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*Toonsterwu and Number 10 Combined Mock*

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  • *Toonsterwu and Number 10 Combined Mock*

    Toonster had the evens in round one, odds in round 2.

    Number 10 had odds in round 1, evens in round 2.


    1. Oakland Raiders – QB Jamarcus Russell, LSU

    Barring a trade for a veteran QB, I think they go QB here and I don't buy the Quinn talk.

    2. Detroit Lions – OT Joe Thomas, Wisconsin

    I can see Gaines Adams as well … but I’ll lean with some of the current speculation. If they can add an end in round 2, that’ll be fine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan of this move.

    3. Cleveland Browns – QB Brady Quinn, Notre Dame

    It is a toss up between Peterson and Quinn, but their need at QB is bigger than their need at RB I think, both for now and the future. Wouldn't be suprised either way though.

    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – WR Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech

    This would be the no-brainer of the draft if they were in this position.

    5. Arizona Cardinals – DE Gaines Adams, Clemson

    Thomas falls out of their grasp with Detroit suprising at #2, Cards still get an elite pass rusher off the edge that their defense lacks.

    6. Washington Redskin – S Laron Landry, LSU

    While DL is more significant, and WR is a valid concern, if they can’t deal down and the board falls this way, Landry gets the nod as the steady guy next to Taylor. They’d be hoping for more development from Golston, and improved play from the other LB’s (freeing up Washington to rush more in passing situations).

    7. Minnesota Vikings – WR Dwayne Bowe, LSU

    Arguably the toughest pick of the draft for me, Vikes are in an incredibly tough spot especially considering I am not high on Anderson. I actually gave Peterson a thought here, but I opted to go for a reach and get Jackson a tough, reliable WR that does not currently exist on the Vikes roster.

    8. Atlanta Falcons f/ Houston Texans – OT Levi Brown , Penn State

    Late speculation is pointing towards DE, which Scott noted in his mock. I’m still sticking with OT thought, as passing up LT potential is hard, and a solid DE can be found in the 2nd. Yes, I know I passed up Peterson here.

    9. Miami Dolphins – WR Ted Ginn Jr., the Ohio State

    Welker's replacement as a return man and slot WR that could help revive the career of Culpepper with his deep ball potential.

    10. Houston Texans f/ Atlanta Falcons – RB Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma

    Gut says that even if Peterson is here, they’ll pass … but I’ll go against my gut. What’s plan B? Something I don’t like … Jamaal Anderson.

    11. San Francisco 49ers – DL Amobi Okoye, Louisville

    Could turn out to be a monster in the 3-4, I like him at end in that scheme. Will provide a pass rush but also fortifies the run defense. Nolan loved him at the Senior Bowl, who didn't?

    12. Buffalo Bills – LB Patrick Willis, Mississippi

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they passed up Willis here for another LB … or a CB.

    13. St. Louis Rams – DT Alan Branch, Michigan

    Barring no trade for Jenkins, I can't see the Rams passing on Branch here to give that the presence inside against the run and pass.

    14. Carolina Panthers – S Reggie Nelson, Florida

    Safety is a glaring need, with Minter retiring after this season. Olsen, WR, or LB is possible, along with DE and OT. In short, wide, wide open, and a credit to Fox and Hurney in hiding their intentions. Watching the Jamaal Anderson and Adam Carriker talk here.

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers – LB Lawrence Timmons, Florida State

    Playmaking LB here with some of the most upside in this entire draft class could fit the eventual shift to the Cover 2.

    16. Green Bay Packers – RB Marshawn Lynch, California

    Watching Carriker and Anderson still, but I’ve come back full circle to taking Lynch here in a no-trade. DB, WR, and TE are all thoughts.

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars – DE Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas

    Yet another big defensive lineman will likely be the highest player on their board at this point, and Anderson could mold into one of the more complete DEs in the league if his strength continues to increase. Him and McCray could wreck havoc with all of attention their DTs get.

    18. Cincinnati Bengals – CB Leon Hall, Michigan

    Which corner? I guess Carriker has to be given consideration … but I think in this case, corner gets priority. Nod goes to Hall for his “career”.

    19. Tennessee Titans – WR Robert Meachem, Tennessee

    All around WR to replace Bennett could end up being the 2nd best WR in this class. Size, speed,'s all there.

