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WOW, boy do things change over time

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  • WOW, boy do things change over time

    just for the fun of it lets comment on the picks it had for your team

    1st round- Frank Okam- yea, not gunna happen
    we'd get Jake Long

    2nd round(from texans)- Jason Hill- NO WAY
    we'd get Amobi Okoye

    2nd round- Aaron Rouse- nice but no thanks
    we'd get Leon Hall

    3rd round- James Marten- never heard of him
    we'd get Aaron Sears

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    Id be happy still with Minnesota Picks

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      Which is why any mock draft done before January is really pointless.

      Although...I do remember Crow tearing my early December mock apart that had JaMarcus Russell going #2 to the Raiders.

      "You know just as well as I do, that ain't gonna happen."

      Oh yeah? Guess you were wrong on that, champ.


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        Moses' Mock Draft

        October 18, 2006

        1. Oakland Raiders - Brady Quinn QB SR Notre Dame

        2. Tenneessee Titans - Calvin Johnson WR JR Georgia Tech

        3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gaines Adams DE SR Clemson

        4. Miami Dolphins - Joe Thomas OT SR Wisconsin

        5. Green Bay Packers - Adrian Peterson RB JR Oklahoma

        6. Houston Texans - LaRon Landry S SR L.S.U.

        7. Detroit Lions - Quentin Moses DE SR Georgia

        8. Buffalo Bills - Marcus McCauley CB SR Fresno St.

        9. Cleveland Browns - Antoine Cason CB JR Arizona

        10. San Francisco 49ers - Leon Hall CB SR Michigan

        11. Arizona Cardinals - Paul Posluszny OLB SR Penn St.

        12. New York Jets - Marshawn Lynch RB JR Cal

        13. Washington Redskins - Alan Branch DT JR Michigan

        14. Kansas City Chiefs - Levi Brown OT SR Penn St.

        15. St Louis Rams - Victor Abiamiri DE SR Notre Dame

        16. Minnesota Vikings - Patrick Willis LB SR Ole Miss

        17. New York Giants - Frank Okam DT JR Texas

        18. New Orleans Saints - Rufus Alexander OLB SR Oklahoma

        19. Dallas Cowboys - Justin Blalock OG/OT SR Texas

        20. Pittsburgh Steelers - LaMarr Woodley OLB SR Michigan

        21. Philidelphia Eagles - Michael Bush RB SR Louisville

        22. Denver Broncos - Quinn Pitcock DT SR Ohio St.

        23. Carolina Panthers - Buster Davis LB SR Florida St.

        24. Baltimore Ravens - Kenny Irons RB SR Auburn

        25. New England Patriots (from Seattle) - Dwayne Jarrett WR JR USC

        26. San Diego Chargers - Ted Ginn Jr. WR JR Ohio St.

        27. Atlanta Falcons - Michael Griffin S SR Texas

        28. New England Patriots - H.B. Blades LB SR Pittsburgh

        29. Jacksonville Jaguars - Adam Carriker DE SR Nebraska

        30. Cinnicinati Bengals - Marcus Thomas DT SR Florida

        31. Indiapolis Colts - Brandon Siler LB JR Florida

        32. Chicago Bears - Joe Staley OT SR Central Michigan


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          October 26th Mock Draft (the earliest one I could find from this year).

          1)Miami: Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech
          Despite quarterback troubles, the Dolphins need to get Culpepper some weapons for when he becomes fully healthy. Johnson is one of the better looking wideouts to enter the NFL draft ever, and will provide an immediate impact in the NFL.

          2) Detroit: Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame
          I know this pick is going to get me a little bit of heat from Lions fans who feel that the Lions are set at quarterback, but I just don’t see it. Kitna is playing well, but he is losing gas, and McCown has yet to impress at any stop in his professional career. The Lions take their franchise quarterback with the intent of sitting him a year. Quinn is, quite simply, a spectacular prospect.

          3) Arizona: Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin
          Any football fans with eyes can see that the Cardinal’s offensive line needs help, and fast. With this pick the Cardinals move LT Leonard Davis to the right side to protect Leinart’s blind side, and pick up a dominating blocker in Thomas.

          4) Oakland: Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma
          Despite the presence of LaMont Jordan, Al Davis does what Al Davis does and picks up the sensational Peterson. Jordan is getting older and Peterson is the kind of athlete coaches dream about.

          5) Tennessee: Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson
          Despite the pleasant surprise Travis LaBoy has been in Tennessee, they’ve lacked that dominating pass rusher since Kearse left town. In Adams they get one of the best athletes in the entire draft, a rusher who is incredibly quick off the line and runs like a defensive back.

