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  • First Mock Ever from a Newbie

    First off, I've been reading for a long time and finally decided to join. With only a couple of days left, I thought I'd give it a try.
    Just One Round and some trades:

    1. Oakland- Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
    Really believe Quinn just fits better in Kiffin's offense and if the reports that Al wanted Leinart last year are true, maybe he isn't so infatuated with arm strength or he would have wanted Cutler instead. Quinn is more ready to step in and is used to absorbing some punishment behind NDs OL.

    2. Tampa (from Det. for #4, #35, #68 and a 2nd in 2008)- Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
    Detroit is desperate and even if the trade chart suggests they should get more (too lazy to look it up) they need to move down and get guys that fit what Marinelli wants to do. More picks gives him more opportunities to mold the entire team, and they need them after letting a lot of guys with talent but less than desirable character leave.

    3. Cleveland- JaMarcus Russell QB LSU
    Savage is ecstatic to get the guy he has known for a long time, let alone the fact that he has the most "tools" of any QB in a while. Everyone is happy in Cleveland now that Savage got his guy and Lerner got his QB.

    4. Detroit- Gaines Adams DE Clemson
    Detroit gets another pass rusher that they will need in the Tampa-2. No matter the marijuana reports, he apparently loves football and takes it very seriously which will mesh with what Marinelli is looking to do. Plus the extra picks will allow them to fill their many needs or trade up for a player they have targeted.

    5. Atlanta- (from Az for #8 and #39)- LaRon Landry S LSU
    Atlanta moves up with their extra picks to select the S they were afraid Washington might select. Costs them a 2nd but they have extra picks so they don't sweat it too much. Landry can fill one of the entire NFL's glaring positional needs. Instant starter.

    6. Miami- (from Was for #9 and #40)- Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
    Seeing Joe Thomas slide, Miami moves up rather painlessly as the compensation for such a move was just established in the pick prior. Washington needs any and all picks they can get and with Landry off the board, they are ecstatic to get an offer. Miami needs to protect Green (I assume they get him) and whichever QB they target at #60 or #71.

    7. Minnesota- Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
    Minnesota would love to trade down, but the only move I could see is Buffalo, and they have too many needs to give up picks. So Minnesota helps their new QB by getting the best RB in the draft. Chester Taylor did well last year, but Peterson will be special. (as a Bears fan, I hate this)

    8. Arizona- Levi Brown OT Penn State
    I believe the reports that the Cards are just as high on Brown as Thomas, and with both of them there the make the move to get an extra pick. Brown can play RT and provides more of a roadgrader that Grimm seems to favor than Thomas.

    9. Washington- Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
    Still looking to move further down, but can't find any takers. Okoye gives them help where they need it: pass rush and run stopping. High character, inteligent, and a leader that will endear himself to Gibbs.

    10. Carolina (from Hou for #14, #52, and #225)- Patrick Willis LB Mississippi
    Carolina uses the pick they get for Kris Jenkins to move up and get the LB they need. Willis can play inside or outside depending upon Morgan's health. Houston loves the fact that they can pick back up the 2nd rounder they traded for Schaub.

    11. San Fran- Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
    After spending an off-season repairing the defense, they fill the last spot that wasn't addressed. High character player that fits in with Nolan and can replace Bryant Young when he retires. A little disappointed that Carolina jumped them to get Willis.

    12. Buffalo- Leon Hall CB Michigan
    Need help after losing Clements, and Hall can play both man and zone which he will in the Tampa-2 they now run. Unhappy about missing on Willis, they contemplate Beason and Pozluzny, but Hall is better value. Could start from the first day.

    13. St. Louis- Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
    Need help across from Little and I don't believe James Hall is the complete answer. Anderson may need a little work since he's relatively new to the position, but he could develop into a monster. The Rams Defense may actually show some life if this pick goes down and Kris Jenkins gets traded from Carolina.

    14. Houston- Joe Staley OT Central Michigan
    Texans protect their investment with a player that seems to be perfect for the ZBS they employ. I'm still unsure of Staley as a player, but the past couple of weeks have seen him rise up boards as much as anyone.