    20. New York Giants – LB Jon Beason, the U

    Tough, tough call … passing on Revis is tough … but for some reason, I’m just not sure he fits for Spagnuolo, and Beason is solid value here and the type of playmaking weakside linebacker that would fit well with Pierce and Mitchell.

    21. Denver Broncos – OT Joe Staley, Central Michigan

    Staley is a perfect fit for the zone blocking scheme and Shanahan's #1 priority resides in the trenches.

    22. Dallas Cowboys – CB Darrelle Revis, Pittsburgh

    Cornerback depth is needed, and Revis has fallen farther than expected. Helps in the return game as well. Tough to pass on Carriker here.

    23. Kansas City Chiefs – WR Dwayne Jarrett, Southern Califronia

    I'd be shocked if they pass Jarrett here despite some giving him a 2nd round grade. The Chiefs passing attack has lacked a playmaking WR for too l ong now and Gonzo won't be there forever, this is a must.

    24. New England Patriots f/ Seattle Seahawks – DL Adam Carriker, Nebraksa

    I sincerely doubt Carriker is here in real life … but if he is, I doubt the Patriots pass him up. Yes, I know there’s needs elsewhere, and safety makes a lot of sense. But safeties can be found, as well as ILB’s. 300 pound athletic DL talent that can slide inside to pass rush, and is a solid character? It’d be incredibly tough to pass on him here if he somehow fell this far.

    25. New York Jets – TE Greg Olsen, the U

    With the top tier WRs gone, I think Olsen, despite his non-physical play, could end up 15 minutes away from where he grew up playing for the team he rooted for. A TE that can stretch the field would pay huge dividends for that offense.

    26. Philadelphia Eagles – S Brandon Meriweather, the U

    Back to back on the U … tough call, but Meriweather provides them a rangier guy as Dawkins is aging. A lot of options, although it’s probably LB and S here.

    27. New Orleans Saints – LB Paul Posluszny, Penn State

    Saints get a reliable, Saints-esque player that can offer immediate production and versatility. Would not be at all suprised to see Puz have a DeMeco Ryans type impact off the bat.

    28. New England Patriots – S Michael Griffin, Texas

    Tough call for the Pats. As nice as Harris is, as big thumpers that can run and fit into a 3-4 ILB role are tough to find … I think they want to come out of round 1 with a safety if possible, and they went BPA earlier with Carriker.

    29. Baltimore Ravens – OLB/DE Anthony Spencer, Purdue

    Some say there are far too many comparisons between Spencer and the departed Adalius Thomas to pass here. While there are needs elsewhere, their defense is always #1 in terms of priority.

    30. San Diego Chargers – WR Anthony Gonzalez, the Ohio State

    Bad positioning for the Chargers, safety value is off and a lot of WR’s have gone off, but Gonzalez fits.

    31. Chicago Bears – OG Ben Grubbs, Auburn

    Provides some needed depth inside and will have the time to develop some of his raw ability. Could end up starting by season's end if need be as I think he is the second best offensive lineman to come out of this class.

    32. Indianapolis Colts – DT Justin Harrell, Tennessee

    If Harrell is here, I don’t see them passing. CB can be addressed later.

    2nd Round flip, toonsterwu with odds, number 10 with evens

    33. Oakland Raiders – WR Steve Smith, Southern California

    I’m just not sold on OL here. DE was a thought … as was some other picks … but they could use a receiver, and a receiver that Kiffin knows. Figure I’ll hear it for this.

    34. Detroit Lions – QB Trent Edwards, Stanford

    If the Lions pass on Quinn, they'll still have to grab a future QB. Edwards was in a tough situation out at Stanford, but he he has all of the physical tools and more importantly, the brains to have huge success under Martz.

    35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – C Ryan Kalil, Southern California

    Looking strongly at 2 Florida guys … but they could use an upgrade in the middle, and the value’s good. DE and DT are good enough late 2nd/early 3rd. John Beck was a thought.

    36. Cleveland Browns – CB Aaron Ross, Texas

    A replacement for Northcutt is needed on special teams and with Baxter's career in question on top of questionable CB play, my personal #1 CB goes to Cleveland.

    37. Chicago Bears f/ Washington Redskins via New York Jets – LB Quincy Black, New Mexico

    I’ll bite, Zach Miller gave me a long, long thought … not enough at WR to consider here, IMO, for the Bears … I’ll bite on the rumors of Black … although a trade down scenario might be more likely. John Beck was a thought.