          6) Cleveland: Alan Branch, DE, Michigan
          The pivotal player in Romeo Crennel’s 3-4 defense was defensive lineman Richard Seymour, and, in Branch, Crennel gets that kind of player to work with in Cleveland. Branch, capable of playing defensive end in the 3-4 or defensive tackle in the 4-3, is a spectacular athlete for his size and dominates linemen like few can.

          7) Washington: Leon Hall, CB, Michigan
          Despite the presence of Shaun Springs and recent top 10 draft pick Carlos Rogers, the Washington Redskins secondary lacks depth. With Springs getting older, the Redskins pick a true shutdown corner. Time and time again Hall has proven that he can stick to his man like glue, and brings his great speed to the NFL game.

          Buffalo: Sam Baker, OT, USC
          Despite having holes on the defensive line, the Bills make a move for a franchise left tackle. Baker, currently having a very good season in Southern California, doesn’t have overwhelming strength, but has great mechanics and simply doesn’t let men by him.

          9) Green Bay: Marshawn Lynch, RB, California
          Although the Packers are certainly lacking in the secondary, the prospect of picking up a runner the caliber of Lynch is too good to pass up. Ahman Green will likely never be the same again, and Lynch brings hard-nosed running and big play ability to the zone-blocking scheme at Lambeu.

          10) Pittsburgh: Patrick Willis, ILB, Mississippi
          An underachieving offensive line is a problem, but the Steelers linebacking corps has gotten old on them. Willis is perfect for the Steel City, as he is a blue collar player who has proven he can play through anything. Not typically the jaw-dropping athlete you see getting picked at linebacker in the top 10, Willis is a tackling machine who fits well into the Steeler’s 3-4 scheme.

          11) Houston: LaRon Landry, S, LSU
          Safety is the Texan’s biggest weakness, and Landry is a perfect fit.

          12) Tampa Bay: Quentin Moses, DE, Georgia
          Defensive scheme demands great speed rushers, and there isn’t likely a better one in the draft than Moses.

          13) San Francisco: Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno State
          In need of a force in the secondary, the Niners select McCauley, a terrific athlete who makes a ton of plays.

          14) Dallas: Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
          With Bledsoe on his way out and Romo not looking terribly impressive, Brohm, a classic quarterback in every way, comes to Dallas.

          15) Jacksonville: Lamar Woodley, DE, Michigan
          A team cursed with terrific defensive tackles and underwhelming defensive ends, the Jags pick up a playmaker who can be sent all over the field.

          16) Kansas City: Justin Blalock, OG, Texas
          An aging offensive line is the problem, especially when the running game is what you live and die by.

          17) Philadelphia: Jake Long, OT, Michigan
          Philadelphia re-stocks its offensive line with a monster of a tackle.

          1 NY Jets: Brian Smith, OLB, Missouri
          One of the best pass rushers in NCAA history, Smith moves from defensive end to play outside linebacker in the Jet’s 3-4 scheme.

          19) Carolina: Paul Posluszny, ILB, Penn State
          With Dan Morgan’s career all but over, the Panthers pick up a man perfect for the job in the man they call Puz.

          20) Baltimore: Michael Bush, RB, Louisville
          Jamal Lewis has been disappointing to say the least, so in comes a runner with a **** ton of potential.

          21) New England (via SEA): Michael Griffin, S, Texas
          Harrison is getting older, and the swift and hard-hitting Griffin is perfect to fill his shoes.

          22) San Diego: Tedd Ginn Jr, WR, Ohio State
          A merely average receiving corps gets a boost by the speedy Ginn who will open up the field by stretching it.

          23) Minnesota: Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC
          A very large yet wholly unproductive gaggle of receivers in Minnesota get a true playmaker in the large Jarrett.

          24) St. Louis: Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville
          A defensive line in need of help gets a boost from Okoye, destined to become the youngest man ever to take an NFL snap.

          25) NY Giants: Kenny Irons, RB, Auburn
          With the news of Tiki Barber’s intent to retire, the Giants go pick up the closest thing to Tiki they can find.

          26) Atlanta: Frank Okam, DT, Texas
          The one piece missing to a very good Atlanta defense is that of nose tackle. Okam is that nose tackle.

          27) Cincinnati: Tim Crowder, DE, Texas
          In need of a solid defensive end, the Bengals pick up Crowder, who can do it all.

          2 Denver: Jeff Samardijza, WR, Notre Dame
          The Broncos are always in need of consistent receivers, and Samardijza is the definition of that.