    15. Pittsburgh- Lawrence Timmons LB Florida State
    I'm not sure what the Steelers plan for their D really is, continue as a 3-4? I would assume with LeBeau still there, that that is what they will run this year, but Tomlin has to eventually move to the Tampa-2 he was brought up with, right? Anyways, Timmons can probably play in both. He is undersized but excels as a pass rusher and is athletic enough to become a drop LB.

    16. Green Bay- Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
    Eventually Driver is going to slow down, and Jennings isn't the big possession receiver you normally associate with the WCO. Bowe gives them another reliable target in what be Favre's last go around. Can give him a nice third down option.

    17. Jacksonville- Brandon Merriweather S Miami
    Character issues aside, he is probably the second safety talent-wise. I don't know Darius' status, but he is getting up there and coming off multiple injuries. Merriweather can do a little of everything and will probably play some corner. There is talk that they are interested in Lance Briggs. Hopefully.

    18. Cincinnati- Darelle Revis CB Pittsburgh
    Need a CB opposite Joseph.

    19. Tennessee- Ted Ginn Jr. WR Ohio State
    Need a WR and a KR.

    (no more explanations, except for trades)

    20. Giants- Paul Posluszny LB Penn State

    21. Chicago (from Den for Lance Briggs, CHI also gets a 4th in 2008)- Greg Olsen TE Miami
    Truly believe that Briggs will be gone and Broncos have apparently shown interest. They always seem to make some sort of a big splash.

    22. Dallas- Anthony Spencer LB Purdue

    23. KC- Alan Branch DT Michigan

    24.New England- David Harris LB Michigan

    25. Jets- Aaron Ross CB Texas

    26. Philadelphia- Michael Griffin S Texas

    27. San Diego (from NO for #30 and #94)- Reggie Nelson S Florida
    Chargers jump the Pats to get the S they want. Saints drop back after losing David Harris to the Pats three picks earlier.

    28. New England- Eric Weddle S Utah

    29. Baltimore- Ben Grubbs OG Auburn

    30. New Orleans- Jon Beason LB Miami

    31. Chicago- Robert Meachem WR Tennessee

    32. Indianapolis- Anthony Gonzalez WR Ohio State

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    whoaz@KC's pick.
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    Originally posted by Hermstheman83
    What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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      Good eagles pick.


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        give the pats griffin at #24 and beason or harris at #28


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          No Marshawn Lynch in the 1st round?

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            Overall, a good mock. I like that you did trades through out the first round, not just at the top. I am a little bit confused as to why Lynch isn't in there, but crazier things have happened. Good Eagles, pick, Griffin is our man.
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              I honestly think that Lynch will fall out of the first round. The back may not be as bad as initially thought, but it'll make some teams think twice. I also have seen him in some show where they were taking pictures for sports cards or something and he seemed awfully obnoxious and full of himself. That combined with the domestic abuse (dropped I know, but still fairly serious of a claim) will drop him into the 2nd.


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                definitely interesting, like the trade for the lions


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                  okay raider pick

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                    Good I suppose. Carriker or Willis would make me happy.


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                      Where the F*ck is Patrick Willis

                      ^ bantx
                      Originally posted by LEROY_FROM_YONDER
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                      I just left him negative rep saying "I don't eat doo doo".


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                        Originally posted by boulder View Post
                        I honestly think that Lynch will fall out of the first round. The back may not be as bad as initially thought, but it'll make some teams think twice. I also have seen him in some show where they were taking pictures for sports cards or something and he seemed awfully obnoxious and full of himself. That combined with the domestic abuse (dropped I know, but still fairly serious of a claim) will drop him into the 2nd.
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                        Green Bay needs a starting RB, but a #3 WR
                        Plus until Driver actually shows signs that hes slowing down will we think of going WR of 1st, but this year was a career year

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                          He's 10th to Carolina!! Pay attention!!
                          Safety should be the #1 priority for Carolina. There are only 3 safeties on the roster, Minter, Deke Cooper and Salley!! TE has now become an option with new OC Jeff Davidson (Charlie Weis disciple). MLB not OLB is an area that needs to be addressed. DE depth is a need. No need anywhere for a DT. Injured LT and C coming back and the OL is switching to the ZBS (no cut-blocking though).
                          KR/PR MUST be addressed somewhere.


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                            denver doesnt have the cap for briggs, we may be showing some interest but not that much. give us reggie nelson, horrible trade
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                              I guarantee the Bucs won't trade up in the first.



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