    38. Arizona Cardinals – OL Justin Blalock, Texas

    My thought here is Blalock at RT to protect Leinart's blind side, something I think he could do at the next level. Will also offer versatility inside if need be.

    39. Atlanta Falcons f/ Houston Texans – DE Jarvis Moss, Florida

    Tough call … as Chris Houston and Eric Wright are good values … but Moss is solid as well and fills a more significant area of concern.

    40. Miami Dolphins – OL Tony Ugoh, Arkansas

    Almost went with Houston here, but the offensive line is what has been keeping this offense back more than anything. Ugoh is not the project that some make him out to be.

    41. Minnesota Vikings – CB Chris Houston, Arkansas

    Hogs back to back. Houston adds depth at a critical spot and is quality value. Can’t see Zygi agreeing to a Wright pick despite being better value. John Beck was a thougt.

    42. San Francisco 49ers – WR Sidney Rice, South Carolina

    I kinda felt weird making this pick because of the last name and team, but this could end up being a major steal. Smith-Rice-Davis-Gore could put up a great offense for years.

    43. Buffalo Bills – CB Josh Wilson, Maryland

    Let’s start with this: Josh Wilson is solid value here, IMO. He fits the scheme as well, IMO. Okay … so the big question. Why not RB? Here’s my reason why I don’t love that option here (beyond speculation that CB is actually much higher on the list than I think it should, and that most Bills fans think it should). Brian Leonard is an unknown workhorse quantity, Antonio Pittman isn’t a really developed “tough” runner, Booker is small for the fit, Hunt lacks the explosiveness to really deserve consideration here, Bush is still a question mark. Actually gave long thought to Kenny Irons here. They’ve got two thirds, and can likely find a good back there, or to make a targeted move into the late 2nd for one. Eric Wright doesn’t seem like the type that would grade well for them, despite being better value.

    44. Atlanta Falcons – DT Demarcus Tyler, North Carolina State

    A run stuffer to provide some needed depth at NT behind Jackson. Could play some UT as well I suppose.

    45. Carolina Panthers – LB Justin Durant, Hampton

    They don’t need a LB … but Durant looks to be a solid fit, inside or out. Harris was passed on here, as I’m just not sold on the fit.

    46. Pittsburgh Steelers – CB Eric Wright, UNLV

    If his character in the NFL is not an issue, Wright could be a major steal here. Might not start right away, but he could push Townsend or Taylor out of their job by midseason who both underachived in 06.

    47. Green Bay Packers – TE Zach Miller, Arizona State

    Two offensive picks is a lot … but they could use a receiving target there and Miller’s solid value option here.

    48. Jacksonville Jaguars – S Eric Weddle, Utah

    Although I question his range in a Cover 2, Weddle's instincts could suit him well here. Would likely be a better player than Grant was within a year or two.

    49. Cincinnati Bengals – LB David Harris, Michigan

    I don’t really like this pick … but after adding a CB, I don’t really buy them going two DB’s anymore, and DT value here is iffy. DE is a thought, but a solid thumper like Harris would be tough to pass on here … even though I think Ahmad Brooks is better at MIKE, Brooks can be moved around.

    50. Tennessee Titans – DE Victor Abiamiri, Notre Dame

    Edge rusher that they have lacked since "The Freak" left town. I'm still high on this kid, I think he'll be a solid DE in the NFL.

    51. New York Giants – CB Jonathan Wade, Tennessee

    To be honest, I’m not sure I love this move, but they need a corner, and Wade has the skills to potentially be a top fit for what Spagnuolo wants. Was thinking McCauley was well.

    52. St. Louis Rams – WR Craig Davis, LSU

    Made the pick before the Hall trade, but it could still happen. I don't see Bruce and Holt there for too much longer and Davis reminds me of both.

    53. Dallas Cowboys – WR Jason Hill, Washington State

    WR and LB drew the long thoughts here. Just not sure I see the edge talent here, so nod went to a big receiver in Jason Hill.

    54. Kansas City Chiefs – OL Arron Sears, Tennessee

    Versatile OL here that could fill Jordan Black's shoes as the backup at both OT and G, or create some competition at the G spot that has been opened up by Shields' departure.

    55. Seattle Seahawks – TE Ben Patrick, Delaware.

    OL was a thought, but that can wait. They need a young TE in there, and there’s a drop in skill after Ben Patrick.

    56. Denver Broncos – DE Tim Crowder, Texas

    Balanced DE that is flying under the radar right now. Seems like a Shanahan type player.

