care...


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      I read it... what now?


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        Originally posted by Hurricane Ditka View Post
        These aren't funny, these are almost never funny. Everyone stop making them.

        NOOOOOOOOOOO! IM NOT FUNY!?!?! i thught i was popular!

        ^ bantx
        Originally posted by LEROY_FROM_YONDER
        **** this forum it will never ever been good cause its memebers eat doo doo
        Originally posted by Jughead10
        I just left him negative rep saying "I don't eat doo doo".


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          Not all that funny. I don't know why people waste their time on things like these. Better yet, I don't know why I am wasting my time replying to it.
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              great bathroom fodder.... it scared the **** out of me to think I might be driving beside you somewhere !


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                i always thought Childress looked like a Mean Clown with out Make up.

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                  I would like two minutes of my life back, por favor

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                    As much as i hate it i am happy Samardzija isnt in the draft because we'd probably consider him for the second round pick


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                      Giants pick gave me a little giggle.
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                        borat would say this thread is NOT funny
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                        <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
                        <+ScottWright> Why not. Baldwin does need a sparring partner...
                        Originally posted by Hermstheman83
                        What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                          dumb 10 characters


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                            The Bear will not quit, the Bear will not die


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                              i have saw 99&#37; of theses jokes on other fake mocks. be origanal, man.

                              Originally posted by mythbusta
                              i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
                              who dey?



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