          29) New Orleans: Rufus Alexander, OLB, Oklahoma
          A huge need in New Orleans for a long time, the position finally gets filled by the slightly undersized but extremely talented Alexander.

          30) New England: Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh
          New England further bolts their secondary with Revis, a very aggressive and physical corner.

          31) Indianapolis: Daymeion Hughes, CB, California
          Although they ponder drafting a linebacker, the Colts select the perfect cover 2 corner in Hughes.

          32) Chicago: Zach Miller, TE, Arizona State
          Chicago finally adds that playmaking tight end in Miller, who balanced and dangerous.


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            Wow, terrible lions picks.

            Cason? not even in this draft

            Troy Smith! ahahhahahahahah

            Steve Breaston! Kill me


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              wow cowboys got joe staley in r.3...blalock r.1...great draft haha


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                Lynch to the Packers is the same at least.

                Sig thanks to mockalicious


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                  These are always kinda first one was January 26th..

                  1 JaMarcus Russell QB Louisana State 6'6" 253 4.70 (est)
                  OAKLAND RAIDERS Aaron Brooks only signed a 2 year contract. Andrew Walter struggled when he had his chance. QB is a major need, as well as many others.

                  2 Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame 6'4" 227 4.82 (est)
                  DETROIT LIONS Jon Kitna is not the future of this team, at 34 years old. Quinn would have the luxury of sitting, and watching for a year. May finally solve the QB woes.

                  3 Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma 6'2" 228 4.42 (est)
                  CLEVELAND BROWNS If Peterson never got hurt, this would be a steal. Reuben Droughns was demoted to a backup role. The offense was just bad, and in need of a back.

                  4 Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech 6'4" 235 4.39 (est)
                  TAMPA BUCCANEERS They may get the best player in the draft at #4. He is a freakish athlete, and should help open up an offense that was awful last season.

                  5 Joe Thomas T Wisconsin 6'8" 313 4.96 (est)
                  ARIZONA CARDINALS Finally, the Cards dedicate themselves to the OL. Whisenhunt makes the right pick here. Thomas could anchor that O-Line for years.

                  6 Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas 6'6" 268 4.72 (est)
                  WASHINGTON REDSKINS Washington has been without a pass rusher for years, and they finally get one. He has great size and speed (13.5 sacks).

                  7 Dwayne Jarrett WR Southern California 6'5" 215 4.48 (est)
                  MINNESOTA VIKINGS A team once known for its air game, has dropped off bigtime. Jarrett is a big, playmaking WR with a nose for the endzone. Gives Jackson a target.

                  8 Alan Branch DT Michigan 6'5" 323 4.96 (est)
                  HOUSTON TEXANS They need a lot of help on defense. Branch is a great run stopper, and will help take the pressure off the secondary. Mario Williams will like this one.

                  9 Gaines Adams DE Clemson 6'5" 265 4.68 (est)
                  MIAMI DOLPHINS Adams is a tremendous pass rusher, with size and speed to go along. He adds some much needed youth to an aging front 7.

                  10 LaRon Landry S Louisiana State 6'2" 205 4.44 (est)
                  ATLANTA FALCONS Lawyer Milloy is up there in age, and Chris Crocker is mediocre at safety. They need a playmaker badly, and Landry is just that...and more.

                  11 Reggie Nelson S Florida 6'1" 195 4.38 (est)
                  SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS the Niners gave up way too many points last season, and have almost no body at safety. Nelson is a bigtime playmaker with a ton of speed.

                  12 Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburgh 6'0" 200 4.35 (est)
                  BUFFALO BILLS With Nate Clements future in Buffalo up in the air, this makes sense. Revis is a playmaker on defense, and can return kicks and punts.

                  13 Patrick Willis LB Ole Miss 6'2" 230 4.52 (est)
                  ST. LOUIS RAMS This is a steal here. Willis has great speed and size, and has a nose for the ball. Can play inside or outside linebacker.

                  14 Amobi Okoye DT Louisville 6'1" 287 4.86 (est)
                  CAROLINA PANTHERS At 19 years old, is one of the youngest players ever. He has a ton of strength, and can get to the QB. Imagine him next to Julius Peppers.

                  15 Aaron Ross CB Texas 6'1" 196 4.36 (est)
                  PITTSBURGH STEELERS This team needs corners badly, after being lit up last season. Ross is great in man coverage. Plenty of speed and athleticism for new coach Tomlin.

                  16 Marshawn Lynch RB California 5'11" 217 4.49 (est)
                  GREEN BAY PACKERS With Ahman Green showing a dropoff in his abilities, and no promising future star behind him, this makes sense. Lynch is a hard nosed runner.