    57. Philadelphia Eagles – CB Marcus McCauley, Fresno State

    TE value is off, otherwise it would draw consideration. I thought LB really hard for a long time … but the values here aren’t guys I really see them taking. The DE they are rumored with can probably be had later, otherwise I would go DE here. I expect to hear it for this. I just am not sold on them taking Brian Leonard here.

    58. New Orleans Saints – CB Fred Bennett, South Carolina

    Arguably the Saints' biggest need is someone that can cover man on man downfield. Bennett has the size and speed that could make him exactly what doctor ordered.

    59. New York Jets – OT James Marten, Boston College

    Not in love with this move, as I’d prefer to see pass rush help, but is Woodley really a 3-4 OLB? I’ve got a hard time seeing it. Corner can wait. Leonard as a passing thought.

    60. Miami Dolphins f/ New England Patriots – DL Ray McDonald, Florida

    Not positive about this one, but they do need some youth along the defensive front and McDonald is a guy that fits the hybrid very well.

    61. Baltimore Ravens – QB John Beck, BYU

    To be honest, I don’t see Beck falling this far. That said, if he’s here, I’ve got a tough time seeing them pass.

    62. San Diego Chargers – LB Brandon Siler, Florida

    Really not liking the Chargers ILB situation right now in terms of starters and depth. I think the NFL finds out how good Edwards really was in that defense this year.

    63. New York Jets f/ Chicago Bears – CB Daymeion Hughes, California

    They need pass rush help … but Robison or Moses here? I really gave Leonard long thought … but not sold that they’d go Olsen AND Leonard in the top 2 rounds. Daymeion Hughes seems like an ideal CB fit for them and CB is a need.

    64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers f/ Indianapolis Colts - DE Lamarr Woodley, Michigan

    Another toughy here, opted to go with the DE that could thrive in the Tampa 2. COuld start from day one I think.

    BE KIND!!
    Originally posted by Paul
    Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
    Originally posted by Vikes99ej
    These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.

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    Dont really like either lions pick, w/ no trade i still think the lions take CJ and i personally dont like edwards so id take Aaron Ross/Jarvis Moss there.


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      PRetty good Eagles, picks, but as many know, Griffin is the more likely pick for the Eagles. McCauley is an OK selection in the second, but there are other options that I would go with there, including...dunt dunt duuuuu, Brian Leonard. Who is the DE you are eluding to? I may know, but I am not sure who you are talking about. If you don't mind, would you PM me with who he is? I am intrigued.
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        If Ryan Kalil is on the board at 33 I just can't see how Lane Kiffin would pass on him even for another USC player, Raiders need help on that O-line.

        other than that, great work.
        Taking a Knapp.


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          Yes, that is a reach.


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            we have Dan Cody and JJ so I dought we go Spencer, I see us waiting and hoping for Moses in round 2.


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              Originally posted by njx9
              "Shanahan's #1 priority resides in the trenches"

              that's an odd statement to make. are you predicting that it will lie there this year? because it certainly hasn't in the past.
              This year....I think he'll want some help on both lines.
              Originally posted by Paul
              Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
              Originally posted by Vikes99ej
              These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.


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                1st okay

                2nd bad, kail and moss are on the board

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                  Wow. Ive heard of the rumors of the Bear's interest in Quincy Black but as a high second. That would be much higher than expected. I was thinking at our late third or possibly an earlier third if we obtained some picks in a trade down. Bears are also rumored to be looking at Zach Miller in private workouts so between the two that are rumored I probably would have leaned Miller as being better value.

                  Im also curious as to why you mentioned John Beck.


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                    I really like the Browns draft, gj.


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                      Originally posted by WinslowBodden View Post
                      I really like the Browns draft, gj.

                      I was expecting some wrath for the Quinn over Peterson selection.
                      Originally posted by Paul
                      Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
                      Originally posted by Vikes99ej
                      These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.
                      MISSION ACCOMPLISHED


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                        Not Amobi!


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                          Originally posted by G-Starr View Post
                          Not Amobi!
                          Why not? .
                          Originally posted by Paul
                          Eli's opportunity to become a legend.
                          Originally posted by Vikes99ej
                          These last 50 seconds will define Eli Manning.
                          MISSION ACCOMPLISHED


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                            good giants draft but yes mccauley over wade in the 2nd round

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                              for denver : give us adam carriker in the 1st then Marten in the 2nd
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