                  17 Levi Brown T Penn State 6'5" 328 5.15 (est)
                  JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS This team struggled protecting the QB's this season. Brown adds a very talented, and quick footed tackle that can play on either side of the line.

                  18 Quinn Pitcock DT Ohio State 6'3" 295 5.05 (est)
                  CINCINATTI BENGALS They need to add more talent and depth at DT. Pitcock played extremely well this season, and showed ability to get to the QB.

                  19 Ted Ginn WR Ohio State 6'0" 180 4.30 (est)
                  TENNESSEE TITANS Many think he would go higher, but if here, they can't resist. He has world class speed, that would open things up downfield for Vince Young.

                  20 Leon Hall CB Michigan 5'11" 193 4.50 (est)
                  NEW YORK GIANTS He has slipped here, but the Giants will not complain. A great cover man, that is a solid tackler as well. Much needed to an average NYG secondary.

                  21 Glen Dorsey DT Louisiana State 6'2" 284 4.90 (est)
                  DENVER BRONCOS He is a powerful, explosive tackle. He can reach the QB in passing downs, and is stout against the run. Good pick for an already good Denver defense.

                  22 Sidney Rice WR South Carolina 6'4" 200 4.50 (est)
                  DALLAS COWBOYS Rice is very young, and a sensational athlete. Owens and Glenn are both in their 30's, so youth is needed. Gives Romo a good, fast weapon.

                  23 Robert Meacham WR Tennessee 6'3" 210 4.34 (est)
                  KANSAS CITY CHIEFS He has great size, speed and jumping ability. Chiefs are in dire need of a playmaking WR, and finally get one here to take the pressure of Gonzalez.

                  24 Lamarr Woodley DE/LB Michigan 6'2" 268 4.68 (est)
                  NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS They need linebackers pretty bad, and Woodley is a premiere pass rusher from the outside. Prototype 3-4 outside linebacker.

                  25 Lawrence Timmons LB Florida State 6'3" 230 4.52 (est)
                  NEW YORK JETS A great athlete, and a true playmaker at LB. Has the range to rush the passer and drop back in coverage in the demanding 3-4 defense.

                  26 Buster Davis LB Florida State 5'11" 246 4.55 (est)
                  PHILADELPHIA EAGLES They need linebackers, to say the least. Davis is a fast paced, hard hitting player with a nose for the ball. Gives them some much needed talent.

                  27 DeMarcus Tyler DT North Carolina State 6'2" 305 4.99 (est)
                  NEW ORLEANS SAINTS He is big, and tough against the run. Needed after a demoralizing loss to Chicago. Really adds a force in the middle to help a mediocre group of LB's.

                  28 Tanard Jackson CB/S Syracuse 6'0" 195 4.45 (est)
                  NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS This a little surprise, but the Pats like those hard working, blue collar types. He is versatile, can play corner or safety. Belicheck type player.

                  29 Adam Carriker DE Nebraska 6'6" 290 4.82 (est)
                  BALTIMORE RAVENS May be one of the best 3-4 DE prospects available. Adds a guy that can get to the passer, yet be very good against the run as well.

                  30 Aaron Rouse S Virginia Tech 6'4" 225 4.46 (est)
                  SAN DIEGO CHARGERS A truly prototypical safety, at 6'4" 225 lbs. Runs and moves extremely well, and has shown he can play the pass, but still come up and stop the run.

                  31 Johnnie Lee Higgins WR Texas El-Paso 6'0" 180 4.30 (est)
                  INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Many will question this pick, until you see him run. He is lightning fast, and has great hands. Higgins is similar to Harrison, who is getting older.

                  32 Joe Staley T Central Michigan 6'5" 305 4.90 (est)
                  CHICAGO BEARS A relative unknown nationally, but is very good. He would only help Grossman develop further. Is very good in pass protection, and has great size.

                  Yeah...I accidently though Glen Dorsey declared for some


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                    I would be pretty happy with that Miami draft if it happpened.. burgesss is the only bad pick there but he is still ok. Trent Edwards instead and that is great!

                    Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                      It's always fun to look back at those.



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                        It just goes to show how these things chage over the months. I know when we make them we think it is almost perfect, but these go to show that it is impossible, and idiotic, to try to predict these things before the regular season is even over.
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                          I actually LIKE those Ravens picks.
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                            in my first draft i had brian brohm, samardzsija, troy smith, quentin moses all in the first round lol
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                              i would love this
                              Gaines Adams
                              Amobi Okoye - NT
                              Brandon Mebane - DE/DT



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